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How To Connect Iphone To Laptop Screen

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How To Mirror An Iphone To A Smart Tv

How to Connect iPhone to Laptop | Screen mirror iPhone to Laptop

As mentioned earlier, Apple TVs and Smart TVs with AirPlay 2 capabilities can easily mirror your iOS content. It is as simple as using the Screen Mirroring feature in the iOS Control Center.

But what about those smart TVs that are not AirPlay-compatible? Can you mirror your iOS screen on those devices? For the majority of them, yes.

Unfortunately, the oft-mentioned Reflector is not available on a smart TV.

The most straightforward and stable way to mirror the iPhone or iPad screen on your Smart TV is to use an HDMI cable. For this, you are going to need Apples Lightning Digital AV adapter, which essentially allows you to plug in an HDMI cable into it. The adapter itself plugs into your iOS device. The other end of the HDMI cable goes into the HDMI port on the TV, so you are looking for an HDMI male connector on both ends. Make sure that the cable is long enough.

Alternatively, you could use a lightning-to-HDMI cable that the manufacturer certified to work with the iPhone and iPad.

Once everything is connected, set the TV to the correct HDMI input , and the mirroring should commence immediately.

If you want wireless mirroring for non-AirPlay TVs, there is not a quick solution. You will have to look up your TVs model and see if there is an app that can help you mirror the iOS screen. For instance, AirBeamTV allows you to Screen Mirror both macOS and iOS devices across a number of smart TV manufacturers. Still, it is not a universal solution.

Display Iphone Screen On Pc Via Usb Connection

Not all people have enough money to buy a new app for just one-time use, thats why in this tutorial I will provide you free app you can use to mirroring iPhone screen on the computer through USB cable.

1. On your Windows PC, download iToolsand install it.

This app is actually a freeware but now has acquired by ThinkSky and offered a premium version. Regardless, they still keep the free version that you can download though have limited features than it used to be.

2. Now, connect your iPhone to desktop computer or laptop through a USB connection. The iTools should immediately detect the phone and give many options to configure.

3. On the iTools, look at the left panel section. Click the available phone, select Desktop, and click Live Desktop.

This app mirroring phone and screen at the same time, you can control it, either by computer or directly from the iPhone.

To make it even more useful, iTools offers some features such as transferring files, customize ringtones, battery management, and phone backup.

Way : How To Connect Iphone To Pc And Transfer Files Selectively

In addition to the five methods described above, we can also use third-party software to connect iPhone to PC. Here, we strongly recommend MobiKin Assistant for iOS, because it is simple but powerful software. For people who don’t want to use iTunes, this software is simply a perfect iTunes alternative. The following are some of its functions.

Core Features of Assistant for iOS:

  • Provides two connecting methods, that’s to say, you can connect iPhone to PC via USB cable or WiFi.
  • It enables you to transfer a wide range of data between iPhone and computer, which include contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, call logs, notes, books, apps, etc.
  • No data quality loss during or after the data transferring process.
  • It comes with 1-click iTunes backup and restore ability.
  • The Mac version of Assistant for iOS allows you to connect iPhone to Mac and transfer files effortlessly.
  • Supports overall iPhone/iPad/iPod models, including iPhone 12/12 Pro , iPhone 11/11 Pro , iPhone Xs Max/Xs/XR, iPhone 8/7/6S/6, etc.

How to Connect iPhone to PC and Transfer Files with Assistant for iOS

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Windows PC

Free download Assistant for iOS on your PC and connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable. From the main interface of the software, you can go to the left panel, where all files categories are displayed.

Step 2. Transfer files from iPhone to PC

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Q& a: Is It Possible To See An Iphone Screen On A Computer

You can display an iPhone screen on a PC via USB and other platforms. Many people prefer using the screen mirroring feature for effectively displaying their content and saving themselves from the expenses of buying various screens and modules for displaying the screen of devices onto bigger screens. Many different software and methods have been adopted through time by people, which presents you with a very explicit list to select from.

Screen Mirroring: How To Connect A Laptop To A Tv

How to Connect Mobile to Laptop

You will have to purchase an HDMI cable that is compatible with your computer. These are generally low-cost and easy to find. has several options and most retail stores will carry them as well.

  • Locate the ports on your TV and laptop and plug in the HDMI cable in any order.
  • Set your TV to the correct HDMI channel, your laptop should then briefly blink as the settings are configured.
  • Windows should automatically recognize your TVs required output settings and adjust accordingly. If this does not happen, simply press the Windows key and search Connect to an external display. This will bring up an options menu where you can alter the display, resolution, orientation, and default screen settings.
  • If you have a smart TV or one with Bluetooth capabilities, you can also pair with it to mirror a laptop or PC screen.

  • Open up the Startmenu and select Settings.
  • Next, click on Devices.
  • Now, check the Swift Pair checkbox.
  • Top tip: Amazon makes its own HDMI cable and it is just as good as something you will pay top dollar for.

