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How To Backup Iphone To Laptop

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‘this Iphone Cannot Be Backed Up Because There Is Not Enough Icloud Storage’

How to Backup iPhone to Computer with or without iTunes (PC & Mac)

If that iCloud backup worked just fine, then great, you’re done. But I realize a lot of people won’t be able to back up to iCloud without a little work. You might see this message on your iOS device, “This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available.”

Every iCloud account gets 5GB for free. But most people have more than 5GB of data on their phone — or they have more than one iOS device that needs backing up. Hence, 5GB isn’t enough space. And maybe one day Apple will change its free tier to give us more data and make backing up easier for everyone. But until then, we need to do some calculations to optimize our iCloud accounts.

Back Up Iphone Using Icloud

  • Go to Settings > > iCloud > iCloud Backup.

  • Turn on iCloud Backup.

    iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone daily when iPhone is connected to power, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.

    Note: On models that support 5G, your carrier may give you the option to back up iPhone using your cellular network. Go to Settings > > iCloud > iCloud Backup, then turn on or off Backup Over Cellular.

  • To perform a manual backup, tap Back Up Now.

  • To view your iCloud backups, go to Settings > > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. To delete a backup, choose a backup from the list, then tap Delete Backup.

    Note: If you turn on an iCloud feature in Settings > > iCloud, its information is stored in iCloud. Because the information is automatically kept up to date on all your devices, its not included in your iCloud backup.

    Change What Gets Backed Up To Icloud

    Lower on the screen under Next Backup Size is a list where you can Choose Data to Back Up. This list will have apps and how much data each has to back up. The list goes from what takes up the most space to the least. If you just need a slightly smaller backup file, uncheck larger data items from the list if you don’t mind whether or not they’re backed up.

    If all you wanted to back up was your camera roll, the only setting you’d need would be the first toggle listed, labeled iCloud Photos. Below is a list of every other iCloud-enabled app on your iPhone, starting with Apple’s own apps. Besides the two biggest data hogs using your iCloud storage tend to be Mail and Messages. If you turn off the iCloud backup settings for these two apps however, old messages won’t be restored in case you get a new phone.

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    Figure Out Icloud Backup Size

    As I mentioned earlier, iCloud doesn’t back up every last thing on your phone. Instead, it takes a smart approach, and won’t back up things that are synced with your internet accounts or that you’ve purchased with your iTunes Apple ID. To figure out exactly how much iCloud space your backup file will take, go to Settings, tap on your Apple ID and then go to iCloud > Manage Storage> Backups. There’s a list of devices that are backing up or trying to back up with your account.

    Give your phone a few moments to figure things out, then look at the top of the screen. You should see the following details: Last Backup, Backup Size and Next Backup Size. If you haven’t backed up your iPhone to iCloud before or in a long time, the Next Backup Size will be a pretty large amount of data. Obviously, if it’s more than 5GB you must either buy more storage or adjust what you’re backing up.

    Granting Full Disk Access

    How to backup iPhone to iTunes with Mac and Pac

    If you use a Mac, you’ll have to provide Keepster with full disk access the first time you run it. This is a security feature of macOS to ensure only apps that you’ve authorized have access to your data.

    To provide access, click the Open System Preferences button in Keepster. This opens the Full Disk Access settings page in preferences. Click the lock icon at the bottom left and enter your system password.

    Next, click the + button, find Keepster in the list of installed apps, and double-click on it. If you get a message asking if you want to quit Keepster, click later.

    Switch back to Keepster and click the blue Finish button at the bottom to restart the app.

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    Back Up Before Upgrading To Iphone Xs Iphone Xr Iphone X Or Ios 12

    In fact, online advice indicates that you cant successfully upgrade an iPhone without a backup. Recent articles from C|net and MacWorld both recommend that the first thing you should do when upgrading to the iPhone XR or iPhone XS is to create a backup.

    Ideally you should create a backup of your old phone once your new device arrives so you wont lose any recent conversations, photos or changes to your contacts list.

    Back Up And Restore Data With Itunes

    First, connect your phone to your computer and fire up iTunes. Click the icon for your phone, then make sure the option for This Computer is selected in the Backups section. Click the Back Up Now button. iTunes syncs and backs up your phone to your computer. After the backup completes, the timestamp under Latest Backup indicates the latest backup date and time.

    If you want to back up passwords, Wi-Fi settings, website history, and health data, you’ll need to encrypt the backup. Check the box next to Encrypt local backup. Enter and then re-enter a password and click Set Password. With Encryption enabled, iTunes should immediately start backing up your phone. If not, click Back Up Now.

