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How To Backup Laptop To Google Drive

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Choose Settings For My Drive

Google Backup and Sync: How to backup your computer to Google Drive | Onsite Helper Australia

My Drive can be streamed or mirrored. Both streaming and mirroring enable you to access your Google Drive files directly from your computer. There are differences in where these files are located, when files can be accessed, how much storage is used, and how files are made available offline.

Files are located on a virtual drive* on your computer Files are located in a folder on your computer
When files can be accessed You can only access files when the Drive for desktop application is running You can access the files anytime, even when the Drive for desktop application isnt running
How much storage is used Storage is used for files you open or make available offline Storage is used to store all My Drive files on your computer
Offline availability You can select specific files and folders to be available offline by right-clicking on the item and selecting Available offline All your My Drive files are automatically available offline

* A virtual drive is a file system that appears on your computer. A virtual drive is accessible the same way USB sticks or external hard drives are accessible, through a drive letter in Explorer on Windows or under Locations in Finder on macOS.

The virtual drive will present you with the file structure and the names of files in your Google Drive.

Tip: To save storage on your computer, choose streaming. Youll only use storage for the files you use, or select to be available offline.

How Do I Backup My Google Drive To A Flash Drive

Step 1: Plug the flash drive into afreeUSB port on your computer. Step 2: Log in toyourGmail account and go to Google Docs. Locatethefolder in the Google Drive that contains allthefiles you would like to put on the flash drive.Step 3:Select the file you want to download by clickingonit.

In this regard, how do you transfer files to a flash drive?

Method 1Using Windows

  • Navigate to the folder that contains the files you’d liketocopy.
  • Plug the USB flash drive into a USB port on the computer.
  • Find a place on your USB drive to store the copied files.
  • Drag file from the computer to the USB drive.
  • Save an open file right to the USB drive.
  • Eject the drive safely.
  • Furthermore, how do I export files from Google Drive? Exporting Files From Google Drive

  • Open the file you wish to export as a different fileextension.Select File, then select Download as.
  • Choose the file extension you would like to save yourdocumentin. The document will download in the selected fileextension.
  • In this manner, how do I sync Google Drive with external hard drive?

    Also, you can sync some or all your files and foldersonyour computer to Google Drive by following these steps:

  • On your computer, click Backup and Sync .
  • At the right, click the folders you want to sync.
  • To add a folder not on the list, click Choose folder.
  • Add the folder you want to sync.
  • How do you save a Word document to a flash drive?

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    Three: Choose Other Folders On You Pc To Sync

    Next, lets look at the My Computer section, where you can select other folders on your PC to sync. There are a few options already available here: Desktop, Documents, and Pictures. You can simply tick the box next to the option to completely back up everything from that location to your Google Drive. Simple.

    But if youd like to get a little more granular and only back up a certain folder, you can do this by clicking the Choose Folder option. Just navigate to the folder youd like to back up, and click Select Folder. Thats all there is to it.

    NOTE: Files you sync from outsdie your Drive folder wont show up in Drive alongside all your other files. To access those files, head to and click on My Computers in the left menu. This option is also available in the Drive mobile apps.

    If you want a file or folder to show up under My Drive, youll need to sync it the old-fashioned way: by putting it inside the Google Drive folder on your PC.

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    Give Access To Folders

    MacOS requires applications like Drive for desktop to ask for permission to access your Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders, as well as external drives, network volumes, and photo libraries. To continue syncing to Google Drive or backing up to Google Photos, youll need to provide access.

    If you want to provide access after clicking Deny, you may need to restart your computer in order for the changes to take effect.

    You can manage these permissions in System Preferences Security & Privacy Privacy.

    A Few Additional Notes About Backup And Sync

    How to add the Google Drive app to your desktop on a PC ...

    Thats really all there is to Backup and Sync, but there are a couple of other things worth mentioning:

    • You can rename your computer by clicking on the My Computer text at the top of the My Computer page and giving it a specific name.
    • You can easily upgrade your Drive storage or disconnect your account from the Settings tab.
    • System startup rules, file sync icon, and right click settings can also be modified on the Settings tab.
    • Backup and Syncs network activity can be restricted in the Network Settings section of the Settings tab. Proxies can be specific, and download/upload rates capped if need be.
    • The Backup and Sync tool will live in your computers system tray as long as its running. To access its settings, just click its icon in the tray, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, and choose Preferences.

