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How To Delete Account From Dell Laptop

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Reverting To The Default User Photo

How to delete gmail account on laptop,how to delete your gmail account permanently on Pc or Mac
  • 1Click the Start button. It’s usually at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • 2 It should look like your current user photo, and it’s near the top-left corner of the Start menu.
  • 3Click Change account settings.
  • 4Click Browse for one. It’s under the “Create your picture” header. You’ll see the “Open” dialog window.
  • 5Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures. This is where you’ll find the default user icons. Here’s a quick way to do this:
  • Highlight this text with your mouse: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures.
  • C to copy it to your clipboard.
  • In the address bar at the top of the Open window, click your mouse at the end of the current path. This highlights the information that’s already in that box.
  • Press to paste the copied location.
  • Press âµ Enter.
  • 6Select user.png and click Choose picture. Any of the files with the name “user” should be fine. This replaces your user profile photo with the default.
  • Your old photo will still appear in your account settings. If you want to delete it from the computer completely, continue with this method.
  • 7+E to open the File Explorer. Now you’ll use the File Explorer to delete your old photo from the computer.
  • 8Paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\AccountPictures into the address bar. You’ll do this just as you did when you navigated to the User Account Pictures folder in the Open window.
  • 9âµ Enter. Now you’ll see all of your user account photos.
  • Remove Sign In Password With Windows Installation Disc For Local Account

    When you are locked out of Windows 10, you can make use of the Windows 10 installation disc to run command prompt and remove the sign-in password without booting into Windows. But this method can only apply to local account.

    Preparation: Windows 10 install cd, Windows 10 computer

    Step 1: Enable Command Prompt on Windows 10 login screen.

    1. Plug the install CD into Windows 10 computer and power on computer to boot from CD.

    2. Press Shift + F10 to open Command Prompt while you see the prompt to install Windows 10 system.

    3. Type the commands that could make a copy of utilman.exe and replace it with cmd.exe.

    4. Type “wpeutil reboot”, press Enter and instantly exit install CD to restart computer from hard drive. Now you can run Command Prompt from ease of access icon on Windows 10 login screen.

    Step 2: Remove Windows 10 sign in password with command on login screen.

    1. Click the ease of access icon, and Command Prompt is open.

    2. Type the net user command to remove Windows 10 login password.

    Type command “net user <username> *” and press Enter twice, and the user password will be removed.

    3. Close Command Prompt window and sign in Windows 10 without password.

    Refer to: Reset Windows 10 Local Admin Password Using Command Prompt


    Delete A User Account In Windows 8 Or 10

    To delete a user account in Windows 10, click Settings on the Start menu.

    NOTE: This process is similar in 8. However, to access the list of users you can manage or delete, search for user accounts on the Start screen and click on Add, delete, and manage other user accounts in the results. Then, follow the instructions starting with the Family & other users screen below.

    On the Settings window, click Accounts.

    In the right pane on the Accounts screen, scroll down to the Other users section where other user accounts are listed. Click on the account you want to delete.

    Notice that local accounts are labeled as such. Microsoft accounts will list the account name with the email address below it.

    Youll be asked if you want to keep the files from that user. As we mentioned earlier, you should make sure to have a backup in case you need the files. If you are sure, then click Delete account and data to remove the user and delete the data.

    Once youre finished, those accounts will no longer appear on the login screen.

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    Learn What Deleting Your Account Means

    • Youll lose all the data and content in that account, like emails, files, calendars, and photos.
    • You won’t be able to use Google services where you sign in with that account, like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, or Play.
    • Youll lose access to subscriptions and content you bought with that account on YouTube or Google Play, like apps, movies, games, music, and TV shows.

    Remove Windows 10 Local Account Sign In Password

    How to Reset Dell Laptop Password without Disk for Windows ...

    For the local account, it is much easier to remove any user login password, such as command prompt, control panel, computer management.

    But if you just want to remove current sign-in administrator password in Windows 10, follow the steps to do in PC settings.

    Step 1. Click Start from right edge of the desktop screen, and choose Settings Accounts.

    Step 2. Tap Sign-in options and under Password, click Change.

    Step 3. Verify the current password for your administrator.

    Step 4. Leave the New password, Reenter password, and Password hint fields blank. Click Next and then tap on Finish to remove current user password.

    Now if you sign out and try to sign in with the same administrator again, you will find no password is required to access Windows 10 computer.

