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How To Discard Laptop

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Prepare Your Computer For Recycling

Laptop Disposal 101 | Must see way to dispose of old Laptops

If you decide that you’d like to recycle your old computer, you’ll need to do some prep work first. Think about all the personal data you have on your computer: years of documents, photos, saved passwords, contact information, and bank account information. Before recycling a computer, selling, or passing down your devices, it’s important to remove this personal data so that it doesn’t accidentally fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, this isn’t a difficult task, but it needs to be done safely and effectively to ensure all the data is wiped.

Find Your Old Pc A New Home

PCs contain harmful substances like mercury, lead and arsenic so it can be tricky to know what to do with old laptop. UK councils will not allow such dangerous materials in wheelie bins, for example. However, there are a number of ways you can dispose of your computer:

  • Recycle: Your local recycling centre may be able to take it. Contact them to find out if they will accept it.

  • Sell it: If your PC still works, you can list it on sites like eBay. Don’t worry if you have removed the hard drive as they are relatively inexpensive to replace.

  • Donate it: Charities like Computer Aid International refurbish your old computer and send them to developing countries. You can also hand it to a local youth club, school or give it away using sites such as Freecycle.

How To Repurpose Your Old Tech

An aging desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet may be lacking the grunt required to meet your daily demands. But old equipment can still be useful for jobs that require a little less processing power.

Smartphones and tablets often find new life as a universal remote to control smart devices, and their various apps, around the home. You can also use them to play music and video from streaming services or a home server and cast to compatible devices.

It’s not uncommon to see an old iPad attached to the wall as a digital calendar or family planner either, and you can save a bundle on baby monitors by mounting a phone/tablet with a monitoring app above the bassinet instead.

If you have an old Android device with an IR blaster , it can make a fantastic universal remote. Using a free app such as Sure, Peel, or Anymote, you can set up your smartphone to control your TV, media centre, soundbar, even the lights in your home, all from the one app. Alternatively, you can install relevant apps for all your smart devices on an old phone or tablet, provided the operating system is compatible.

An older smartphone can be repurposed as a digital music player, which can save storage and help preserve the battery life of the phone you’re currently using. If you prefer streaming music, throw in a cheap, data-heavy prepaid SIM and stream songs without worrying about going over your limit or use the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car and on the road.

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How To Recycle Your Laptop Desktop And Peripherals

Getting rid of your old tech safely is easier than it might seem. There are government supported recycling services, charities and even independent businesses that will take your old gear off your hands. However, they are unlikely to accept hazardous or dangerous items.

Recycling Near You

Recycling Near You is one stop shop for all the e-cycling information you need. It’s an excellent, gigantic database administered by Planet Ark that lists recycling information, drop-off locations and curbside collection contact information relative to your postcode. This includes government-backed services, charities and private organisations. You can search each relevant database at these links:

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Government services the NTCRS

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme lets homes and small businesses dispose of their computers, computer components and TVs at drop-off points in each state and territory, free of charge. Under the scheme, any company that makes or imports TVs or computers into Australia is required to pay for the end-of-life recycling of their products.

You can recycle most e-waste products at NTCRS drop-off points, including:

  • Laptops, notebooks and tablets
  • Desktop computers
  • Central processing units
  • Printers
  • Peripherals

TechCollect partners with businesses to create e-waste drop-off points.

Taking Your Tech Back To The Manufacturer

Correct Way to Dispose Your Laptop

Though manufacturers used to run their own consumer recycling schemes, most have since partnered with Mobile Muster and the NTCRS. It makes sense, after all, consolidation is easier for the consumer and manufacturers can let professional e-cycling organisations handle the work. But some still run their own programs as an alternative.

  • Apple: you may also get credit towards the purchase of another Apple product, depending on the age of the device you’re trading in.
  • Dell: offers home e-waste collection services which incurs an item collection fee of $13 – $15 and a delivery fee of $10. Drop-off points operate in Melbourne and Sydney as well, which charge $8.50 per item.

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How To Donate Your Old Computer

Just because you’ve outgrown your equipment doesn’t mean someone else can’t use it. There are a handful of organisations that refurbish old computers for people experiencing disadvantages, who may not be able to afford technology that’s become an essential part of modern life.

You can’t just pop down to your local Vinnies or Salvos Store and drop off an old computer that needs work. However, you can get in touch with community groups that will handle the refurb and donate it to local organisations and charities. Recycling Near You can point you in the right direction.

