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How To Extend Laptop Battery Life

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Turn Down Display Brightness

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life (Official Dell Tech Support)

Powering all of those pixels in the display is the single greatest drain on battery resources. The first item to check when you are experiencing troublingly short battery life is your display brightness. If you’ve got it turned up all the way or near the max, then lower the brightness; you might also find it a more comfortable computing experience to your eyes.

Your laptop likely has two Function keys mapped to display brightness. If not, you can find a brightness slider by going to Settings > System > Display. You’ll also find a slider for display brightness in the Windows Mobility Center, which is buried in the Control Panel; the easiest way to find it is just to search for it.

Analyze Your Observed Usage Over Time

For as long as I can remember, PC manufacturers and independent reviewers have struggled to come up with measurements of battery life that can be used to compare the performance of different devices. Typically, those schemes measure either video playback or some form of cycling through web pages and various apps.

Which is all well and good, except that you would probably like to know how much of a drain your particular workload will place on your laptop battery. And, of course, that measurement will vary depending on the apps you’re using, the quality of your network connection, and other variables. That’s why measuring actual observed usage is more important than any synthetic benchmark.

You’ll find details of battery drains in the battery report, which shows a graph and table covering the last three days, under the Battery Usage heading.

The chart and table shown here give you a complete picture of battery usage.

The graphical portion shows time and charge/discharge activity . The table below it provides details about each change from active use to Connected Standby while running under battery power.

Use The Battery Saver Option For Maximum Power Savings

Windows 10 includes a Battery Saver option that instantly turns off activities that chip away at battery life, such as push notifications and background activity for some apps. Turning on Battery Saver can dramatically increase your battery life and has the extra bonus of reducing distractions as you work.

To turn on Battery Saver manually without open Settings, click the battery icon in the notification area and then click the Battery Saver option. You can tell that Battery Saver is on by the green leaf that appears over the battery icon. Click that option again to turn Battery Saver off.

Battery Saver is automatically turned off when you plug in to an external power source.

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Activate Battery Saver Mode

When youre using your laptop on battery power, Windows shows your battery level in the taskbar. Click on the laptop battery level indicator and make sure any power-saving features are activated, PCMag recommends. While you may experience a noticeable performance loss, if you arent gaming,;editing;photos or videos, or completing tasks that require a lot of battery power, you wont notice much of a difference.

Dont Leave Your Laptop On Permanent Charge

How To Extend Laptop Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries should have overcharging protection, but its not good for the long-term health of your battery to leave your laptop always plugged in to the mains. Some manufacturers provide a utility which limits the battery from fully charging.

This helps to prevent battery degradation and means you can leave the laptop always connected to the mains. When you want to use your laptop on battery power and get maximum battery life, disable the limiter and allow the laptop to charge to 100 percent.

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Check Battery Usage By App

You can see which apps are using the most battery resources by Settings > System > Battery and click Battery usage by app. The list will show you the percentage of battery your apps have used in the past 6 or 24 hours or the past week. If you find an app that you think it using more than its fair share, click on it and toggle off the switch for Managed by Windows and then make sure the box remains unchecked for Allow app to run background tasks.

Keep An Eye On Your Battery’s Health

All batteries lose charging capacity over time and will eventually need to be replaced. Taking stock of a battery’s health now and then is always a good idea.

To see if your MacBook battery is nearing the end of its lifespan, hold the Option key and click the battery icon in the menu bar to reveal the battery status. If you see a “Replace Now” or “Service Battery” message, your battery is likely functioning far below its original capacity.

You can find more detailed information on how many charging cycles your battery has endured by opening the System Information app and navigating to the Power tab. Check the cycle count value against;the rated maximums in Apple’s list;to know how many more cycles you’ve got left.

For an equivalent battery-health indicator in Windows 10, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and delve into the world of the command prompt. Here’s the complete guide about how to generate a Windows battery report using the command prompt.

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Shutdown Tabs Or Try A Different Browser

Web browsers can take up a lot of power, and if you have a lot of tabs open at the same it will speed up the battery-draining process. So, manage them accordingly and try to use a different browser that consumes less power.

This setting can seriously save a lot of battery life indeed. You should try to use MS Edge for once. MS Edge does not take as much battery power as Chrome or Firefox.

Apart from these tips, you should not a) keep your battery unused for more than 50 days as this tends to shorten the lifespan, or b) use any battery life increasing software.

