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How To Choose The Right Laptop For My Needs

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How Do You Read The Model Names And Numbers

Picking the Right Laptop for Your Needs

The jumble of brands and numbers that make up a CPU product name can be confusing. Intel and AMD both break down most of their chips into good, better, best categories, starting with Core i3/Ryzen 3, stepping up to Core i5/Ryzen 5, Core i7/Ryzen 7, and Core i9/Ryzen 9. Intel has the Core i9-10900K at the top of its mainstream product stack, as well as extreme/premium tier like the Core i9-10980XE, priced at around $1,000, just as AMD has Threadripper. But for the vast majority of users, these chips are unnecessary and well out of most peoples price ranges.

For users on a tight budget, Intel offers its Celeron and Pentium chips while AMD has its Athlon line. On the extreme high-end, you’ll find AMD’s Threadripper and Intel’s Core X series, along with the Core X/i9 and Xeon W .

Now, what about the model numbers that come after the 3, 5, or 7? The first digit designates the product generation . The rest of the numbers just mark various models in the line, with higher generally being better , while a K at the end of an Intel chip means its unlocked for overclocking. Only a handful of mainstream Intel chips are K skus, while nearly all of AMDs Ryzen processors are unlocked for overclocking . An X at the end of AMD model numbers means higher stock clock speeds.

A Guide To Choose Best Laptop

The best LAPTOP is the focal point of your whole tech arrangement. When youve furnished yourself with the right LAPTOP, youve gained the speed to control you through the entirety of your tasks, and the battery life to endure a day of work without agonizing over the closest electrical plug. Pick some unacceptable LAPTOP, and youre in a difficult situation, and need to return to the planning phase. Large numbers of the present best LAPTOPs, however, show amazing jumps forward in quality, with developments in perseverance and execution.

Youve not ever had extra choice while looking for the top LAPTOPs. There are moderate scratch pads for essential web surfing, standard machines with premium segments and alluring plans, and brutal gaming LAPTOPs that will allow you to play the most blazing computer games the manner in which they were intended to be played.

Top Macbook Docking Stations

Also: It may be a small factor in your docking-station purchase, but some Apple MacBook-compatible docking stations are designed to complement the MacBook aesthetic. If you find a model that works well but is a black box that clashes with your Apple-dominated desk environment, keep looking. You’ll find plenty to match a MacBook in classic silver, at least.

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Which Intel Core Cpu Is The Best How Do I Decide Between A Core I3 I5 I7 Or I9

From the moment you decide that your current Intel processor just isnt up to par and start investigating an upgrade to your current laptop or desktop, youre often bombarded with technical jargon.

Quad-cores. Hyper-Threading. Turbo-Boosting. Cache size.

Even for the technically literate, theres a very real risk that youll become bogged down by the details here. Unfortunately, when it comes to picking the right Intel CPU, those details matter a lot. Often-times, getting by without a basic understanding of them isnt really a viable option.

So, what is the difference between an Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and i9? What do vendors mean when they talk about generations of chip-sets? What is hyper-threading and how do you tell if your clock speed is any good?

This article is a follow-up to our older Haswell-based and Kaby Lake Intel CPU comparisons that can be found here and here.

Motherboard And Ram Compatibility

How to Pick the Best Laptop for Your Needs

Your computers motherboard will also determine RAM capacity, as it has a limited number of dual in-line memory module slots which is where you plug in the RAM.

Engineer inspects final production of printed circuit computer logic board.

Computer RAM modules are standardized by the DDR form factor. Motherboards support only one, and which one mostly depends on how old your motherboard is. The most common varieties for desktop PCs include:

  • DDR4 SDRAM The current generation of RAM that is found in PCs from 2015 and later.
  • DDR3 SDRAM Found in computers made after 2007 until around 2015.
  • Largely obsolete, DDR2 SDRAM is now found in the oldest legacy machines built between 2003 and 2007.
  • Arriving on the market in late 2021, DDR5 SDRAM makes several performance improvements over the previous standard that will impact intense processes like video editing and encoding, computer-aided design, scientific computing.

