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How To Connect Laptop To Lg Tv

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How To Connect A Laptop To A Tv Wirelessly

Connect Windows 10 Laptop to LG Smart TV (2021)

If you dont want to deal with those pesky cables, connecting your laptop to the TV wirelessly is the way to go. But you do need a media streaming device like the or Roku Streaming Stick Plus to get the job done. An Android TV will also do, as it has Chromecast built-in.

A Google Chromecast device is probably your best option, and although it costs more than something like an HDMI cable, its not super expensive with its starting price tag of just $35 get it via below.

To get started, plug the Chromecast into your TV and set it up. Im not going to explain the setup process in this post, as we have a dedicated article for that check it out here. Once everything is set up, you can mirror Chrome tabs, your videos and files stored locally on your laptop, and even your desktop to the TV. Just launch the Chrome browser on your laptop, click the menu icon in the upper-right corner, and select the Cast option. Then just select the content you want to cast via the Sources drop-down menu and click on the Chromecast you want to cast it to .

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Plug the Chromecast into the TV and set it up .
  • Open the Chrome browser and click the menu icon in the upper-right corner .
  • Select the content you want to cast via the Sources drop-down menu.
  • Select the Chromecast you want to cast to.
  • How To Connect My Hp Envy Laptop To Lg Smart Tv

    03-11-201405:43 PM

    I am trying to connect my hp envy sleekbook to the miracast enabled lg smart tv, however there are

    some problem within this, it seems like my laptop is not compatible for the widi, so is there any alternative

    solution that i can apply to connect my laptop to the tv?

    Name: Hp envy sleekbook 6 1126sa

    operation system: Windows 8.1

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.

    I understand that you are trying to connect the sleekbook to a Miracast, enabled smart TV. Here is a document on Using Intel® Wireless Display to Display Multimedia to Your TV to assist you.Here is a Windows document on Project to a wireless display with Miracast.

    I checked your HP Envy 6 Maintenance and Service Guide and it does not mention MIracast anywhere, therefore you will need a certified adapter. Here is a link to WiFi certified adapters. WiFi Certified adapters. I hope this has helped.


    I have the same problem, but my laptop is HP ENVY 15-u011dx x360 Convertible PC i dont know if in this model happens the same.

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It is a wonderful place to find answers.

    For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide Learn How to Post and More

    Have you done all your Windows updates?

    Delete Pairing History On Lg Tv

    Most TVs only allow screen sharing with one device therefore, you may be facing an issue with connecting a new device. Remove any devices that the screen sharing app shows.

    This option can be found by navigating to the delete paired devices option on your LG smart TV. Once the connections are removed using the remote, and following the on-screen instructions, you can then attempt to pair the TV with a new device.

    Follow these steps to delete your pairing history:

  • Open the Screen Sharing window on your LG TV.
  • Click on Delete Pairing History with your remote.
  • That is it. You can also restart your TV to make sure everything works smoothly. Now try to connect your device and your TV, that should fix the issue.

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    Lg Tv Hdmi Pc Not Full Screen

    If your PC display on an LG TV is not full screen, the solution is simple. You will need to alter the resolution of the projected display from the laptop.

    This is detailed above under Resolution, but basically some computers will guess how big the display needs to be to fill your TV screen. Sometimes this resolution is smaller than it should be, so you just need to manually change it to better suit the size of your LG TV.

    How To Connect Laptop To Lg Smart Tv Wirelessly

    How to Connect PC to LG Smart TV (with Pictures)

    New developments are coming up in technology even as we speak. Each advancement tends to make human life more convenient. These developments in technology play a key role in increasing the quality of luxury and entertainment. But the most important part is knowing how to avail of these advancements and make the most of them. Lets look into how to connect laptop to lg smart tv wirelessly. When it comes to screen size, bigger is always better.

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    How To Connect A Laptop To A Tv Wired And Wireless Options

    In this step-by-step guide, well show you how to connect a laptop to a TV, so you can watch Netflix, your vacation photos, and other content on the big screen. There are quite a few ways to do it, but well just focus on the most simple and widely used methods.

    The right method for you will depend on a couple of different things including the ports that are available on your TV and laptop. Lets get started.

    Why Would Someone Want To Use A Tv As A Computer Monitor

    There are several reasons a person may choose to hook up their TV to the computer and use it as the monitor.

    • You want to play your video games on a bigger screen. If youre a gamer, a bigger screen will enhance your experience and the graphics will look more detailed.
    • You want to view PowerPoints or other presentations from a larger monitor to understand better.
    • A bigger screen will help you watch videos easier. A lot of work emails are sent with training videos, seminars, or how-to videos and a bigger screen is much more convenient.

    Whatever your reasons may be, once you decide to use your TV as a computer monitor, hooking it up can be done hassle-free.

