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How To Clean Laptop Keyboard

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Way 1 Do A Basic Keyboard Cleaning

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

In order to clean laptop keyboard, you can do a basic cleaning first.

Now, here is the tutorial.

  • Turn off the laptop computer completely to make sure nothing gets damaged if a little moisture does get inside.
  • Tilt your laptop computer upside down and gently tap or shake it. This action will clean any big dust bunnies, crumbs, or other debris that are hiding in your keyboard crevices.
  • Then you may need a can of compressed air which is used to clean the dust in the keys. Make sure the straw is attached to the can of compressed air before using it.
  • Tilt the keyboard to one side and spray between the keys in short bursts, moving from one side of the keyboard to the other. The force of the air will dislodge any debris that is trapped between and beneath the keys.
  • Next, you need to use the microfiber cloth to remove some of the grim attached to your keyboard. You can also lightly dampen the cloth with a little water, but make sure that the cloth is wrung out completely.
  • After that, you can use a cotton ball dipped in isopropyl alcohol to remove stubborn grim. To be fact, the alcohol is safer than using water on your laptop.
  • At last, using a disinfecting wipe to kill germs by wiping down the keys.
  • After all steps are finished, the laptop keyboard would be cleaned successfully. In order to clean laptop keyboard, you can also try the following methods.

    Square One: Clean Debris With Canned Air

    Particles, dust, and hair can lodge themselves anywhere that gaps exist in your notebook: under the keyboard keys, around the screen edges , and both in and around the touchpad buttons, the physical ports, and the cooling vents. Clearing that debris before doing anything else is logical you wouldnt want to clean a larger surface only to scatter dislodged crud from crevices all over it a moment later.

    Start with the canned air. Follow the directions and warnings on the canned air package. If a straw is included, insert it into the nozzle to concentrate the air stream. Use short bursts , keeping the can at about arms length. Crucially important: Keep a slight distance between the nozzle and the target of the airflow, and close in only as much as you must to dislodge the material. Touching the target with the nozzle or sticking it in a port, then letting the can rip, can cause condensation, a dangerous side effect of canned air. You definitely don’t want moisture forming, say, inside a USB port, on the contacts under a keyboard key, or inside the chassis through a seam. Err on the side of safety.

    To clean the keyboard, start at the bottom row and work your way up. Two bursts per key ought to produce results. You might need to approach the keyboard from different angles, such as from the side, to get everything. Some bagel crumbs are really stubborn.

    Removing the debris was half the battle. Now, lets focus on cleaning surfaces.

    Clean Laptop Keyboard With The Help Of Vacuum Cleaner

    Cleaning keys with the help of a vacuum cleaner is the best option. We all usually have a vacuum cleaner at home and comes with a variety of accessories. The vacuum will remove the dust, food crumbs, from the keyboard. This would be the best option to clean a keyboard without removing its keys.

    Here are some tips for using a vacuum cleaner.

    • Pick a tiny brush head, switch off your laptop and unplug it from the charger.
    • Dont use the high-powered vacuum on them. It can sucksome of the keys.

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    How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard Before It Lays Eggs

    Keyboards are one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with daily. Food crumbs, pet hair, cigarette ashes, and oil from our skin can all be found on and inside our keyboards. Research has shown that keyboards, on average, hold more bacteria than toilet seats. Yikes. No matter how pedantic and cleanly you generally are, your keyboard is bound to accumulate grime and dirt.

    Laptops tend to get even dirtier, which is why you should learn how to clean your laptop keyboard. We constantly move laptops around or eat over them when nested on the couch watching Netflix. They can get dirtier than even the most advanced controllers after an intense FIFA night. Laptop keyboards also tend to be more sensitive than their desktop counterparts, so cleaning them properly and regularly is paramount for their proper functioning.

    Whether youre stuck with sticky keyboard keys, got gunk on your keyboard, or its just plain old dirty, the great thing is that you can clean it properly without a specialized keyboard cleaning kit. Follow this step-by-step guide to thoroughly disinfect your laptop keyboard.

    How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard 101

    3 Ways to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

    Cleaning your keyboard might not be the #1 thing on your to-do list, but it should be on there!

    Keeping your keyboard clean will ensure that you are staying healthy and that you are prolonging the life of your tech! With these tips and tricks, you know how to clean your laptop keyboard the right way!

    Need to replace or upgrade your devices? Check out our amazing products!

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    How To Clean Laptop Keyboard Exteriors

    To make sure that your laptop stays in good working order, youll want to clean the keyboard regularly. Youll also need to know how to clean a laptop screen. However, most of the time, you wont need to do heavy-duty cleaning.