There are other RAM specifications to note as well:

Need To Upgrade Your RAM?

NeweggBusiness is your go-to spot for any computer hardware upgrades you may need. We stock high-end computer memory modules of all generations and sizes at competitive prices.

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Our Essential Set Up Service

Getting a new laptop is exciting and when it arrives you just want to dive straight in and get down to testing it out. But when you switch it on for the first time theres always a lengthy set-up process and updates to install, which can be quite time consuming and tricky for those unexperienced. Weve got the perfect solution, our essential set up service and system check. Itll save you time and give you peace of mind that everything has been done right, so you can get straight down to enjoying your new laptop.

Which Laptop Screen Size Should I Buy

The next thing you want to look at is the laptop screen size, If you are looking for gaming purposes, the screen size matters and you need a bigger screen. But for some tasks, theres completely no need for a very large screen especially if youre going to be moving around here and there with your laptop.

So for students who will always carry a laptop to class, business man who will always carry the laptop regularly to work, make sure to get a portable laptop, in other words, a small-sized computer. For portability get a laptop with at most 14 inches of screen size. This will save you energy to be used while carrying that laptop bag. But as you plan to buy a portable laptop, it shouldnt be too small, long hours on the computer of a small will often cause eye strain, therefore, you should mind keeping your eyes healthy too.

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Mac Windows Or Something Else

The operating system should be your first major consideration. While traditionally that debate was dominated by Apples MacOS and Microsofts Windows, Googles Chrome OS is now a very popular alternative typically offered on much more affordable laptops.

While there are certainly comparable hardware and features offered with these platforms, there are some stark differences between them that are important to consider.

Screen What Size And Resolution Of Laptop Display Do I Need

How to CORRECTLY choose your PC Parts

In short: Unless you have a very low budget, dont settle for less than Full HD, no matter the size.

A laptops screen is one case where bigger isnt always better. If you want a longer-lasting battery and a more portable device, you may want to go for an 11, 12 or 13-inch display most of these will weigh between 1kg and 1.5kg. The largest you’re likely to see is 15 or 17 inches, with weight increasing to around 2kg to 3kg.

Most machines over £300 on the shelves now have a Full-HD 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution display, and high-end models can have even sharper screens with even more pixels up to and beyond 4K Ultra HD. Generally, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture. Only cheaper laptops should have a lower screen resolution of 1,366×768. This is okay and usually usable, but these screens not only lack fidelity their cheap nature means they’re also lacking when it comes to how well colours are displayed.

We also test monitors, see our guide to the best computer monitors to get the low-down on how to pick one.

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Storage Size: What Can It Hold

One of the latest technological advancements in terms of space is server-based storage, known as the cloud, in which documents and media are streamed from a remote server that you can access and share from anywhere.

If you are only going to use your laptop for basic tasks, you will be fine with storage space with a smaller capacity. However, if you are going to be storing a lot of documents, photos, videos, graphics, for example, you will want to look into a much larger storage space with enough capacity to hold all of your data and documents.

Shop by storage size:Small Medium Large

Most Popular Business Laptops

Once you’ve fully acquainted yourself with the above considerations for the best business laptop, you should feel more prepared to browse the vast market of options. Even with all you’ve learned, though, you might still face a bit of as you navigate the seemingly countless options in front of you. To give you a good starting point, we’ve listed a few of the very best business laptops and summarized their features below.

