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How To Add Internet To Laptop

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Pin Internet Explorer To Taskbar In Windows 10

How to Create Wireless Wifi Network Connection in Laptop or PC

Internet Explorer is most likely installed on your computer in case it was upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows. In such a case, you just need to search for Internet Explorer in Windows 10 search bar and pin IE to the taskbar.

1. Start typing Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 search bar .;In most cases you should see Internet Explorer coming up at the top of Search results .

2. Next,;right click on Internet Explorer and choose Pin to Task bar .

This will pin the Internet Explorer icon to the taskbar of your Windows 10 computer. This way it will become very easy for you to locate and use of IE browser .

How To Fix Your Provider Problems

Some provider-related problems are out of your control. For instance, you may just have to wait out weather issues that have taken down cables.

However, if late payments have resulted in disconnection, talk to your provider about paying to restore your internet service.

If illegal content transmission resulted in no service, pay any related fines and talk to your provider about how you can get service restored.

If you notice that your provider seems to be throttling your internet unfairly, let your internet service provider know. Call them, email them and visit a retail store with your speed test data in hand. Keep in mind that some internet plans have terms and conditions that allow for internet throttling, so you may not be able to resolve the slow connection issues from throttling.

How To Set Up A Wi

The Internet is a really powerful tool. It gives us access to all kinds of information at a moment’s noticethink email, Google search, and Wikipedia. So there’s something a little counterintuitive about only being able to use the Internet when you sit down at a desktop computer. What if you could use the Internet from anywhere in your home or office?

If you already have high-speed Internet service at your house, it’s pretty easy to create your own home wireless network. Commonly known as Wi-Fi, a wireless network allows you to connect laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices to your home Internet service without an Ethernet cable.

Purchase a wireless router

To create your own Wi-Fi network, you’ll need a wireless router. This is the device that will broadcast the Wi-Fi signal from your Internet modem throughout your house. Your Internet service provider may offer you a wireless router for a small monthly fee. If you’ve never set up a Wi-Fi network before, this may be the easiest option.

If you want to buy your own router, we’d recommend spending a little more time researching different options. CNET offers a comprehensive guide on How to Buy a Router.

Some Internet modems may already have a built-in wireless router, which means you won’t need to purchase a separate one.

Connect the cables

  • Once you’ve acquired a wireless router, you’ll need to connect it to your existing Internet modem.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable from your modem to the wireless router .

  • Connect!

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    How I Will Check If My Laptop Is Connected With 4g Or 3g

    The details may vary from system to system, but in broad strokes, the process will look like this:

  • Check which connection is offered by your data plan
  • Check whether the SIM card supports 4G
  • Check whether your device supports the desired mode
  • Alternatively, you can choose from a plethora of software solutions that give detailed information about the connection, although their reliability varies depending on the setup you are using.

    Can I Use My Laptop As A Wireless Router

    save mobile data while connecting to computer or Laptop ...

    Yes, you can! To set up a Mac or Windows laptop as a wireless router, you can use an app that will do it all for you or set it up manually within the operating system. To make your laptop a hotspot, it needs to use your Wi-Fi adapter. Therefore, you cannot access the Internet using the same device. However, you can use a USB Wi-Fi adapter so that you have two Regardless, ethernet is the best option to use if you can, mainly because its faster and more reliable as a source.

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    How To Connect Desktop To Wi

    A desktop computer can be connected to a Wi-Fi connection just as easily as a laptop or cellphone. Depending on the type of device you are on, connecting to Wi-Fi may vary but the basics remain the same.

    In order to connect a desktop or PC to Wi-Fi, you will need to make sure your desktop has a wireless network adapter. Check for the wireless network adapter by selecting the Start button, typing device manager in the search box, and selecting Device Manager when it appears. Expand Network adapters and look for/select a network adapter with the word wireless in the name.

    You will then need to position your wireless router where it will receive the strongest signal with the least amount of interference.

    The benefits of connecting a desktop to wireless network connection include being able to set your workspace up anywhere that there is a power outlet rather than being limited to where the modem is. Connecting a desktop via Wi-Fi means you no longer have to physically connect the modem to the desktop computer.

    If you have questions regarding your computer Wi-Fi, or you need help with Wi-Fi setup for your PC, contact Geeks on Site today!

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    Not to leave Mac users out, this TP-Link Archer T9UH adapter is high-gain, dual-band and is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP, in addition to Mac OS X and 10.9-10.13. It connects using USB 3.0 and utilizes dual-band to ensure your streaming is seamless.

    This adapter works with any router and has a WPS button for instant, effortless setup but there are a few disadvantages. Your system may get booted from the network during sleep mode. If this occurs, an easy way to resolve this issue is to simply disable sleep mode.

