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How To Check If My Laptop Has Warranty

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Check Lenovo Warranty Status Online

How to Check Warranty of Lenovo Laptop (Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty Status) – dB

Lenovo is among the worlds most trusted computer and laptop brands, and it offers a standard one-year warranty with most of its products, including consumer desktop computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mics, computer accessories, and smartphones . It even offers up to a 3-year warranty period with some of its professional laptops and workstations. If the Lenovo device has defects or has malfunctioned, you can get it repaired for free if it is under the warranty period. However, you need to check your Lenovo devices warranty status before getting it repaired or carrying it to Lenovos service centre. And to do that, you can use the Lenovo Warranty Status Check tool online on the companys website.

Can I Use My Laptop With A Dead Battery

Even though the laptop is still operable with its dead battery, it is highly risky to use it with it as it may explode. It is preferrable to buy a new battery or get it repaired as soon as it gets defected. There are number of reasons that your battery is dead including the short circuit or power current issues.

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Hardware Warranties Vary Depending On The Manufacturer

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You’ve found the shiny, new laptop of your dreams and you’re ready to hand over the money or credit card. STOP! Have you readand rereadevery word of the warranty? The first step to buying a laptop should be to read and compare warranties .

Before buying your laptop, use this guide to know and understand the kind of repair services you’re entitled to.

What Does Hp Warranty Include

How to Find The Serial Number of an HP Laptop

Your HP Limited Warranty may include a pick-up and return warranty service. Under the terms of pick-up and return service, HP will pick up the defective HP Hardware Product from your location, repair it, and return it to your location. HP will incur all repair, logistics, and insurance costs for this service.

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How Do You Know If A Computer Is Refurbished

What should happen here is that a refurbished laptop will have a sticker on the box which clearly marks it as refurbished. Another telltale sign of refurbished laptop if there is no sticker is that at the end of the product number it will have an additional R at the end, indicating that it has been refurbished.

What Is Not Covered Under Warranty

Laptop Damage, physical damage, internal damage

  • Broken Laptop Screen, dots on laptop screen

  • Defective keyboards, Missing keys

  • Opening the case

  • Breaking OEM Seal (Dont try to open laptop on your own, your warranty may void.

  • The warranty may be void if you add, remove or upgrade any internal components without the consent of OEM.

  • Loss of Data Files, Photos, videos, system software, 3rd party software

  • Any user installed software

  • Laptop theft, damage or breakage .

  • Laptop liquid damage, Water spill, Coffee split

  • Damaged charger, charger cable, charger pin, Charging Port, DC Jack

  • Electrical short circuits, burning

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    How To Check Warranty Of Asus Laptop By Calling The Asus Helpline Number

    All the ASUS products come with a small handy manual and they have the ASUS helpline numbers where you can call and ask for any kind of query you have. Whether you have a problem operating your device or you dont know how to turn the keyboard lights on/off or its about your warranty status. If you cannot find the number anywhere in the manual then simply visit the ASUS website as mentioned above. The helpline number will be available at the bottom of the page.

    Get Service For Your Microsoft Device Or Accessory

    Warranty Information For Your HP Device | HP Support Website | HP

    Need to service your Microsoft device or accessory? Sign in to and get service for your Surface, Surface accessory, Xbox, or Xbox accessory.

    To get support for Microsoft accessories like mice, keyboards, cameras, or headsets, contact us.

    How much does out-of-warranty service cost for your Surface device or accessory?

    If your device is no longer covered by the standard limited warranty or Microsoft Complete, you may be eligible for out-of-warranty services.

    Find Surface Walk-in Center and Authorized Service Provider contact information

    Microsoft has support options for your Surface through Authorized Reseller Customer Service Centers and Authorized Service Providers. Not available in all countries and regions.

    Find the serial number on Microsoft or Surface device

    There are several ways you can find the serial number for your Microsoft or Surface device or accessory.

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    Extended Warranties And Retail Service Plans

    An extended warranty is a way to continue coverage beyond the original term of the warranty an extended warranty also typically adds to the purchase price of your new laptop. Some laptop manufacturers offer extended warranties.

    If you purchase your laptop from a retail outlet, they may offer you a retail service plan. Retail service plans differ from warranties in that service plans may cover additional exposures and can be purchased for different periods of time . A retail service plan provides the best value in most circumstances.

