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How To Connect Webcam To Laptop

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How To Connect Camera To Computer: 3 Easy Methods For Photos/videos

how to connect webcam to laptop/how to connect webcam to laptop/how to install webcam windows 10

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So youre done shooting and ready to share your footage? Heres how to connect a camera to your computer . These 3 easy ways will have you editing and sharing in no time.

The three main ways to connect a camera to a computer for transferring photos are:

  • USB cable from the computer to the camera
  • Inserting the SD card from the camera into the computer
  • Wirelessly connecting the camera and computer through an app or a synced phone.
  • While it may be easy to take pictures with our cameras and phones, it is not always easy to transfer them to a computer. Even if you know one way, there might be an easier method.

    The three different methods may work better or worse for the many different types of cameras from a phone and action camera to point and shoot or a DSLR camera.

    Looking to use your camera as a webcam? Heres how to use your GoPro or DSLR as a webcam.

    V Dc Power To Camera + Network Cable To Router

    This method will show you how to connect an IP camera to your router and view it over a network, while supplying power to the camera using a 12V DC power adaptor.

    a) Connect a 12V DC power supply to your camera and connect the power adaptor to the wall to power the camera.

    b) Connect a network cable from the camera to the router to establish a data connection between the camera and the router.

    c) Give the camera about 2-3 minutes to boot. Use our IP Finder Config Tool to find the camera on your local area network . Below is a screen shot of how it looks in our case.

    The camera currently has an IP address of As explained in our article connecting security cameras to the internet, for the camera to be reachable from the computer on your network, its IP address has to match the IP scheme of your network. In our case our router IP is, so we are going to have to change the IP address of the camera. To change the IP simple press the pencil icon to edit.

    d) We are going to set the camera to an IP of 192.168.1.X, we chose Before we go ahead and change the IP address, we have to think about duplicate IP addresses on the network which would create networking issues. To see if a specific IP address is available on your LAN, use the command prompt in Windows to ping the address you intend to use. Below is a video explaining how to use the ping command. You can use this command on Mac as well by using the terminal.

    Switching From Laptop Webcam To External Webcam


    A webcam can be a useful tool in a small business, especially when connecting with clients or co-workers via video conferencing software like Skype or Google Hangouts. But when the internal webcam in your laptop has stopped working or has been replaced by a higher quality external webcam, you can tell your computer which of the two to use for any given application.

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    How To Add Ip Cameras In Smart Pss

    In summary, the above is a quick and easy way to connect an IP camera to a computer with a hardwired network port. This is great for the following scenarios:

    • You don’t have a router and want to set up a closed circuit system between a computer and a security camera.
    • You are trying to test an IP camera or troubleshoot it.
    • You are trying to connect to a security video recorder directly from a computer.

    Most computers have only one network port, so this method can be problematic as it would use up your only network port, preventing you from having a hard-wired Internet connection. The next 2 methods will demonstrate how to set up a network camera on a network. Method 2 is for setting up a camera with a 12V DC power supply and Method 3 entails using a PoE injector or switch. The only different between these two methods is how power is supplied to the camera.

    Use The Provided Disk

    Connect mobile camera to PC/Laptop // #Droidcam ...

    Unless otherwise instructed, insert the disk that came with the webcam before you plug it in. Windows recognizes that you are attempting to install software and starts a wizard to guide you through the process.

    If the wizard doesn’t start automatically, go to the Windows taskbar and select File Explorer or My Computer . Or, in the Search box, enter This PC. Then, click the disk drive to install the files on the disk.

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    Droidcamx Offers Additional Controls

    The Windows DroidCam Client also includes a few other buttons for additional options and controls. However, unless you pay for the Pro version of the DroidCam Wireless Webcam Android app, the additional controls are disabled and cannot be used.

    The Windows DroidCam Client app also includes two other different connection methods between your PC and your Android smartphone: via USB or by creating a direct wireless connection between your Windows PC and your Android smartphone. However, the USB method is recommended only for advanced users because it involves using the Android “Developer Options,” more specifically “USB Debugging.”

    Operating The Camera Using Eos Utility

    Using EOS Utility , you can import images from the camera, control the camera, and perform other operations.

    Steps on the camera

  • Select [

  • If the history is displayed, switch the screen with the keys.
  • Select .

  • Check the SSID and password.

  • Check the SSID and Password displayed on the camera screen.
  • In , if you set to , the password will not be displayed or required. For details, see Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Steps on the computer

  • Select the SSID, then enter the password.

    Computer’s screen

  • On the computer’s network setting screen, select the SSID checked in step 4 in Steps on the camera .
  • For the password, enter the password checked in step 4 in Steps on the camera .
  • Steps on the camera

  • Select .

