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How To Dispose Of Old Laptop Batteries

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How To Dispose Of Laptop Battery Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here

Batteries contain chemicals and metals that together produce the reaction that generates electrical energy. While recycling of batteries is encouraged to protect the environment, common household alkaline batteries are considered nonhazardous and may be tossed out with ordinary trash.

Button cell batteries used in items like remote car starters and watches contain silver and mercury. They must be recycled. In California, all household batteries are categorized as hazardous waste. Batteries must be brought to a household hazardous waste disposal facility or an authorized recycling facility in the state.

Department Of Transportations Check The Box Campaign

The DOTs Check the Box campaign is a public awareness campaign that seeks to prevent serious incidents by increasing public awareness of everyday items that are considered hazardous materials in transportation this includes batteries that are packaged and sent for recycling or disposal. Batteries must be correctly identified, packaged, and labeled via package markings before being sent for recycling or disposal. For more information, go to DOTs Check the Box campaign and check out the campaign video.

Extract Cells From The Dead Battery Pack

To extract the cells you will need a sharp knife or a cutter and a small hammer. Align the sharp edge of knife with the edge of the battery pack and hammer the knife softly. Repeat this until you see that the whole edge is cracked. Then pull out the batteries. Now you will see each cell is connected to a circuit. This is actually the cell protection circuit which protects the cells from deep discharging and overcharging.

Separate the protection circuit from the cells and disconnect all the terminals. Now test each of the cell voltage with a multimeter. Cells with voltage below 3 V are dead. These are of no use. Dispose the dead cells properly. Keep the cells which gives voltage more than 3 V.

This step may be done in many other ways. Search for it and you will get plenty of ways. I found this most convenient so I thought to share it.

I actually forgot to mention this step. After lathe_makeatio asked me how I figured out dead batteries from the battery back, I thought to post this step.

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Where To Recycle A Laptop

There are dozens of companies everywhere that are happy to help consumers safely and responsibly dispose of used laptops and other electronic devices. Here is a list of some of the most commonly accessible locations, but you can also search online for locations near you that participate in Sustainable Materials Management programs . Policies and practices vary by state, so it is wise to do your research beforehand.

Accepted Recyclable Devices

Batteries That Are Not Properly Recycled Will Contribute To Air And Water Pollution

How to Dispose of Old Batteries

When you toss your old batteries in the trash, they will end up in the landfill, where they are left to leak and decay. As the batteries corrode, their chemicals leak and soak into the soil, contaminating groundwater and surface water. Our ecosystem contains thousands of aquatic plants and animals, which are compromised when polluted with battery chemicals.

Also, when you drink tap water from your faucet, you could be ingesting hazardous metals. In addition to this, lithium batteries that have been improperly disposed of can be unstable. Lithium batteries are responsible for smoldering fires at landfill sites that last for years.

This results in toxic chemicals being released into the air, hurting our breathing and contributing to global warming. In addition, improperly exposed batteries release a vaporized form that can get trapped in the atmosphere and pollute streams and lakes when it rains.

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What If Theres No Recycling Center Nearby

Most urban and suburban cities will have several retailers that can recycle your laptop battery or, if not that, a waste management service that can recycle electronics, including batteries.

Rural areas are a different story. You may discover that your nearest recycling center is an hours drive away or more. Thats inconvenient, but dont fret yet. You may have another option.

Nearly all laptop manufacturers provide a laptop recycling program. Most manufacturers will recycle a laptop they’ve made for free and even pay the cost of shipping the computer back to the company. Some also offer free recycling of any computer from any brand if you purchase a new laptop or desktop from the company. The manufacturers customer service website will provide instructions.

Here are links to the programs run by the worlds largest laptop manufacturers.

Whats the catch? Unfortunately, this service may apply to the entire laptop and not to the battery alone. It’s likely to reject a laptop with a battery the company considers non-serviceable. The manufacturer will likely offer the option to replace the battery while keeping the laptop but will charge a fee for performing that service.

Confirm That Your Battery Is Dead

Before you decide to dispose of your laptop battery, the first step is to confirm that it is no longer working.

Sometimes, it is just a malfunction issue that can be fixed, and you do not need to completely replace your battery unless you are sure it is gone for good.

Therefore, to save your valuable time and money, make sure you confirm from an expert that your laptop battery has completely run its course before you consider disposing of it.

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Ask Yourself Do You Really Need To Dispose Of The Laptop

Energy, fuel and resources are used to build new computers and laptops. So before you start looking at how to dispose of your laptop, you need to ask yourself, do you really need to get rid of it in the first place? Do you really need a new one? And if your current laptop does have an issue, could it be repaired or have its software upgraded rather than replaced?

Why is this important? Well, it comes back to the core principles of reducing waste that goes to landfill â reduce, reuse and recycle . âReduceâ in this context means reducing the number of natural resources you use â so you only buy things you really need. Hence the questions above.