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    Features Of The Lg Smart Tv:

    • Dynamic visual quality with color enhancers.
    • Quad-core processor.
    • Lifelike images providing for a hyper-realistic experience.
    • Incredible detail with active HDR.
    • A sound experience that is almost movie-like.
    • Home at command, interactive experience.
    • Incredible remote with minimum confusing keys.
    • To the point service.

    How Do I Share My Laptop To My Lg Tv

    How to view your Windows 10 Laptop on a LG TV Wirelessly
  • The remote control will prompt you to press the Home button.
  • If you click the App List button in the launcher bar, you will be taken to the Device Connector application.
  • The Device Connector will be launched after you click OK.
  • Your PC must now be selected.
  • You should select Intel WiDi if you have it installed.
  • Start by clicking Start.
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    Can A Lg Tv Be Used As Computer Monitor

    A computer monitor is our window into the internet. We spend a countless amount of time sitting in front of our computer screens. The computer monitor we use can alter the view in either a good way or a negative way. Some people choose to use their TV as their computer monitor to get a better, larger picture because it works for what they use their computer for.

    Can an LG TV be used as a computer monitor? Yes, using your TV as a computer monitor is an option many people choose when deciding what to hook up their computer to. You can hook up your computer or laptop fairly easily to any LG TV monitor as long as it has HDMI capability. All you may need is a trip to the local electronics department to purchase the proper cable for your job.

    If you have decided to use your TV screen as a monitor then please keep reading below to find out how to follow the basic steps and get your TV hooked to the computer. A home computer has become so much more today than it was in the past. We use our computers daily and we are always looking for a way to make everything easier. You will be well on your way to family game night in the living room.

    Tech Is Expensive Protect It All

    Protect the devices your family loves and relies on with one simple plan that covers all your favorite home tech. With Asurion Home+, we cover your computers, TVs, tablets, premium headphones, smart devices, and so much moreâplus, 24/7 assistance for your whole family with any tech care needâfor less than $1/day.Learn more about Asurion Home+ coverage and how you can get peace-of-mind device protection.

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    How Do I Connect My Windows 10 Laptop To My Tv Wirelessly

    How to cast a Windows 10 desktop to a smart TV Select Devices from your Windows Settings menu. Click to Add Bluetooth or other device. Select Wireless display or dock. Make sure Network discovery and File and printer sharing are turned on. Click Cast to Device and choose your device from the pop-up menu.

    Lg Tv Wont Display Laptop Hdmi

    How to Connect Laptop to TV using VGA Cable!!!

    If the LG TV detects the connection with the laptop but there is no image displayed, you may need to look into the settings and software on your TV and computer.

    Possible issues are listed below, but are explained in more detail above.

    • Display settings on the TV or laptop.
    • Incompatible graphics card.
    • Outdated graphics driver.

    Some people find the start-up sequence makes a difference when connecting your LG TV to your computer. Normally the connection should work with both TV and computer on, but you may want to try restarting each while they are connected.

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    How Do I Connect My Lg Tv To Hdmi

    To connect your TV using HDMI : Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI output on your media device, to the HDMI input on your TV. Make sure the both the media device and the TV are powered On. Set the Input on your TV to match the input you plugged the HDMI cable into. Thats all there is to it! Youre done.

    How To Use Lg Screen Share With Android

    The screen mirroring feature on different brands/models of smartphones may be referred to as:

    • Screen Share or Smart Share

    Here’s how to use LG’s Screen Share with Android phones:

  • Turn on your LG Smart TV andselect Screen Share from the home menu.

  • On a smartphone, tap Settings ,choose where to play media, then select your LG smart TV from the device list. It might take a few moments for the phone to detect the TV.

    In the remaining steps, the phone is on the left and the LG TV screen is on the right.

  • Tap the LG TV listed to Initiate the connection procedure on your smartphone. The phone and TV will display their connection status.

  • Your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen will be displayed on the LG TV when the procedure is completed.

    In most cases, smartphone content, onscreen menus, and setting options will be displayed on the LG TV screen.

  • Here’s how mirrored content from a smartphone looks on an LG Smart TV with Screen Share.

  • To end a screen mirroring session, tap Disconnect in your smartphone screen mirroring settings , turn the smartphone off, change to a different function on the TV, or turn the TV off. If you’re playing content from a specific app, it will cease playing if you use another function on your smartphone.

