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How Much Hp Laptop Battery Cost

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What Are The Benefits Of Replacing A Laptop Battery

HP Laptop Battery Replacement

Before you replace your laptop battery check your warranty status and privacy policy first. If you have applicable warranties then you can get them free. You will see some changes after replacing a laptop battery. You will have a better user experience but not like the original battery.;

First thing, you noticed that performance of your battery will increase. The battery is draining slowly and you get 2-4 hour minimum backup easily.;If you face any heating problem with the battery it will fix after the replacement of new one.

You may find that your laptop shuts down automatically when you unplug it from the AC adapter. Similarly, if the problem is caused by the battery, it will be fixed.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Batteries For Hp Laptop Computers

Browse the top-ranked list of Batteries For Hp Laptop Computers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

Browse the top-ranked list of Batteries For Hp Laptop Computers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    Fire up your HP laptop with this DENAQ NM-633733-321 lithium-ion battery, which features 11.1V of power for a reliable charge. Overload protection ensures safe power for your device.See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Fire up your HP laptop with this DENAQ NM-633733-321 lithium-ion battery, which features 11.1V of power for a reliable charge. Overload protection ensures safe power for your device.$36.95Your price for this item is $36.95Price DropThe previous price was $79.99Add to Cart

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    Product Description

    Rely on lithium-ion chemistry to power your HP laptop with this Denaq rechargeable replacement battery. Compatible with select HP computers, this battery switches out easily without adding weight to your setup. This Denaq rechargeable replacement battery delivers 3400 mAh, providing a reliable source of power when you’re away from home or the office.

  • How Much Does A Laptop Screen Repair Cost

    The cost of repairing a laptop screen varies depending on whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional. Getting your laptop fixed by a professional will cost you about $300 on average. However, if you prefer to repair it yourself, you can buy a less costly screen online for as little as $100.;

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    How Much Does A Cracked Laptop Screen Cost To Repair

    The price is determined by the computers model. Whether the screen has a tiny or big fracture, it should be replaced with one that is functioning. A touch screen may be more expensive than a regular one, but the cost is usually determined by whether you repair it yourself or hire a professional expert. You only have to pay for the screen if you do it yourself. However, if you hire a professional, youll have to factor in extra costs like labor.

    Can I Replace A Laptop Battery Myself

    HP 530 Laptop Battery With Original Cells

    Yes, you can replace a laptop battery yourself. Be sure that you are ordering the correct battery for your particular brand and model. Confirm that the battery replacement has the same specifications as your existing computer . Your existing battery should list this information somewhere on the batteries casing. If youre not confident to do this work yourself, contact us at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service. Be advised that if your laptop is a MacBook Pro, late-2012 Retina or later, you will find that the battery is glued to the inside of the upper case assembly. This makes battery replacement for these devices more complex, time-consuming and more expensive than it needs to be.

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    How To Perform A Laptop Battery Replacement

    Its an easy process. After purchasing the correct battery for your laptop, you can replace it by yourself. The steps are as follows:

    • First, you need to create a battery report in the operating system you use about the battery issue.
    • Then you must remove all the connections linked to the power source.;
    • With help of a screwdriver put off the back panel.
    • Take out the old battery.
    • Then you have to connect the new battery with the power source.
    • ;After that place the back panel properly.
    • Test the performance of a new battery.

    Note: If your laptop has a non-removable battery then you must go to the original device manufacturer.

    How To Remove And Replace A Laptop Battery

    If you are lucky to have a laptop with an external battery, you will usually find two latches on the underside of the computer. Slide the latch to the opposite side and hold it in that position to release the battery. Sometimes, manufacturers resort to using screws . If your battery is internal, then the number of screws you will need to remove will be considerably more, in addition to disassembling the computer case or housing without destroying cables and connectors, etc.

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    How To Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

    Avoid plugging your laptop in while the battery is still intact. ;With most laptops, you can simply pop out the battery and set it aside. ;What most people dont know is that as long as the laptop is plugged in, it wont need the battery to function.

    Take advantage of your laptops battery saver mode by clicking on your battery indicator in the lower right-hand corner.

    If not in use, unplug any;peripherals, such as an external hard drive or webcam, while using the battery.

    If possible, plug in your battery before your battery hits the 20% range. ;By doing so, this can extend the life since you wont be putting a;strain on the battery as its trying to keep itself alive.

    Extending your RAM has been proven to extend your battery since the company can store the information on the RAM rather than on the hard drive.

    Turning down the screen brightness can help reduce the battery life.

    Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can slightly lower the battery life since the computer wont have to constantly look for a connection if one isnt available.

    Invest extra money in an SSD drive, a hard drive which uses flash memory and far less power than a traditional hard drive.

    Use a hard surface to allow your laptop to cool down when youre using too many programs. ;Overheating can put a strain on your computer, leading to your battery working harder.

