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How To Change Dell Laptop Battery

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Who Needs A Dell Laptop Battery Replacement

How to Replace a Dell Laptop Battery

Dell laptops are one of the most common types of computers around today. But sometimes, these machines do run out of power. When this happens, you’ll notice that the computer slows down and eventually shuts off completely. Luckily, replacing a laptop battery isn’t difficult. All you need is the right tools and a bit of know-how.

The first step is to turn off the machine. Then, remove the keyboard and mouse. Next, take out any loose cables. Finally, disconnect the AC adapter from the wall socket. Now, you can replace the battery.

To start, open the case. Look for the two screws located near the bottom of the unit. Use a screwdriver to loosen each one. Once they’re free, gently lift the top panel away from the rest of the case. Remove the old battery.

Next, slide the new battery into place. Make sure the contacts line up properly. Then, reattach the cover and tighten the screws.

Now, plug in the AC adapter and test the system. If everything works fine, then you’re done. Otherwise, continue testing until you’re confident that the battery has been replaced correctly.

Once you’re finished, close the lid and turn on the machine. After a few seconds, check the screen to see whether the computer is working normally. If not, repeat the steps above until the problem is fixed.

How To Limit Laptop Battery Charge To 80% Dell

Almost every Dell laptop, like Dell Inspiron laptops, Vostro laptops, XPS laptops, etc., comes with a Power Management Configuration. In your case, if its not set, you can limit it by adjusting the BIOS. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below

  • So, step number one, turn on your PC, and while doing so, repeatedly tap on the F2 key.
  • You can see BIOS appears then looking for Power Management option on the BIOS list, expand that.
  • Here in the drop-down menu, you find Primary Battery Charge Configuration, tap on that.
  • Then set the lower limit at custom charge start and upper limit as 80 at custom charge stop.
  • Now you can apply the changes by simply clicking on the apply button.
  • And yeah! Thats all. You extended your battery longevity by these 5 steps. However, there are plenty more options on BIOS that can optimize your battery, such as Advanced Battery Charge Configuration. You can also check information on Battery Information. There are also settings for your power source and USBs.

    Other Tips For Battery Replacement

    Many Dell Inspiron models are able to handle having the battery removed without an interruption if the computer is connected to a power outlet. This enables you to switch to a spare Dell battery without shutting down. Check the manual for your Inspiron to confirm that this is supported by your model.

    Purchase a replacement battery for your Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Adamo laptop if you haven’t already. Dell Inspiron batteries can be ordered directly from Dell, or from third-party sources such as Gemwon.

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    Why Is It Important To Limit Laptop Battery To Charge 80%

    Overcharging batteries generate heat that ends up cutting down the batterys longevity.

    You might notice a fact that charging from 90% to 100% takes nearly the same time as the battery reaches from 0% to 45%. And here lies the chemistry of Li-ion batteries and the answer to this question.

    With this single change, you can hammer up the notable battery life of your device. Here some these follows:

    • Most importantly, the batterys life will significantly increase more than ever.
    • Your device works at its full potential, every time with greater efficieny.
    • The most unwanted heating issue can be resolved to a certain extent.
    • This one hack increases your battery capacity as well as charging cycle.
    • Better CPU and GPU perforance on battery.

    Turning To Dell Power Manager Or Dell Command

    Dell Inspiron 13

    Both Dell Power Manager and Dell Command | Power Manager are useful applications available for users to check battery health & configure battery maintenance for a longer Dell laptop battery life.

    How to check battery life on Dell laptop?

  • You should open the Dell Power Manager or Dell Command | Power Manager app.
  • Select Battery Information option and then look at the report.
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    Factors That Cause A Laptop Battery To Die

    Every time that you use and charge your laptop battery, it will degrade it slightly. Your laptop battery will not have the same capacity to be fully charged as it did before. When your laptop battery is new, it will be a full power and charging capacity. Gradually this will diminish and you will need to replace it.

    When a laptop battery is on its way out, your machine will need to work harder to achieve the same results. This results in increased heat which your standard fan setup may not be able to deal with effectively. Excess heat will have a significant effect on the life of your laptop battery.

    If you plug your laptop into a mains outlet and your battery wont charge, this could tell you that a replacement is necessary. Be sure to check first that there is power at the mains outlet and that a UPS or surge protector is not preventing your battery from charging. You could try another mains outlet for example. If there is power, then your battery will probably need replacing.

    When using battery power, take a careful note of how quickly your laptop battery requires recharging. If this is happening more often than it used to, you will likely need a new battery.

    Another sign that your laptop battery could require replacement is if you experience your laptop shutting down suddenly. Other things can cause a sudden shut down of your laptop, but a battery in a poor state of health is a very common reason for this.