  • The following message is displayed. ****** represents the last six digits of the MAC address of the camera to be connected.

  • Steps on the computer

  • Start EOS Utility.

  • In EOS Utility, click .

  • If a firewall-related message is displayed, select .
  • Select the camera to connect to, then click .
  • Steps on the camera

  • Establish a Wi-Fi connection.

  • You can check the settings.
  • Error details

  • When a Wi-Fi connection error occurs, you can check the details of the error.
  • The Wi-Fi connection to a computer is now complete.


    • If the Wi-Fi connection is terminated while recording a movie with remote shooting, the following will occur.

    • Power switch set to
    • Power switch set to : recording stops

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    Use Accessories For Better Image Quality

    A few accessories will make your DSLR camera much easier to use as a webcam. A tripod can keep it steady and at the correct height throughout your live session or conference call.

    When it comes to live video, never underestimate lighting. Just one light strategically placed behind your camera can add so much depth to your video quality that youll look like a professional. Read our video lighting guide to learn more about lighting and why you need it.

    Another accessory that could make a difference to the image quality of your live stream is an ethernet cable. When live streaming, connect to the internet with an ethernet cable rather than over Wi-Fi. The connection will be faster and create a smoother viewing experience.

    How Can I Connect My Phone Camera To My Laptop For Live Streaming

    Computer Hardware Basics : How to Connect a Webcam


  • Connect your computer and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Install the IP Webcam app on your smartphone.
  • Close all other camera apps.
  • Launch the IP Webcam app.
  • The app will now fire up your phones camera and display a URL.
  • Enter this URL in any browser on your computer and hit Enter.
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    No Disk No Problem Plug And Play

    If the web camera didn’t come with a software disk, plug it in and see what happens. Most often, Windows will recognize it as new hardware and can use it. If Windows can’t use the webcam, you’re guided through the process of searching for drivers .

    As disk drives become less common, webcam manufacturers increasingly provide the latest drivers online.

    To use Windows Update to look for drivers manually:

  • Go to the Search box and search for Device Manager.

  • The Device Manager displays a complete list of devices on the computer. Go to Cameras or Imaging Devices, right-click the webcam, then select Update driver. Walk through the wizard to see if Windows can find the drivers.

  • If nothing happens when you plug in the webcam, and Windows can’t find the drivers, read the instruction manual or visit the webcam manufacturer’s website to locate driver software for the webcam.

  • How To Use A Usb Webcam With A Laptop With Cam

    Many contemporary laptops feature an integrated webcam you can use to record videos or join in video chat sessions. Most built-in webcams are of suitable quality, but if you want advanced features such as panning, auto-tracking and higher video resolution, an external webcam is your best bet. Adding a second webcam to your laptop is simple enough, but getting the secondary camera to work with chat and video capture applications is a little more challenging. To get the second webcam to work with many software applications, you must disable the laptop’s built-in webcam.

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    Download And Install The Droidcam Client App On Your Windows Pc

    On your Windows PC, open your favorite web browser and visit this web page: DroidCam Windows Client. Once it’s loaded, you should see on it a large button named DroidCam Client v6.0. Click or tap on it to download the DroidCam Client app.

    You should now get a small 875 KB file called Save it somewhere on your Windows computer . Then, extract its contents, and you should get an executable file named DroidCam.Client.6.0.exe, with a size of 915 KB.

    Double click/tap on the executable file and follow the wizard’s instructions to install the DroidCam Client on your Windows computer. The wizard is pretty straightforward: just keep on clicking or tapping Next. There’s only one thing you must pay attention to: when you are asked about whether you want to install driver software from “DEV47 APPS”, choose to Install it. If you don’t, the Windows client cannot connect to the app on your Android phone.

    When the installation is done, open the Windows client and move to the next step of this guide.

    How To Ping A Device On Your Network

    How to Connect a Camera to a PC: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    e) Let’s change the IP address. In our case we set it to Subnet mask is usually on simple networks, and the gateway is the IP address of the router. Press OK.

    f) Once the camera is assigned a new IP address, you can access the camera using your Web Browser or SmartPSS as shown in 1F above.

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    Download And Install The Droidcam Wireless Webcam App On Your Android Smartphone

    You must first download and install the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app for Android. You can find it in the Play Store here: DroidCam Wireless Webcam. On the app’s Store page, tap Install and wait for the app to be installed.

    Once the app has been installed on your Android smartphone, move on to your Windows computer, and take the next step.

    Use Your Android Smartphone As A Webcam On Skype Facebook And Other Similar Apps

    Now you can open any app that needs a webcam and configure it to use your Android smartphone, a.k.a. DroidCam Source, for that. For instance, in Skype’s Video settings, you can find a webcam called DroidCam Source 3. All you have to do to use it with Skype is to select it.

