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How Much Memory Do I Need On My Laptop

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Common Ssd Storage Capacities And What You Can Do With Them:

How Much Computer Memory Does Windows Need?
  • 30/32GB: AVOID! Too small for Windows 10 with updates
  • 60/64GB: Install the OS and a few lightweight programs. Badly limited locally, youll have to rely on streaming, online storage and/or another drive.
  • 120/128GB: Install the OS and a few programs or games. Very limited locally, youll must like will have to rely on streaming, online storage and/or another drive.
  • 250/256GB: Install the OS and some programs/games. Limited storage locally, online storage or another drive for additional storage is usually a must.
  • 500/512GB: Install the OS, programs, some games. Not ideal if you have a lot of media, especially in high resolution. Most Gamers will want a 2nd drive.
  • 1TB: Install many programs, games. Another drive for additional storage is necessary if you have a lot of heavy files and/or games.
  • 2TB: A good option if your SSD is your only drive and have many programs, games and or heavy files. Another drive for additional storage may be necessary if you have a lot of heavy files and/or games.
  • 4TB: Pretty much a worry free solution for anyone outside of people who have a lot of large files to store, such as Creative Pros

The Intel 660p, which brought lower prices to higher performance PCIe NVMe M.2 drives.

Total Storage Space Of Your Current Hard Drive Or Ssd

This item is important because an SSD needs to be at least as big as your current drive to hold all the data saved in it.

How to figure out the total storage space of your current drive? There are two situations:

  • If you are a Windows user, please click the Start button, and then click Computer to find out.
  • If you are a Mac system user, please click the Apple logo on the left side of the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then click About This Mac to find out.

Finally: When Buying Ram What About Maximizing Value

When it comes to a PC component as opaque as system memory, the idea of value-for-money often gets put aside when considering the best choice for a performance machine. But theres a big statement that should be made here: Most programs see very little gain from high-performance memory with elite specs, and even the most memory-impacted programs weve used have showed less than 6% performance gain in going from ordinary DDR4 to an optimized configuration.

Moreover, most of that gain can simply be achieved by moving from one rank per channel to two, something that you might accomplish by simply adding another two matched-spec modules to a machine that has two empty slots. So bear that in mind as you shop the sales.

For an extra bit of good news, consider this: DDR4-3600 CAS 18 is just as quick, has more bandwidth, and generally costs only 10% more than DDR4-3200 CAS 16. It might not be the CAS 14 pinnacle, but who among us, if we care about eking out performance at this level, wouldnt find a way to afford so small a price difference?

Thats the kind of smart trade-off that youre looking for in memory shopping. But ultimately, the simple luxury of having 16GB versus just 8GB at your PCs disposal, or 32GB versus 16GB, will be what has the biggest real-world impact. So don’t let a sliver of specs get in the way of making that upgrade. Like that second slice of chocolate cake, extra RAM is one of those splurges that you’ll seldom regret making.

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How To Check How Much Ram You Have On Mac

Its much easier to see how much RAM is in your Mac. But, unlike most Windows machines, its nearly impossible to upgrade the RAM in Apple computers. If you own a MacBook, the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard and isnt user accessible.

Start by clicking on the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your Macs display.

Next, select the About This Mac option from the drop-down context menu.

You will now see an overview of your computers specs, including how much memory is in your Mac. In this example, the MacBook has 16GB of RAM.

If you would like to see which type of RAM you have installed, first, click the System Report button.

From there, choose Memory from the left sidebar. The amount of memory and type of RAM will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Amd X470 And B450 Chipset Motherboards

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop?

Support for high RAM data rates across various motherboard models under these chipsets is mixed. Some easily exceed DDR4-3600 others barely go above DDR4-2933 when paired with a Ryzen 2000 Series CPU. The closest thing weve seen to consensus has been DDR4-3466, but again, weve had boards that topped out at far less.

The good news is a resurgence of AMD-compatible DDR4-2933 memory modules on the market following Intels addition of this speed to its 2020 desktop processor guidelines. Those who think that DDR4-2933 is unacceptably slow should dig a little deeper to find out what other people are running with the same motherboard and processor. Imitation can be far more than the greatest form of flatteryit can save you a heap of time and trouble!

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Ram Speed Versus Capacity

While you wont see any performance improvement by adding more RAM to your system if you already have what you need, the same cannot be said when it comes to RAM speed. Right now, DDR4 is the standard across desktops, laptops, and tablets. Each DDR generation has a range of speeds, with DDR4 starting with DDR4-1600 and ending with DDR4-3200. The number at the end notes the memorys speed. The benefit of faster memory is simple: More cycles per second means the module can read and write data faster.

