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How To Buy Laptop Charger

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Reconsider Using The Original Charger

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Using generic, universal, or parallel models of chargers for notebooks is a viable option to save. In other situations, it may be a way to put older laptops to work, as their original charger may be harder to find.

However, if possible, it is worth reconsidering the original model by the manufacturer. Laptop chargers are not technologically sophisticated products, but the brands original units will have filters and a tested design to meet exactly the profile and demands of your computer. You can pay more, but you will have a guarantee of good performance, without problems.

Another important observation is the old maxim that says cheap comes out expensive: generic sources of unknown brands can put out output values that, in practice, either are not enough or fluctuates a lot in real use. In any of these scenarios, you can expose your computer to greater than normal exhaustion, which can even lead to potential danger.

How To Choose The Correct Power Adapter For Your Laptop

This Techspirited article will explain how to choose the correct power adapter for your laptop. A few minutes spent in reading this guide will help you save hundreds of bucks. Remember, ignorance is not always bliss.

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This Techspirited article will explain how to choose the correct power adapter for your laptop. A few minutes spent in reading this guide will help you save hundreds of bucks. Remember, ignorance is not always bliss.

Did You Know?

You risk frying up the internal components of your laptop if you use it with an electrically non-compatible power adapter.

Today, laptops have become an indispensable part of modern lives. We want to prepare for our business pitch and presentations even when we are traveling. I agree that we can rehearse our presentations on smartphones too, but it is not very easy to make one on a smartphone. This is where laptops come into the picture. Accept it or not, but we are much more acquainted with traditional desktop computers and laptops, than the latest phones and tablet computers.

Ask your local retailer if they have a charger for your laptop. If possible, check the charger before buying.

The below points are only for those who are willing to buy a third-party high quality laptop charger. Contrary to the points listed above, these points can get a little dirty with technical terms. If you dont understand what a particular term means then google it with the following syntax:define technical term

  • Current
  • Using An External Battery Charger

    An external battery is basically a secondary way to charge your laptop battery. Your laptops battery must be removable for this method to work. Most external batteries are brand specific so you will need to purchase a battery that is for your laptops brand.

    An external battery charges your laptop battery directly. Its basically a little cable that plugs into your battery directly and then into the wall. These are super handy to have for when your laptop battery struggles to hold a charge or has an issue charging.

    This method is not as efficient as it may sound and you are likely better off purchasing a new laptop charger. Removing your laptop battery can be risky and for some brands, it may even void the warranty on your laptop.

    External battery chargers cost about the same as a new charger for your laptop so unless you really want to charge your laptop this way, its probably best that you buy a new charger.

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    How To Identify Original Laptop Charger

    There are several ways to identify a genuine computer charger. One way is by checking the packaging and if it is sealed then you can be sure that the product is genuine. If the packaging has been opened, then one should check for a holographic sticker on the adapter or on the charging cable.

    Another way to know if its original is by looking at the cord, a genuine laptop charger will have insulation covering for added protection and durability. Also quality of the plastic casing. If it feels flexible then this is a sign that it was cheaply made. It will not be able to withstand bends or heavy use, meaning its lifespan will be much shorter than expected and it is likely to break prematurely.

    The weight of the charger is a good indicator for identifying if the charger is fake. The weight of a real charger should be around 0.8-1.2 pounds while the weight of a fake charger will be much lighter at about 0.4 pounds.

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    How To Charge Your Laptop With A Power Bank

    Tips For Asus Laptop Charger : How To Buy

    This is by far the most feasible way to charge your laptop as you may already have a power bank laying around.

    First you will need to be sure that your power bank can charge laptops. These power banks are often upwards of 20000mAh and need at least 18V to charge laptops. They have the ability to charge several types of devices including laptops.

    Power banks of this size can be on the expensive side with some ranging well over $50 at the time of writing. They are worth the investment, though, because they are able to charge several different types of devices on a single charge.

    A power bank is always handy to have if youre traveling or if you find yourself without your laptop charger.

    Most power banks have protection features that turn the power bank off when it detects high temperatures, over charges, or a short circuit. Make sure your power bank is labeled as safe for charging laptops before purchasing or using on your laptop.

    Power banks are great to have if you travel a lot because they are so versatile. So its great to have one of these with you in case you forget your charger.

    If you need to charge your laptop now and you cant wait for Amazon shipping, you can find power banks at your local electronics store, just be sure the power bank is capable of charging laptops before you purchase.