    Thats pretty much it, really. Its a simple tool.

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    How To Back Up Your Computer To Google Drive

    The Google Drive desktop app is now called Backup and Sync. While it still lets you access your Google Drive files, you can also use it as a backup tool. This lets you back up files to the cloud even if they aren’t in your Google Drive folder.

    Since Google Drive gives you 15GB for free , it’s an attractive option for basic backups. If you need more space, subscribe to to get 100GB of space for $2 per month, 200GB for $3 per month, or 2TB for $10 per month.

    Here’s how to back up your files using Google Drive:

  • Install the Backup and Sync utility, then launch it and sign into your Google account. If you don’t set up backup during the initial setup, click the Backup and Sync icon in your System Tray, followed by the three-dot Menu > Preferences.
  • On the My Computer tab, choose which folders you want to keep backed up. This shows common locations, but you can add as many as you want using the Choose Folder link. You can also click the My Computer text to give it a more descriptive name.
  • Click the Change button to decide if you want to back up all files, or just photos/videos. Under Advanced settings, you can also choose to ignore files with certain extensions.
  • If you want to also back up removable devices, click the USB Devices & SD Cards text to choose which ones get backed up.
  • As long as Backup and Sync is active, it will back up your chosen folders. You should enable Open Backup and Sync on system startup on the Settings tab so it runs every time you boot Windows.
  • Sync A Folder To Google Drive

    When you sync a folder to Google Drive, everything, including all file types, in the folder will be uploaded. If you add, edit, move, or delete files, those changes will occur on your computer and in Google Drive. This makes sure that your content stays up to date.

    Youll be able to access your files from any device at or via the Google Drive app.

    Changes to syncing with Google Drive

    Tip: To back up photos and videos in storage saver quality, choose to back up your folder to Google Photos.

    • If you delete a file, the file will be deleted from your computer and in Google Drive.

    Tip: In Backup and Sync, you could choose to not sync deletes between your computer and Google Drive . You can accomplish this with Drive for desktop by choosing to stream My Drive, and then drag and drop files into your virtual drive. This way, the copy in your virtual drive and the copy on your computer are no longer connected, meaning changes wont be synced between the two.

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    Can Google Drive Automatically Backup

    One of the biggest benefits of this backup method is that every file you create or work on is automatically updated as you go. This means you can work naturally as you always do, without having to change your habits. You can use your usual folder structure, too, and everything will be uploaded to the cloud automatically.

    However, Google Drives free plan is only 15GB, so to backup more than that you will need to upgrade to a paid storage plan. If youre on a tight budget, Carbonite is a backup service that offers unlimited storage at a very low price.

    How Backup And Sync Works

    How to backup your computer to Google Drive using backup and sync | Onsite Helper Australia

    To use Backup and Sync, install the Backup and Sync client on your computer, then select which folders in your computer you’d like to back up. You can also back up and sync files from SD cards, USB devices, cameras, and mobile devices. After the initial setup, files in selected folders and data sources automatically upload to Google’s servers and sync anytime you make changes.

    Backup and Sync creates a folder on your computer named Google Drive. Any files you put into this folder automatically upload to and sync with your My Drive folder on Google Drive and are accessible on all Drive-enabled devices or over the web.

    Did you know? You can change the location of the Google Drive folder on your device and automatically back up the contents of an SD card or other USB storage device plugged into your PC or Mac. Uploaded files are available in Google Drive.

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    Benefits Of Backing Up Data To Google Drive Via The Software

    There are various advantages to backup My Computer to Google Drive. Some of them are given below:1- The incremental backup function is provided to migrate on new or updated files2- Give three filter options i.e. Include / Exclude, File Size, Date filter3- It is a one-time investment there is no subscription plan 4- Generates migration report describing .5- Supports to backup Network drive data to Google Drive6- Allows migration of hidden files and keeps folder structure

    How To Backup Computer To Google Drive

    To backup PC to Google Drive, you can simply copy the files you need to the Google Drive sync folder. However, it would be a tedious job to copy a number of files from different locations. If you want a secure and more convenient backup solution, then you can use freeware AOMEI Backupper Standard.

