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How To Crop Video On Laptop

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Imovie For Ios Fast Free Video Cropper

How to Crop a Video Easily Tutorial – No Watermark

The crop feature of iMovie on iPhone is not as extensive as on Mac as it cuts off the redundant objects by zooming in/out the frames. And, it will automatically convert any of your recordings to 16:9 aspect ratio. However, if all you want is fast cropping, trimming videos and then sharing with family and friends on Facebook or YouTube, iMovie is your thing.

iMovie comes with the basic tool to edit videos such as subtitle, filter, templates, speed control. It will require a bit of exploration first, but once you get to adapt to its workflow, making casual videos can be easy like walking in the park. In addition, you have the option to save the cropped clips as 540P, 720P, 1080P, and others higher resolution files.

  • A large variety of useful tools to make basic edits.
  • Instantly share the outcome in a secure way.


  • Only allows you to create horizontal video.

How Can I Crop A Video

There are only 4 steps you will need to complete the video cropping on Windows 10.

Step 1. Choose a video editor which supports cropping a video.

Step 2. Upload the video to the video editor.

Step 3. Find the crop tool and crop the video as you need.

Step 4. Save and export the video to your computer.

It would be essential to find a free and powerful video editor if you do need more advanced editing features. FilmForth would be one of your best bets as it is free, has no watermark, and has lots of advanced video-making features.

How To Crop A Video On Android

The easiest way to crop a video using an Android phone without having to download an additional app is to use the preloaded Google Photos app:

  • Choose a video to crop. Open Google Photos and select the video you would like to crop. Then, tap the Edit icon and the in-app editor will appear.
  • Crop your video. In the editor, select Crop. Then, you can resize the video according to certain aspect ratios like Square, 16:9, 4:3, and 3:2. Selecting Free will allow you to adjust the ratio using the sliders on the sides of the crop box.
  • Save your cropped video to Google Photos. When youre satisfied with your cropped video, tap Save copy. Now you will have both the original video and the cropped versions saved to Google Photos.
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    Kapwing Free Video Cropper For Social Media

    Kapwing is a trusted and easy-to-use online video editing software. You can drag the bounding box with the mouse to fast adjust the area that you would like to keep. In addition, it’s super handy for newbies to resize video for immediately sharing on social media feed as it offers 7 ready-made aspect ratio options for Facebook/Twitter portrait/landscape/cover, YouTube/Widescreen, and other popular sites.

    How Kapwing stacks up to other online cropping software? Aside from the basic editing tools, it covers several advanced editing features usually found on desktop programs, as like shapes, subtitles, images, and layers. All of those features are available for free.

    • Won’t publish videos beyond 7 minutes.
    • Have to login to remove watermarks.

    Choose The Output Mode

    Crop Video the Way You Like: PC, Mobile App or Online

    Next, click the “Format” button, and choose “Encoding mode”, which allows you to customize the video quality, file formats and codec, etc. Select an output format or compatible device according to your requirements. You can also adjust the bit rate, frame rate, resolution if needed by clicking the Gear icon on the top right corner. Then press the “OK” button to shut down the window.

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    Free Crop Video Easy To Crop Any Format Videos

    Free Crop Video is a 100% free software, provides a simple solution for crop video of various formats, with it we can easy to crop any format videos, it’s 100% free and supports all 32bit and 64bit windows.

    100% freee software,no function limit,no time limit,easy to use,supports any format videos,works well on Windows XP, Vista, WIn7, Win8, Win10.

    Way : Crop A Video With Quicktime Alternative On Mac

    QuickTime Player is the media player on Mac, while iMovie is the preinstalled video editor for Mac. Therefore, iMovie is the easiest alternative to QuickTime to crop a video on Mac.

    Step 1. Run the QuickTime alternative from the Applications folder. Go to the Projects tab, click Create New, and select Movie to create a new project.

    Step 2. Hit the Import Media button to add the video that you want to crop into iMovie. Then you will see the toolbar above the preview pane.

    Step 3. Choose the Crop icon to display the cropping box. Adjust the edges of the box to crop the video as you wish.

    Step 4. Once you are done, click the blue checkmark to apply the cropped video change.

    Step 5. Finally, click the Share button. If you want to save the cropped video, select File and follow the instructions to do it. You can also share the cropped video to YouTube, Facebook and more.

    Note: iMovie only supports limited video formats, like MOV and a part of MP4. If iMovie wont import your video, you have to convert it to MOV with a video converter program on Mac.

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    Tutorial: How To Crop Videos On Windows 10/8/7

    The process which is related to the video cropping on windows 10 is really simple and easy. The program has all the necessary tools which can be used to get the work done with ease. It can be regarded as the best video cropper for PC.

