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How Much Is A Laptop Case

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How Much Does A Laptop Cost

How much does fan clearance affect airflow in your PC case?

Choosing a laptop can be a daunting task nowadays especially if one has no particular type in mind yet. One cant just head to the nearest computer shop and spend hours figuring what kind of laptop he wants.

But that would not be the case if one is making an informed decision. Specifically, if it answers the basic question: What would be that laptop for? This piece will be a guide on that and also on how much does a laptop cost.

Removing Hard Drives And Disc Drives

Older case designs retain their hard drives, SSDs, and disc drives with only screws in the frame. Newer and more advanced ones use sleds or caddies, screwing the drives into these easy in-out gadgets and then sliding them into place for easy swaps. The hard drive and SSD in my PC use this method, while the DVD drive is screwed down tight. Well start with the former.

First, unplug the SATA data cables from your hard drive and from the motherboard on the other end.

With both the power and data cables removed from my drives, I can pull the caddies out of the cases frame.

Now for the DVD drive. Start by removing the SATA data cable. Since the drive itself is screwed into the frame, Ill have to remove the screws from both sides before it comes out.

With the power cable, data cable, and retention screws removed, I can pull the drive out of the front of the case. You might want to nudge it a bit from the back, but pull it out from the front, since youll have limited space in the opposite direction.

Set your drives aside. If theyre screwed into sliders or caddies, unscrew them to prepare them for re-installation later.

Move on to the next component.

Best Laptop Backpacks And Bags In 2021

The best laptop backpacks and bags in 2021

The best laptop backpacks and bags will make carrying your personal items a total breeze during your commute or travels. Whether you’re going to school or heading to work, the best laptop backpacks and bags are travel-friendly and spacious enough to store all of your portable essentials. They will also be very practical without sacrificing stylishness and au courant fashion.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best laptop backpacks and bags that will satisfy your everyday needs. Were also expecting to see more practical and trendy laptop bags arrive on retail shelves later this year, so be sure to bookmark this page to stay on top of the latest releases.

In the meantime, lets get you caught up on the markets most popular options. From courier bags to massive backpacks meant for gamers, here is a list of the best laptop bags.

Don’t own a laptop yet? Check out our best laptops page or, if you’re a student, our list of the best laptops for college. Prefer a standard backpack? See our best laptop backpacks rankings as well.

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How To Measure Your Laptop By Emily Mead

If youre like us, you carry your laptop around most of the time. Luckily, our bags do all the carrying for you and protect them at the same time with drop-tested, padded compartments.

You might feel a bit of confusion when trying to choose a laptop bag or sleeve. You dont want the hassle of ordering the wrong size or having to face an uncomfortably tight fit for your device. We get that so say hello to our device-measuring cheat sheet. Grab a ruler or tape measure and lets get hands-on.

Most KNOMO bag device compartments and laptop cases have been designed to fit standard sizes of devices: 10.5″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″ and 15.6″

How Much Does Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

The Best PC cases for a Gaming Computer

On average, repairing the hinges on a laptop, when hiring a professional, can cost $50 to $200. It will greatly depend on the laptop you own and the professional you hire.

We researched some popular laptops and included the prices people had paid to have their laptop hinges repaired in our table below:

$180 at a third-party computer repair shop
Toshiba$200 at a third-party computer repair shop

Absolute Computers, a computer repair company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, says most of their laptop hinge repairs are often in the $89 to $129 range, but the costs can vary depending upon the cause of the failing hinge.

Those who want to do the job on their own should expect to pay around $20 to $50 for the parts.

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Best Overall: Nacuwa 360 Laptop Sleeve

  • Carrying handle and large side pocket

  • Easy access to devices

  • Won’t fit thicker laptops

The Nacuwa 360-degree coverage sleeve is fully zippered and measures 13 inches. It comes in a light or dark gray color and offers all-around protection with an internal egg-crate-style padding. The case is very capable of keeping your devices cushioned from the worst impacts, which is great because when youre transporting your MacBook or your PC, accidents can and do happen. Extra reinforcement has been added to the corners as a strategic additional layer of protection.

The outside shell is a soft, heather gray design that is attractive and provides some water resistance. There’s also a strong carrying handle and even an outer pocket to store chargers, external hard drives and more. The brand name might not be familiar, but the level of protection and overall quality at this remarkable price point elevate the Nacuwa to our top pick.

Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets | Durability: 360-degree and drop protection | Waterproof: Water-resistant | Pockets: One external

  • Pockets to hold notepads and documents

  • Velcro strap for securing laptop

  • Easy access to interiors

  • Somewhat bulky

When youre on the move with your laptop in tow, you normally need a handful of accessories as well. This Laptop Case from Case Logic has room for all your chargers, secondary devices and more.