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    Mobile Phone Computer I Screen Mirror On My Hisense Tv

    In recent years, Hisense TV has become more and more intelligent, and its functions have become diversified. Especially with the Hisense TV Micro Assistant, mobile phone, computer, and Hisense TV wireless screen mirroring has become very convenient.

    Mobile phone, computer, Hisense TV wireless screen mirroring

    How To Cast Your Iphone To Lonelyscreen

    Next, grab your iPhone or iPad that you want to screen mirror to your PC. Open Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner on iPhone X and later, or an iPad running iOS 12 or later. On older iPhone models, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

    With Control Center open, you should see a Screen Mirroring shortcut among the buttons. Tap that, and you’ll see a list of available AirPlay devices.

    If everything went right so far, you should see your LonelyScreen server in the list. Tap it to start mirroring your screen to your PC.

    Image Gallery

    From there, do whatever you’d like on your iPhone and you’ll see it in real time in the LonelyScreen window. You may want to maximize the window for a better view.

    Screen mirroring your iPhone to your laptop in this way doesn’t let you control your phone through LonelyScreen, so you can’t click to navigate around your phone. However, it does let you create screen recordings with a built-in tool.

    If you don’t see the red button at the bottom of the LonelyScreen window, click the small arrow in the bottom-right corner to expand the bottom panel. When you click the red Record button, LonelyScreen will start recording everything on your iPhone or iPad’s display.

    Perform whatever actions you’d like to record, then click the red button again to stop. The app will place the video file inside your user account’s Videos directory.

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    Part : How To Mirror Iphone To Pc Via Usb

    Due to the limitation you have to face with the Bluetooth method, it is surely not the most convenient method for mirroring iPhone to PC. Also, not everyone has an iPhone-compatible device, which is why its best to download a user-friendly app to screen mirror iPhone to PC.

    We have discussed some useful apps loaded with tons of features to smoothly mirror your iPhone screen on a PC with the help of a USB.

    How To Connect Iphone To Tv With Hdmi

    How to Connect iPhone to Laptop | Share iPhone Screen on Laptop
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your TV.
  • Connect the other end to the adapter.
  • Plug the adapter into the Lightning port on your iOS device.
  • If you need to charge your device while using it, plug one end of a Lightning to USB or Dock Connector to USB cord into the second port on the adapter and plug the other end into a power source.
  • Switch to the HDMI input on your TV.
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    How Do I Connect My Iphone To Windows 10 Via Bluetooth

    Maybe youve found a perfect Bluetooth method for screen mirroring. In that case, you might want to know how to pair your iOS device and your Windows 10 computer with Bluetooth. This is done via the Personal Hotspot option on your iPhone. Turn on the Bluetooth feature from the Settings menu and select Personal Hotspot. Then, flip the switch next to Allow Others to Join.

    This will create a Bluetooth connection between your iOS device and your Windows 10 PC.

    How To Mirror Your Iphone Screen To A Windows Pc

    While Windows users can mirror an Android phone with the Your Phone app, iPhone users need to download a third-party tool to cast their phone. There are plenty of tools that offer this functionality, but for simple free casting, check out LonelyScreen. It’s a barebones app that does one thing: tricks your iPhone into thinking your PC is an Apple TV.

    Install and launch LonelyScreen, then click the “LonelyScreen” title along the bottom to change the name of your AirPlay server . From your iPhone, open the Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring button. If you dont see such a button, you may need to add it from the iPhone’s Settings.

    Once you tap the Screen Mirroring button, select your LonelyScreen laptop from the list, and your iPhone screen will appear on your PC right away. If you don’t see it, check out LonelyScreen’s troubleshooting pageit can occasionally be a bit finicky. From there, you can maximize the window for a closer look, and click the arrow in the bottom-right to bring up a Record button that lets you capture video clips.

    Note that LonelyScreen says it’s a free trial, but you can click the nag screen away at any timeit doesn’t seem to be a limited trial in our testing . If you need more features, a paid app like Reflector or AirServer may offer more configuration options for your video recording and screen mirroring. But for quick and dirty mirroring, LonelyScreen should work well for most people.

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    How To Connect Iphone To Computer Without Usb

    Most people look for ways to connect iPhone to computer without USB because of the following reasons. Firstly, they have lost the matched USB cable by accident. Secondly, they happen to have no cable around. Thirdly, they are fed up with USB somehow and no longer want to use it. No matter what the factor is that pushes you to search for an alternative way, this guide hopefully can help you by introducing a simple and handy way.

    How To Display Iphone On Computer With Lonlyscreen

    How to connect an iPhone or iPad to a TV or a computer ...

    LonlyScreen is excellent tool we want to recommend to you which you can display iPhone on computer with. It is commented as the smoothest way to mirror iPhone or iPad screen to PC or Mac easily. Just with a single click, your iPhone screen will be displayed on the bigger screen. You can share your presentation, app demo, game play or family pictures with this wonderful software. It is one of the most popular software people use in classroom, meeting room or living room. What’s more, it also allows you capture and save your iPhone game play or other videos or pictures. Meanwhile, it supports you upload these files to YouTube or Vimeo in one click. To display iPhone on computer, you can follow the below steps.

