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How To Call 911 On A Laptop

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The Solution Get An Emergency Phone And Add It To Smart911

Sending a Text to 911

Not being able to call 911 from a PC can be a problem when your mobile battery is flat or you cannot find your mobile phone in an emergency. The solution is to get an emergency phone – a cheap one that you can leave by your computer and charge via a USB connection. The phone does not even need to be activated with any specific carrier. Provided it can receive a signal, it is capable of completing a 911 call.

In order to overcome any issues with location , the emergency phone should be included on your Smart911 Safety Profile along with your regular mobile phone number. That way, if your regular mobile battery is flat or you cannot find it in an emergency, 9-1-1 call takers will be aware of your location and be able to send assistance to the correct address quickly. One important note to remember: if the emergency phone is not activated, it will not have a number assigned to it and 9-1-1 call takers will be unable to call you back.

When Should You Call Or Text 211

211 provides 24/7 help and guidance in non-urgent, non-violent situations, such as:

  • Connecting with resources for mental health & addictions, housing, and other social supports.
  • Accessing community, government and local agencies that can help you find employment.
  • Follow-ups to domestic related incidents.

The service is free, confidential, and available in over 170 languages over the phone.

When You Dial Triple Zero

When you dial 000 you will first hear the recorded message You have dialed emergency Triple Zero. Your call is being connected.’

Your call is then answered by a Telstra operator who will ask whether you need police, fire or ambulance. You may also be asked to give the state and town you are calling from. The operator will then connect you to the emergency service you requested and will stay on the line with you until the call is answered by them.

In extreme events, such as major bushfires or storms, there may be a short delay before your call is answered due to a higher number of calls. You should stay on the line if this happens or you will lose your place in the queue.

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Teaching Children How To Call 911

Children who know how to call 911 in an emergency could save a life. Teach your child how to call 911 and tell dispatchers the location of the emergency.It’s best to call 911 from a landline, but if one isn’t available, your child should know how to call from your mobile phone. Here are step-by-step instructions for teaching your child how to call 911.

How To Send A Text To 911

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  • Open your mobile phones text messaging program.
  • Enter the numbers 911 in the To field.
  • Type a message with the location of the emergency and the nature of the emergency .
  • Press the Send button or arrow.
  • Be sure to keep your phone with you and be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 911 call taker. If you are trying not to be overheard requesting help, remember to silence your phone!

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    Is There A Service For Calling 911 Online If You Don’t Have A Cell Landline Or Paid Voip Phone

    Emergency situations are always inevitable, you never know when you can fall victimto one. However, you all must be prepared for it always and most importantly, youshould have a cell phone or at least a landline to dial up to 911 and call them if youever meet an accident, robbery or some other incident.

    Recently we came across a common question asked by a lot of people that is thereany service that can allow you to call 911 online in case you dont have a cell,landline or a paid VoIP phone? Well, if you are someone with the same questionthen you need to stick with us for a little more time because today we are going totell you the answer to this question along with the alternatives that you can choosefrom.

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    Urgent Caution!

    Ida Fedor-Baan is a freelance, East York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 38 year communications professional and seamstress. She can be reached at 437-855-4022.

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    Can You Call 911 On The Computer

    When the 9-1-1 emergency system was first introduced back in 1968, it was built based on the landline telephone system. At that time, over 90% of all Americans already had a landline telephone in their homes. Technology has changed so much since 1968, especially in the last 30 years with the advent of the internet and cell phones. But, can you call 9-1-1 on the computer today?

    It is possible to call a 911 operator from your computer, assuming your Internet Service Provider has assigned a telephone number to your computer. Without a soft-phone application from your ISP, the 911 Operator will not be able to pinpoint your location without you telling them of your address.

    The 911 emergency telephone system was entirely based on the landline. Yep, telephone polls. At the time, there was no internet, cellphones, or computers for that matter, at least not like we think of computers today. Given how much has changed in technology since then, is the landline 911 emergency system a viable solution today?

    Can You Call 911 Without Service

    Computer & Tech Tips for Non-Tech People | Make 911 Calls with Amazon Alexa

    Incredibly enough, you can call 911 without service even if you forgot to pay your phone bill or only have an old phone without a current plan. All wireless phones can call 911. The only issue is if you get disconnected, the call center you were speaking with has no way to call you back. Thats why its important to make time on the phone with 911 count.