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    How Do I Wipe My Laptop Without A Password

    Way 2. Directly Factory Reset Windows 7 Laptop without Admin Password

  • Reboot your laptop or PC.
  • Select the Repair your Computer option and press Enter.
  • The System Recovery Options window will popup, click System Restore, it will check the data in your Restore Partition and factory reset laptop without password.
  • Delete A User Account In Windows 7

    If youre running Windows 7, make sure you are logged into an account with administrative privileges.

    To delete a user, type user accounts in the search bar on the Start menu and click on User Accounts listed at the beginning of the list of results.

    Then, click the Manage another account link on the Make changes to your user account screen.

    On the Choose the account you would like to change screen, click the user account you want to get rid of.

    Next, click the Delete the account link.

    You are then given the option to either delete the users files or keep them. You may want to do this if they need them for another machine or you want to store them in case theyre needed later.

    NOTE: We recommend that you back up files from the users account manually, because this method does not back up everything.

    If you selected to keep the files, they are moved out of the account before the account is deleted.

    You are returned to the Choose the account you would like to change screen and the account you deleted is gone. Click the X button in the upper-right corner of the window to close it.

    If you chose to keep the files, they are saved in a folder on the desktop.

    As we mentioned earlier, not all the folders from the users folder are backed up using this method, only whats listed in the image below.

    When youre done, those users will disappear from the login screen.

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    How To Remove Standard User And Setup Administrator Mode

    my laptop is running in standard user mode

    but it was not giving any permission ,like install or unintall of softwares etc.,

    then how to change to administrator mode?

    Every time I try to download a app it says administrator blocked this app but I never did and I dont know how to reset my administrator it is a dell desktop with a acer screen please help

    This depends on how your computer was setup. Most home computers have the administrator account disabled. First, search for Computer management, it may be found by right clicking on the start button or typing in the Run Command. Then look for Local Users and Groups. Open Users and see if the Adminstrator account is marked disabled, if it is marked disabled then try enabling the account. If you do not know the Administrator password, it may be possible to change it but generally requires administrator rights.

    This step assumes you know the Administrator password. Sign out and then sign in as administrator. Go to Local Users and Groups and open the Groups section. Double click on Administrator Group and a pop up window will appear. Chose add and enter your USER name, click on Check Name; if this works correctly, you will see your user name underlined. If your name does not seem to be recognized, change the location to local computer.

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    First: Back Up The Users Data If You Need It

    How To Delete A User Account In Windows 10

    The process of deleting an account is relatively easy, but you might want to back up their files and settings in case you need them again. Each users account settings and data are in the C:\Users folder under their user name. Back up the users folder to another location or an external drive before deleting the account. This is important especially for Windows 8 and 10,;because you are not provided a way to do this when deleting the account.

    In Windows 7, you are provided with an option to keep some of the files before deleting the account, as well discuss later in this article. Note that not all folders from the users folder are copied to the folder on the desktop, so you may want to manually back up the users folder as well as any other settings or files located outside of the users folder to make sure you have everything you need.

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    How Do I Delete Administrator

    Find the file or folder you want to delete or access from Windows Explorer. Right click it and choose Properties from menu. Select Security tab from the Properties window and click Advanced button. Continue click Owner tab from the Advanced Security Settings and you can see the current owner is TrustedInstaller.

    Option : Promote Exiting Standard User To Administrator

    In case you have only available standard user in Windows computer, you can change it to administrator to get new admin account in computer. But you should know it can be done only after you can log on to Windows with an admin account. So you should access computer with administrator account you want to delete before promoting standard user to administrator.

    Step 1: Sign in Windows PC with administrator account you want to delete.

    In order to sign in Windows PC with administrator account you don’t know password, please find its password reset disk or a Windows password recovery tool, such as Windows Password Genius to recover forgotten password. Then log into PC with it.

    Step 2: After computer access, begin to promote the standard user to administrator.

    Step 3: Log out of administrator account you plan to delete, and sign in with new administrator you just made.

    Step 4: Delete administrator account on Windows computer with admin rights.

    Compared to above steps, option 2 will look more advisable to solve the same problem that how to get admin account without password.

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    Difference Between Switching & Deleting Microsoft Account

    Switching from Microsoft to Local User Account removes Microsoft Account from your PC and allows you to Login using a New Local User Account.

    You will have access to all your All your Files, Photos and Data, only the Apps linked to your Microsoft Account will require you to sign-in using your Microsoft Account.

    While the Microsoft Account will be removed from computer, your data, files, settings and search history will still remain linked to your Microsoft.

    In comparison, deleting Microsoft Account will remove all the data associated with your Microsoft User Account, including all Files on Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, Pictures and the Downloads Folder.