So, try out the tips and keep your battery healthy and happy with a longer life!

Stay protected!

Easy Ways To Extend And Improve Laptop Battery Life

How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Majority of us do not take out the battery from our laptops even while its AC adaptor is plugged in. This harms the laptops battery since it continues to charge and discharge several times. This process is very harmful for the laptop battery life, no matter what brand you may be using: Dell, Lenovo, HP and so on. A laptop essentially loses its charm if its battery stops going on for as long as you want it to go. It is certainly no fun searching for an outlet especially if you are outdoors. So, in this guide, we will study ways how to extend, prolong and improve laptop battery life.

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Use Hibernate Mode Instead Of Sleep Mode

When you put your laptop in sleep mode, it enters a low-power state. In this state, it still needs a small amount of power to keep and maintain the current state of your system in the memory .;

This explains why your laptop is able to spring back to life almost instantly and resume all the apps and programs that were open before sleep mode was engaged.

Hibernate mode works a bit differently from sleep mode. It saves the current state of your PC in a file stored on your hard drive. When you boot your computer, this file is loaded from your hard drive and back into memory.;

Even though hibernate mode takes a few more seconds to get things back to normal compared to sleep mode, it uses significantly less power because no power is needed to keep RAM on standby.;

Therefore, by putting your gaming laptop in hibernate mode instead of sleep mode you will be able to conserve a bit more power.;;;

Create And Save A Battery Report

Windows 10 includes a command-line tool that generates a detailed report showing information about battery usage for the current device over time. This information is saved as an HTML document that you can view in any web browser.

Each battery report includes both tables and charts showing recent usage, usage history, battery capacity over time, and battery life estimates. Even if you’re not deeply technical, you should be able to gather useful information from this report.

To generate a battery report, start by opening a Command Prompt session: Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box, type cmd, and press Enter. Then, in the Command Prompt window, type the following commands, pressing Enter after each one :

cd %temp%

powercfg /batteryreport

That sequence generates the battery report and saves it in the current user’s Temp folder. To open the report immediately from the Command Prompt window, type the full report name, battery-report.html, and press Enter.

Use the powercfg command with the /batteryreport switch to generate this HTML-formatted document.

Each time you generate a new battery report, it overwrites the previous one. Any information that’s more than a few weeks old gets summarized into aggregate values covering a full week or month. To save the daily details, open File Explorer, navigate to the %Temp% folder, move the battery report file to your Documents folder, and give it a new name.

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Turn The Screen Brightness Down

Keeping your display on is the single biggest drain on your laptop’s battery. So if you need to keep your computer running, you should dial down the screen brightness as much as possible.;

There are two primary ways to control screen brightness:

  • In the Start button search box, type “screen brightness” and click “Change brightness level” when you see it appear in the search results. Then, in the display settings, drag the brightness slider as far to the left as you can comfortably go.;
  • Use the keyboard shortcut to lower screen brightness. Most laptops assign brightness to a Function key look for symbols on the Function keys indicating higher and lower brightness.;

Improve Your Laptops Battery Life Without Compromising Performance

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop in 2020
  • Improve Your Laptops Battery Life Without Compromising Performance
  • High-end laptops are amazing. You can get a lot of work done on-the-go, and they allow you to stop perceiving portable computers as internet browsing machines. Battery life, however, can be an issue. All improvements mentioned in this article will allow you to keep using your laptop at maximum performance.

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    Change Power Plans To Meet Performance Needs

    Change how the computer uses power when plugged in or using the battery in Windows 10.

  • In Windows, search for and open Control Panel.

  • Search for power, and then click Power Options.

  • Select an option under Choose or customize a power plan.

  • To customize the selected plan, click Change plan settings, and then select the display and sleep settings when using the battery and when plugged in.


    To set up a personalized plan, click Create a power plan from list on the left side of the main Power Options window, and then follow the on-screen instructions. The plan displays in the list of available power plans.

  • To change more power settings, click Change advanced power settings.

  • Dont Leave Your Laptop Plugged In

    It may seem counterintuitive to unplug your laptop before its fully charged, but leaving your laptop plugged in all day, every day can actually wear your battery down faster than unplugging it when its between 40% and 80% and then use it, letting the battery drain naturally over time.

    Heres the deal. The rule is that the higher the charge percentage of your battery, the higher the voltage level it has to store.

    Having a high level of stored voltage may seem like a good thing, but its stressful for your battery to store high voltage levels and doing so can damage it over time. This can cause your battery to lose power or struggle to hold a charge.