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    A Very Brief Introduction To Electrical Terminology

    Each AC/DC power adapter is specifically designed to accept a certain AC input and convert it to a particular DC output. Likewise, each electronic device is specifically designed to accept a certain DC input. The key is to match the DC output of the adapter to the DC input of your device. Determining the outputs and inputs of your adapters and devices is the hard part.

    Power adapters are a bit like canned food. Some manufacturers put a lot of information on the label. Others put just a few details. And if there is no information on the label, proceed with extreme caution.

    The most important details for you and your delicate electronics are the voltage and the current. Voltage is measured in volts , and current is measured in amps . , but this doesnt usually show up on power adapters.)

    To understand what these three terms mean, it helps to think of electricity as water flowing through a pipe. In this analogy, the voltage would be the water pressure. Current, as the term implies, refers to the flow rate. And resistance relates to the size of the pipe. Tweaking any of these three variables increases or decreases the amount of electrical power sent to your device. Its important because too little power means your device wont charge or operate correctly. Too much power generates excess heat, which is the bane of sensitive electronics.

    How To Charge Your Laptop With Usb

    Most modern laptops have USB-C connectors, but not all of them use this versatile port for battery charging. Looking for a hiccup-free USB-C charging experience? Here’s what you need to know.

    Those sleek oval-shaped USB-C ports seem to be everywhere these days. They’ve become ubiquitous on smartphones and tablets, and they regularly show up on laptop and desktop PCs, too. But if you’re in the market for a new laptop, you might be surprised to see them being used for charging , in addition to being used for connecting peripherals. How common is it? Nearly half of the best laptops we recommend feature USB-C charging.

    Among those that do, however, the feature has nuances that can vary from model to model. Different charging options may be available, and you won’t see any standard specs or labels on today’s laptops that indicate what form the charger may take, or which USB-C ports are used for charging. And thats before we even get into variations around matters like bandwidth, feature support, and total wattage.

    From the basics of USB-C to the cool features and sometimes-confusing aspects of the format, here is your explainer for everything USB-C as it relates to laptops.

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    What Happens If You Charge Your Laptop With The Wrong Charger

    If the charger has the wrong pin, it wont even enter the charging port. If the pin can enter the charging port but the wattage of the charger is lower than the specs of the laptop, the laptops battery may discharge even though the laptop is plugged in.

    You can also expect the battery to take longer to charge. It may not charge in the first place because the charger cannot transmit enough current. If the wattage is too high, you may reduce the lifespan of the laptop because it is running faster and hotter than normal.

    All in all, it is a bad idea to use the wrong charger because it may damage the laptop. This is why you need to check the manual before you make any purchases. The manual will tell you what to look for in a laptop charger.

    How To Charge Your Laptop In A Car

    Best Universal Laptop Charger all makes and models

    You can also use a car battery to charge your laptop via the cigarette lighter in your car. This method also requires an adapter. If you dont have one already, one of these comes in handy on long road trips or when you forgot to charge your devices beforehand.

    In order to charge a laptop, you need an adapter that can charge for 18-21V. You can just plug this into your car and charge a couple devices at a time.

    You can find these adapters at electronics stores. I would not trust an adapter bought at a gas station or tourist stop to be able to charge your laptop .

    Its better to purchase one of these from an electronics store so you can be sure what devices it is capable of charging.

    ..This is a great option if you forgot your charger on a trip but it isnt the most efficient long term option

    These devices are super handy to have in general, especially if you travel often with your devices. This is a great option if you forgot your charger on a trip but it isnt the most efficient long term option, unless you want to go out to your car every time you need a charge.

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    Top Laptops With Optional Usb

    Even more confusingly, many laptops with USB-C ports do not offer charging of their batteries over USB-C. Those that do will usually not have an additional charging port, but you will see exceptions to that. And sometimes a USB-C port will be marked with an icon or label to indicate its use for power delivery, while other times it won’t.

    This HP Spectre laptop has a dedicated charging port and two USB-C ports not used for charging.

    In general, thin ultraportable laptops support USB-C charging whether or not they also have an additional charging port. Meanwhile, gaming rigs and other laptops with powerful graphics cards usually do not. If youre not sure whether your laptop can be charged over USB-C, your best bet is to check the product documentation or ask the manufacturer customer support for clarification.

