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How To Add More Gigabytes To Your Laptop

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Pc Booster #: Disable Startup Programs

How to Install Memory in Your Desktop PC

Another good tip is to disable startup programs, which are applications and services that boot every time you turn on your laptop. Some of the programs run in the background until you need them. Often, they can be disabled and simply launched when you want. This particular optimization technique speeds up PC performance by reducing RAM usage and the number of simultaneous actions running.

;Windows 10 includes a native way to enable/disable startup options via Task Manager, heres a quick demo.

  • In combination, type Ctrl + Alt + Esc to open up Task Manager, you can also type Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on Task Manager from the list of options provided.
  • Now, click on Startup to view the list of programs that may run when the computer boots up initially. Simply click on a program and then click the Enable or Disable button at the bottom, right-corner of the window, the button name will change based on the status of the program.
  • Breathe New Life Into A Budget Laptop

    Top Deals On Great Products

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    If your laptops performance has you down, dont simply accept it as a way of life. Its quite possible that by upgrading your laptops RAM you can give your portable PC a boost.

    Mentioned in this article

    Does your particular laptop support a RAM upgrade? That depends. Laptop designs vary, including which components are accessible and upgradable. Because not every laptop is built the same, theres no way to say with complete certainty what you can or cant upgrade.

    What we can say, however, is that most budget laptops tend to be far more serviceable than ultra-thin, premium models. Microsofts Surface devices, for example, are sealed shut, while Apple favors proprietary parts, with everything soldered to the motherboard.

    A budget laptop, by design, is generally far more modular and leans on easily available PC parts that are more likely to be upgradable.

    Make Windows 10 Search Faster

    If you want to further improve the speed of your machines search function, you can also change the locations that Windows Search indexes to exclude stuff you know you don’t need to find. This can include locations such as the App Data folder that contains web browser cache and cookies, among other things. If you don’t use Internet Explorer or Edge you may not want these indexed either.

    To manage these, open the Indexing Options by pressing Windows and Pause to open the System control panel, then click on ‘All control panel items’ in the location bar at the top, and then find and click on Indexing Options. This then opens a window that shows all the locations that are included in Windows 10’s search indexer. Here you can choose which locations to include or exclude to speed up this search function.

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    How To Get More Storage On A Laptop

    Its quite common for computer users to max out their storage space. This may make the laptop to be slower than normal and affect the general performance. If this happens, you will need more space for your files. In this article, we will show you exactly how to get more storage on a laptop without having to delete important files.

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    Using A Usb Drive As Ram

    Adding more ram to pc. Will Adding Memory Speed Up Your ...
  • 1Plug your USB drive into your computer. If it’s not possible for you to upgrade your PC past 4 GB or less, you can usually use a USB drive as additional RAM. This feature is called ReadyBoost. Your flash drive or hard drive should plug into one of your computer’s USB slots.
  • On a laptop, USB slots are generally on the sides of the laptop’s housing. On a desktop, you’ll usually find USB slots in the front or back of the case, or on a peripheral such as the keyboard.
  • ReadyBoost only kicks in when the amount of RAM in your PC can’t handle the load.XResearch source Because of this, using ReadyBoost on a computer with more than 4 GB of RAM is not going to help you. Also, if you have a solid-state hard drive , it’s already picking up the slack due to its speedâReadyBoost will never activate on a PC with an SSD because the SSD is much faster.
  • 2Open Start
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    Kick Up The Connectivity: Upgrading The Wi

    If you’re looking for a new wireless card to pair with your new Wi-Fi 6 router, you’re in luck: Laptop Wi-Fi cards are more often than not modular and can thus be upgraded.

    The simplest way to identify yours is to refer to your laptop’s service manual or locate the card under the system’s bottom cover. The wireless card is usually easy to differentiate from others in your notebook since it will have at least one antenna lead; the card in the HP shown below has two.

    This M.2 Wi-Fi card has two antenna connectors.

    The main factor that affects which wireless card you can use in your laptop is the interface. Laptops produced from the early-to-mid-2010s typically used Half Mini PCIe, while those made after that likely follow the newer M.2 Type-2230 standard. The two kinds are not interchangeable or cross-compatible. The slots are keyed differently and won’t even accept a card of the other type.

    Barring a service manual to tell you about your wireless card slot, you can figure it out just by examining the card. The one shown above is identifiable as an M.2 2230 card by its single centered retainer screw. A Half Mini PCIe card, as shown below, has two retainer screw holes, one at either corner.

    This is a Half Mini PCIe Wi-Fi card, also with twin antenna connectors.Right-clicking in Windows 10’s Device Manager helps you uninstall the old card.

