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How To Discard Old Laptop

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Youre Not As Safe As You Think

Laptop Disposal 101 | Must see way to dispose of old Laptops

In 2013, a study by BSIA reported that incorrect disposal played a part in 66% of data theft cases. The results were obtained by sampling a group of UK healthcare professionals. Carelessness too often plays a role in the disposal of electronics containing personal and confidential data, leading to data breaches and identity thefts.

Laptop Recycling: Why Do It

According to the book Recycling by Vigi Wagner, Manufacturing a desktop computer and 17-inch CRT monitor uses at least 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals and 1,500 kg of water a total of 1.8 tons of materials roughly the weight of a sports utility vehicle or a rhinoceros. The time for laptop recycling is now.

E-waste is increasing rapidly as you read this, while precious resources that can be found in discarded laptops are going to waste, and our landfills are poisoning our air and our bodies. We are upgrading and purchasing new computers faster than ever, yet the country is slow to handle its e-waste responsibly.

When you simply throw your laptop in the garbage, you are leaving the government and taxpayers to pick up the costs of your irresponsibility. About eighty-eight percent of laptops will go right into the landfills.

Find A Way For Your Laptop To Be Reused

If you know you donât have any personal use for your old laptop and youâve wiped your data, whatâs next?

There are lots of ways you can make sure your old laptop is reused, rather than simply recycling it or throwing it out. Whether theyâre appropriate or not might depend on whether your laptop is in working order, of course.

If you decide to take one of the approaches below, weâve also got some handy guides on how to clean a laptop and how to clean a computer.

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How To Completely Dispose Of Old Computers In 7 Easy Steps

When you think of discarding old computers, a lot of stressful thoughts come to mind. From logistics to data transfer and disposal locations, it can be overwhelming. Heres how to navigate the process easily.

Personal computers have become a constant tool in the lives of both individuals and enterprises. According to a report by Gartner, over 290 million computers were shipped to buyers globally in 2015 alone. Each year, newer models of these computers, with more advanced functionality from faster processing speeds to even greater efficiency, are released. Depending on your organization, you may feel the need to invest in regular computer recycling and disposal.

This decision means that youre faced with the problem of how to completely dispose of old computers in a way that will not stress you out or cost too much. This guide is designed to help you do just that! Here are 7 easy steps that will have you disposing of your old computers in no time:

What Are Computer Disks

Correct Way to Dispose Your Laptop

Computer disks are computer data storage devices, such as floppy disks, hard disks, and compact disks, and it is referred to as secondary memory. In addition, it contains important and sensitive information, when they are old and not needed a new one should replace it, and it must be disposed of properly. Proper handling and disposal of old computer disks are essential and critical.

Also, safety precautions are a must when owning and using old computers disks to prevent them from experiencing physical damage, excessive heat, file fragmentation, frequent on-and-off, and power surges. It is also possible forcomputer disksto fail even if you take care of them because getting damaged is inevitable it’s starting to malfunction when things get older. Taking note of all mentioned above will make your computer disks last longer.

Here are the types of computer disks:

Floppy Disks

Floppy disks are flexible, removable magnetic disks for storing data. These disks are easily destroyed by removing the metal cover or tearing the plastic disk inside and can be thrown away. When recycled, these floppy disks can be useful again as being afloppy disknotepad or pen and letter holder.

Hard Drives

Another common type of computer disk is the hard drive. It is a high-capacity and self-contained storage devicethis stores data on a metal platter. For proper and safe disposal, disks should be thrown or destroyed.


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Simple Guide Steps To Properly Dispose Of Your Desktop Computer

1. Save your important files

Backing up your files using an external hard drive or transferring them to a new computer is the primary action you need to complete before computer disposal. By doing so, you can quickly access your data anywhere or transfer them to a new machine, even from your smartphone.

Also, you can opt to back up your files in the different storage cloud – handy virtual storage that enables you to restore your files if your computer is corrupted or you’re traveling and need access to data using a different device.

2. Delete the files once backed up

After completing the first step, you should immediately delete your files from the computer since you certainly do not want illegal viewing and accessing your important files later. Keep important emails or other personal data confidential because any mistake during the disposal process may lead to a vast data breach later.

3. Clear your browser data

Clearing your browsing data is one of the most important and highlighted steps on entirely disposing of old computers. Hackers can target you based on access left to your browser history, so you must completely delete them. Deciding whether to delete it or not will depend on what browser you use.

Moreover, most browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox are associated with the user’s email accounts and can log in to different confidential sites. Thus, it means that once you clear your browser data, your browsing history will no longer be accessible.