    Lowest Price Guarantee Does Not Apply To:

    • Repair Prices from auctions or retailers requiring memberships
    • Prices from mobile repair providers, or any repair provider without a brick and mortar store front
    • Repair services that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer unless the local competitor is also an authorized service provider for the same original equipment manufacturer
    • Repair prices that are dependent on add-ons, other items, fees, or charges
    • Bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, or offers that include financing
    • Prices that require minimum purchases amount or quantity
    • Repair prices that other retailers have listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers
    • Repair prices that utilize damaged or used components
    • Misprinted or inaccurate prices

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    How To Reset The Dell Battery Sensor

    You can follow the following steps, which take only minutes and require no tools, to attempt a reset of your Dell battery:

  • Completely power down the laptop and remove the cord from the computer.
  • Flip the laptop over.
  • Push on the battery release button or buttons to release the battery form the computer and remove the battery.
  • Power on the computer without the battery, allowing it to boot completely.
  • Completely power the computer down and remove the cord once again.
  • Reinstall the battery, plug in the power adapter and re-boot the computer.
  • Using Dell Battery Diagnostics

    How to Replace Battery on Dell Latitude Laptop / Notebook (Easy)
  • Start your Dell laptop as you usually do.
  • Look at your screen carefully. Immediately press F12 on the keyboard when you see the Dell logo screen.
  • Look for the Diagnostics option in your Dell boot menu.
  • Select it and press Enter.
  • Wait and respond to user prompts properly in the pre-start diagnostic program.
  • Browse the test results of the Dell battery.
  • Note:

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    Dell Laptop Battery Replacement Warning


    Dell is a top-quality manufacturer of the American Technology of the multinational Computer Company. Dell Laptop Company provides assistance in the development, sale, repair as well as supporting computer-related services and products. Dell Technology is the parent Company of Dell laptops Technologies.

    -40 3C discharge capacity70%

    Dell laptops, like most laptops, employ lithium-ion batteries, which can bulge due to battery aging, charge cycles, or heat exposure. While a swelling pack isn’t a safety hazard, damaged or swollen components should be avoided. If your battery pack is swelling, Dell suggests that you stop using it and replace it with a Dell authorized battery.

    It is a complex task to replace the dell laptop battery or identify the right battery replacement warning. Following we have comprised a complete guideline regarding the Dell Laptop Battery Replacement Warning:

    1. How Do You Turn Off The Dell Battery Warning On Startup?

    It is quite annoying when you receive the message You Need to Replace the Battery Nowadays. You can turn off the dell battery warning systems that may appear at the startups. There are two methods, which can be used to turn off the warning messages for once and all. These two methods are given here:

    1.First Method Disabling the Warning Message

    First of all, go to the Start button that may appear in the menu.

    Now, go to Services and Applications for checking the Services.

    How To Choose The Best Dell Laptop Battery Replacement

    If you have a Dell laptop, then chances are good that its battery has died. This could mean that your computer isn’t working properly, but it could also mean that you simply need a new battery. Either way, replacing your old battery with a new one is easy enough, but finding a reliable source for replacements can be tricky. We’ve compiled a list of the top places where you can get a quality replacement battery for your Dell laptop.

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    Oil Prices Surge To Three

    Going farther out on a limb, I also draw from this experience the sense that free-market capitalism is not all that its cracked up to be.

    My six-year-old Inspiron 5749 uses a battery type-marked XCMRD. This is what should appear when you put that battery type into a Dell search bar: a crisp picture of the battery, a list of the computers it fits, a price and a Buy now button. What does appear: No results.

    Late in this adventure, I discovered an important fact about Dell batteries. Sometimes one style of battery might bear either of two different type numbers, and sometimes one type number is used for two different kinds of battery .

    The first Dell person I dealt with, whom I will identify by the initial S., spent 19 days researching my request for an XCMRD and then said she couldnt help me.

    Next was I., a courteous salesman in Bangalore who spoke with an upper-class British accent. Pawing through the Dell website, he pointed me to a page displaying a muddy picture of a battery that looked different from what was in my computer. But this item miraculously listed my laptop among the models for which it would be suitable. I decided to take a chance on it. Mr. I. put $120 plus tax on my credit card and had the battery shipped.

    A second battery arrived at my house. Comically, it was identical to the first erroneous product.

    Two wrong batteries


    Battery to be replaced


    Possibility Of Limit Battery Charge To 80% In Windows 10 And 11

    Dell Inspiron 13

    Microsoft featured Windows OS is one of the most user-friendly operating systems used by almost everyone. So, it is essential to know that is it enables you to charge at an 80% limit or not?

    The simple & obvious answer is it depends. If youre running Windows 10 or 11 on older laptops , you cant limit your battery to charge to a certain value, say 80%.

    In newer models, you can use companies Battery health software and BIOS options to limit the charging. There are even it also allows most of the applications like Charge Limiter or battery Limiter that help you to set your charging limit. They are more like an alarm, not a hard limiter. It will let you know with a reminder that the battery reaches 80%. They dont automatically block the charging.