How To Completely Dispose Of Old Computers Conveniently With All Green Recycling

Knowing how to completely dispose of old computers on your own is great, but the process is also labor-intensive and stressful. We understand this perfectly and thats why here at All Green Recycling, we make the entire process as stress-free as possible. We offer a host of computer disposal options including the following:

  • Electronics recycling

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How To Discard A Laptop Battery

In the event that you find a nearby recycling center, its easy to dispose of a laptop battery. Recycling centers near you can be found. Placing your laptops battery in a disposable plastic bag is a good way to protect it. In step one, you found a recycling center where you can dispose of the battery.

How To Dispose Of Computer Monitors 5 Easy Ways

How to Destroy Dell Studio Hard Disk to Dispose of Laptop Safely

Even though old computer monitors can look like useless junk, it is important to dispose of them carefully and in the correct manner.

Huge monitors that occupy a lot of space are no longer considered a part of modern technology, so people do not think twice before trashing them.

However, you should refrain from kicking a computer monitor out of your house just like the rest of your trash because it comes under hazardous waste.

  • The Bottom Line
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    Back Up Your Information

    Before you get rid of your old computer, think about what important information you want to save. Do you have photos, videos, or important documents you want to save? How much storage space will you need to save that information?

    Knowing what you want to save and how much space youll need will help you choose the best solution. Here are some options for saving or backing up your information.

    Transfer your files to your new computer. If you bought a new computer, you can transfer information from your old computer to the new one. Most operating system manufacturers have support articles that tell you how to do this.

    Save your files to an external storage device. A USB flash drive is an affordable option that offers a moderate amount of storage. Another option is an external hard drive. It might cost a little more than a USB drive, but it can give you more storage capacity and transfer data faster. You can decide which files or folders to back up, and you may be able to schedule automatic backups.

    Save your files in the cloud. There are many cloud storage services that let you save files and data online. You may be familiar with some, like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, or iCloud, but there are many others out there. Many of these services come with some free storage space and you can pay for more storage.

    How Do I Dispose Of Or Recycle Old Computers And Laptops

    When it’s time to get rid of your old computer, you may be wondering the best way to do it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has specific guidelines for consumer computer disposal. Ideally, old computers should be reused or donated first, recycled next, and then disposed of as a last resort.

    Heres how you can handle computer or laptop disposal:

  • Back up any important data you want to keep in a cloud or on a flashdrive.
  • De-authorize any programs you need an account or licence to run.
  • Remove any sensitive data, such as bank statements or tax returns, with a data removal program.
  • Delete your browsing history.
  • Consult with your employers about any company data disposal policies.
  • Uninstall your programs, such as Microsoft Office or ecommerce programs that may save your personal information.
  • Complete a full factory reset on your computer to delete any saved preferences.
  • If the computer is unusable, consider removing your hard drive and destroying it by hand or with a tool such as a hammer or drill.
  • Once your computer is free of personal files, consider what your best options are for getting rid of it.
  • If you choose to sell it, advertise online or take it in to a computer retailer to find out about trade-in options.
  • If your computer still works, consider donating it to family, friends, or any computer-based charities in your area.
  • If you choose to recycle your laptop, reach out to your local electronics recycler and ask about drop-off policies.
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    What Can I Do With A Windows Recovery Drive

    Windows 10 Recovery Drive allows you to boot your computer and access a number of recovery and troubleshooting tools to get your system back on track. Creating a Windows 10 Recovery Drive is a must if you havent already done so. This way, youll be prepared in case of an issue with your Windows 10 installation.

    Give It To A Family Member Or Friend In Need

    How To Properly Dispose and Recycle a Used or Old Laptop ...

    You can always try to look up a family member or friend who might make use of your old computer monitor.

    It could be for a project, an old-school computer setup, or anything else that they need it for.

    You would save them some money as well as allow them to take an out-of-date monitor off your hands.

    Even though newer, sleeker monitors are available in the market, old-school computer monitors are durable.

    So, simply just get the word out that you have a spare computer monitor, and you never know who might need it from your very own contact list.

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    How Do I Use My Recovery Drive On My Laptop

    Recovery is the name of Drive D. The Boot menu on the computer allows you to access this drive for starting it and troubleshooting it. When the computer is started, a prompt appears telling you which key to press to access the Boot menu. There are some computers that have the F10 key, but my Dell computer has the F12.

    How To Discard Old Laptop Batteries

    In the event that you find a nearby recycling center, its easy to dispose of a laptop battery. Recycling centers near you can be found. Placing your laptops battery in a disposable plastic bag is a good way to protect it. In step one, you found a recycling center where you can dispose of the battery.

