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How To Clean Your Laptop Internally

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Clean The Keyboard And Touchpad

How to clean out dust inside your laptop

Use a can of compressed air to loosen and remove dirt, crumbs, and anything else stuck in the keys. You can also clean the keyboard by turning the laptop over and gently shake out any loose debris, running your fingers over the keys to aid the process.

If you have stuck keys or an extra dirty keyboard , you can remove the individual keys on some keyboards and wipe beneath them with a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution. Put them back the right way.

Check your laptop manual to make sure the keys can be removed for cleaning. Not all laptops have removable keys.

Finally, use the damp cloth to wipe the keys and the touchpad.

The Keys Could Get Stuck

Late night snackers, beware: munching on Cheetos and guzzling on caffeinated beverages as you type late into the evening is shortening the life of your laptop. Thanks to the build-up of food crumbs, dust, and grime on your keyboard, the keys can get clogged and stick when you press on them. Not only does that slow down your average words per minute, but it can also lead to more hardware problems and lots of germy residue. Like cleaning dust from your laptops fans, use a can of compressed air to clear out the dust, particles, and crumbs that get stuck in hard-to-reach places like the sides of the keys.

How To Clean The Dust Out Of Your Laptop

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If youve had your laptop for a year or two, it may be full of dust. Dust clogs fans, vents, and heat sinks, preventing your PC from cooling down properly. You can remove a good amount of this dust, even if you cant open your laptop.

Dust build-up can prevent a PC from cooling down properly, and that heat can even cause hardware damage. Your laptops fans may also run at full blast, draining your battery. Your laptop may even reduce its performance to stay cool.

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How To Clean Your Laptop

Simply put, PCs, like all electronic devices, are magnets for dust. With dust comes heat, and with heat comes a decrease in PC performance. Dont forget: PCs need to breathe.

Though you may only be interested in cleaning the exterior of your computer , were going to give you tips on cleaning your machine inside and out. While it might be tempting to start with the computer casing, we recommend doing the inside first.

How To Clean The Inside Of A Computer

How To (Quickly &  Safely) Clean A Laptop Keyboard ...

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This wikiHow will teach you how to safely clean the inside of your computer. Dust inside a computer can actually slow it down and cause all kinds of problems that aren’t fun to deal with, so it’s great that you’re taking action now! Cleaning the inside of your computer isn’t hard once you’ve got it open and acquired the right tools, and we’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step below.

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Gently Blow Into The Fan

  • Gently blow into the fan to dislodge dust that may have fallen into the fan. Repeat the process until the fan is clean. When finished, replace the laptop’s bottom cover.

  • Things You Will Need

    • Lint-Free Cloth


    Never remove hardware from the computer unless you have knowledge of the computer’s working parts. Also, never use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust the machine could cause static discharge that could damage sensitive hardware, even if the laptop is not connected to a power source.



    • Never remove hardware from the computer unless you have knowledge of the computer’s working parts. Also, never use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust the machine could cause static discharge that could damage sensitive hardware, even if the laptop is not connected to a power source.

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    Clean The Chassis And Touchpad

    The next phase is cleaning the laptops outer surfaces. Dampen a larger section of your microfiber with your cleaning product . Moving outward from the keyboard, start with the palm rest and touchpad, then move to the screen border or bezels. After that, close the laptop and work on the lid and underside.

    As with the keyboard keys, circular motions are effective. Never rub too hard, but only use about as much pressure as it takes to push down a keyboard key.

    For stubborn stains, especially coffee, you can apply a tiny amount of diluted dish soap directly to them and let it sit for a minute to break down the stain. Only try this on level surfaces, so the soap doesnt run or drip anywhere. Afterward, work the stain with microfiber dampened with water. Remove any soapy residue, and be liberal with using clean sections of your cloth.

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    Simple Steps Of Cleaning A Laptops Internal Section

    Shut Down Your Laptop

    Log off the PC and then disconnect it from the power guard or electrical outlet.

    Unscrew and open the Device

    First, unlock the laptops case. You need to unfasten the screws that are pertinent for the specific part of the PC you are seeking to take apart. Indications of writing exactly beside or under the screw act as the guide. Proceed to remove all the applicable screws.

    Detach the Unscrewed Computer

    Discard the laptops touchpad and then isolate its cable from the system. Also, hold up the keyboard and detach it from the PC. Do all these gently.

    Dust the Inside Section

    You can dust the interior parts of your laptop by using compressed air. Consider applying short blasts of the air. Stay a few inches from the expansion cards, processor, memory, and the motherboards surface.