  • Dimensions: 12.71 x 8.54 x 0.59 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • 10th-generation Intel i5-10210U quad-core processor
  • Maximum 19.5-hour battery life, with charging rates of 80% in one hour
  • 8GB or 16GB RAM
  • SSD capacity range of 256GB to 1TB
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
  • Standard USB and HDMI ports as well as USB 3.1 and USB-C
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Webcam with physical privacy shutter
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Splash protection

The Lenovo ThinkPad has long ranked among the most popular business laptops think of every conference you’ve been to with rows of ThinkPads open on executives’ laps during key presentations and the eighth generation promises some of the laptop’s most advanced features to date. With immense memory and battery life, the newest ThinkPad is among the best business laptops for both on-the-go and office use.

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Why Should I Add A Care Plan To My Purchase

We want you to get the best from your new PC. Our Care Plan gives you the peace-of-mind to use your laptop wherever and whenever you like.

If your laptop breaks down outside of the manufacturers warranty or through accidental damage, well repair it within 14 days and give you a loan laptop to use in the meantime. If we cant repair it, well give you a brand new one at no additional cost.

You also get a yearly health check, data recovery, virus removal, and 24/7 help and advice from the experts at our UK-based contact centre.

Fast Enough Check Under The Hood For The Right Cpu

My Trading Setup

Make sure it has the processor speed and power to get your mission done.

  • Video editing, gaming and heavy applications need a better processor with speed.
  • If you are doing nothing more than browsing the web, then processor speed is a lot less important.

Remember, you are stuck with this performance for the next 3 to 5 years. Heres a summary of the most commonly available CPU choices when buying a new laptop. If I did not mention a particular chip, it is intentional.

  • AMD Ryzen 3 painfully slow
  • AMD Ryzen 5 best speed for most people, great graphics performance for games
  • AMD Rysen 7 better for high-performance and intense gaming
  • AMD Rysen 9 H series for super performance for the person who needs a Ferrari
  • Intel Core i3 too slow
  • Intel Core i5 good for most people
  • Intel Core i7 better for hardcore tasks like videos editing, gaming
  • Intel Core i9 best for powerful workstation
  • Apple M1 newest silicon chip made in house with outstanding performance, outperforms Intel Core i7 in side-by-side bench test
  • Apple M1 Pro enhanced performance, better battery life, for professionals like video editors, developers, gamers
  • Apple M1 Max fastest processor at double the GPU core count and memory bandwidth of M1 Pro great for massive files, complex pro work
  • Apple has won praise for their new powerful M1 chips making them among the best new chips available for a MacBook.

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Laptops For Average Use

For the majority of business users, a laptop in the average use category will be appropriate. For most business users, the adaptability of a convertible tablet may not justify the extra cost what these users need is a workhorse that can get the job done.

In the business world, average use could mean creating and updating complex spreadsheets, updating lengthy documents, building PowerPoint presentations and conducting routine office work. For home users, average use might consist of streaming movies and music, along with basic web surfing and social media use.

Operating System Ram Limitations

The operating system you are running can affect the maximum amount of RAM you can use in your computer.

Bear in mind these limitations are for workstations running virtual machines that are serving several instances of an application or operating system. End-user devices need not worry about these limitations.

Systems running Windows 10 Home are capped at 128 GB of memory. You can have up to 2 TB of RAM in Windows 10 Pro, Education, and Enterprise environments.

Older Windows systems have a lower threshold. For example, The maximum RAM limit for 32-bit Windows 7 edition is 4 GB. For 64-bit Windows 7 editions:

  • Windows 7 Home Basic: 8 GB
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: 16 GB
  • Windows 7 Professional: 192 GB
  • Enterprise: 192 GB
  • Ultimate: 192 GB

For Windows 8.1 32-bit, the limit is 4 GB of RAM. For the 64-bit Windows 8 editions:

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How About We Find The Best Laptops You Can Purchase Today

A LAPTOP will not upset the details of your life the way a cell phone can. You can individual with considerable effort lash one out to kill period in the lift, catch a superb twilight, or pay for certain espresso.

Yet, in the years since cell phones took on this load of occupations, LAPTOPs have sharpened their own gifts. Astonishing battery life and stunning screens are presently normal, on the off chance that you look in the correct spot for them. The designs muscle to mess around at full HD is reasonable. In addition, those crucial privileged features that you wont find on any cell phone, such as touchpads and full-size consoles, will generally improve with age.