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    What To Do With Your Old Laptop

    Instead of letting it sit idle in your home, why not try one of these four options?

    If you have an old laptop collecting dust in your home, youre not alone. People who purchase a new model frequently let the old one linger under the roofunused.

    And that raises a good question: How do you go about finding a new home for an old laptop? If youre working on clearing out your closets to make way for holiday gifts, here are a few eco-friendly options to consider.

    Properly Delete Your Data

    how to dispose of laptops: this is what professionals do

    Old conventional hard drives store information even after the hard drive has been wiped. This is simply down to the mechanical nature of them and their data storage processes the information is physically written onto the disk, an irreversible process.

    Even when wiping the hard drive or deleting the data, these physical recordings can still be retrieved by those who have the skills.

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    How To Dispose Of Old Computer Disks

    It is undeniable thatcomputersand other electronic devices have brought a lot of help to our lives. The innovation of technology made a lot of work more accessible. It is unmeasurable how we have changed ever since we got the advantage of using technology and computers. However, as soon as everyone started to own computers, it resulted from harmful electrical waste because computers are built using many material parts.

    As we are getting ourselves electrical devices, we also have our environmental responsibilities that we should strictly practice. This just sounds fair, right? To avoid the harmful and dangerous effects of electrical wastes, we need to be responsible when disposing of them after years of use. Not only are we saving the planet from unfair suffering due to human-made problems, but we are also conserving the raw materials if we practice the proper disposal of computers, including their parts.

    With that, we should include our environmental responsibility in knowing how to dispose of old computer disks. Since computer disks have a valuable use in computers, it is vital to know the proper and safe ways to dispose of them.

    Let’s quickly learn what computer disks are and the safe and proper ways to dispose of old computer disks.

    Where Is My Trash On Android

  • You might see Google Photos when you tap Photos on your Android phone.
  • To access the library, tap Library.
  • There are differences in the region in which the icon for Trash appears in this screenshot.
  • Here you can find your deleted photos. You can restore them or empty the trash can by tapping the ellipsis.
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    Find A Recycler Near You

    There are several specialty electronics recyclers out there. But bewarethere are scammers posing as recyclers who want to steal the personal information on your hard drive. Thats why wiping it before recycling is so important.

    Another great step to reduce the risk of being scammed is doing your research and recycling your laptop through a reputable recycler, preferably one certified by the EPA.

    Securely Wipe Your Hard Drive


    If you have extremely sensitive data on your hard drives, then deleting them is not enough. When you delete a file, it never really leaves the system and someone else can access it later. You should invest in secure data destruction methods like software data erasure, degaussing and hard drive shredding.

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    How To Wipe A Chromebook:

    Chromebooks are a lot easier than laptops because many of the files and apps youre already using have their data stored on the cloud, on . Getting the Chromebook to factory reset involves clicking on your account photo and opening the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Advanced section and look for the Powerwash section and icon. The process prompts a restart, during which all your personal information will be erased in its entirety.

    How To Properly Dispose And Recycle A Used Or Old Laptop

    Once youve purchased a new laptop for an upgrade, youll probably wonder what youre going to do with the old one. Little did you know merely throwing it away in the trash bin isnt a good idea. Laptops are built with different kinds of toxins that are harmful to people and the environment.

    Many businesses have policies regarding proper disposals of old desktops and laptops. Although its best to recycle, its also crucial to get rid of your laptops sensitive data before anything else. You need to ensure that you wont throw off your old laptop immediately without deleting any retrievable data.

    When youre done with your old laptop, make sure its also done with you. Even though its considered trash, anyone who has a charger can still open your old laptop and access your data. And its not just ordinary data thats at risk. Your old laptop contains passwords, registration numbers/license keys, contact numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive data. With all these pieces of information, you dont want your old laptop to fall into the wrong hands.

    If you dont want your sensitive data from being compromised, here are all the must-know on how to dispose of your old laptop.

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    All Those Dead Batteries

    There are a couple ways you can properly dispose of the single-use and rechargeable batteries that are common in flashlights, toys and other household electronics.

    Whole Foods, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Staples all have free drop-off spots for dead batteries. I suggest collecting your used batteries in a container and taking them in once it’s full.

    You could also check out Earth911, a website that helps you find the nearest recycling location based on the battery type you need to dispose of . can also help you find places to recycle your batteries.

    E-waste can have a second life after professional recyclers extract copper and other valuable materials.

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