    Likewise, all you have to do to use your new smartphone webcam on Facebook is to choose it when you initiate a video call.

    Unfortunately, in our test, we found that DroidCam fails to work with the Camera app from Windows 10. It is not recognized by this app. We hope, however, that the developers of DroidCam can address this issue in the future.

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    Connect The Droidcam Wireless Webcam Android App With The Windows Droidcam Client

    Go to your Android smartphone and open the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app. You can find it listed in your All apps list.

    The first time you open the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app, you are greeted with a welcome screen on which you can see a quick start guide about how to use it.

    Read it, tap Next, and then tap the Got it button from the bottom of the screen.

    DroidCam Wireless Webcam then asks you for permission to use your Android phone’s camera and microphone. Obviously, it needs to do that, so make sure that you Accept.

    Now the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app loads a new screen, on which it shows you what WiFi network you are connected to, your Android smartphone’s IP address, and the port used by the app. In our case, the WiFi IP is, and the DroidCam Port is 4747. Keep your smartphone unlocked as you’re going to need this information soon.

    Go to your Windows computer and open DroidCam Client. In the Connect over WiFi section, enter the Device IP and the DroidCam Port that are displayed on your Android smartphone. In our case, the Device IP is, and the DroidCam Port is 4747.

    Then make sure to select the Video and, if you want, the Audio checkbox too. They control whether your Android smartphone can relay the camera video feed, as well as the sound from its microphone.

    How To Connect Webcam To Laptop

    How to Use Laptop Camera as Webcam for Desktop/PC

    Posted on | by Shinely Ainsworth

    These days, it would be more convenient and faster if you talk to other people online. After all, video chatting with someone rather than meeting up with that person would save a lot of time and money. Of course, that would be the only way to catch up with a friend who is on the other side of the planet. Even if that person is in another country, that does not mean you have to say goodbye to him or her. Before you can test your webcams performance on this website, you must know how to connect the webcam to a laptop first. Besides, you wont be able to test anything if the webcam is not connected by any means. HP enumerates the few steps needed for you to connect the webcam to your laptop. Believe it or not, it wont really take much of your time. It is not even that hard and here are the steps needed:

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    How To Connect A Camera To A Pc

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. This article has been viewed 101,706 times.

    Connecting your camera to a PC is a surefire way to get your photos transferred into your computer, and its quite a quick process! In order to connect your camera to your PC, you’ll need to attach the camera’s USB cable to both your camera and the PC at the same time while both machines are on.

    How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

    Now, before going into the details of today,s topic, let me share all of those applications which will help you to connect up with the laptops camera even when you are far away from it. These all applications are the best ones that allow you to do your work finely.

    These are some of the top used and most popular apps that give you the full opportunity to control your laptop from an Android phone.

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    Remote Control Vnc Software

    Firstly, before going further for those applications, it is important to tell you about the software that must be installed on your laptop first. Otherwise just installing those apps on your mobile will be of no use, both the devices should have compatible apps and software to get connected and controlled by each other.

    So this VNC is the virtual networking computer software. It is a type of that remote control software that I am talking about. This software makes it possible to control other devices over a network connection. It allows the keystrokes, clicks, or taps remotely.

    It enables the technical support to manage other laptops even when you are away from them. So, it is very important to set up VNC networking software on your laptop first. Lets get to know about it first then after that, we will proceed towards the application installation.

    How To Connect A Webcam To A Computer

    How to Connect a Camera to a PC: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    By: Francisco Guzman | Updated: Jul 20, 2021

    When movies first showed the future with video conferencing, it seemed like a distant dream. Now that technology is available in our everyday lives, webcams allows us to see and hear our family, friends and co-workers on the other side of the world in real time. There’s no need for emoticons you can see their emotions right there on the screen. If your computer doesn’t come with a webcam, or you purchased a new one, it takes just a few moments to install a webcam onto your computer. All you need is a webcam, a computer with Microsoft Windows and an internet connection. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to connect a webcam to your computer using Windows.

  • Connect your webcam to your computer. Many webcams connect to the computer through a USB port. The webcam that you purchase will either come with a separate USB cable or have a USB cable attached to the camera itself. Plug the USB cable into the USB port on your computer. If the computer is a desktop, the USB port will be located in the back and/or front of the system unit.
  • Wait for your computer to detect the webcam. Because you have Windows installed on your computer, your computer will automatically detect that a new piece of hardware was connected to your USB port. A message will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen that reads, Setting up a device. A pop-up will then say that the device is installed and configured.
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