    Does Hp Warranty Cover Accidental Damage

    When your computer is backed by the HP 3-year warranty, any drops or spills are completely covered. HP® will repair or replace your device in the event that your PC is damaged in an accident. Work fearlessly wherever you need to go, knowing that your PC is expertly protected by HP, no matter what life may throw at you.

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    Standard Limited Warranty And Service Programs:

    The Standard Limited Warranty documents listed here contain the most recent revisions.

    If you’re looking for the previous revisions, please click here.

    Computers, Tablets, and dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

    View Archived Dynabook & Toshiba Standard Limited Warranty Documents»

    The Standard Limited Warranty documents listed here are no longer the current ones, though one of them may be applicable to your Toshiba product.

    If you’re looking for the most recent versions, please click here.

    Computers, Tablets, and dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

    Digital Audio Visual Products

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    HP ZBook 15 CAD Laptop: 4th Gen Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB ...

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    Optional: Panasonic Ultimate Care Warranty

    Any Product for which the Panasonic Ultimate Care warranty program has been purchased will receive additional coverage as specified in that program, for any failure that occurs due to accidental damage. All other terms and conditions of the standard warranty will apply and this additional warranty coverage will exist for the duration of the standard warranty period of the applicable Product. If an extended warranty is purchased for the Product together with the Ultimate Care warranty program coverage, the warranty term will be extended to the end of the last year of the purchased extended warranty coverage.

    The Ultimate Care warranty will cover any hardware failures occurring due to accidental damage of the Product with an exclusion only of customer intentional acts and damage caused by events beyond human control, with a total loss replacement limit of a maximum of 2% of the total number of Products deployed for a specific customer.

    This includes unlimited replacement of major sub-assemblies and components of the Product during the standard warranty term and any extended warranty term plan that has been purchased by the customer. This also includes cosmetic damages that may result from exposure of the internal components of the Product to the environmental conditions.

    *Ultimate Care coverage on FZ-55 includes advanced exchange service for xPAKs & keyboard

    • Additional exclusions apply please refer to limited warranty exclusions section below.

    Check Dell Warranty Status Online

    If you have the service tag or express service code of your Dell device, you can easily check the warranty status online with a few clicks. The service tag and express service code are usually found on the back of the device. If you cannot find the service tag or service code on the device, please refer to the directions in Method 2.

    Step 1: Visit this warranty page of Dell in a web browser on any device.

    Step 2: In the field, type the service tag or express service code and then click the submit button to see the warranty status of your Dell computer.

    Method 2 of 3

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    How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Information

    We will only retain your personal information as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law. . Your personal information is securely stored until such time as it is no longer required, after which it is destroyed, rendering it unable to identify you.

    Accessing Your Information And Addressing Your Privacy Concerns

    How to check Lenovo any product warranty status in online easily

    Subject to certain exceptions prescribed by applicable law, you have the right to access personal information we hold about you and have it rectified as required and to have any concerns you may have over our policies and practices addressed to the extent reasonable. To access your information, discuss your concerns or learn more about our policies and practices please see our contact information in the “How to Contact Us” section below.

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    How To Check Warranty Of Asus Laptop By Visiting The Asus Support Page

    • Open the browser and enter Asus warranty check in the search bar.
    • The page will then ask for the product serial number.
    • You can find the serial number at the back of your laptop along with the other details such as the battery, model, processor etc.
    • If you cannot find the product number there, then simply follow the following steps:

    Why Should You Choose The Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan For Your Lenovo Device

    You should consider getting the Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan for your Lenovo laptop, computer, or other computer accessories as it not only extends the warranty period by up to an additional two years and saves you from unforeseen expenses in case of a malfunction, but also brings you additional benefits including a No Questions Asked repair policy, a completely paperless process, and a repair or replacement guarantee. The Onsitego Extended Warranty Plan for Lenovo device comes with a free pick-up and drop service to save your time and money.

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    No Warranty Coverage No Worries We Can Help

    If youre facing any issue above listed. Then we do not recommend you to visit warranty Asus Service Center. Most of the out warranty cases not covered by respective OEM and they take longer period to answer and repairs. Instead of waiting for thirty days you can simply walk into our Computer Repair Store get repaired same day at 50% cost of what Official service center offers.