    It allows you to create one-time or scheduled/automatic file sync. Whats more, it supports various storage devices. You can use it to sync PC folders to external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, NAS or cloud storage, and vice versa.

    Learn how to backup to Google Drive with AOMEI Backupper as follows:

    1. Download and run this free backup software on your computer.

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    Backup Computer To Google Drive Using Backup And Sync

    The first step is to download Backup and Sync tool from , as available for both Mac and Windows PC.

    Once Backup and Sync is downloaded to your computer, launch the tool by clicking on it and it will start the process of setting up your computer for backup to Google Drive.

    If you had previously installed Google Drive app on your computer, you will be automatically logged into Backup and Sync. If not, Click on Get Started button.

    On the next screen, Login to your Gmail Account by entering your Gmail User Name and Password. Once you are logged in, you will see an information screen, click on Got it to move to the next step.

    On the next screen, you will see Desktop, Documents and Pictures automatically selected for backup to Google Drive. You can leave these items checked or uncheck any item that you do not want to Sync to Google Drive.

    In case you want to add more Folders, click on Choose Folder Link and select the Folder that you want to Backup & Sync to Google Drive.

    In this section, you can choose to upload either High Quality or Original Quality Photos to Google Drive.

    If you choose High Quality, Google will convert uploaded Photos to 16 MP size and in-turn provide you with unlimited Free storage for these photos on Google Drive.

    If you choose Original Quality, Photos will be uploaded to Google Drive in the same format as shot by your Camera, but the uploads will count towards your allowed Google Drive storage limit.

    Backing Up Photos To Google Drive

    Google Drive for Mac / PC is going away. Alternative ...

    Regardless of which mobile device youre using, youll need to have the Google Drive app already downloaded and installed on the device. For the PC version, you can just visit the site through your browser or download the Backup & Sync desktop app.

    For the Google Drive app, visit the iOS App Store or to download and install it to your device. The Backup & Sync app can be found HERE.

    Lets start with mobile devices.

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    What Types Of Data Should You Back Up

    Get into the habit of regularly backing up your professional and personal files, including the following:

    • Documents: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, presentations and other files that you need from day to day should be backed up. Even if a particular project has ended or you don’t need to regularly access the file, it’s a good idea to save a copy just in case.
    • Setting up automatic backup tools for photos ensures that you don’t lose those memories.
    • Media files: Songs, videos, movie files and other media should be backed up. While these are large and take up more room than documents and photos, the cloud should have plenty of space to hold them. If not, consider upgrading for more space.

    Google Drive For Backup

    Google Drive is an online file storage service provided by Google allowing you to save your files and access them from any device anywhere with internet connection. Anyone can sign a free account with 15GB of only storage space. With this free 15GB cloud storage, you can save all kinds of files including backup files.

    Like any other online backup service, backing up PC to Google drive has many advantages over backing up to external hard drive. For instance, you do not need to prepare additional hard drive as the backup drive, and internet connection is all needed. More importantly, even if the computer hardware fails, you can also access the backup files on another device.

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    How To Backup Photos From Windows Pc To Google Drive

    Google Drive is a virtual file sharing service provided by Google. Google Drive allows you to upload, share and access your photos, videos & important files from anywhere. Google Drive offers 5 GB of free storage space. Google Drive offers software applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Android devices & iOS devices. Google Drive allows you to create a special folder . Anything you put in this folder will automatically be uploaded to your Drive or anything added to your Drive will be synced with this folder. You need to install Google Drive for your windows pc to .

    How Do I Access My Google Drive Backup

    Back Up Your Computer Files with Google Drive

    The easiest way to access your Google Drive files is via the Drive website. Its interface is easy to use. If you want to download a file or folder from the website, just right-click on it and select download.

    However, Google Drive doesnt let you download all of your data at once. Luckily, Google has a service called Google Takeout that does just that. You can download all of the data Google has on you using Google Takeout, and that includes your Google Drive files.

    The next way to download your Google Drive backup is with the Backup and Sync desktop app. You can choose to sync the backup folders on your Google account, and they will be downloaded to your Google Drive folder.

    There are also Google Drive apps for iPhone and Android, which let you access your Drive files. These apps can backup text messages to Google Drive, plus they can automatically backup photos to Drive. If youre on Android, you can backup your entire phone, too, including settings and apps.

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