Capacity: 15-17 inches | Durability: Padded compartment| Waterproof: No | Pockets: Front and slip pocket

Trust Higher Ground Products To Keep Your Laptop Safe

Your computer is one of your most important and fragile devices. Whether you have a robust laptop built for gaming or a compact Chromebook that helps you take notes during class, these devices are important parts of your everyday life. While stylish cases offer attractive designs, you need a case that can provide just as much function as fashion. The design team at Higher Ground understands you need backpack-friendly laptop and Chromebook cases that are attractive, durable and convenient to use at school and on the go.

Higher Ground is pleased to offer you a collection of high-quality protective covers for your laptop, Chromebook and tablet that are built for backpack travel. Featuring drop-in shells that make storing and removing your device safe and easy, Higher Ground cases provide the safety and security while students enjoy the freedom of backpack choice. The DropIn-Backpack Insert can quickly slide into any backpack and protect the laptop from harm. The Capsule is slim yet strong constructed of EVA foam along with reinforced edges that can withstand drops and bumps in a backpack.

Higher Ground’s travel-safe laptop cases and backpack-friendly Chromebook cases have hydrophobic coatings that repel dirt and water, saving the device should accidents occur. These cases can reduce screen breakage by up to 90 percent, giving students and parents peace of mind as they transport the device. Most importantly, these storage solutions come with a lifetime warranty.

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Installing The Power Supply

Now for the most complex part: installing the power supply. Start by inserting it into the PSU bay in the new case, then screwing it into the back with the power cord facing outward.

You generally want to direct the power supplys built-in fan directly out of the case, away from the internal components, since it will be blowing hot air constantly.

Now route all the power cables to your necessary components.

  • 24-pin main power rail for the motherboard
  • 4/6/8-pin power rail for the motherboards CPU socket
  • SATA power rail to the hard drive and any other drives
  • 6/8/12-pin power rail to the graphics card
  • Additional power for more case fans and other accessories if necessary

If youre not sure where some go, take a look at the pictures you took, or consult your motherboards manual.

Make sure the connections are tight, and try to route as much of the cabling as you can behind the motherboard tray to keep everything tidy. Much tidier than my example, if you can, which shouldnt be all that difficult.

Cable management is about more than just keeping things looking pretty inside your case. Getting cables out of the way ensures that air flow in the case is not impeded, and also that you can more easily get to components when you need to.

Amazon’s Choicecustomers Shopped Amazon’s Choice For

Restoring an old AT computer case
  • “pc case”
  • “nzxt”
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  • “thermaltake case”
  • The Best Computer Cases

    Mainstream computer manufacturers don’t always offer exactly what you need. Hardcore gamers, image and video editors, and complex data crunchers can build precisely the machine they want — and in some cases, fit it into some pretty tight spaces — using one of these computer cases. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate whatever hardware package you desire.

  • Best PC Tower Cases

    Our team of experts has selected the best PC tower cases out of hundreds of models. Based on our research, weve narrowed down the list to models from Thermaltake, Rosewill, Cooler Master, Phanteks, and darkFlash. We named Thermaltake as the Best of the Best in our Best PC Tower Cases category because of its superior quality and great consumer experience. We chose the Rosewill as our Best Bang for the Buck because of its overall quality and value. Read our full review for our pros, cons, and bottom line on each of the models we chose for our top five.

  • Best PC Cases

    The best PC cases are designed to offer a high level of protection for your computer, as well as being versatile enough to be used in a variety of different ways. Weve put together a list of the best options on the market to help you find the perfect PC case for you.

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    Best For Macs: Mosiso Laptop Sleeve Bag

    • Only meant for MacBooks

    The MOSISO is an attractive laptop sleeve bag made of polyester. It has a top opening zipper that’s easy to unzip, and the main pocket is padded, giving your MacBook some protection despite the slim and lightweight build. The bag is designed for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and comes in various sizes, ranging from 11.6-inches all the way up to 17.3 inches. There’s an additional pocket on the front to keep accessories like a mouse, earphones, pens, and notepads.

    Capacity: 13.3-inch laptops and tablets | Durability: Polyester foam padding, fleece fabric lining | Waterproof: Water-repellent| Pockets: One exterior

    • Some users report tight fit

    • Could use more protection

    The Ytonet Laptop case can handle 15.6-inch laptops and is TSA-certified to make it easy for travelers to get through security. The external dimensions of the laptop sleeve is 16.2 x 2 x 12.21 inches . In addition to the laptop compartment, there’s a mesh pocket to handle pens, cables, mice, earphones, tablets, and other accessories. The zipper opens smoothly and the bag is made of water-resistant nylon. It also boasts a polyester foam padding layer for protection against bumps, shocks, and drops. It’s compatible with most 15.6-inch laptops from manufacturers.