With extraordinary highlights, however, has come incredible fracture. Amazon, Newegg, and, surprisingly, your local electronics superstore stock a bewildering array of small workstations, gaming laptops, 2-in-1 laptops, Chromebooks, and ultra-portables. Here at LAPTOP Labs, we audit however many workstations as we canhundreds every yearso weve seen basically every remix of LAPTOP you can purchase.

Why The Speed Of Your Cpu Matters

How to choose a processor/CPU

If youve got a basic desktop or laptop PC, youre probably not a graphics pro. But you can do a lot of things on your machine, including play games, stream online videos, and browse the internet. Thats a lot of fun to do, but it can be quite frustrating when your computer starts to get laggy or lags from time to time.

The reason behind it? Your computers CPU speed is the main factor that influences how quickly your computer runs. The speed of your CPU dictates how much power the CPU can take, and the better your processor is, the smoother your online video streams, the faster your webpages load, and the smoother your games run. A low-end model could have less than 2GB of RAM and a slow CPU.

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What To Look For Before You Buy

Things they dont tell you

  • Laptops are designed to last about 3 to 5 years before becoming outdated.
  • Physical hard drives are less reliable than SSD also called Solid State Drives that dont have moving parts
  • Does the laptop get hot when its literally on your lap? Get one that does not cook you when your close to one another

How Many Cores Do I Need

Every laptop we sell has at least a dual-core processor. This allows it to handle several things at once so you can move quickly between different windows, with more apps and tabs running at once. Quad-core processors are great for running demanding software quickly, such as photo editing and music production programs. Modern creative software is optimised to run best with multi-core setups.

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What Is Turbo Boost Why Does It Matter

Read moreIntel launches 11th-gen Tiger Lake CPUs and premium laptop Evo brand

The Intels Turbo Boost tech allows a processor to dynamically increase its clock speed as the need arises. The maximum amount that Turbo Boost can raise clock speed at any given time is dependent on the number of active cores, the estimated current consumption, the estimated power consumption, and the processor temperature.

To translate: Intels Turbo Boost monitors how you use your processor to determine how close the processor is to the maximum thermal design power, then raises the clock speed accordingly. Basically, it lets you get the best of both world when it comes to clock-speed and core-count.

Most modern Core i5 and Core i7 Intel CPUs will support Turbo Boost 2.0. What’s more, some offer the Turbo Boost 3.0.

This doesn’t replace Turbo Boost 2.0 but instead augments it. Intel claim that this enhancement works out to around a 15% increase in performance on X-Series processors.

So aside from clock speeds and core-counts, theres one another major differences youll want to note before picking between an i3, i5, i7 and i9 processor.

Connecting A Universal Dock To Your Laptop: Usb Vs Thunderbolt

I really need a new laptop this one would be perfect ...

Before the ubiquity of high-speed USB and Thunderbolt ports, it was common practice to see laptops with proprietary docking connectors. That’s because a special docking connection was needed to push both video and data signals over a single interface. Today’s faster ports are capable of that kind of thing, however, and docks that don’t use USB or Thunderbolt are obscure enough now that we’re not going to mention them further here.

Most of today’s docking stations connect using one of three ports: traditional USB Type-A, the newer USB Type-C, or a flavor of Thunderbolt. In the case of Thunderbolt, that could be Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 . Most universal docks, especially Thunderbolt-based ones, are compatible with both Macs and PCs. The dock’s description will tell you for sure.

The speedy Thunderbolt 4 connection looks just like USB-C.

Speaking of USB and Thunderbolt, which is better for docking station use? Thunderbolt docks tend to command a premium due to the licensing costs related to Thunderbolt, and its cabling, so if your notebook doesn’t support Thunderbolt , that decision is made for you.

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