    How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Laptop

    HP Envy Battery Replacement, Save Your Laptop From A Bulging Battery

    Posted by Brendon O’Neill24/11/2016

    The purchase price is always a major consideration when it comes to buying a new laptop. But what about the ongoing running costs? It might not be something we often think about, but charging a laptop uses electricity, and electricity costs money but how much exactly?

    Canstar Blue seeks to answer that question in this guide. We look at some leading laptop models, break down how much electricity they require to charge, and explain what this adds to your electricity bill.

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    Order You Hp Replacement Battery Delivery Australia

    A full charge is waiting invest now. Browse our range of HP replacement batteries and order yours online today. Having trouble on site? Get in touch with our team and well be happy to assist.

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  • We Are Battery Expert

    Laptops, mobiles and all kinds of tech if theres a battery replacement you need, Battery Expert are sure to have it. Were an Australian owned and operated online retailer with fast, free shipping across the country. Theres a 1 year warranty on all our products and 30-day money back guarantee. With head offices in Bayswater, our customer service is a local as you are.

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    How Often Do You Need To Replace A Laptop Battery

    It is usual for a laptop battery to lose its ability to hold a large amount of charge as it ages. Therefore you can know that your battery needs replacement by looking at some signs. After noticing some of these signs, then know that it is the right time to replace your battery. These signs include:

    Little Use Time

    This is a much obvious sign that your battery needs replacement. If your battery dies much sooner after recharging, then you need to assess your battery. A fully charged battery takes averagely six hours or more depending on the programs running. If your battery takes a few hours barely, it is likely a sign that it needs replacement.

    Unexpected Power Issues

    Always note how often your laptop shuts down unnecessarily. However, a glitch may not always indicate battery problems. If your laptop shuts down unexpectedly, and especially after a recent full charge, you can assume a faulty battery is a leading cause.

    Try charging your laptop fully again, but then your battery may be permanently dead if it persists.

    Slow Charge

    A healthy laptop battery takes a few hours to charge and retain its power when the charger is disconnected. But if your laptop battery is charging at a slow pace, or even worse , you need to replace your laptop battery.


    When you notice that your laptop is overheating, it is always recommended that you unplug it and stop using it. This will assist in preventing further damage to other parts of the laptop.

    System Report

    How Can I Save Money

    15+ How Much Does A New Hp Laptop Battery Cost

    Try to buy an OEM laptop battery instead of a third-party since these tend to have a longer lifespan and the quality is better. ;Plus, some third-party batteries may scrimp on safety features, often harming your laptop or even starting a fire.

    If the laptop is still under warranty, usually under 18 months, most major companies will send a replacement.; Always make sure you keep all the necessary paperwork and register your laptop to ensure that you can get a replacement battery if the current one fails.

    Avoid purchasing from the branded store since these stores tend to mark up their prices more than a traditional big box or online retailer.

    Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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    Hp Laptop Batteries Price List In India

  • HP BP02XL Battery for HP Pavilion 15-Au Series, Pavilion 15-Aw Series Laptop HSTNN-UB7B HSTNN-LB7H TPN-Q172 849569-421 849569-541 849909-850
  • HP RR03XL HSTNN-UB7C Battery for HP ProBook 430 440 450 455 470 G4 G5 851610-855 851610-850
  • HP 43WH NP03XL Battery for HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX HSTNN-LB6L
  • HP Laptop Batteries Price List in India

    Laptop BatteriesPriceAvailable From
    HP BP02XL Battery for HP Pavilion 15-Au Series, Pavilion 15-Aw Series Laptop HSTNN-UB7B HSTNN-LB7H TPN-Q172 849569-421 849569-541 849909-8504,995
    HP RR03XL HSTNN-UB7C Battery for HP ProBook 430 440 450 455 470 G4 G5 851610-855 851610-8505,250
    HP 43WH NP03XL Battery for HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX HSTNN-LB6L5,010
    HP HS04 for HP 255 245 250-G4 HS04 HS03 807957-001 852802-851 853295-850 HSTNN-LB6V HSTNN-LB6U 4 Cell Laptop Battery3,995
    HP CA06XL 10.8V 55Whr 5100mAh 6 Cell Original Lithium-ion Laptop Battery for ProBook 640 645 and 650 Models 6 Cell Laptop Battery2,499
    HP for Pavilion 14-AF002AX 4 Cell Laptop Battery3,565
    HP MU06 Battery for HP 630 635, 636, 631 HP CQ42, CQ 62, CQ 57, CQ 43, HP G4, HP G6 593553-0013,950
    HP TF03XL Battery for HP Pavilion 14-BF 14-BK 15-CC 15-CD HSTNN-LB7J HSTNN-LB7X TF03041XL 920070-8555,499
    HP HS04 4-Cell Notebook Battery for 250G4/Pavilion 14/15-ac/af/ad/aj0xx 4 Cell Laptop Battery3,549
    HP LA04 4 Cell Laptop Battery2,999

    What To Look For After A Laptop Screen Repair

    Before paying the costs or leaving a technicians business, double-check that your laptops monitor is still having display issues. Even if you repaired the screen manually, this step is necessary. You should make certain that:

    • There are no scratches visible.
    • There are no fractures visible.
    • There are no previous display problems, such as a blank screen.
    • Check to see whether pictures are being shown properly.
    • There isnt any discoloration to speak of.