    There are other tips to improve laptop battery life including setting performance mode, managing brightness, and background apps to make the most use of your batteries in your windows computer.

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    How To Remove And Replace Dell Laptop Battery

    According to Dell, the battery in your Inspiron laptop should last somewhere between 18 to 24 months before you see a drop in its performance. After that, you’ll likely notice that the battery’s charge won’t last as long as before. When this happens, you should consider replacing Dell battery out for a new one. The process is simple and should only take you a few minutes to complete. Read on to learn how to change a Dell Inspiron laptop battery.

    Wide Selection Of Dell Laptop Batteries

    In our online shop, you can find many types of replacement batteries for Dell laptop by Green Cell. This reliable Polish company has been producing high-quality battery replacements for various types of electronic equipment for many years. Thanks to their diligent approach to their products, your Dell computer will gain a second youth and increase its working efficiency.

    Dell laptop batteries from Green Cell feature high-quality cells that last up to 1000 battery charge cycles. This gives you back the mobility of your laptop for another 2-3 years. Moreover, the Dell battery from Green Cell offers 20% more power than non-branded replacements with lesser construction quality.

    If you’re looking for a battery that enhances your computer’s capabilities instead of a regular replacement, you should take a look at the premium batteries. Green Cell Pro and Green Cell ULTRA offer up to 50% more power thanks to high-density cells. They deliver better performance than models made by brands such as Panasonic or Samsung. The use of modern technology in the cells has allowed the shape of the original Dell battery to be maintained, despite the significant increase in battery capacity.

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    But The Battery Isnt That Old Or Is Brand New

    What if you have a battery that isnt that old, worked perfectly fine yesterday, or is brand new? This might confuse you a bit. It did for us! We broke down and bought a new battery only to find out that the new battery didnt work, either. But the batteries worked in other laptops. To further complicate matters, the laptops battery light was blinking, which we learned is an error code but there was no information anywhere as to what the error code meant. Dells technical support team also had no idea what the code meant.

    Laptop: I Cant Find You

    Dell Inspiron 15 New Battery install – Quick and Easy DIY

    The problem with many Dell batteries relates to the laptops failure to detect a microchip located inside the battery assembly. This microchip is responsible for saying, Hey! Im a genuine Dell battery. Its safe to charge me now. If the laptop does not detect this microchip, the battery may charge slowly, may not charge at all, or may not turn the computer on even if its fully charged.

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    Why Do Batteries Have This Sensor

    According to Dell representatives, original Dell batteries have these microchips to help consumers detect counterfeit batteries. This could be a good thing for consumers. If you buy what you think is a genuine Dell battery from a third party, you should be able to know pretty quickly if you have a counterfeit. That is, unless the counterfeiters have taken a microchip from a dead genuine battery and have inserted it into the counterfeit.

    How To Replace The Battery In A Dell Laptop

    Watch out for the voltages, and dont take any part number at face value.

    Michael Dell, chief executive of Dell Technologies

    What does it take to get a new battery from Dell? In my case, the process involved:

    11 Dell sales and service reps,

    3 hours and 18 minutes on the phone,

    53 emails and

    four FedEx shipments,

    at the end of which I did not have a Dell battery.

    The purpose of this saga is not to take on Dell Technologies, which refunded my money, but to say something about logistics. I see in this fiasco a huge business opportunity. If a company with technology in its name cant fix its distribution technology, somebody else will. Firms that are good at distribution and/or customer relationship software have a magnificent future.

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    Fixes For Dell Battery Replacement Warning Issue

    Dell technology has been providing a good laptop service for many years. Dell shows an alert message whenever it locates any fault. Sometimes it can be a false sign for malfunctions inside.

    In the case of laptops battery, charger, or BIOS issues, you will see that the battery is not identified. The system is unable to charge the battery.

    After changing the old battery, you can face The Battery is not recommended battery.

    Both warnings have a solution line,

    Hit the F1 key to continue, F2 to run set up the utility.

    Sometimes the laptop sensor fails to detect the battery. The battery may not be placed properly or misplaced anyhow.

    Moreover, the connection failure of the AC adapter or port also creates a disturbance to take charge. When these occurrences happen frequently, you may face a notice to replace a battery for Dell laptops.

    Listen, if its about the Dell charger, check why the Dell charger is not working and no green light with the proper fix for that.

    Troubleshooting Of Dell Laptop Battery Replacement Warning And The Solutions

    How to change watch battery dell inspiron 1525 HTWL

    After using a Dell laptop for several years, you get a warning: The battery not identified. the system is unable to charge. Even a new Dell laptop also shows this notice. Sometimes your laptop shows plugin but not charging. Sometimes, it shows not the plugin.

    Lets troubleshoot the actual problem one by one.

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