    After the backup is finished, you can confirm that it was encrypted. Click Edit > Preferences in the programs top menu. In the Devices Preferences window, click the Devices tab. A lock icon next to a backup indicates that it was encrypted. As long as you keep the encryption option enabled, all future backups will be encrypted. To stop encrypted backups, uncheck the box next to Encrypt local backup and confirm your encryption password.

    Okay, now let’s say you need to restore your iTunes backup, either to the same phone or to a new phone. Before you can restore a backup to an iPhone, you need to disable the Find My iPhone feature. On your phone, go to Settings > > Find My > Find My iPhone. Toggle Find My iPhone to off, type your password, and tap Turn Off.

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    How To Restore Backup To A New Iphone

    Restoring a backup from an old Apple iPhone to your new iPhone is an efficient way to move all your data, settings and preferences to the new device. Apple lets you backup and restore devices wirelessly through the free Apple iCloud service or via a USB cable with the free Apple iTunes software running on your office desktop or laptop computer. After backing up the data on the old iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, use the same service to restore the backup file to your new iPhone.

    How To Back Up Iphone Without Itunes Using Ios Content Manager

    How to Backup an iPhone on a Computer : Tech Yeah!

    Sometimes, it takes a long time to create a backup with iCloud and Finder. Thus if you can simplify the backup and restore process with the help of a third-party backup tool, why not?

    If you want, try this iPhone backup software – EaseUS MobiMover. With it, you can back up the whole iPhone or transfer wanted files between iPhone and Mac or Mac whenever you want. After you copy these contents to your computer, you can freely restore all or individual files from the computer to your device when you need it.

    To back up your iPhone to computer:

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer running Windows system with a USB cable > Select the “Backup Manager” from the left panel > Select “Backup” to proceed.

    Step 2. Tick the box next to “Select All” to back up all files from iPhone to computer > Set the destination on computer > Click on “One-Click Backup” to start the backup process.

    Step 3. MobiMover will start immediately to back up iPhone files to your computer without requiring iTunes. Wait patiently until it finishes.

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    How To Copy From Iphone To Laptop Via Email

    You can open the e-mail address on your iPhone, attach the items or files you need to back up to the e-mail as an attachment, and then send it to yourself. It should be noted that the method of transferring files by mail is not suitable for users with large amounts of data, because it will waste a lot of your time and it is not that simple.

    Step 1: Open your iPhone, choose the files you want to back up, tick them off and then click Share icon.

    Step 2: Choose Email icon from the pop-up window.

    Step 3: On the blank mailbox interface, the selected file will automatically become an attachment, you only need to fill in yourself in the recipient column.

    Step 4: Click “Send” option to send out the email.

    Step 5: Open the web browser on your laptop and visit your email provider’s website. Log in with your email account and then you can download the attachments to your laptop.

    Backup Iphone On Windows Computer With Itunes

    iTunes is another backup way. This software is free for you but supports only full backup and full recovery. That means you have to backup almost full iPhone data on Windows, and could only restore everything to your iPhone from iTunes backup without choice. iCloud could select the data which you want to restore.

    Here is how to backup iPhone to iTunes on Windows 11/10/8/7 computer with iTunes:

    âStep 1. Download, install iTunes for Windows.

    âStep 2. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to Windows computer.

    âStep 3. Click the icon of your iPhone in the upper left, select Summary > Back Up Now.

    âStep 4. After the backup process has finished, you can go to iTunes > Preferences > Devices to check it.

    When the process is finished, you can go search the “Apple” or “Apple Computer” > “MobileSync” > “Backup” to find and view the iPhone backup files created by iTunes.

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    Automatically Back Up With Icloud Backup:

  • Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on in Settings > > iCloud > iCloud Backup. If youre using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup
  • Connect your device to a power source
  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network
  • Make sure that your device’s screen is locked
  • Check that you have enough available space in iCloud for the backup
  • Backup Iphone To Windows Pc With Icloud

    How to Backup iPhone to Computer with/without iTunes

    iCloud is a cloud storage service provided by Apple. It can be another way to backup an iPhone without iTunes. Once enabling the iCloud service, your photos, videos, documents, and other files will be synced among your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    And now, after backing up data on your iPhone, you can view and download iCloud backup files on on your Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 computer.

    â Note: heres one important thing that its not totally free for you to support this service. You just have 5GB of free storage and have to pay for more iCloud storage.

    Here is how to backup iPhone to iCloud:

    âStep 1. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or WLAN and make sure that iPhone has enough power.