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    To Connect Your Chromebook To Your Smart Tv With Chromecast:

    If you’d like to go wireless and connect your Chromebook to your TV without an HDMI cable, you’ll need to buy a Google Chromecast to plug into your Smart TV. We show you how to easily set it up in the Hook It Up series from Asurion’s YouTube channel:

    Here’s how to connect your Chromebook to your Smart TV with Chromecast:

  • Connect your Chromecast to the HDMI port on your Smart TV.
  • Using your remote control, select the HDMI input that corresponds to where you plugged it in.
  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer and select Cast.
  • If this is your first time setting it up, follow the directions on screen to complete the device setup.
  • In the lower right corner you should see “Cast devices available,” select it to see all the casting options you have available:
      Internal Display > Share allows you to mirror everything on your screen.Pull up Netflix in your browser and the TV show or movie you want to watch, select the Cast icon.For YouTube, pull up the video you’d like to watch and select Play on TV from the menu bar.
  • How To Connect Laptop To Lg Tv To Get The Best Use Of Both

    How to share your PC or laptop screen wirelessly on LG TV?

    The two best ways to establish a connection between a LG Television and a laptop are:

  • Using SmartShare-
    • It uses your home internet network to stream media files from the laptop onto the TV Screen. Just make sure that both the systems have the Internet access either via Ethernet or Wireless to a same Network.
    • Update the Media Player on your PC for best performance. You can do this by going to Windows Media Player, and then to Help > Check for Updates.
    • Add files on the Media Player by clicking on the Organize button at the top, then Manage Libraries, and then click on Add to select the folder you want.
    • Turn on your Smart TV.
    • Now, turn on the DLNA Server. Click on Stream in Windows Media Player, then choose Turn on Media Streaming, and then tick the Allowed checkbox next to your LG TV.
    • You can now browse the files from your TV Remote. Press the Home button and select SmartShare. Choose your computer from the connected devices list.
    • Pick the file and watch it play.
  • Use the LG TV as the computer monitor-
    • You can use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop and TV.
    • Plug in one end of the cable to your PC and other end to the HDMI port of the TV.
    • Label the Input port on the TV.
    • Turn on the television and connect to the labelled input menu.
    • Switch the computers screen to the Smart TV by pressing Win + P to choose the method in which you want the image to appear.

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    Fix #: Restart Your Lg Smart Tv

    A quick restart or power cycle to your smart TV can solve most of the common Wi-Fi glitches. It will reset all connections and close apps that are maybe causing this issue. Just turn off your LG TV and unplug it from the power source. Then, plug it back in and see if the issue is solved.

    You can also try power cycling your Wi-Fi router to reset all connections to nearby devices. It will eliminate any congested connections on your Wi-Fi that may be preventing you from connecting successfully. If you have an old router, consider buying a new one or upgrading your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

    Note: Smart Tv Owners Can Use The Device Connector App Instead Of Following These Steps If Desired

  • Turn on the TV.
  • button on your remote, then locate the Settings icon in the top-right of the screen. If you do not have a Home button on your remote, press the Settings button instead .
  • From the Quick Settings menu, choose Advanced.
  • From the Advanced Settings menu, choose Sound > Sound Out > Optical / HDMI .
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    Note: Make Sure To Set Your Tv To The Correct Input When Using Devices Connected Through Your Audio Device

  • Check your notebook for the correct Input Numbers of your Devices.
  • Make sure the Audio Receiver is turned on, then use the Audio Remote to change to the correct Input.
  • Note: Some Audio Receivers or Soundbars use different terminology to change inputs. Your remote may have an Input, Function, or Source button .

  • Make sure the volume is set high enough to hear it .
  • How To Connect A Pc To Lg Tv

    How to Connect a Computer to TV Wirelessly &  Without HDMI &  Wi


    1. To connect TV to PC

    Checkpoint : For the best video quality

    1. Set TV resolution

    2. Adjust screen resolution in PC display settings to match the TV settings .

    * When the PC resolution is higher than the highest TV resolution, image will not be displayed on the screen.

    * Refer to users guide provided with TV to check available resolutions.

    Some of the most common resolutions that can be used for each aspect ratio are the following:

    1) 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions: 640×480, 800×600, 960×720, 1024×768, 1280×960, 1400×1050, 1440×1080, 1600×1200, 1856×1392, 1920×1440, and 2048×1536.

    2) 16:10 aspect ratio resolutions: 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200, and 2560×1600.

    3) 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions: 1024×576, 1152×648, 1280×720 , 1366×768, 1600×900, 1920×1080 , 2560×1440 , 3840×2160 , and 7680 x 4320 .

    Below image is shows how to check the resolution setting on the PC

    1. To connect TV to PC with a DVI cable :

    a ) Use DVI to HDMI cable to connect HDMI input on the back of TV and DVI output on the back of computer.

    b) Connect RCA connector as well.

    c) Make sure all cables are firmly connected.

    Ø Select : -> Select

    2. To connect TV to PC with a HDMI cable:

    a) Use a HDMI cable to connect Input port on the back of TV and Output port on laptop.

    b) HDMI is an integrated audio/video interface. It does not require additional sound inputs.

    c) If audio can not be heard after connecting HDMI cable, HDMI port on PC does not send audio.

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