Consult With A Professional About Regulatory Standards

Depending on your industry, you may have regulatory procedures to follow to ensure sensitive data doesnt fall into the wrong hands. If you have any doubts about your companys ability to safely destroy this data, consult a professional for help. At Brightline, we specialize in data compliance standards for many industries. We can work with you to manage your equipment lifecycle and make sure that your old computers are disposed of safely.

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Significance Of Proper Computer Disposal In Data Privacy

Computers components house different toxins that are hazardous for people. Worst, also in the environment, so they must be disposed of responsibly. One of the biggest concerns on how to properly dispose of a desktop computer is ensuring that your private data. Top important data are passwords, account numbers, addresses and phone numbers, and other personal documents stored in the computer. So, it is really essential to go into the right process so your data will not go to the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, simply deleting your files and emptying the Recycle Bin is not enough. However, there is a better and comprehensive process that you can do to practice how to properly dispose of a desktop computer.

Keep reading to know the steps you can follow to ensure proper and safe desktop computer disposal.

Recover Lost Data Before Disposing Of Old Computers

How to Safely Dispose of Old Computers

If your old computer has some problems or is broken, and you lost some important data, you can try to use the best data recovery software to recover lost data before you dispose of old computer. After that, follow Step 1 to backup the files, photos, etc. from your old computer to other devices.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a professional and user-friendly data recovery software program compatible with Windows 10/8/7.

You can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to easily recover any deleted files or lost data from computer hard drive, external hard drive, SSD, USB, SD card, and more.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps you tackle data loss due to mistaken file deletion, system crash or other computer problems, malware/virus infection, hard drive failure, etc.

Its free edition allows you to recover up to 1GB data totally for free. But if your old computer cant start, then you should use its advanced edition which contains a bootable media builder feature.

1. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to enter into its main interface.

2. Then click This PC from the left column, and choose the specific partition from the right Window where youd like to recover data from. And click Scan button.

3. After the software finishes the data scan, you can check the scan result to find needed files. Check the needed files and click Save button to specify a new device to store the recovered files.


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Selling Your Old Device

You could make money from an old device by selling it through a tech-buying website such as CeX, or you could compare the prices youd get at a range of sites via comparison sites such as Compare & Recycle and SellMyMobile: for example, you could get between £10 and £26 for an unlocked iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage.

Other sites you could sell your old tech on include musicMagpie, which also takes items such as books and CDs Mazuma, where you can choose to drop off your device at a local DPD shop and EcoATM, where you drop off the phone in a kiosk and it gives you a price.

On MusicMagpie, you call sell tech as well as other items such as CDs and books. You get an instant price on the website, post your items for free and get paid for them on the day they arrive. MusicMagpie refurbishes the gadgets it buys and resells them in the UK and elsewhere.

Mazuma works in a similar way, but you also have the option of dropping off your items at a local DPD shop.

You can sell your phone through EcoATM by placing it in a kiosk, which examines it and gives you a price instantly. Kiosks are limited, though, so visit the EcoATM website for details.

Recover Gold And Other Precious Metals

Computers contain measurable amounts of gold and other rare elements. There are videos on YouTube demonstrating the method and chemicals required to recover the gold at home. The process uses dangerous liquids like nitric and other acids. Cyanide is produced as a by-product of the recovery procedure. It is a hazardous and risky project to undertake at home and the financial reward is small.

Eric Limer says that “Gold is an incredible conductor of electricity, which is why it’s used as a coating in a lot of electronics, especially parts where data transfer happens like RAM. What if you could get a handful of this old computer crap and rip the gold right off? Best case scenario might net you $10 and that’s almost certainly less than the cost of refining materials.” He concludes it is better to give your old PCs, Apple Macs and laptops to a commercial company for recycling. They have the facilities to recover the gold and other rare and precious metals in safety and in large enough quantities to make it a viable operation.

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Where To Recycle Your Laptop

You can recycle your laptop by bringing it or mailing it to a reputable electronics recycling company like GreenCitizen that can either repair and reuse it or dismantle it in an environmentally-responsible way.

San Francisco Bay Area residents dont have to look far. In our effort to make every day Earth Day, GreenCitizen offers free laptop recycling, with every machine or component being reused or recycled safely.

You can avail of our convenient drop off, business pickup, or IT Asset Disposition services that help us all stay green.

If youre outside the San Francisco Bay Area or you’re far from our Eco Center in Burlingame you are also welcome to mail in your notebook to us. Check out our mail-in electronics recycling page for more details.