    Bring your home up to speed with the latest on automation, security, utilities, networking and more.

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    What You’ll Be Asked When You Call 111

    The police communicator will ask you three questions to start with:

    • where are you ?
    • how long ago did it happen?
    • what’s happening now?

    They’ll also confirm your name, address and contact details.

    Then you may be asked more questions, such as:

    • where is the person causing concern now?
    • do they have weapons?
    • if that person has left, which way did they go and how did they leave?
    • who are they? What do they look like and how are they dressed?
    • what’s the number plate or description of their vehicle?
    • what else is happening?

    At the same time as we’re asking you for this information, if an emergency response is needed we’re getting police on the way.

    When Should I Not Call 911

    Sometimes its necessary to call 911 or emergency services to report a crime that is occurring, a potential immediate threat, the sudden severe illness or injury of yourself or someone else, or for numerous other reasons. There are also plenty of situations that may warrant a call to the police, a hospital or the fire department but may not be emergencies. In other words, sometimes it isnt necessary to call 911 because the situation you plan to report is not immediate, not immediately hazardous, or is too minor to require police, firefighter or emergency medical visiting you right away.

    911 or the emergency services number in your area exists to deal with, not surprisingly, emergency situations. An emergency in this sense can be defined as one that poses immediate danger to yourself or other people. Here are a couple ideas of an emergency:

    • Someone becomes suddenly dangerously ill.
    • Someone crashes a car in front of you.
    • You notice smoke in your home or that of a neighbors.
    • You hear gunshots.
    • You see or hear an incident of domestic violence

    In these cases and in numerous others, calling 911 is a completely justifiable act.

    Here are a few examples of when not to call 911:

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    Keep Calm And Speak Clearly

    Professional call-takers are trained to get information from you. They’re staring at a computer screen that has all the relevant questions. Listen carefully and answer as concisely as possible.

    Remember: responders can only respond if they know where they’re going. Make sure you communicate the location with as many details as possible.

    The National Emergency Number Association reports that in 2011, more than 31% of U.S. households were only using a wireless phone. Additionally, NENA reports that in 2011, there were 146 million 911 calls from mobile phones.

    Google Voice: Free Calls For Us And Canada

    Call 911 Poster on Behance

    Voice from Google offers free app-to-phone calls within the US and Canada. You can use your computers web browser to make and receive calls via Voice.

    Stay connected on your call while youre on-the-go using Voice. Once youve linked your devices to your Voice account, you can freely switch over to them even while youre on a call.

    Other Features:

    • Supports text messages: Intended for 1:1 conversations, you can send SMS messages to a single personal contact.
    • Block spam calls: Stay spam free with Voices software that automatically identifies and blocks spam calls.
    • Record calls: For you to refer to your past calls if needed.
    • Hide your number from caller ID: Useful if you dont want to receive calls on your Voice number.
    • Voicemail transcription: Voices software will transcript voicemails into text for you to read voicemails as text messages.


    • No phone number needed: Similarly to TextNow, you receive a number when you sign up for Voice.
    • Link existing numbers: Link up to 6 of your existing numbers to your Voice account. Any incoming calls to your Voice number can also be forwarded to these linked numbers.
    • Link to your devices: Choose which devices to ring when calls come in. Simply install Voice on those devices.


    What we think:

    Overall, Voice is a great option to make free calls from your computer only if youre from the US and Canada.

    It is more accessible than TextNow because it can be used straight from your web browser.

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    Show Your Child The Steps For Calling 911 On Your Mobile Phone

    If you have a security lock on your phone’s Home screen, teach your child how to unlock it. For a step-by-step visual walkthrough on calling 911, we offer a Teach Your Children to Call 911 Simulator for our newer phones. Select your phone from the Simulator Index list, and check the Phone Calls section to see if instructions are available for your phone.

    Globfone: Limited Calls With Ads

    Similar to Poptox, Globfone is a browser-based VoIP software that provides a limited number of free app-to-phone international calls with the support of advertisements.