    So, if you want to protect your battery and maximize battery life, unplug your laptop when its partially charged. It will help to alleviate the stress on your battery, and youll likely see an extended battery life in return.

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    Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life

    Gaming laptops have bad battery life because they have performance-grade CPUs and GPUs that consume a lot of power. Other features such as backlit RGB keyboards and high-speed fans that also contribute to low battery life.;

    Despite sharing lots of similarities with normal laptops, you can think of gaming laptops as portable gaming rigs. This explains why you get better gaming performance when plugged in than when running on battery because your laptop is not restricted to power from your battery.

    Keep The Brightness Down

    How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life!

    Too much brightness can drain the battery pretty quick. So, if you are short on power then just cut off the excess power drain-source: the screen. You will not believe how much the screen can drain.; But do not overdo it. Set a lower level that will not affect your eyes too much. But this is an excellent method to stop your eyes from being a strain also!

    You can even disable the adaptive brightness and control the system by yourself. But do not think that it will give you an extra hour or something. It will stop the drainage by a bit but will not solve the overall problem.

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    Its Getting Hot In Here So Hide Your Batteries

    When a laptop battery gets too hot, the electrochemical reactions inside speed up but that doesnt mean that the battery grows more efficient. Instead, the battery is now producing lots of energy that it cannot use and cannot safely route to any hardware. This creates even more heat, compounding the problem. Not only can this eventually damage the inside of the battery permanently, but it also wears the battery out with a bunch of chemical reactions that arent necessary but burn through a batterys lifespan anyway.

    Todays lithium-ion batteries are durable, but they can only take so much heat. For example, if you are charging your battery and it starts to get overly warm, perhaps because the CPU or graphics processor is working hard or the environment is overly hot, then shut the device down and pop the battery out if possible. Give it a break so that it can cool down, or you can move it to someplace with a lower temperature. Many modern laptops have sealed batteries, in which case shutting the machine down and letting it cool is highly recommended if maximizing the batterys lifespan is your concern.

    Likewise, keep the laptop off of your lap.;If discomfort isnt a good enough reason, with many machines, youre also making the problem worse by blocking vents. Youll want to make sure that both vents that pull in cool air and those that expel hot air are able to do their jobs.

    Prevent Indexing When Running On Battery Power

    Indexing can be really useful when you have a ton of files and youre constantly moving things around. However, this one is a little tricky, since it requires you to enable a policy outside of the power plan settings in Windows. Heres how to do it. Keep in mind that this wont work with Home versions of Windows.

    Go to Start>Run . Type in gpedit.msc and press Enter.

    Then navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Search.

    Now just enable the policy Prevent indexing when running on battery power to conserve energy. A reboot is necessary to complete the process.

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    Use Battery Saver Mode To Extend Battery Life

    Luckily, Windows 10 provide a great in-built battery saver feature that is very useful. Using this feature will definitely help you to maintain a healthy battery on your laptop.;

    It is always recommended to use battery saver mode whenever you are not plugged into a power source. Here is how you can turn it on:

    1: Go to the Windows Search Bar, type Battery Saver and hit enter.;

    2: Turn on the battery saver by clicking on the toggle.;

    Thats it! This will help you work remotely for longer, but it will also save battery life.

    Change Your Power Mode

    How to Extend Laptop Battery Life (With images)

    Windows 10 has a performance power slider which groups all settings that impact battery life into four categories: battery saver, better battery, better performance, and best performance.;

    Best Performance Mode

    This mode gives you high responsiveness and performance at the expense of battery life. This mode handles CPU and GPU intensive tasks, such as gaming and video editing, smoothly but is very hard on the battery.;

    Better Performance

    This mode offers a balance between performance and battery life. This mode delivers a slightly longer battery life than the best performance mode. Usually, it is the default recommended setting.

    Better Battery Mode

    The better battery mode prioritizes battery life over performance. If you try gaming on this mode you will experience a notable drop in performance.

    Battery Saver Mode

    Battery saver mode squeezes as much time out of your battery as possible by disabling some Windows features completely and throttling others. Screen brightness is also reduced by 30%.;

    To change your power mode, click on the battery icon on the taskbar and drag the slider to your preferred power mode.;

    When your goal is to improve battery life, you want to keep your laptop on battery mode and battery saver mode for the best results. However, expect a drop in performance since the power to your processor and graphics card will be restricted.

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