    Know that in terms of strength, a USB Wi-Fi adapter may prove inadequate for your wireless needs. Compared to other ways to add Wi-Fi to your computer, this one has a greater potential for spotty connections.

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    G Or 4g Mobile Hotspot

    Mobile hotspots can be either hardware devices like FreedomPop’s Freedom Spot or a feature on your mobile device. You connect your laptop wirelessly to the 4G or 3G mobile hotspot, much as you would connect to a Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi hotspot. As with the other options, you’ll need to subscribe to a mobile data plan for your mobile hotspot deviceor if you may need to pay an extra “hotspot” fee to use the built-in hotspot feature on your smartphone. One major advantage of a mobile hotspot, however, is that you can typically connect more than one device to it for shared mobile internet access.

    • Pros: Usually can connect five or more mobile devices at once.
    • Cons: Have to carry around a separate device .
    • Example: Most smartphones these days have a built-in mobile hotspot feature. The MiFi mobile hotspot made by Novatel is available on several wireless carriers. Learn about;how to use your Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to turn on Wi-Fi internet sharing.

    How To Install An External Wi

    Internet Basics : How to Add Another Computer to My Network

    Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley. His work has appeared in PCMag and Digital Trends, and he’s;served as Managing Editor of Gadget Review.;Read more…

    If your laptops internal Wi-Fi adapter is dead, or just doesnt have enough power to get the kind of speed you were hoping for, you might want to look into installing a third-party adapter that can boost the signal. Heres what you need to know.

    This guide assumes youve already picked out an adapter and bought itso check out our buying guide before coming here to get everything up and running.

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    How To Set Up Wi

    By: Contributors ;|;Updated: May 4, 2021

    You can connect your laptop to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection if you have a wireless router connected to broadband Internet and an operating system that fully supports wireless networking, such as Windows 7, Vista or XP. Here’s what to do:

  • Temporarily plug a network cable into your laptop and wireless router. When your computer is on, it should automatically connect to the router .
  • Open Internet Explorer and type in the URL address of your wireless router to access the configuration page. In general, the default address will probably be,, or . Check your router’s owner’s manual for more help.
  • Enter your username and password when prompted. Many routers use the term admin as a default for both . Again, check your router’s manual if you don’t know the default username and password.
  • Pick a name, also called an SSID, for your network, once you access your router’s configuration page. Try to think of an original name that will distinguish your Wi-Fi from your neighbors’.
  • Choose the type of security you want. WPA and WPA2 are more secure than WEP, but not all devices support WPA2. Create a unique password for your network. There will be hints on your router configuration page to tell you how to set up a password. Make sure to keep a hard copy of your password hidden somewhere in case you forget it .
  • Connect Your Computer To Your Home Network

    Windows 10
  • Click on the Network icon in the bottom right hand corner.

  • Icons change based on network status.
  • Click the desired network in the Wi-Fi list.

  • Click Connect.

  • Connect automatically is checked by default, click in the box to uncheck if you do not want connection to auto-connect.
  • Enter your Wireless Network Key .

  • Click Next.
  • Select the Network Sharing Option you prefer .

  • If successful, you will be returned to the Connect To screen showing the selected wireless connection as Connected.

  • System Tray Icon will now display.

  • Windows 8
  • From the Main Screen, click on the Desktop icon.

  • Click on the Network icon on the bottom right hand corner of the task bar.

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    How To Connect Your Pc To Any Wi

    Can’t get online? There might be a problem with your PC. Here’s how to connect your PC to any wireless network.

    Getting your PC online should be straightforward, but without the right hardware a Wi-Fi connection is impossible. While a desktop computer can connect to Wi-Fi, if it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi card installed, you’ll need to add Wi-Fi support to the PC.

    Here’s everything you need to know about connecting a PC to Wi-Fi and how to make a desktop computer wireless if it isn’t already.

    If Windows Doesnt Have The Drivers

    3 Uncommon Ways to Use Your Laptop Touchpad

    RELATED:How to Turn Your Windows PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Although its rarer in Windows 10 than it was in previous versions, there are still a few instances where the operating system may not have the drivers;ready;for your adapter;by default. If this happens to you, there are two methods you can use to get them properly installed.

    Use the Included Driver CD

    The first and most obvious solution in this scenario is to use the driver CD that the wireless adapter was shipped with.

    Almost all wireless adapters released within the past ten years will come with an automatic setup on the install disc. Once you put the CD in, it will run a program that both installs the drivers for the adapter, as well as giving you the the option to install a third-party wireless tool to help you search for networks.

    In general, its a good idea to let Windows take care of this task. Third-party software that tries to do;something Windows can handle on its own will just weigh your system down.