    Other Features:

    • Send free texts: Use their browser interface to send out free text messages.
    • Make free video calls: Globfone uses their own server to transmit video calls made through their website.
    • Free file-sharing: With both sender and recipient on their website


    • Free : Make calls from anywhere in the world as long as youre connected to the internet.
    • Free international calls: No additional charges when making international calls!
    • No sign up needed: No sign up or log in required. Just go to their website and dial away!


    • Only outgoing calls: Unfortunately, you can only call customers, but cant receive their calls.
    • No assigned numbers: There are no specifically assigned numbers when you call customers, which can get messy.
    • Limited call time: You can only make calls within a limited time frame.
    • Limited number of free calls: You can only make a certain number of calls per day.
    • Basic user interface: Its simple interface can seem lackluster.
    • Globfones use of advertisements finances their free call service. You must turn off your adblocker before you can use their service. So youre going to have to bear with the random pop-ups and advertisements on their pages before and after your call.
    • No upgrades: You cant pay to make unlimited international calls, unlike PopToxs subscriptions.

    What we think:

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    How To Call Someone From A Computer

    There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    BUT I guess theres such a thing as free calls!

    Youre probably here because you dont want to be limited to making outbound calls with your phone.

    Even the best of us forget our phones at home sometimes.

    What if we told you that you can also make calls from your computer? While that sounds absurd , but trust us, there are benefits.

    In this article, well examine some of its benefits and how it works, before diving into some options for you!

    Free Phone Calls With Ievaphone

    How to call 911

    iEvaphone is completely free, reliable and unobtrusive phone calls service for making free calls. Free call indeed, because doesnt ask for your credit card or bank transfer. It doesnt send you hundreds of emails per month. It doesnt collect your private data and personal sensitive information. It doesnt need a registration. It just provides you free calls to any destination you need and we can get. Mobile or landline. No boundaries. It doesnt matter what country you are from, what browser or smartphone you are using. You dont have to install any plug-in or standalone application and we wont clog up your computer with malicious software. IEvaphpne sends no annoying ads. iEvaphone is available for all platforms which have Adobe Flash or WebRtc support. You can use 3G network if you like or stay on your broadband, because we need not speedy Internet access, though its highly appreciated.

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    The Best Procedure To Download And Install 911 Vpn Basic Setup

    Today I will teach you how to download and Install 911 VPN basic setup guidelines for first-time users. Most of into carding line must have had experience with 911 VPN software. This VPN is not just like any other VPN that you will install at connect right away.

    There are series of steps you need to perform for the VPN to work effectively. If you are a carder you will see reason with me that 911 VPN is one of the best carding tools a carder needs to have in his system to do his carding jobs like bank carding, wire transfer, PayPal carding, gift card carding, and so on. So how do we get the 911 VPN file? You can visit the 911 official website to see a price list for the VPN software. It is not that expensive you can get the least price of around $22 for the software. You can follow the link here to

    Without wasting much time again, below are the quick steps you can follow to get 911 VPN properly installed on your system.

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    The Best Solution Get An Emergency Phone To Call 911

    You can call 911 from your laptop when your mobile battery runs flat or youre unable to access your mobile phone during an emergency. However, you need to find an emergency phone due to the challenges that come with calling 911 from your PC.

    Find an affordable emergency phone with a USB charger to call 911. Even without an activated carrier, youll be able to use the emergency phone to call 911. However, the phone must be able to receive a signal.

    If your emergency phone isnt activated, add it to your Smart911 Safety Profile together with your mobile phone number to overcome location problems.

    In this case, if your mobile phone isnt accessible or its battery runs out in an emergency, 911 call takers will know your location and send help promptly to the right address. However, 911 call takers wont be able to call you back if your emergency phone isnt activated.

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    How Connected Are They To The Real 911 System

    These apps are not part of the traditional 911 system. They are a third party that promises to connect you to 911. When you use the app, it connects to you a call center, where an operator asks you questions or interacts with you via the app. After that, it routes you to the nearest 911 dispatch center where you speak to an actual emergency dispatcher, who then has the authority to send emergency responders. If you were unable to speak or communicate or if you hung up, the app service may call you back and, depending on their policy, may inform your local 911 emergency dispatch center that you called. However that is not very different from how 911 currently works.

    When in an emergency, there should be as few delays as possible between your call and the emergency responder. It is really important to consider all your options in contacting 911 so that you get the quickest and most efficient response.

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