    For regular cleaning, you can usually use a simple cleaning option to make sure that your laptop keyboard is free of dirt and dust bunnies. Its a good idea to have a reliable exterior cleaning method that you can use to quickly clean your keyboard without taking up much time.

    This section covers exterior keyboard cleaning options that only take a minute or two to complete. Incorporate these cleaning methods into your daily routine to ensure that you never encounter stuck or sticky keys. We show you how to use air and gravity to do most of the work for you.

    Discover a fast and reliable way to keep your keys grime and dirt-free. Use any one of these options to keep your laptop happy when you need to maintain your laptop keyboard but only have a couple of minutes free.

    Cleaning Up The Alphabet

    Depending on the style of keyboard you have, cleaning and disinfecting the keys can take the longest amount of time.

    Once you have blown off or vacuumed off all of the dust from your keyboard, its time to get down to the nitty-gritty: cleaning your keys.

    So how do we do that?

    To start, moisten the tip of a cotton swab in some electronics cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol.

    Remember: you do not want this swab to be dripping wet, just moistened.

    Pick a point on your keyboard to start at and then begin cleaning. Starting at the Escape key and then working your way left to right is a pattern that will allow you to keep track of what you have cleaned easily.

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    How To Thoroughly Clean Your Keyboard

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    Your keyboard is one of your most important peripherals, but its bound to get clogged with dirt and grime over time. Dust off, scrub down, and clean up your number one input device safely with these tips.

    There are plenty of ways to clean depending on what afflicts your workspace. Well break it down by type, but first things first: unplug your keyboard! Some of these cleaning methods can theoretically do some damage to your keyboard if theres power going to it, so be sure its unplugged and the batteries are taken out.

    A common problem in offices, dust can really make typing unpleasant. Its an easy fix, however. For daily maintenance, you can use a small soft-bristled dusting brush, like the one below.

    A small hand-held vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air will work well.

    For more caked on dust, try the brush/hose attachment of a larger vacuum cleaner to help scrape off dust bunnies.

    Letting Your Keyboard Dry

    How To Clean Your Keyboard

    Leave your laptop out so that it can dry. Do not shut the lid. Hopefully, since you used the water or cleaning solution sparingly, it should not take very long. If you removed the keys from your keyboard, you can set them out on the counter or table or wipe them dry with your cloth . Then pop them back on when youre sure that your machine and the keys are both fully dry.

    Never plug in and/or turn on your machine until you are positive that it has dried completely.

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    Dust Bunnies Must Die

    You first need to deal with the general dust before you can get to the business of cleaning your keys.

    Attach the long, thin straw that comes with the can of air to get in between the crevices of the keys. For best results, use short bursts of air to move out dust and debris away from your keys effectively.

    Use Compressed Air To Clean Your Keyboard

    Before you reach for liquid cleaners to spruce up your laptop keyboard, consider working with compressed air. Compressed air is an excellent option for cleaning a computer keyboard because you dont run the risk of creating a short by introducing liquid into an electronic environment.

    Pick up cans of compressed air at any large grocery store or office supply store for a low cost. Keep a can nearby so you can use it for regular keyboard maintenance.

    • Gloves

    Don the safety gear, and unplug and power down the laptop. Remove the laptop battery to avoid potential electrical issues during the cleaning process. Keep the computer open, and turn it upside down.

    Gently shake the laptop while holding it upside down to dislodge and remove stray particles and dust. Turn it upright and set it on a flat surface.

    Your compressed air container should include a straw attachment for precision jobs attach the straw to the nozzle. Blow air between all of the keys, and turn the laptop upside down again and shake to get out the remaining debris. Wipe the keys with a clean cloth.

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    Dont Type Another Word Clean And Disinfect That Keyboard

    The touchy-feely keyboard is an obvious candidate for a thorough cleaning. Dirt, grime, oil from your fingertips, and lots of bio-critters live here. Use microfiber for this.

    The wrong way to clean the keyboard is to simply wipe your microfiber cloth straight across it. Depending on the keyboard design, the towel can catch on key edges and rip them clean off. Instead, spend a couple of seconds on each key.

    Start by lightly dampening a quarter-size area of the microfiber with your preferred cleaning productand we do emphasize “lightly.” If liquid drips out when you squeeze the towel, youve used too much. You don’t want the chance of droplets getting inside anything.

    Using Compressed Air To Clean Further

    3 Ways  How to Clean Laptop Keyboard [2021 Update]

    Now, some of the dirt cant be easily dislodged just by shaking it because they are stuck in between keys or are glued to the keys because of the oil. This is where you will use the compressed air or canned air. Blow the dust and debris that are sticking on the keyboard keys using the compressed air.

    If you dont have canned air, you can use a small vacuum to pull the dust and fur off your keyboard. Just be careful because some keys might also be sipped if your vacuum is too strong. You can use a USB-powered vacuum that is safe for keyboard use. Some use a cleaning slime that can get in between keys to get the fur evidence that your cat slept very well on top of your keyboard.