    Step 1. Download LonlyScreen

    First of all, download LonlyScreen from its official website. And then install it on your computer patiently. Once it is installed, this program will launch itself.

    Step 2. Connect with the same network

    If you want to display iPhone on computer, you must insure your iPhone and the computer are connected with the same Wi-Fi. If not, just change one of the network connection.

    Step 3. Turn on AirPlay

    Step 4. Project iPhone to computer

    Next choose LonlyScreen from the list your AirPlay shows to you and enable display iPhone to computer. Now back to your computer, and you can see your iPhone screen on your computer via LonlyScreen.

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    Mirror Your Iphone With Mirrorgo

    While you are utilizing different mechanisms that explain to you efficiently how to mirror your iPhone to PC, there is one particular platform that would provide you the best services in screen mirroring iPhone to PC. MirrorGo offers you the perfect environment for mirroring your iPhone onto your PC. With the ability to provide a bigger screen experience, it induces an HD result for users to have a very proficient experience in consuming applications on their PC. Along with these features, MirrorGo ensures to offer you the features to record your screen, capture important frames with the screen capturing tool, and share the screen over other platforms. MirrorGo assures to induce a mirroring environment that allows you to efficiently consume its feature and work over your PC with a controlled environment. To understand the process of using MirrorGo for mirroring your iPhone to PC, you need to look over the guide that is provided as follows.

    Mirror your iPhone to your computer!

    • Mirror iOS phone screen to the computer for a full-screen experience.
    • Reverse control iPhone with a mouse on your computer.
    • Handle notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
    • Screen Capture at crucial points.

    Step 1: Connecting your iPhone and PC

    It is important to connect your iPhone and PC over the same Wi-Fi network to perform the mirroring task with MirrorGo.

    Step 2: Access Menu

    Step 3: Establish Mirroring

    Using Airmore To Connect Iphone To Computer Wirelessly

    AirMore is a free app which can be used in both Android and iOS devices. Its main function is to allow you to access your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 from the computer browser. The size of this tiny tool is only 7.44 MB, with which you can freely manage all your phone data on web and easily transfer files between mobile devices and PC. Below is a detailed guide on how to connect iPhone to PC without cable.

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    How To Mirror An Iphone To A Chromebook

    Considering QuickTime Player is mostly for Macs, you wont be able to run it on your Chromebook. It is available on Windows, but there is no QuickTime app for Chromebooks remember, these are designed for browsing.

    Still, your Chromebook likely has a larger screen than your iOS device, and you may just want to mirror that small screen on something bigger. Well, you will be happy to hear that this is entirely possible.

    There are many apps that can help you mirror your iOS screen, but Reflector probably is the most natural. It is just like using Screen Mirroring on your Mac device.

  • Follow the same steps as indicated for Mac devices.
  • How To Mirror Your Iphone To A Mac With Airplay

    How To Mirror iPhone Screen to Windows PC (No Mac Required)

    AirPlay is an Apple feature that lets you wirelessly stream content from one device to another. It’s designed for streaming from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to an Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible smart TV.

    There’s no direct way to AirPlay, or screen mirror, from an iPhone to a Mac, but you can work around that by downloading a third-party app like Reflector, and connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Note: Reflector is only free for a week after that, you’ll have to pay a fee to keep using it on your Mac. And during your free trial, there will be a watermark on the screen whenever you mirror.

    To mirror your iPhone to Mac, first download Reflector on Mac. Then open the Control Center on your iPhone, click AirPlay, and select the Mac you want to mirror to.

    Here’s a full step-by-step guide.

    1. Download the Reflector app on your Mac, and open it.

    2. You can either AirPlay content directly from an app that allows for AirPlay like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or the NFL app, in this example. Or, you can AirPlay your entire iPhone screen by opening the Control Center.

    3. If you’re AirPlaying from within an app, start playing content, like a show or movie, and hit the AirPlay symbol in the upper-right corner of the video.

    If you’re AirPlaying from the Control Center, select the “Screen Mirroring” tile.

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    What If Lonelyscreen Doesn’t Work

    Projecting your iPhone’s screen to a PC is really as easy as running LonelyScreen and connecting your iPhone via AirPlay. However, if it doesn’t work for some reason, you should make sure you have a few items in order:

    • Make sure you have LonelyScreen open. You can minimize the LonelyScreen window, but closing it will prevent you from mirroring.
    • Confirm that you’ve let LonelyScreen through your firewall. The app displays a small banner on its main window if it can’t get through the firewall. Click Fix to allow it to communicate.
    • Make sure you have a compatible device. Nearly all modern iOS devices work with LonelyScreen, but if you have an exceptionally old model that doesn’t support AirPlay, it won’t work.
    • At least an iPhone 4s, iPad 2, original iPad mini, or iPod touch 5 is required.
  • Enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone and connect it to the same network as your PC. AirPlay won’t work if your devices are on different networks.
  • Reboot your PC and iPhone. Sometimes a quick reboot will fix minor glitches.
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