    If youve lost the original driver CD the adapter came with or your laptop doesnt contain an optical drive to install it, theres one more workaround you can try.

    Open up the Windows Device Manager by right-clicking your Start menu, and selecting it from the following menu:

    Once here, find the name of your adapter listed underneath the Network Adapters section. Right-click on it, and select Update Driver Software from the following drop-down menu.

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    Can You Connect An Old Computer To Wifi

    Adding wireless abilities to old desktop pcs is tricky but not impossible. It depends on what version of Windows is installed on it, so if you have Windows XP or anything above, you can try the above-listed methods.;

    However, the connection may be too slow to be of any use, so you can, instead, buy a USB adapter, or, you can try installing a PCI express card on your computer.

    None of these methods likely works if you have, for example, Windows ME in your computer, since wifi devices these days dont support this version anymore.

    Install Remote Desktop App

    If you don’t have the modern version of the Remote Desktop app, you’ll need to install it from the Microsoft Store with these steps:

  • Click the Get button.
  • Click the Open Microsoft Store button.
  • Click the Get button.

  • Once you complete the steps, you can launch the app from within the Microsoft Store or Start menu. If the app isn’t working correctly, or you want to try upcoming improvements and features, you can always .

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    How To Use Remote Desktop App To Connect To A Pc On Windows 10

    On Windows 10, the “Remote Desktop” app is available through the Microsoft Store, and it’s been designed to make it easier to connect and control other devices over the local network or internet. It’s also the experience that is meant to replace the built-in legacy “Remote Desktop Connection” feature.

    The app is straightforward, but depending on how you need to connect, the app is only one piece of the puzzle, since you must also configure additional settings and forward the appropriate port in the router to successfully connect to other Windows 10 devices remotely. Also, there’s a caveat. Although you can install the Remote Desktop app on any version on Windows 10, the remote desktop protocol that allows connections to a device is only available on Windows 10 Pro and business variants of the OS. Windows 10 Home doesn’t allow remote connections.

    In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to allow remote connections from within the local network or internet, and the steps to use the Remote Desktop app to start a session remotely.

    How To Use Mobile Internet On Laptop

    How To Add Internet Settings On Your New Pc or Laptop Running Windows 7 or Windows Vista
    Kateryna Toniuk | December 30 2020

    We keep;a smartphone always in;the pockets wherever we go. Its very convenient to use it to connect to the Internet on-the-go, check messengers, social media, etc. However, there are cases when you need more than what a smartphone can offer. Its especially true for those of us who often leave for business trips or need to run tasks on the road. In such cases, a laptop is our right hand that makes it easy to work from any place where you are. If you do not want to connect to a free public WiFi network, ensure that you have an instant Internet connection and you will be able to complete any task from wherever life takes you.;;

    There are different ways to stay always online with your laptop. Lets check out.;

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    How To Connect Mobile Internet On Laptop

    Hello friends, today Im going to tell you many methods to connect the internet from mobile phones to laptops or PC. Refer to this article to Connect Mobile Internet on Laptop

    People always wondered that there is only one way to connect mobile internet to a laptop i.e. hotspot. In this post, Im going to explain each and every method step by step.

    In PC and laptop, you can connect the internet via USB tethering. Mobile hotspots can also be used to connect the internet to the laptop. Bluetooth Tethering can also be used on a laptop.

    Desktop PC doesnt have wifi or BlueTooth but you can do it by adding a USB wifi adapter ; and USB Bluetooth adapter to pc.

    Couldn’t Get It To Work

    I normally have no problems with the downloads posted on this forum but this one didn’t work at all for me. It indicated that it updated the registry successfully but no desktop icon ever appeared, including after several reboots. I finally ended up simply finding the IE executable and creating a shortcut the old fashioned way. Thanks anyway! Win10 Pro 64-bit & AMD CPU.

  • 64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations Thread Starter

    Hello BenevolentDeity, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)Just to verify, did you do both steps 2 and 3?

  • Hello BenevolentDeity, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)Just to verify, did you do both steps 2 and 3?Hi Brink,It’s probably my own incompetence at work. I assumed that #2 would give me the icon for all users, which I guess is incorrect. I then did #4 to try to install it, but from the description of the purpose of #4 it seems that it might only be for uninstalling the effects of #3. Anyway, I then tried #3 and it did produce the icon. Hopefully I didn’t mess the registry up with all these missteps. I also would like to pin the desktop icon to the task bar and remove it from the desktop, but that doesn’t appear to be working out. Ray

  • 64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations Thread Starter

    No worries Ray. No damage could be done. #2 just enables all users to be able to do #3 to add the IE desktop icon.I’d use step 4 in the tutorial below to “Pin to taskbar” Internet Explorer instead though. 🙂

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit ;;New
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