    Using A Universal Power Adapter

  • 1Check the hardware of your laptop. A universal power adapter is a charger that comes with tips of different sizes and can supply different amounts of power based on the computer it is charging. While the adapter is meant to be universal, many newer laptops such as those that charge through USB-C will not be supported.
  • Generally, universal power adapters tend to work with Windows computers that have circular charging ports.
  • 2Purchase a universal power adapter. When purchasing a universal adapter, be sure to check the reviews to see if it is safe for use. Cheap or faulty equipment can damage your laptop, so it might be worth buying a slightly more expensive product to ensure your computers safety.
  • While it is generally safe to use a high quality third party power adapter for your laptop, it is always safest to use a charger from the manufacturer, so consider using the included charger if possible.
  • 3Plug the adapter into a power source. Most universal power adapters will simply connect to AC outlets like the wall outlets in most houses.
  • 4Choose the correct adapter tip for your laptop. The universal adapter includes a variety of different tips. Be sure to choose the correct tip for your laptop, otherwise your computer may not charge well, or worse, it may be damaged.XResearch source
  • 5Connect the adapter to your laptop. Your laptop battery should start gaining power!Advertisement
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    Laptop Chargers From A Wealth Of Brands

    Through the Techie Store, we bring you laptop adapters at exclusive rates. However, if you want to buy laptop chargers from just any brand out there, its not going to be of much help.

    Not all brands can guarantee the quality and the durability of their products_ but reputable ones can. Luckily, you can buy laptop adaptersonline compatible with world-renowned brands at our store.

    From Apple, Samsung, and Dell to HP, Lenovo, and Asus, youre sure to come across a charger from your preferred model or series on our website.

    > I Don’t Know The Specific Model Of My Laptop

    Online Business &  Stock: Universal Laptop Chargers Business For Sale

    Well, each brand has a different rule.

    e.g. the model of HP laptops is usually printed on the bottom of the laptop itself.

    ASUS is another case, the model is usually printed on the sticker which sits at the lower right corner alongside the TouchPad.

    Other Brands adopt both methods, so you can find the Model of your laptop easily.

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    Can I Power My Laptop Using Another Usb

    One other benefit of charging over USB-C is that you dont necessarily need your laptop’s own charger on hand to power the laptop. So, if youve been wondering how to charge your laptop without its included charger, the new USB-C option might be the answer. With the near-universality of USB-C, you can plug pretty much any USB-C charger into your laptops USB-C charging port and it will provide power.

    That comes with some major caveats. You’ll need a charger that matches your laptops wattage. And you may be able to charge the battery a little when the laptop is powered off, but not get enough power to actually use your computer powered up if the battery’s empty. Still, most USB-C power sources are interchangeable. In fact, built-in power regulation is part of the USB-C spec, and which makes mixing and matching power adapters that much easier.

    But not every USB-C laptop will play nicely with other USB-C chargers. Manufacturers can limit compatibility to specific, approved chargers. If thats the case on your laptop, youre out of luck, so be sure to try any “backup” charger at home or in the office before you take it on the road with you. You don’t want to rely on a charger that can’t do the job when the time comes, leaving you powerless.

    Welcome To Uk Laptop Charger Uk Top Supplier Of Laptop Charger Laptop Adapters And Batteries

    When you need to Buy laptop charger or adapter then you came into the perfect website in the UK which is A reason that most of the websites do not care about the quality of specifications because they are not qualified or doesnt have complete knowledge of the product. Since We are in this business of Laptop charger from many years and manufacturing and supplying chargers and adapters to all customers across the UK. By Using our website you can buy laptop charger and batteries at very affordable prices like £16.99 or less with multiple benefits like Warranty, Free Power Cord, Free Exchange and much more. UK laptop charger provides best customer service around the clock on chat or calls +448000488776.

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    Compatible Or Third Party Laptop Chargers

    Compatible laptop chargers are produced by non-OEM manufacturers and designed to be an exact replacement for specific laptops. All of the laptop chargers sold on The Power Supply Shop are within this category and are produced by Classic Service Parts, a German manufacturer that has developed parts and accessories for consumer electronics since 2000.

    Based on this, you might think we’re somewhat biased in this area, but we have several good reasons why a compatible laptop power supply presents a great choice as a replacement:

    Advantages of buying a third party manufactured Laptop Charger

    Disadvantages of buying a third party laptop charger

    With the above advantages of buying a replacement with us in mind, naturally we need to discuss other third party manufacturers of laptop chargers. A quick browse on Amazon of a popular laptop model such as the HP DV1000 shows at least 5 third party chargers available. Here are our main potential disadvantages to keep in mind when buying a third party replacement:

    In summary, check reviews and search for the company before you go ahead with buying a third party laptop charger.

    Across the marketplaces we sell our products on, we’ve gained over 18,000 reviews and feedback ratings who can attest to the quality of our products and service. We’ve been supplying power supplies and laptop chargers to customers for over a decade, so please do get in touch if you’re unsure on what laptop adapter is right for your device.

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