    Discard the Dust on Case Fans

    You can do this with the help of a can of compressed air. Grab the fan using your finger to prevent it from rolling as you are blasting air on it. The blades of the fan are quite delicate and they may break if rolled too fast.

    Consider using rubbing alcohol to brush the blades. Use the cotton swab for the final touches. In case the fans are difficult to catch up with or are too dirty, you can withdraw them from the given case.

    This ensures cleaning is done effortlessly.

    Remove Dust From the Electric supply

    Just like the case fans, use compressed air. And if the case has got a dust filter below the energy supply, consider tidying up the filter.

    It Could Drain Your Laptops Battery

    Clean your laptop the easy way

    When your laptop overheats, it is working that much harder to perform at maximum capacity. As a result, the fans run at full blast to keep the hardware cool, which does a number on your battery and causes it drain much faster than usual. Keeping dust out of the vents and fans will ensure that your battery stays in tip-top shape, but double check the instruction manual before taking your laptop apart to make sure youre not violating the warranty. Does your laptop keep dying? Try these tricks to make it last longer than ever.

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    S To Clean Your Mouse Ortouchpad

    • Unplug your mouse from the computer. If you have a laptop, ensure it is turned off, unplugged, battery removed, and the power drained.
    • Use the canned air to blow off any loose dust or debris.
    • Gently wipe your soft, dry, lint-free cloth across the entire mouse or touchpad surface.
    • If needed, use a damp cotton swab to clean in the crevices of the mouse or touchpad.
    • Dampen your cloth with your cleaning solution and wipe down the mouse or touchpad. If theres a buildup of dirt, you may need to scrub a little bit harder or use a slightly damp magic eraser.
    • Use the dampened cloth to clean the entire length of the mouse cable. Pay attention to whether it snags or not. If it snags, there is likely damage to the cable which can cause problems. Again, your safest option is to replace the mouse.

    Surprisingly Quick Ways To Clean Up Your Mac

    Before we start

    So, here’s a tip: Try CleanMyMac for free and get temporary files, system and user cache, app leftovers, and much more removed from your Mac. Its so quick and easy, youll be surprised.

    So youve had your Mac for a while, and things dont feel as fresh and clean as they used to? Although Macs dont require a lot of maintenance for cleaning, those temporary files, app leftovers, and system cache do accumulate. These files may slow down your machine and take up a lot of valuable space. In this article, we share quick and easy ways to clean up your MacBook. If you want to clean up your Mac manually, jump to the section linked below. Lets get started!

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    Perform Deeper Cleaning With Your Other Tools

    After you take a pass with your canned air, look again for spots that you missed or where dust might have resettled. Use your cloth to wipe up spots with a lot of dusty surface area, like the side of your graphics card and floor of the case. Spray air into any slots or ports that have buildup on them.

    You’ll likely see some dirt stuck onto the PC’s fans. To remove this, use your old toothbrush or other cleaning brush to scrape it off. If you don’t have either, try scraping it off with a cotton swab or similar.

    Pay close attention to your CPU fan and heatsink. The processor is one of the components that gets the hottest, so keeping it free of dust is vital. You can dab your cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol for particularly nasty gunk make sure it’s only damp and not dripping wet.

    Of course, how dirty your PC is will depend on your environment, how long it’s been since you last cleaned it, and other factors. If you smoke or have pets that shed, your PC will be dirtier.

    If you’re comfortable doing so, you can remove components like the video card and RAM to make your PC easier to clean. This also allows you to blow dust out from the ports those components were plugged into, and clean the fans of your video card more easily. Doing so isn’t necessary, but gives the opportunity for a deeper clean if needed.

    Cleaning Keyboard And Case

    How to Clean Your Laptop Inside

    For laptops and desktop PCs, most of the grime will be just dust. Wipe the case gently with your damp cloth and allow to dry. Do not try and scratch dirt or grime with a sharp object instead you will have to scrub patiently with your cloth.

    When it comes to cleaning your keyboard, you must first get rid of us much collected junk as possible. Pick it up, turn upside down, and give it a really good shake to dislodge crumbs, dust and other muck that collects between the keys. Use a paintbrush to gently brush any more debris from under the keys, then give the whole thing a good wipe with your damp cloth.

    DO NOT use bleach or any other industrial cleaner as you could damage the metal/plastic finish of your computer.