    âStep 2. Go to Settings on your iPhone, select > iCloud > iCloud Backup.

    âStep 3. Click Backup Now to start to backup iPhone on iCloud.

    âStep 4. When the backup process is complete, open your browser on your computer and go to: and sign in with your Apple ID.

    âStep 5. Choose data your want to backup.

    âStep 6. Select files you want to backup and click the “Download” button on the top of the site. If you are moving photos to your PC, you will be asked to choose an original or compatible format.

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    Anytrans Iphone Content Backup Manager

    AnyTrans is an efficient and professional iOS data manager. As a one-stop solution, it can perfectly help you manage and transfer iPhone data between iOS devices or from iPhone to computer and vice versa. Bear in mind that this method does make use of a computer to transfer or back up the files. Check out its main features:

    AnyTrans iPhone Content Backup

    and follow the detailed steps to backup iPhone data to your computer without hassle.

    Step 1. Launch AnyTrans on your computer > Connect your iPhone to the computer > Under Device Manager, switch to Content Management> Choose the category of data you want to back up. Here we take the Photos as an example.

    Choose Photos Category

    Step 2. Select the pictures you want to transfer > Click the To PC button.

    Select the Photos and Send to Computer

    You can also directly back up iPhone data wholly by following these steps:

    Step 1. Under Device Manager, go to One-Click Management> Click Content to Computer TAB.

    Go to Device Manager and Click Content to PC Button

    Step 2. Then select the categories of data you want to back up > Click the Next button to initiate the process.

    You Can Choose Export Path and Photos Category

    AnyTrans also enables you to simply make an iTunes backup, view, and export the content in your iTunes backups.

    Step 1. Click Backup Manager on the left panel. Choose Backup History. If you have made an iTunes backup before, your backup files will be listed

    Step 2. Click Restore to restore the backup data to iPhone.

    Back Up And Restore With Google One

    You can also back up your iPhone using the . This backs up your contacts, calendar, photos, and videos across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. First, download and install the Google One app from Apple’s App Store.

    Open the app, and on the Home screen, tap Set up data backup. Then, select the content you wish to back upContacts, Calendar, and Photos & Videos. Decide if you want to back up data over a cellular connection. Tap Back up now, and your data will be backed up to Googles servers. You must keep the app open during this time, otherwise the backup will pause.

    Return to the home screen and swipe down to the Storage section or tap the Storage icon on the bottom toolbar to see how much space has been used for the backups and other content. The app has a graph that shows how the backups were allocated among Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

    Swipe down to confirm what data was backed up from your current device. You can tap Backup settings to change which data gets backed up in the future.

    Since there is no restore function in the iPhone app, you will have to visit each individual service when you want to view or potentially restore the data. Open Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos and search for the specific data you wish to access.

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    Back Up To Your Desktop

    • Connect your phone to your computer using its charging cable.
    • Fire up iTunes if youre using Windows or a Mac with macOS 10.14 or earlier use Finder on a Mac with macOS 10.15 Catalina or later.

    If youre using Finder, open a Finder window , and look for your iPhone in the left-hand menu under Locations.

    Using Finder to change your backup from iCloud to local.

    • In iTunes, you should see a small iPhone icon in the upper left corner select that.

    Look for the phone icon in iTunes.

    • After that, the process for either iTunes or Finder is much the same, although the look of the pages and the language will be slightly different.
    • If this is the first time youve done this, when you click on the phone icon, you may be asked if you trust the phone, first on the computer and then on the phone itself.
    • First-timers may also be asked if you want to set your phone up as a new device or restore it from a previous backup. In this case, select the first.
    • Select the General tab on top and look for the category labeled Backups. Select This computer or Back up all of the data on your iPhone to your Mac .

    Using Finder to set up a computer to back up your iPhone.Using iTunes to change your backup from iCloud to this computer.

    If you need to restore your backup, just go to the same page and click on Restore Backup…

    Once youve set up your backup to your computer, you may want to delete any backups youve made to iCloud.

    To do this on your Mac:

    To do this on your iPhone:

    How To Back Up Ipad And Iphone To Both Your Mac And Pc To Keep Your Data Safe From Permanent Deletion

    How to Backup iPhone to Computer 2021 (2 Free Methods)

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    There are two ways to back up your iPhone. You can back up your iPhone to iCloud or back up your iPhone to your computer. You can even back up your iPhone to your Windows computer by using iTunes. Apple recommends having both an iCloud backup and a local backup, and we agree! Backing up your iPhone is incredibly easy, and having both makes it more convenient and more secure. Heres how to back up your iPhone to your computer.

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