The reason itâs important to reduce and reuse first is that theyâre the most environmentally friendly options. Although recycling is better for the environment than sending something to a landfill, it still uses energy and resources like fuel and water. This means recycling inevitably increases your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Which Batteries Are Best

How To Safely Dispose Of Old Button Cell Batteries #fixed1t521

The tool, toy or electronic product generally includes information that specifies which battery type should be used to power a device. Use the type and size specified.

For products that use or include AA, AAA, C, D single-use batteries, there is generally a rechargeable option that can safely be used. Rechargeable batteries can be recharged hundreds of times before they no longer hold a strong charge and can be recycled. The initial cost may be higher than single-use batteries, but they are environmentally superior due to savings on raw materials, including packaging and the energy to produce and ship batteries. The exception may be a camera or other device where the manufacturer specifies the use of a lithium battery. This is generally the case for electronics that require a higher energy output than can be delivered by an alkaline or other type of rechargeable battery. Lithium batteries are the most energy dense type of battery. This means they can be smaller and lighter and still hold as much or more of a charge than other battery types. Lithium batteries are now sold in AA, AAA and C sizes. They are more expensive, because they hold more energy and last longer. The higher cost generally evens out because they last longer. However, lithium single use batteries must also be taped and brought to your HHW facility or a store so that they are safely recycled.

Reminder: Do not place any batteries in your recycling bin! Is it not safe and they wont be recycled.

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Swollen Or Damaged Batteries

  • Batteries that are damaged, become wet, or are stored in a device for a long period of time without use may rupture. When this happens, a clear liquid, which dries to a white or rusty colored powder will be on the battery and possibly in the device. Use gloves: place alkaline batteries in the garbage and tape all others.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries may swell up if damaged. The swelling occurs when the cells inside the battery casing rupture and react, generating heat and gas. Swollen batteries and the devices containing them should not be used due to the high risk of fire or a release of toxic gases. Carefully remove the battery, tape the terminals and take these to your nearest battery recycler as soon as you can. If you cannot remove the battery from the device, take the entire device to your HHW program for safe management. Tell retail or HHW staff you have a damaged battery when dropping it off so they can put it into a specially designed shipping box to prevent fires.
  • Store swollen batteries in an open top metal, ceramic or glass container and keep it away from heat sources, combustible materials like paper, and children.

North Carolina Battery And Electronics Recycling And Disposal Guide For Households

If you are having a difficult time finding out what todo with used batteries and where you can take them to be recycled orsafely treated and disposed, then you should find a solution here onthis page. Whether you have a AAA, AA, C, D, watch, button, hearing aidor car battery, there is a solution.

Use our waste & recycling drop-off locator tofind the nearest facility to you or Download ourQuick Reference Waste Guide.

Batteries Lead acid vehicle,rechargeablecomputer/power tools, etc. View locations.RView locations.

Computer Equipment CPU’s, monitors, laptops, printers, peripheralsRView locations.Electronics Any electronic device with acord RView locations.


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Turn Aaa Batteries Into Aa Batteries

Your kids T-Rex toy just ran out of batteries, and theyre throwing a tantrum as youve never seen before. Well, you could always order online, but your kid will have irritated you to near-death by the time they’re delivered. So what do you do? Take that pair of old but still functional AAA batteries, and turn them into AA batteries with this simple Instructables life hack. Note that this trick works not only when your kids’ toys run out of juice, but also whenever you need AA batteries and only have a triple-A pair.

Extra Considerations For Recycling Batteries

How to Dispose of Batteries the Right Way

Whenever possible, recycling is the best option since some batteries are dangerous for the environment. If you’re going to recycle batteries, keep these points in mind:

  • If you’re recycling an old laptop, remove the battery. The battery and laptop need to be submitted separately for recycling.
  • If you’re recycling a smartphone, you don’t have to remove the battery. You can recycle the battery and phone together.
  • If you’re keeping the phone, and want to get rid of the battery that’s no longer charging, take the phone to an authorized dealer to have the battery removed and replaced with a new one.
  • If you’re disposing or recycling a rechargeable battery by shipping rather than in person, check for additional procedures or packaging the facility you’re shipping to requires.

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Use A Local Recycling Centre

Depending on the area where you live, you may be able to find some recycling services in your county or district where you can properly dispose of your laptop batteries. Often, you can drop your laptop batteries off at designated local retailers, town halls, community centers, fire departments, police departments, waste disposal facilities, and libraries. In addition, you can ask your public library or find information on state, county, or city websites.

If You Can’t Find A Location Above:

Take the rechargeable batteries to any of the participating retailers. In the U.S.: Alltel, Batteries Plus, Best Buy, Black & Decker, Cingular Wireless, The Home Depot, Milwaukee Electric Tool, Orchard Supply, Porter Cable Service Center, RadioShack, Remington Product Company, Sears, Staples, Target, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Wal-Mart. And in Canada: Battery Plus, Bell Mobility, Canadian Tire, FIDO/Microcell, Future Shop, The Home Depot, Home Hardware, London Drugs, Makita Factory Service Centers, Personal Edge/Centre du Rasoir, RadioShack Canada, Revy, Sasktel, Sears, The Sony Store, Telus Mobility and Zellers.