    Check If Your Laptop Has Warranty

    How to Find The Serial Number of an HP Laptop

    For cases like these where the battery gets dead out of nowhere or because of your carelessness, you must look out for the warranty. If your laptop has 1-to-3-year warranty and its still going on, congrats, you are lucky.

    For your warranty, you need to go to the laptops manufacturer and get a brand-new battery. If your warranty period just ended, you can still try and reach the shop and ask the manufacturer for any amendments. In the case where your laptop did not have any warranty or it has been over since a period, you can still get a good and fresh battery with some bucks.

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    How To Know If My Laptop Has International Warranty

    07-08-201709:37 AM

    I purchased my laptop in Saudi Arabia. Now my monitor has started flickering. So I need to know if my laptop has INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY so that I could repair it in India. The HP service centre says that there is no way they can know if my warranty is international or limited to only country of purchase and that I should ask the dealer I bought it from.

    Is there any way I could get to know if my laptop has international warranty? The HP website says that I have warranty only till August. Does not mention if it is international warranty or not.

    Used Or Refurbished Laptops

    If you buy a used or refurbished laptop, there should still be a warranty in place. Normally, this warranty period will not exceed one year unless you purchase an extended warranty or retail service plan. Most laptop warranties for used or refurbished laptops are for 90 days.

    So, before you put any money towards a new or not-so-new laptop, be sure to check the warranties. Also, research the reviews and experiences of other laptop users. Search for reliability and service ratings to get a good indication of what to expect with your laptop warranty coverage.

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    Why Asus Extended Warranty

    If your one-time investment can save all the money for thousands of accidents and damages to your laptop, then why not? ASUS provides great deals in extended warranty packages with cost free labour and repair works and the obvious excellence of ASUS works.

    • For longer protection with quality experience with ASUS laptops
    • To minimize unplanned operating and maintenance expenses.
    • Extended warranty provides protection to your laptop for a longer time than standard warranty and this way you wont have to worry about every damage every time.

    Agreement Between User And Lg Warranty

    Check your HP Product Warranty | HP Support Website | How to find HP Product and Serial Number

    The LG Warranty Web Site operated by LG Warranty, is comprised of various Web sites and Web pages. The LG Warranty Web Site is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Your use of the LG Warranty Web Site constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices.

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    Options And Accessories Warranties

    The below listed Panasonic brand or supplied options and accessories are covered under this limited warranty for the period specified from the date of purchase or as specifically stated:

    • AC Adapter / Power Cord 3 Years
    • Memory Expansion Card 3 Years
    • FZ-55 xPAK’s 3 years
    • Car Mount – Docking Station PCB or Vehicle Docking Station 3 Years
    • Desktop Port Replicator, I-O Box, Docking Cradle 3 Years
    • Antenna Pass-through Cable 3 Years
    • Backlit or Full-sized keyboard 3 Years or assumes warranty of the unit in which it is installed
    • Integrated Panasonic supplied options and kits including, but not limited to Wireless Modems, Media Bay Drives , Camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Smartcard Reader, Magnetic Card Reader, Barcode Scanner, and Fingerprint Reader 3 Years or assumes warranty period of the unit in which it is installed provided the integration was performed by Panasonic or an Authorized Integrator
    • Hard Drive / Solid State Drive 3 Years
    • Separately purchased 2nd Hard Drive 1 Year
    • External USB Drives 1 Year
    • Optional Battery 1 Year
    • Battery Charger / Multi-Bay Battery Charger 1 Year
    • Stylus Pens, Digitizer & Standard 90 Days
    • SIM cards 90 Days

    What Is Onsite Warranty

    Onsite warranty means when ever you have a problem with the device which u have purchased and is given onsite warranty, the respective company will send its technician to your home or workplace to repair the product.There is no need for you to take the products to the authorized service center for repairs.

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    How Do I Check The Warranty On My Dell Laptop Battery

    It is easy to check the warranty on your Dell laptop battery. One way to check the warranty on your battery is to check the paperwork that came with your laptop. There should be a toll-free number provided for you to call and inquire about the warranty of your entire laptop, including your battery. If you purchased an extended warranty, you should have been provided with a different toll-free phone number that you can call, or there may be a website for you to go to.

    Another way to check the warranty on your Dell laptop battery is to look underneath your laptop to locate the service tag. There is a serial number on this tag that you can give to a representative by phone or enter it via the website. Either way, you can easily determine what your warranty covers for your Dell laptop battery.

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