    The laptop’s operating system should recognize the new card when you reboot and install it automatically.

    Purchase A Ram For Laptop Memory Upgrade

    After knowing if you can add RAM to your laptop, now you need to purchase a proper memory module based on your actual situation. When buying RAM, you should note that the voltage and speed of the RAM as well as the type of RAM .

    Since Crucial System Advisor comes from Crucial, it recommends some products from Crucial but you can take note of the products’ specs and go to your laptop manufacturers website to buy one.

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    Buying The Correct Ram For My Asus

    At this point, you know what kindof RAM, which form factor and the maximum amount of RAM you can install on our computer. You should also know how much additional RAM can physically be installed on your computer .All you need to do now to upgrade the RAM on your ASUS laptop or desktop is to follow this link.If you still need reassurances than ASUS-ACCESSORIES is here to help you. We will link you to the correct RAM for your specific device and provide you with any information you need to add RAM in all confidence. You will need to provide the serial number of your ASUS computer.

    Retrieve your serial number from the BIOS

    • Open the command prompt – Type command prompt in the windows search bar
    • In the Command prompt copy and paste or type the command below and press enter

    wmic bios get serialnumber

    Pc Booster #: Switch To A Solid

    How To Get 1000 GB on Any Computer !

    One of the best ways to rejuvenate any laptop or PC is to install a solid-state drive. SSDs work on everything from old Lenovo ThinkPad laptops to dusty old Dell PCs, and the results are always worthwhile. Boot times are faster, read/write actions speed up dramatically, and even the most frugal processors feel alive with an SSD working alongside them.

    Because there are no moving parts in SSDs, the read/write speeds are far superior to older optical hard-disk drives Buying one wont break the bank, but you might have to compromise a little on storage space, as SSDs still cost more per GB than mechanical hard disks.

    Before you worry about finding your old Windows disks for your new drive, its easy enough to clone the current HDD onto a new SSD. Download a third-party OS cloning tool and copy your older drive, sector-by-sector. Just be sure that the cloning application converts the boot sector to SSD, or the OS wont launch. Programs like EaseUS Todo Backup establish a proper SSD boot sector, so you dont have to deal with boot repairs later.

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    Recommendation #: Wise Care 365 Pc Cleaning And Speed

    Fortunately, several utilities are available to hunt down and remove personal information and unwanted/unnecessary files and extensions. One popular program is Wise Care 365.

    The software is FREE, but there is a paid Pro version that unlocks additional features.

    This program is fast yet reliable. The application includes several optimization processes, such as Registry Cleaner, Common Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector , and more.

    Wise Care 365 is the fastest weve seen that produces very effective and safe results. If you navigate to the About Us > Awards webpage, youll see row upon row of awards from sources like Softpedia, PC World, PC Magazine, ZDNet, and more. No, this is not a sales pitch, although Ive used the software for over five years now without having any problems. Regardless, back up your system and important files before making any advanced changes, such as the Services optimization options found under System Tuneup > Startup Manager.

    How To Upgrade Desktop Memory

    Replacing the memory in your desktop is usually pretty straightforward. Youll need a Philips-head screwdriver to open the case, and thats about it. Note that these instructions are for a standard ATX tower-style caseif you have a more exotic case design, you may need to work a little harder or position the computer oddly to open it and access its internal components.

    Remove all the cables and external accessories from your computer, then move it to a table or desk. Ideally you want a cool, dry work area that isnt carpeted. If your home is particularly susceptible to static shocks, you might want an anti-static bracelet as well.

    Remove the screws on the back holding the access panel in place. Youre going to remove the access panel from the left side of the PC . On some cases, youll need to remove the whole cover. Then set the case on its side with the internals exposed.

    At this point you should be looking down at the motherboard. The RAM should be easy to spot. It will be two or more modules sticking up from slots that are usually near the CPU, but more toward the front of the computer.

    To remove the existing RAM, look for the plastic tabs at either end of the RAM slots. Simply press these tabs down until they click. The module should pop up slightly, and its ready to be pulled out. Repeat this step with all the modules you want to remove.

    Then, just lift each module straight up and out of the slot.

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    How To Upgrade Your Laptop: A Part

    Adding more memory or storage, or swapping in a new battery or wireless card, can help squeeze a few more years out of that aging laptop. Here’s how to figure out what you can upgrade, and how to do it the right way.

    Even if it’s silver or blue on the outside, to most folks, a laptop PC looks like an impenetrable black box on the insideyou wouldn’t dream of cracking it open. Some notebooks, indeed, do their best to keep you out. But if you can remove your laptop’s bottom panel, chances are good that there’s something insideor maybe several somethingsthat you can upgrade.