    Capacity: 15.6-inch laptops and tablets | Durability: Padded sleeve | Waterproof: Water-resistant| Pockets: Mesh pocket internal

    How We Picked And Tested

    Our research turned up countless available laptop sleeves made by dozens of manufacturers. We used the following criteria to narrow down that list to a few promising candidates to bring in and test.

    We couldnt try every size of every sleeve, or every sleeve with every computer model, but we did test each sleeve with a 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro. Once we had gathered our favorites, we checked to see whether those sleeves were available in multiple sizes and if the 13-inch sleeves we tested would fit a panel of 13-inch ultrabooks from various companies. We inserted each computer into each sleeve , checking for fit. We also evaluated features such as how the zippers glided, and we sprayed down the sleeves that promised some degree of water protection to see how well they kept moisture out. Once we identified some favorites, we tested those picks in real-world scenarios, traveling to places such as coffee shops and coworking spaces to see just how well the sleeves fit into our everyday routines.

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    Measuring The Body Thickness

    Once you know the size of your screen, its helpful to know the height of your body, also known as a laptop body thickness.

    Its helpful to know the body thickness especially when youre purchasing a laptop case or a bag. On rare occasions, you might get the correct laptop size, only to find out that your laptop might not fit quite easily in the laptop bag.

    To measure the laptop body thickness, get your standard measurement tape again. Close your laptop, and measure the laptop body from the bottom to the top where the screen ends.

    But make sure you include the screen in the measuring process. If you measure only the bottom part of your laptop, you wont get the right thickness.

    Shoulder Strap : Laptop Bags & Briefcases

    NZXT Beta Evo Mid Tower Black Steel Computer Case

    Looking for the perfect laptop bag to keep your life organized? A great laptop bag not only keeps your laptop safe, it also fits in other essentials to make your travel hassle-free. A much-needed accessory, laptop bags are both stylish and functional. At Target, we have a large collection of laptop bags, laptop sleeves, laptop cases and computer bags that you can choose from. Add to your style statement with a chic messenger bag. These spacious sling bags are ideal to carry everything from laptops and books to tiny knick-knacks. Look through our range of laptop briefcases, laptop carriers and computer cases that you can carry to and from work with ease. A laptop backpack is ideal if you ride a motorcycle to work. Not only are they convenient, they help ease the strain on your shoulders and back. Finding the right fit for your laptop is essential to avoid wriggling and stuffing your laptop into the bag. Look through our range of small and large laptop bags for all your needs. Laptop sleeves are a great option if you have nothing but your laptop to carry. Featuring a variety of fun colorsfrom a classic black to bright pinkwe have something for everyone. The laptop bag is an accessory youll be carrying on most days of the week, so make sure it adds just the right amount of flair to your personal style. Browse through our large collection of laptop bags to find the right pick for you.

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    Keep Your Laptop Protected From Drops And Scratches

    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    The best laptop cases and sleeves should have an attractive, durable design, and be easy to take through security, especially when you fly. Most bags are padded to add extra protection to your laptop and some are even reinforced along the edges or offer waterproofing. If you need storage space, you can also get laptop sleeves with additional pockets and organizers to handle cables, pens, notebooks, and other miscellaneous items.

    If you would prefer a backpack, our list of the best laptop backpacks has plenty of options for you to browse. Otherwise, see our full list of the best laptop cases and sleeves below.

    Case Compatibility Clearance And Form

    Technically, this section could just simply be titled Case Compatibility, because, when talking about case compatibility, both clearance issues and form-factor are really just two subsets of case compatibility.

    But, for the sake of organizing this post, Ill break case compatibility down into those two sections:

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    Ways Laptops Can Be Damaged In Backpacks

    Imagine taking your laptop out of your backpack only to discover the screen is cracked, or worse â it won’t even turn on. As sturdy as it may seem, laptops are delicate machines that can be severely damaged or broken after just one accident. Like most expensive items, the moment you remove your laptop from its packaging, you work hard to keep it in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep that level of care up, especially if you’re in school.

    Here are 10 ways you can quickly damage a laptop in your backpack:

  • Cracked screens: Your laptop screen is one of the most fragile and exposed parts of your laptop. Closing objects like pencils, cords or even earbuds inside the laptop can cause the screen to crack.
  • Dropping: You should assume no safe distance is acceptable for your laptop to drop, even if it’s in a backpack. Tossing your backpack onto a bed or letting it drop to the ground beside you is not recommended.
  • Trauma: Your backpack may be able to handle getting bumped or banged around, but your laptop can’t. Trauma from banging into walls, seats or desks can damage it.
  • Shaking: Most laptops have SSDs, which means shaking your laptop may not cause damage. However, if your laptop has a mechanical hard disk drive, rough shaking can disrupt the components and potentially cause you to lose saved data.
  • Overheating: Leaving your laptop on while it’s in your backpack can cause it to overheat. Be sure to put it to sleep or turn off completely.
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