You can also find other electronics recycling centers near you using our Green Directory.

Use Dual Monitors If The Display Works

Simple Ways to Dispose of Old Laptops: 12 Steps (with ...

Some computers may not function but their monitor or display is still functional. Many people who work on computers enjoy the experience of using a second monitor.

Most operating systems allow you to configure the second monitor so its not just a duplicate of your original screen. You could have a reference document open on one screen, for instance, while you type an email on the other screen. This doesnt get rid of the rest of the broken computer, but it does give the screen portion a new life.

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Be Environmentally Responsible And Recycle Old Electronics

If you care about the environment, it’s important to stop laptops being sent to landfill. It makes more sense to recycle your laptop and get some cash back. This will be a small amount, but anything is better than nothing! There are several companies that do this, and you can find them online by searching for recycle old computers or cash for old laptops. They will ask for details of the laptop you want to sell, and some will give you an instant quote. If you accept their offer, they will organize collection of your PC and send you the money on receipt. However. check online for reviews of each company before proceeding to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable organization.

Recycling your laptop is important because if it ends up in a landfill, the problem isnt solved. Electronics that end up in the trash can become a serious environmental and health hazard.

Electronic devices contain toxic materials like chromium, flame retardants, and lead. These materials have been related to damage to kidneys, blood, and the central nervous system.

When you throw your notebook with household trash, those toxic materials can leak into landfills, reach groundwater, or vaporize.

Green Citizen website

What Can You Do With A Dead Computer

Here are four environmentally-friendly ways to get rid of an old computer.

  • Give away or sell your old laptop or PC if it’s still working.
  • If not working, harvest usable parts to repair your current model.
  • Break up the old broken computer for resale or reuse.
  • Recover gold and other precious metals for recycling.
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    Achieve Safe Data Disposal With Abtron Computer Services

    Abtron Computer Services can provide the proper disposal of collected, used, transferred, or stored data. Here at Abtron, we got you covered and disposed of your data safely and properly. Also, we make sure to follow our strict data disposal process so that your data will remain private. We support recycling services we also offer various asset customization that will match your industry requirements.

    We need to act now because we can’t let our electrical devices sit idly in their place and collect dust. We can’t let it be part of e-wastes and become a harmful contribution to landfills. Work with Abtron and be assured that you are practicing the proper disposal because Abtron has the appropriate step-by-step process in disposals.

    Are you interested in our services?Contactus. We will be glad if we hear from you soon. Get an amazingfree quote.

    S Before Recycling Your Computer

    Proper Way to Protect Your Data When Disposing of an Old Computer

    Before you can take your computer to be recycled, you will want to be sure you have secured all of your personal information and removed all of the data.

    Follow these steps:

  • Backup your Computer-save onto a portable storage device such as an external hard drive or USB
  • Wipe your Hard Drive-this goes beyond simply deleting files, consider a data shredding software program.
  • Wipe External Drives-if any external hard drives or USB are connected they need to be wiped as well.
  • Delete the Browsing History-select history in whatever browser you use and check all the boxes then delete.
  • Uninstall Programs-make sure that all programs are uninstalled. Many software programs secretly save your personal data.
  • Encrypt All your Files-sometimes wiping or deleting is not enough, so encryption is a great defense.
  • Physically Damage your Hard Drive-if you are still very concerned or not convinced on the security of your data, you can physically drill some holes through or smash your hard drives.
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    How To Dispose Of Old Computers Safely

    As for how to get rid of old computers securely, if you only delete all files in the old computer, its not enough and is not effective. The deleted files can still be retrieved, for instance, using a data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    The right way is to wipe hard drive permanently and overwrite the hard drive, then data on it cant be recovered. This can prevent your personal data from leaking when you dispose off your old computer.

    To realize this, you can utilize a top free hard drive wipe software.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is a professional hard drive partition manager for Windows. You can use it to easily wipe the computer hard disk and overwrite the hard drive, thus, to keep your data from leaking after you dispose the old computer.

    Aside from wiping/erasing the hard drive , MiniTool Partition Wizard allows you to create/resize/extend/format the partition, clone disk, migrate OS to SSD, convert hard drive format, etc.

    Free download and install the 100% clean free disk wipe software – MiniTool Partition Wizard – on your new Windows 10 computer or friends computer, and follow the simple operation below to wipe the hard drive of your old computer to erase all information on it.


    1. Connect the hard disk of your old computer to another computer, and launch MiniTool Partition Wizard on another computer, and it will automatically load all detected drives and partitions.

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