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    Clear Your Work Station

    Having a clear and open space to clean a keyboard is very important, especially when you start removing pieces. I choose not to but you can unplug or turn off your keyboard before cleaning it. Whether it is on or off will not affect the integrity of the keyboard but it will lead to some amusing happenings on your computer through some of these steps.

    How To Clean Your Laptop Screen And Keyboard Safely

    Use the right cleaners, cloths and techniques to air your filthy laptop, from the screen to the vents.

    If you’re like me, you’re sitting in front of a laptop that’s seen cleaner days. No matter the make or model, it doesn’t take long for a laptop to start looking tired from a smudged screen and a filthy keyboard to dirty, dusty vents and ports. Some laptops, especially the latest MacBooks, have keyboards that are especially sensitive to dust and debris, and keeping your keyboard clean is one way to reduce the chances that you’ll have a problem.

    To clean your laptop, you will need:

    • Soft, lint-free cloths
    • Mild dish detergent such as Dawn
    • A can of compressed air
    • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol

    Gather your cleaning supplies.

    Before you begin, power down your laptop and unplug it from the wall. The days of removable batteries are long past, so just keep in mind you’ve still got a giant battRemove the battery, if your model allows such a maneuver.

    First area to hit: the lid and bottom panel. Mix a couple drops of Dawn and a couple cups of warm water together, dip your lint-free cloth in the soapy mixture, wring out, and wipe down the surfaces. Rinse out the cloth with clean water and wipe down again. Lastly, to avoid water streaks, wipe down a third time with a dry cloth.

    I have found that using this mixture of Dawn and water is also effective in cleaning the display. Read my post on how to clean your monitor or TV screen for more on that.

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    How To Easily Clean Laptop Keyboard

    Dust particles often get trapped in keys and If you dont clean your keyboard on a regular basis, it can become dirty over time. To make your laptop clean and pretty, you should clean your laptop regularly or once a week. And, should follow the proper process for your laptop cleaning.

    Like before cleaning, you should gently shake your laptop. This will remove any dust that has accumulated in the gaps of your keyboard. Another way to clean your laptop is using an old toothbrush.It is one of the simplest and cheapest methods. You can simply tilt your laptop to one side and begin brushing across the gaps using a standard toothbrush. It helps in cleaning your laptop.

    Clean Your Laptop Screen


    Gently wipe the moistened cloth across your laptops lid, base, keyboard and screen. We recommend gently wiping the display in one direction while cleaning from the top of the bezel to the bottom.

    Once your laptop is fully air-dried, you can buff out any remaining streaks using a dry microfiber cloth.

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    Carefully Use A Disinfectant Wipe Or Rubbing Alcohol

    Think of all the germs and bacteria that are harboring on your keyboard. In fact, studies show that keyboards are much dirtier than a toilet seat. It’s best to remove the keys, if possible , before cleaning them. However, if you’d rather not try removing the keys on your own, you can still disinfect them.

    What you’ll need is a damp disinfectant wipe or a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. You never want to clean your keyboard with a soaked cloth, as that can damage the hardware that lives underneath the keys. Wipe all surfaces of the keyboard down — buttons, keys, cover — and allow it to dry before plugging it back in or turning it on. You can gently overturn the keyboard if you’re worried that too much liquid has dripped inside beneath the components.

    Cleaning A Liquid Spill

  • 1Turn off the power to your laptop and remove the battery immediately. Disconnect the power cord right away and hold down the power button until your laptop goes off. If liquid touches the electrical components inside of your computer, it can be permanently damaged. By working quickly, youll help minimize the risk of electrical damage.XResearch source
  • If the laptop starts to smoke or steam, or you see bubbling or bulging, don’t touch it. You could be seriously burned or suffer an electrical shock.XResearch source
  • Even if you get the laptop dry, residue from sugary, acidic, or alcoholic drinks may still be present, and that residue may affect the functionality of your keyboard in the future.
  • 2Turn the laptop upside down over a towel. Open the laptop as wide as you can, turn it face down, and set it on top of a towel or another absorbent material. By flipping the laptop over, you are allowing gravity to pull the moisture away from the motherboard and other electrical components.XResearch source
  • 4Leave your laptop propped up to dry for 1-2 days. Theres no way to rush this process. Even if the laptop looks dry from the outside, moisture could be trapped inside. To be safe, give the keyboard a minimum of 24 hours to dry before you try to turn it on again.XResearch source

    Don’t try to dry the keyboard with a hairdryer, as this can blow dust into the liquid inside the laptop. This could leave a dusty buildup inside your laptop that could keep it from working properly.

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