    Hence, if you have any important data, you can either transfer the data to an external storage drive or copy the data to another location on your computer.

    How To Delete A User Account Picture In Windows 10

    How to delete outlook account from dell laptop?

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    When you select a Windows 10 user account photo, it’ll appear on the login screen, the Start menu, and various other places in Windows. If you don’t want to have a profile photo at all, you’ll need to replace it with something else, such as the default profile icon . Once you replace the photo, you can delete your old profile photos. This wikiHow will teach you how to reset your Windows 10 user account photo to the default profile icon and delete your old profile photos.

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    How To Delete Account

    How To Delete Dell;Account :- Dell;is an american computer, laptop and smartphone manufacturing company;that lets its users to purchase stay updated with dell company products and drivers. The website lets its user to create or edit account information, purchase item from their stores, download driver related to your notebook and get help from expert related to your dell notebook. We have received some mails from our website readers that they want to delete their account from Dell;Website. When we studied about this topic that why users are deleting their account from the website we figure out that most of the people who are deleting their account from the website are receiving mails from company like promotional or newsletter which is making their mailbox look spammed while other member say that they;purchased different company laptop thats why they not want account their website.

    If you deleting your account just;because of their;newsletter or mail you can either mark the mail as spam by clicking on spam button given at top of your mail button or unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link;given at the bottom of the mail. If your reasons are other then i will guide you step by step;method on how to delete your account from Dell;Website.

    How To Delete A User From Windows 10

    1. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom-left of your screen and search for the “Settings” app.

    2. Click the “Settings” app when it appears in the search results to open it.

    3. Click on “Accounts.”;

    4. Click on “Family & other users” from the menu bar running along the left-hand side of the Settings window.;

    5. Under the “Other users” heading, click on the name of the account holder you want to remove from Windows 10.;

    6. Click “Remove.”;

    7. Click “Delete account and data” in the pop-up that appears. The account will then be removed.;

    Note, however, that this method only works for users listed as “Other users.” If you’ve added another user to your “Family,” you’ll have to instead:

    1. Go to and sign into your Microsoft account.

    2. You’ll be brought to a page that shows all the accounts currently connected to your “Microsoft family.”

    3. Underneath the name of the person you want to delete, click “Remove from family.”

    Once you do this, their account should be deleted.

    Note that deleting a user from your Windows 10 machine will permanently delete all of their associated data, documents, and more.;

    If needed, ensure the user has a backup of any important files they want to keep before you delete.

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    Howto Delete An Administrator Account In Settings

  • . This button is located in the lower-left corner of your screen. It is shaped like the Windows logo.
  • This is the button that is shaped like a gear icon.
  • Then choose Accounts.
  • Select Family & other users. You can find this in the left sidebar.
  • Choose the admin account you want to delete.
  • Note: The person using the admin account must first sign off from the computer. Otherwise, his account will not be removed yet.

  • Finally, select Delete account and data. Clicking this will cause the user to lose all their data. So, it is advisable for the user to back up their files first.
  • Delete Your Account By Sending Mail

    Ubuntu : How to Add or Remove User Account
  • Open your registered email account and compose a new mail.
  • Enter the following email address;
  • On Subject enter the line REQUEST TO DELETE;MY ACCOUNT.
  • Now write a mail to delete your account sample given here and click send.
  • For more information on How to Delete Dell;Account stay updated to this website.

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    Option : Switch Login Option To A Local Account With No Password

    For the Windows 10 Microsoft account users, they can change the account to a local account and set no password to sign in. In this way, they can sign into the computer smoothly.

    Step 1: Open Settings > Accounts > Your info and then select Sign in with a local account instead.

    Step 2: Enter your Microsoft account password and click the Next button.

    Step 3: Create a username for the account. And then it is no need to set the password.

    Step 4: Click the Next button and the Sign out and finish button.

    After that, your Windows 10 is no longer connected to the Microsoft account. You can sign in automatically with the local account.

    Switch From Microsoft To Local User Account In Windows 10

    Follow the steps below to switch from Microsoft to Local User Account in Windows 10

    1. Open Settings> click on Accounts.

    2. On the Accounts screen, click on Your Info in the left pane and then click on Sign in with a local account instead.

    3.;On the next screen, enter the Password for your Microsoft Account and click on Next.

    4. On the next screen, enter User Name and Password for your New Local User Account and click on Next.

    5. Finally, click on Sign out and finish to sign out of Microsoft Account and switch to Local User Account.

    After these steps, you will be able to Login to your computer using Local User Account and Microsoft Account will be removed from your computer.

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