    Step 1: Install and launch Filmora Video Editor

    If you haven’t install Filmora Video Editor on your computer. Download the .exe file of the program from the download button above and install it. Once it is done launch the program to access the main interface. Then, open a new project to start the cropping.

    Step 2: Import video to the program

    There are 3 different ways for you to import media files into the program for editing, you can select one of them according to your own needs: 1) Hit “Import Media Files Here” 2) Hit “Import” button 3) Drag-n-drop the video files.

    When the video file is loaded, you need to drag and drop it to the timeline for editing.

    Step 3: Crop video

    Right-click the video in the timeline and select “Crop and Zoom”. It will lead to a new window.

    Take a look at the frame ratio i.e. 16:9 or 4:3. Drag the frame to adjust it. The frame can also be selected manually and freely. Once the job has been finished press OK.

    If you want to apply more effects to your video in Filmora Video Editor, you can follow the below tutorials:

    Video Color Correction: How to Color Correct Video

    Step 4: Save and export video

    Video Cropper: How To Crop Videos To Full Screen

    Free Video Cutter Windows 10 | How to Crop a Video in PC
    Liza Brown

    There will undoubtedly be times when you need to crop your videos. For example, when you got some video files with black bars on top and bottom or you want to crop videos with large dimensions to fit the small screen of devices. Please note: the software recommended in this article is for Windows, if you need some tutorial about how to crop videos on Mac, please click here.

    Though there are many video editing software for cropping video footage, Wondershare Filmora is highly recommended. It’s a powerful video editor that not only crop your video files on Windows or Mac, but also allows you to enhance the video with visual effects, transitions, titles and more. When you finish video editing, you can always find a suitable output format to generate your final result without any quality loss. Apart from that, you can also export to other options, e.g. share on YouTube or burn to DVD video directly.

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    How To Crop Video In Windows Movie Maker

    The Windows Movie Maker is also a good choice that can be used to make sure that the video is cropped with ease and satisfaction. The process which is associated with the question has been mentioned as under.

    Step 1: Once the program has been launched press the import media button at the top of the program. Right-click on the video and select add to timeline. Alternatively, the video can also be dragged and dropped on the timeline.

    Step 2: On the main tab click split on the part you want to crop. Right-click on the part you want to crop and select remove. It will let the entire video remove and only the cropped part remains.

    Step 3: Save the project once the cropping has been done. It also finishes the process in full.

    Best Practices For Formatting And Cropping Your Video

    If you want to make videos people love to watch, here are some of the key things you need to look out for when formatting and cropping your video.

    1. Always Pick the Largest Size To Attract More Attention Visually

    If you want your videos to stand out, always pick the largest size possible.

    You may be wondering why this is important since social media platforms allow users to upload horizontal videos. But studies have show smartphone users handle their devices in vertical positions more than 94% of the time.

    Videos that take up more space on your screen command more visual attention and engagement. They can stop the scroll and immerse viewers in the visual world you’ve created.

    So donât waste your time making a horizontal video on vertical video-heavy platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. Instagram themselves has said they want you to take up all the space you can especially on Reels.

    With so many platforms including vertical video, itâs no doubt that vertical video is the future. This is evident in the sharp rise in popularity and consumption of vertical video content. Only a few years ago, Snapchat pioneered the move to vertical video in the social space. And now Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram have followed suit by launching features like Stories and Reels to cater to vertical videos.

    2. Center Important Elements To Avoid Awkward Platform Crops

    If you’d like to share your video on multiple platforms, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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    How To Crop A Video With Filmora

    There are several ways to cropping video footage in Filmora. You can set up the preference after creating a project and then go to the Editing tab to set up the Photo Placement.

    Crop to Fit will set the video size to match the project settings aspect ratio automatically, so there will be no black bar and no need to crop the footage one by one. This feature is very useful if you have shot lots of pictures in 9:16 with smartphone and want to use them in your video project. You can also use the Pan & Zoom feature to zoom in the footage after cropping automatically.

    Step 1. Import video files to crop

    You can either click “Import” on the primary windows and select files from your computer, or just simply drag and drop files to the User’s Album before adding them to the Timeline for editing.

    Step 2. Crop videos

    Now drag videos from the User’s Album to the video track on the Timeline and right click the video. You will find a “Crop and Zoom” button in the menu. Click it to access the editing window to crop videos.

    As you can see, there are 5 options at the bottom: Custom , keep the crop area in 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1 aspect radio. Note that you should select a corresponding aspect radio when exporting if you have chosen a radio here. Otherwise, black bar will be generated. For example, you have cropped your video to 16:9, and then you need to set the Resolution in “Advanced settings” as 480*272 or 1280*720.