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    Wipe Down Your Computer

    Dust off the outside of your computer with a soft, dry cloth at least once a week. Remove any fingerprints on the screen. If you want to use a cleaning fluid, visit a computer store to find one thats specifically designed for your monitor type.

    Regular household cleaners may damage a monitor screen, wearing away coatings.Instead, gently wipe your screen with a soft cloth. A microfiber cloth is great for this purpose.

    You can dampen your cloth with distilled or filtered water to wipe away tougher smudges. Plain water usually works, too, but filtered or distilled water will help you avoid streaks.

    If heavier cleaning is needed, moisten a cloth with a 50-50 mix of distilled water and distilled white vinegar and gently rub your screen clean.

    To clean the front and back of your laptop case, use a clean sponge thats been dipped in mild dish soap and water and wrung out. Rub gently.

    Make sure your computer is dry before turning it back on.

    Sort Your Downloads Folder

    Do you also download things and never get rid of them? Then, your Downloads folder probably needs a good old sort out. If youre too scared to face that enormous pile of files, heres a quick trick: sort all your downloaded items by date added. Then, scroll till the end of the folder, and youll see the dusty files that have been there for a while. Command-click to highlight multiple files and send them to the Trash.

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    Clean Out Useless Duplicates

    Identical photos, music tracks youve added one time too many, saved and re-saved PDF files all of that sits on your Mac and gobbles up storage. The storage that could be used for better purposes.

    So how do you quickly weed them out? The fastest way is to use Gemini 2: The Duplicate Cleaner.

    • and launch the app
    • Once the scan is done, hit Review Results and check which copies you want to remove.

    That’s it. Now your Mac should be completely duplicate-free.

    Start With The Inside

    How to Take a Laptop Apart and Clean It from Dust

    Once youve gathered your tools, its time to start cleaning the inside of the computer. Tackling that grime on the keyboard may be tempting, but Ms. Kerr said you should start with the less glamorous internals: Canned air will blow crumbs and cat hair and what-have-you everywhere, so if youve already cleaned the screen and bezel, youll just end up having to clean them again after youve used canned air. Start by blowing out the dust, then move on to the outside.

    Provided youve maintained your laptop well, you shouldnt have to open it up for this step. Just turn off the laptop, unplug the power cable and remove the battery . Grab your compressed air, give it a quick burst away from the laptop to get rid of any condensation, then start blowing air into any cracks and crevices: the keyboard, the vents and even the USB ports. Blow in short bursts, since longer sprays can cause moisture to accumulate inside your computer and can damage the fans by making them spin too fast.

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    How To Clean Touchpad On Laptop And Keep It Clean

    Everybody knows how to clean touchpad on laptop doesnt it? You can guess that it should be very simple to clean your laptop and its touchpad.

    And we admit that this is almost similar to cleaning any other electronic devices. However, the issue with cleaning a laptop touchpad comes from confusion.

    Because people do know how to clean it. But theydont know what cleaning product they should use. To tackle this situation, wewill be discussing all the ins and outs of cleaning the touchpad of a laptop inthis post.

    So, lets begin

    Disclaimer: Cleaning the touchpad of a laptop is pretty straightforward.However, not all laptops are made equal. So, based on the model of your laptop,one type of cleaning agent might work better than the other. Also, Tech25s isnot responsible if you accidentally damage your laptop or any part of thelaptop while cleaning the touchpad following this tutorial.

    How To Clean The Inside Of Your Laptop

    Before we embark on this journey to the center of your laptop, it should be stated that a more intensive interior cleaning should be left to professionals since mishandling the components could cause damage. But if you still wish to forge ahead, weve got you covered with some interior cleaning basics.

    To clean the inside, you will need to procure two things: 1) canned air and 2) a screwdriver or two. Unlike PCs, many laptops use super tiny, five-pointed screws known as a pentalobes which sound only slightly more occult than they actually are and require a special screwdriver. Ultimately, your resulting frustration is probably what allows many Mac repair shops to offer their employees holiday bonuses each year. Other laptops dont use screws, and have nice handy levers you can press to remove the back panel. However, this is a general guide, and computers vary a lot, so its best to check the specs of your machine.

    Anyway, once youve obtained the correct screwdriver and your canned air, youre ready to go to work. First, make sure you turn off and unplug your laptop before you start to clean failure to do so could cause some serious damage to the hardware. Proceed to take off the back panel and then gently blast short bursts of air into the various ports and cracks of the laptop using the little plastic straw attachment to the aerosol can. Make sure to hold the fan in place with your finger before blowing air on it, so it doesnt spin too fast and damage the mechanism.

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