Use the RBRCcollection site locator, or call the consumer helpline, 1-800-8-BATTERY, to find the retail collection site nearest you.

Non-rechargeable still don’t have a recycler and general just must be disposed in the trash. If you have large quantities or are a business, talk with your permitted sanitary landfill operator . Waste batteries should not be burned because of the metals, and they could explode. When burned, some heavy metals such as mercury may vaporize and escape into the air, and cadmium and lead may end up in the ash.

if none of the options above were suitable.

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What Do I Do With Used Batteries

Batteries power our lives. From laptops to vehicles, to watches and toys, nearly everything that needs portable power has a battery in it. What should you do with these items, and the batteries inside, when they no longer pack a punch?

Dry-cells, rechargeables, and automotive batteries all must be disposed of in specific ways to keep the environment clean and safe.

  • Most single-use or dry-cell batteries can be thrown away safely in the trash, but they create landfill waste. It is best to replace these with rechargeables whenever possible.
  • Rechargeable batteries should never be placed in your trash or curbside recycle bin, but they should always be recycled!
  • Automotive batteries should be kept out of the trash and returned to a business that sells them or a facility that takes them for recycling.

Watch this short video for an overview on the topic, and read on for more nuanced details on battery disposal.

Single-use batteries are used in small electronics such as remote controls, flashlights, and other household items. These are designated 9-volt, D, C, AA, and AAA batteries. Americans purchase over three billion dry-cell batteries per year!

Dry-cell batteries can be thrown in the trash legally in most states, since the Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act passed in 1996, which phased out the use of mercury in alkaline batteries.

To avoid creating more landfill trash with batteries, replace them with rechargeable alternatives whenever you can.

How To Prepare Batteries For Disposal Or Recycling

San Francisco official on how to dispose of old batteries

Before discarding your batteries, cover the battery contacts with non-conductive masking or electrical tape. Alternatively, put each battery into a small plastic bag so that they don’t touch other batteries. Doing this is especially important for units that may be leaking.

Use electrical tape since cellophane tape is prone to static electricity and doesn’t always stick well. If you have several batteries, tape the contacts, then put the batteries in a non-conductive plastic or cardboard container for safe transport to a local electronics recycling center.

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Ways To Recycle Laptop Batteries

Most local governments offer e-waste recycling services, so the first step is to check where your councils closest collection point is located.

Your collection point might be at your council offices or local waste transfer station, so its best to inquire ahead or check at

Some laptop makers have take-back programs for computer parts too, otherwise you can drop off used laptop batteries at retailers like Battery World.

While these options are mostly for households, businesses and organisations can partner with specialist companies like Ecocycle for large-scale recycling needs.

Use A Recycling Collection Scheme

There are recycling collection schemes that you can use, like the Catt2Recycling program. There are battery collection schemes that will take the battery from you free of charge. Then, you have some schemes that will pay you for your used laptop battery. Just shop around online and look into battery recycling collection schemes.

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Where Can You Recycle Your Laptop

Your first port of call for laptop recycling is electrical retailers. Under the waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations, large retailers are required to accept electrical goods for recycling â regardless of whether or not you buy a new item.

In addition, if youâre buying a like-for-like replacement of an item, whether in a shop or online, WEEE regulations require all retailers to take away the old, unwanted item for free.

However, if for any reason you can’t use a retailer’s recycling system, there are other options. Many Household Waste Recycling Centres accept laptops and other electricals. And you can find out the places nearest you that recycle laptops by entering your postcode on the Recycle Now website.

Refurbisher Or Registered Recycling Company

How To Responsibly Dispose Of Used Batteries

One of the steps on how to dispose of a laptop is to determine whether where to dispose it. You can recycle old laptops by bringing them over to a reputable refurbisher or electronics recycling company. They can either refurbish them or dispose of in an environmentally-safe method. As mentioned, there are many recycling companies and refurbishes that accept old laptops for recycling. For example, Microsoft has a global end-of-life program, partnering recycling organizations for facilitating old packaging, batteries, and other devices.

If you want to know any recycling organization near your country, you can visit Microsofts End-of-Life Management and Recycling website. Best Buy also accepts old laptops for recycling. In case you didnt know, Best Buy has already collected over two billion pounds of electronics devices and appliances for its recycling initiative. Other options include Staples and .

If youre interested in finding a registered Microsoft refurbisher, you can visit the Microsoft directory site. If your old laptop is no longer in good condition to donate, recycling is the key. For a more convenient search, you can navigate to Earth911s website for recycling drop-off sites. From the site, you can input your ZIP code and locate the nearest drop off location.

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