Its not as simple as buying RAM sticks with a higher number, though. DDR4 memory modules are all rated to run at 2133MHz, and it doesnt matter what modules you buy or what theyre rated for, theyll run at 2133MHz out of the box. That presents a problem if you bought memory rated for 3200MHz. The speed your RAM is rated for is just that: a rating. That means the manufacturer has verified that the modules work at that speed, but it doesnt mean they run at that speed out of the box.

Enter Intel Extreme Memory Profile . Instead of shipping at a faster speed, faster memory modules come with a profile on-board, and you can easily activate the profile through your motherboards BIOS. To be clear, were not talking about overclocking your memory past the recommended speed . Were just referring to activating the speed your memory is rated for. Its free performance, so its worth taking.

Is 16 Gb Of Ram Enough

With 16 GB of RAM, you have enough memory to run as many programs as you want without slowing your computer down. This amount of memory is enough for hardcore gamers, video editors, gaming streamers, and anyone using AutoCAD or other demanding software.

For example, we were not able to use all 16 GB of memory installed on our laptop because the processor slowed everything down too much. So, if you have 16 GB of RAM, your processor is probably to blame for any bottlenecks.


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How Much Space Is In A Gigabyte

Laptops range in storage capacity from 128GB to a whopping 15TB however, the average amount of space for most average laptops is around 256GB. It is often difficult to determine how big a gigabyte is or how much space it takes up.

For reference, 256GB of storage can hold about 30000 average-sized photos. Small documents normally take up only a few megabytes or even kilobytes of space. So if you plan on using your laptop for light file storage, 256 GB is plenty of space and should last you the life of the laptop

How Much Ram Do You Need For 3d Modeling

Understanding RAM and how much do you need in your computer

Moving on to 3D modeling, we see that the RAM requirements will once again vary heavily, depending on the specific workload and software being used. Fluid sims, for example, are extremely RAM-hungry and can chew through even 64 Gigabytes if a simulation is complex enough. Err on the higher side if your primary workload involves running fluid sims.

To be clear, 3D modeling refers to the active workloads of the 3D application, which is different from the actual rendering process.

Weve covered this aspect in our best workstation builds for 3D modeling and best 3D modeling software articles.

Cinema 4D

Maxons official web page specifies a minimum of 8 GB RAM, while 16 GB is recommended.

However, we recommend going up to at least 32 GB, depending on the complexity of your project and the resolution of your textures.

Cinema 4Ds Mograph Module and other features can make RAM Requirements skyrocket

Most creative professionals will often have multiple applications open in the background as part of their workflow making 32 GB RAM quite important for a professional C4D workstation.

You can also check our best Cinema 4D workstation build for more information.

Maya & 3ds Max

Next, we have Autodesks Maya and 3ds Max software.

Autodesks knowledge network states that Maya will need 8 GB of system memory, though they do recommend doubling that amount to 16 GB.

3ds Max, by comparison, requires much less memory as Autodesk lists just 4 GB RAM as a minimum .



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Intel Z270 H270 And B250 Chipset Motherboards

Intels 7th Generation Core processors are getting on in years now. But they were DRAM overclocking monsters, with many motherboards pushing data rates beyond DDR4-4000. Making DDR4-3600 run stably is usually no more difficult than just enabling XMP on overclocking-enabled Z270 motherboards.

DDR4-3200 could be a better choice for users who cant afford DDR4-3600 at CAS 18 or lower latency, though. And given the age of these platforms, even slower memory could be appropriate. Investing in premium RAM for a venerable PC may not make sense within your budget, especially if you think you might upgrade the whole system before long.

Neither the H270 chipset nor the B250 supports memory overclocking, and DDR4-2400 is Intels default frequency limit across all 7th Generation Core CPUs.

Your Pc’s Ram Configuration

RAM configurations differ depending mostly on your motherboard. Some motherboards have four dual inline memory module slots for RAM, some have two, some have a lot more. Here’s how to see how much RAM you currently have, what type of RAM is compatible with your PC, and how many slots you’re currently working with.

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How To Choose The Right Ram For Your Desktop Or Laptop Pc In 2021

Whether you’re building a computer or upgrading one, getting the right memory modules is key to boosting performance. Our mega-guide tells you everything you need to know about getting your DDR4 up to speed .

Its been a good, long run, but the end may be sight for the supremacy of DDR4 RAM, the kind of system memory that powers most consumer PCs these days. That said, were certainly not holding back on our PC builds and upgrades to wait for the impending DDR5. Every new generation of DDR memory, historically, has started off with some stumbles and setbacks. DDR4, meanwhile, has a seven-year track record and endured a long, long shakeout in the consumer-PC market. That means it will have a leg up on both compatibility and developmental maturity for some time to come.

But that long familiarity we have with DDR4 doesnt make memory upgrades today any less complex. How do you go about buying the best memory configuration for your PC? Whether you are building a PC new or upgrading the one you have, the answers come easilybut only once you know the right questions to ask.