    Notebooks, of course, aren’t nearly as flexible as your typical desktop PC when it comes to hardware swaps. But upgrading your laptop, within the confines of what it will allow, can be a great way to get more life out of it. Depending on the model, you might be able to add more system memory to make it more responsive, upgrade the storage drive for a capacity and performance boost, or replace the battery to rejuvenate the charge-holding that the machine had when it was new.

    What you can actually do yourself varies from laptop model to laptop model, however. This guide helps you identify which laptop components you can upgrade, and how to replace them. We’ll even discuss items like the Wi-Fi radio and the graphics processor , and how to handle any warranty issues that might come up if you perform upgrades.

    Theres More To Great Pc Performance Than Ram

    How to Add Extra Memory to Your Computer: 4 Steps (with ...

    RAM isnt always the most important aspect of PC performance, the way many people think it is. You can have all the RAM in the world or at least, all the RAM your computer can handle but if the rest of your PC isnt optimized to perform effectively, youll still be stuck in the mud.

    AVG TuneUp removes all the useless software, junk files, and other digital gunk to boost your PCs speed and get it back into shape. Before cracking your computer open for a RAM upgrade, try seeing what it can do when its free to perform at its best. And even after installing new RAM, AVG TuneUp will ensure that you maximize the value of all that new memory.

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    How To Use Usb Flash Drive As Additional Ram On Your Windows 10 Computer

    August 27, 2020 By Sambit Koley

    The days are long gone when 4 GB RAM is considered enough to run all the applications smoothly on a computer. Day by day the hunger for more raw hardware capabilities are increasing. If you are feeling that your workstation is slowing down while editing a video or while running a mighty game, you can easily use a removable drive as an additional RAM to speed up your system. To do so, simply follow the steps of this article-

    Solid State Hybrid Drive

    An SSHD consists of both HDD and SSD technology. It is slower than an SSD but is a bit faster than an HDD. It is able to achieve slightly faster load speeds than traditional HDDs by utilizing a small amount of high-performance flash memory to store the most frequently accessed data.

    SSHDs are a good choice if you are looking for a storage device that is slightly faster than HDDs at a reasonable price.;

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    Upgrades To Increase Pc Performance

    Do you have any dated desktops or laptops lying around that you havent used in a few years? Do you remember how quick and responsive they used to be when you first got them? Now it takes an hour to boot up and opening a new tab feels like you just asked it, What do you want to eat for dinner? It may be frustrating and mainly why we replaced them in the first place, but dont fret, because you can bring them back from the dead with a few selective upgrades. Below is a list of parts that will help speed up your system, in order of efficiency.

    How To Speed Up Your Windows Laptop: 9 Ways To Boost Pc Performance

    How to get more mb or gb on your computer

    Steve Larner Steve Larner carries over ten years of content management, editing, and writing experience in a wide variety of industries. As a tech enthusiast, Steve also enjoys exploring new products and devices and helping others solve their technological problems. Read more May 21, 2021

    Do you suffer from a slow laptop? Before you go out and get a shiny new one, there are several things you can do to give your current model a speed boost. Tinkering with startup programs, defragmenting the hard disk drive , and using a third-party cleaner are just a few ways to boost PC speed and give old laptops new life or newer models faster speeds. Regardless, there are even more gains to be had if youre willing to get your hands dirty.

    Here are nine affordable and relatively easy ways to squeeze every ounce of performance from your old laptop.

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    Speed Up Your Computer By Adding More Ram

    Posted on

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    If youre thinking about spending a few bucks to upgrade your PC youre probably wondering what to upgrade in order to get ;the most bang for the buck.

    In most cases, except for adding a solid state drive, adding more RAM will do more to speed up your computer than any other upgrade you can make.;

    Why? Because Microsoft Windows and many of the most popular applications that run on it are resource hogs.

    If you run two or three apps simultaneously they must dance around one another as Windows constantly swaps part of their code and data between RAM and the hard drive, often bogging the computer down to a snails pace.

    Adding more RAM could result in less swapping, and therefore faster system performance.

    Luckily for us, adding RAM is usually one of the fastest and easiest DIY upgrades one can make. Its so easy in fact that virtually anyone can do it on virtually and desktop PC and many laptops.

    That being said, here are a few things to consider before buying more RAM for your PC:

    1 Make sure you buy the;correct;kind of memory sticks. Most newer computers use either DDR4 or DDR3 RAM modules.

    If your system is old enough to use either DDR2 or even plain DDR RAM it probably wouldnt make sense to pay for an upgrade. The money you would spend for a RAM upgrade would likely be better spent if you applied it towards the purchase of a new computer.

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