    Step 3. Export cropped video

    Now Its Your Turn To Try

    How to crop video AVI,MP4,MKV,WMV,MPEG, remove black bars ...

    Reading here, you can try a suitable way to cut video in Windows 10, or cut video in photos, or cut video online.

    Let me know which solution you want to try! Should you have any other solutions on how to cut video, please leave them in the following comment! Thanks!

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    Export The Cropped Video

    After you know how to crop a video, click Export. There are various video format you can choose MP4, MOV, AVI and more. It is suggested to export video to MP4 if you don’t know which one to choose. For advanced settings, you can also change bitrate and select video quality. You can directly share the cropped video to YouTube and Vimeo. It also supports burning it to DVD.

    How To Trim Videos On A Windows Computer

    1. Find the video you want to edit and double-click it to open it in the Windows video player.

    2. Click the Edit button in the lower right of the video player window and then, in the menu, click “Trim.” The video should open in the Photos app.

    3. Now you can trim the video by dragging the white Start and End points in the video timeline. As you drag the Start point to the right, you’re trimming away anything to its left at the start of the video. Drag the End point to cut away unwanted parts towards the end of the video.

    4. When you’re satisfied with the result, click “Save a copy” in the upper right of the window. A copy of the original video with the new start and end points will be saved in the same folder, with “_trim” added to the title.

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    How To Crop A Video In Ios Android And Pc

    Often times, you may need to crop an existing video to fit a different aspect ratio. Whether it be cropping down from 8K to 4K or cropping an iPhone video to fit a vertical or square aspect ratio, there are many reasons you may need to crop. In this article, well let you know how you can crop video on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

    How Do I Crop A Video On Windows 10 For Free

    How To Crop Video – Windows Video Editor Tool

    There is no built-in video editor with cropping function on your Windows 10 computer. However, you can install freeware, such as VLC, Windows Movie Maker, HandBrake, etc. to initiate your editing request. The one who is not willing to install third-party software can also try an online video cropper for free in the market. Usually they are easy to use so you don’t worry about the operations.

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    Open Tuneskit And Add Mp4 File

    Before getting started, you need to download and install TunesKit Video Cutter program on your computer. After that, just double click the icon and launch TunesKit. Next drag and drop the MP4 file you’d like to crop to the software, or click the “Open” button to browse your target MP4 file from the local folder of your computer.

    How To Crop A Video Windows 10 With Online Video Cutter

    Using an online video cropper is also a good choice for Windows 10 users. Apart from cropping video, Online Video Cutter provides other video editing features with you, such as rotating video, trimming video, etc. And its very easy-to-use that just needs a few steps to crop video, not requiring installation.

    Step 1. Click the Choose File button to upload the target video.

    Step 2. Tap on the Crop icon to pop up some optional aspect ratio. Choose one, or choose Custom to crop the video by yourself.

    Step 3. Once you finish, click the Save button.

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    Crop Mp4 Video In Tuneskit

    Once the file is imported successfully, you can then click the Edit icon and here comes a editing window. There are six options on the top menu bar, press the “Adjust” one. You will see two preview windows. You can move the white lines to zoom in or out the original video file in left window and then see the effect in the right window. Alternatively, you can simply enter the accurate value for the width and height of the video file in the section of “CropArea Size”. Afterwards, click the OK button to escape the window.

    How To Cut Video In Windows 10 By Using Video Cutter

    crop video    ?  ...

    What should you do if you dont want to cut video by using the Photos app? Now, how to cut video from middle?

    In fact, video cutter can help you cut/split/trim video easily and quickly. Here, we list several common video cutter tools. If you want to cut video clips more precisely, you can choose a suitable tool you like.

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    How To Crop A Video On Iphone Or Ipad In Photos

    How do you crop a video on iPhone? To crop a video on an iPhone or iPad, you have two ways to complete the task. One uses iMovie, as mentioned before, and another uses the Photos app, a great photo, and a video cropper tool.

    The steps to crop videos on iOS with iMovie are the same as those on Mac. The only difference is cropping a video using iMovie on the iPhone will not change the size or aspect ratio. It will simply zoom in on the video, and you can crop unnecessary objects out of the frame.

    Method of Cropping Videos on iPhone and iPad:

    Step 1. In the Photos app, choose the video you want to crop.

    Step 2. Tap Edit in the top right corner. Tap the “Crop” icon in the lower right corner.

    Step 3. Make your adjustments. Tap “Done”. Now, you can view the cropped video.

    After cropping, you can tap the Share button and then choose how you want to share it. You can AirDrop the video to your iPad and Mac, email it, upload it to Instagram or Facebook.

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