Can I Upgrade The Amount Of Ram In My Current Laptop

How Much Storage Do I Need on my Laptop? Get the Answer Now!

For many laptops, you wont be able to upgrade your RAM. This is true for Macbooks, as the RAM is soldered to the motherboard, so you cannot upgrade it.

Other models will have the bottom of the laptop sealed off, so you cant gain access to the system. But if youre using the Windows operating system, then theres a chance that youll be able to upgrade your RAM fairly easily.

However, for many cheaper models like the Acer Aspire series, you can easily upgrade the amount of RAM that your laptop has. Generally, a laptop will have memory slots where you can add another module of RAM.

It tends to be quite cheap to upgrade, so it might be worth looking at this avenue if you already have a laptop at home. Typically you can find an 8GB stick of RAM for a pretty cheap price , so its worth looking into as an easy way to upgrade.

Its also worth bearing in mind that whilst you can upgrade your RAM easily, its more difficult to do so with other parts of your device. This is especially true with laptops.

For the most part, you actually cant upgrade your CPU or GPU of a laptop, which are the two other key components along with your RAM. So whilst its easy enough to increase from 8 to 16 to 32GB of RAM over the next few years, youll likely be using the same processors.

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Learn From My Experience Using A 256gb Ssd And A 4tb Usb 30 External Hard Drive

I use a laptop as my main computer for work on Hardware Revolution and for my photography projects.

My laptop has 256GB of SSD storage and it is complemented by a 4TB external hard drive.

On that 256GB SSD, 238GiB can put to use. Windows uses 25.1GiB. The Users folders use 120GiB. Other files take about 47.6GiB

The SSD in my laptop has 27.4GiB of free space left, slightly more than 10%. I try to keep at least 25GB free for optimal performance.

Im almost out of space that I want to use.

Im limited on space, but Im a bit due for a clean-up and its just enough for me to work with comfortably.

You see, a lot of the storage space that I use is for photos that I post-process in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, with my 24MP digital camera RAW files that take 25MB each. 40 pictures take 1GB, 400 pictures take 10GB. So it adds up very quickly.

As I process my pictures, I delete the pictures that I have no use for. When Im done processing the pictures, I move them to my USB 3.0 external 4TB hard drive for long-term storage. Im backlogged in my photoshoots, so I have a lot of pictures on my computer right now waiting to be processed or transferred to the external drive, hence why Im a bit tight on space at the moment.

I use Netflix with a Chromecast on my living room HDTV and Spotify for music.

Had I known back then when I know now, I would have saved for a bit longer and would have gotten the 512GB model instead.

Video/photo Editing Laptop: 2tb 4tb

Video and photo editing will demand more storage space than your average personal laptop. Videos and photos can eat up storage space very fast. Just think about how often you have to go through your phone to delete all those selfies to free up space.

If you are into the video/photo editing game, you need to have a lot of space not just for your photos and videos but for the programs you plan on editing them with.

Photoshop alone requires 3.1GB of space just for the program. If you use a variety of other programs on your laptop to edit photos, you will need quite a lot of space just for those. Long videos can take up several gigabytes of space by themselves so it is in your best interest to have a laptop with a storage capacity that can keep you going.

Laptops for photo/video editing should have storage capacities of 2TB or more with most photographers suggesting 4TB at minimum.

The amount of storage space you need depends entirely on what you plan on using your laptop for. If youre a student who likes to game in their free time, a laptop with more than 1TB of space is going to be best for you. On the other hand, if you just plan on using your laptop to store family photos and a few documents, youll be fine with around 256GB of storage.

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Why You Need More Ram

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It is used by computers to store the data that the CPU is currently processing. When, CPU processes data, it will transfer the data into the RAM for operation. Then, after the operation is completed, the result will be transmitted out to hard drive.

As we all know, the operating speed of CPU is very fast, which can’t be matched by low-speed hard drives. To coordinate them, RAM is necessary. RAM is a volatile memory, which is fast enough to cooperate with CPU. It can be said that RAM is the buffer between CPU and hard drive.

Nowadays, you may likely consider adding more RAM to you computer for the following reasons:

1. Applications are eating more and more RAM.

A few years ago, PC users were able to get away with 8GB for typical use, including gaming. Today that value is still enough if you just run a single game or any apps. But 8GB is not enough for running both of them.

Compared to a few years ago, app’s features are more powerful and perfect, but they are allocating and using more RAM.

2. You are using RAM-heavy applications.

With app complexity increasing, programs tend to use more RAM. A chat program or a game like Minesweeper will use almost no RAM, while a gigantic Excel spreadsheet, a huge Photoshop project, or a graphic-intensive game like Wolfenstein: Youngblood may use gigabytes by themselves.

3. RAM prices have been trending down lately.

4. The more RAM your system has, the more programs it can handle simultaneously.

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