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    How To Make A Laptop Battery Last Longer

    Consult the relevant manufacturers information that came with your computer or go to the support section of their website to find the relevant service information relating to the care and maintenance of your computer. A common question that keeps being asked: Does running your laptop on AC power damage the battery? Should I remove the battery to increase its serviceable life?

    There are ways to make your laptop battery last longer through care and practical every-day maintenance. Although opinions differ, some of the more credible advice includes:

  • Never allow your battery to completely discharge;
  • Always partially discharge, then recharge
  • Only use partial discharge cycles 20% to 80 or 85% is an optimal range
  • Avoid extensive exposure to high temperatures ;
  • Remove the battery during prolonged AC power connections, and
  • If storing for long periods, charge to around 40%, and then periodically recharge the battery when possible.
  • Price List Of Hp Laptop Repalcement Lithium

    Laptop Notebook Battery Buying Guide & Tips |

    Is your battery for HP Laptop is degrading in its performance lately? You need not worry because it will happen for sure at some point in time. Replacing a battery is the only solution to fulfill your need.

    We are an e-commerce store dealing with a plethora of such batteries from Hewlett & Packard that can revive your mini screen within minutes. Buy one today to kick start again with its usage.

    Our range of Hewlett Packard batteries is authentic, reliable, and durable. The great news here for you is that we are providing our customers with discount upto 30% on the purchase of HP 6 Cell, 9 Cell & 12 Cell compatible and original HP battery for Notebook.

    The features of our HP Laptop batteries comprise of:

    • Long-lasting
    • Provides value to customers as these have a backup life of 2 long hours
    • Varied ranged capacities and voltages available to serve the need of different group of people
    • Readily available in our store

    Whether you want them for PC’s, Business, Elitebook, HP Mini, Envy, Entertainment, Pavilion, Compaq Ultimate models, or HP Mini Probook, just order here at cartcafe to get your real deal.

    To learn more aboutHP laptop battery price in India, visit our store today!

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    Need For A Laptop Battery Replacement Or Other Problems

    Whether its a Windows-based device or Google Chromebook or an Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, an integral part of this kind of computer is the use of battery to allow you the flexibility and mobility that this offers not being dependant on using a power socket in your home, office, whilst youre travelling, etc, to power your computer.

    A failure to charge or recharge may be the sign of a faulty or failing battery and a laptop battery replacement may be in order. However, it could also be an indication of problems associated with your computers motherboard or AC socket or charger.

    Laptop Battery Replacement The Ins And Outs

    This article answers many questions you may have regarding laptop battery replacement; how to remove a laptop battery; how much does a laptop battery cost; how to make a laptop battery last longer; how to replace a laptop battery; where to buy laptop batteries and can you replace your laptop battery yourself?

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    What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Laptop Battery Average Life Times And Cost

    Due to the portability of laptops, batteries are always much essential. A laptop will not be much efficient and reliable without a healthy battery. It is also essential to know the period that a laptop battery can last.

    But, all batteries require to be well maintained. This is because, without proper maintenance of batteries, the lifespan of the laptop battery is reduced. The reduction of lifespan implies a lot of money will be wasted in replacement.

    Everyone enjoys using a laptop with a battery that can last for an extended period. In case of power failure, you can still work well with your laptop. A good laptop battery also gives you time to save your work without panicking. What is the significance of possessing a gadget that works like a desktop computer, i.e., having a laptop that is always attached to the power source?

    Therefore, you will learn the average lifespan of a laptop battery, the frequency of laptop battery replacement, and the cost of battery replacement. The full details will be provided in this article. Follow this article and learn.

    How Much Does A Touch Screen Laptop Screen Repair Cost

    Laptop Battery Prices In India, How Much Does It Cost To ...

    Fixing a touch screen on a laptop may be difficult. As a result, the cost of repair is more than for a conventional non-touch screen. The greater price is due to the enhanced sensitivity, which increases the risk of screen damage if mistreated; nevertheless, the typical price ranges between $250 and $350.

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    Where To Buy Laptop Batteries Online

    Get high end replacement laptop batteries online at Jumia that have been designed to give maximum performance and quality output. Replace your laptop battery from our huge collection of superior quality laptop batteries so you never have to worry about low battery power or short battery life. There are high capacity laptop batteries that can produce power as high as 6600mAh so the battery can run longer before it needs to be recharged. Enjoy uninterrupted access to your laptop with premium grade laptop batteries from Jumia like the Compaq CQ58 laptop battery which you can get at the best price in Nigeria. With the laptop batteries on Jumia, you will be able to optimize your work output and it will let you enjoy your laptop, notebook or netbook for an extended period of time. You can also buy laptops with long battery life on Jumia at the best prices.

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