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How To Factory Reset A Laptop

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How To Reset An Hp Laptop To Factory Settings On Windows 10

How to easily Factory Reset a Windows 7 PC

As a last resort to fixing system issues on your HP laptop, you might consider bringing it back to its factory settings. Well, if thats the case, then you would be glad you found this article. We will teach you how to factory reset an HP laptop running Windows 10. One of the methods will guide you through the steps needed when you cannot boot into your system normally. The other option will teach you how to reset your laptop when you cant successfully log into it.

Keep Your Files Or Remove Everything

You’ll have two initial options to choose from when you reset Windows 10 this way: Keep my files or Remove everything.

Picking Keep my files sets your OS options back to default and removes all your installed apps , but keeps your files like documents and music. True to its name, Remove everything is a full factory reset: it puts all options back to factory defaults and removes your files and apps. Afterward, Windows will be like it is on a brand-new computer.

Though the Keep my files option will retain your personal data, you should still back up before using it in case something goes wrong.

Factory Reset Windows 11 Pc With Reset Option

The first method is to factory reset Windows 11 PC by selecting the reset option. There are two different paths for this method. You can select the reset option through Windows Settings or Windows Recovery Environment.

  • Windows Settings: Press Win+I together to open Windows settings, then click System > Recovery > Reset PC.
  • Windows Recovery Environment:Restart your computer to enter the Windows Recovery Environment. Then click Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.
If your computer is unable to boot Windows 11, you can try pressing the F11 key to open the Windows recovery environment.
If it still doesn’t work, you can press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to force the Windows recovery environment to start.

After selecting the reset option, please follow the graphic tutorial below.

Step 1. If you want to keep your personal files you can choose Keep my files option. If you want to erase all the files, you can choose the Remove everything option.

Step 2. Choose a way to reinstall your Windows 11 after resetting.

Step 3. You need to choose just remove your files only from the Windows installer drive or you need to fully clean the drive.

Step 4. When everything is prepared, you’ll see the screen below. Windows will list the impacts of resetting PC according to your preferred settings, read carefully and then click on Reset to start the process of factory reset Windows 11 PC.

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How To Recover Data Lost Due To Factory Reset

As you can see, while performing a factory reset on Alienware laptop or desktop, we might end up losing our important files. In this case, you can take the assistance of Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery, which is a complete recovery application. It can help you get your lost, deleted, and inaccessible data back that could be lost under various scenarios. The application supports every major data type and also lets us provide a preview of our files. Once you have installed Recoverit on your Alienware, you can follow these steps to recover your data.

Step 1: Choose a location to scan

Once the application is launched, you can select a location to scan for your lost data. You can pick the entire drive if you want to, a partition, or any folder.

Step 2: Wait for the scan to be completed

Now, you can just wait for a few minutes for Recoverit to complete the extraction process. You can view the progress from an on-screen indicator and even stop the process if you want to.

Step 3: Preview and restore your data

Once the process is over, you can view all the extracted files listed under various categories. There are also various filters on the side that you can use to search for your files.

In the end, you can even preview your photos, videos, documents, etc. and select what you wish to save. Click on the “Recover” button now and just browse to a location to save your data.

Restore Your Dell Computer Using Windows Push

Laptop Hp Factory Reset

If you would like to reset your computer to a clean Windows 10 version and remove all your files, follow these steps:


Some Dell tablets may be configured to add Dell factory-installed software during this process.

  • Click Start
  • Select Reset this PC .
  • Under Reset this PC, select Get Started.
  • Select the option to Remove everything.
  • If you are keeping this computer, select Just remove my files. If you are recycling the computer, select Remove files and clean the drive.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. This takes some time and your computer will restart.
  • To reset your computer to the Dell factory image as it was originally shipped, including Dell factory-installed apps and software, follow these steps:


  • Click Start
  • Select Reset this PC .
  • Under Advanced Startup, select Restart now.
  • At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
  • Select Factory Image Restore.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. This takes some time and your computer will restart.
  • From outside Windows

    After the third attempt to boot, the computer will automatically enter the Windows Recovery Environment . Follow these steps to restore your operating system.

  • At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
    • At the Troubleshoot screen, select Factory Image Restore.

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    Way : Use Recovery Partition

    How to factory reset Windows 7 without password? How to factory reset Windows 8 without CD? How to do Windows 10 factory reset from boot? These three questions may be asked by you. Actually, it is quite easy to factory reset laptop with a recovery partition.

    As is well known, recovery partition refers to the special partition on your disk used to restore the system to its factory settings in case system failure happens.

    If your system is installed on a GPT disk, there will be a built-in Windows recovery partition that is visible in Windows Disk Management. In addition, there is another kind of recovery partition called suppliers recovery partition, including these manufacturers Dell, HP, Lenovo and more.

    Both of these two kinds of recovery partition are available to restore laptop to factory settings.

    To factory reset laptop in Windows 10/8/7, follow the steps below:

    1. Restart your laptop.

    2. During the startup, press the corresponding key to boot your computer into the recovery environment. Perhaps you will ask: how to factory reset an HP laptop or Toshiba laptop? How to reset a Dell laptop?

    In fact, as for different laptop manufacturers, the specific key is different. For instance, Dell , Acer , HP , Samsung, Lenovo , Asus , Toshiba and more. Suppose that you want to boot from a recovery disc, to change the boot order should be done.

    3. After that, follow the corresponding instructions to factory reset laptop.

    For more information, watch this video.

    How To Factory Reset Windows 10 Using Keep My Files Option

    To reset Windows 10 to its factory default settings without losing your files, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Under the “Reset this PC” section, click the Get started button.

  • Click the Keep my files option.

  • Click the Next button button.
  • Click the List of apps to be removed option.

  • Check the apps that you’ll need to reinstall after the reset to factory settings.
  • Click the Back button.

  • Click the Reset button.
  • Once you complete the steps, the device will reset to the factory settings preserving your files during the process.

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    How To Wipe Your Windows Computer

    After your hard drive is encrypted or if you don’t need to encrypt it you can use Windows to wipe your PC, setting it back to its factory defaults.

    1. Click the Start button and click “Settings.”

    2. Click “Update & Security.”

    3. Click “Recovery.”

    4. On the Recovery page in the “Reset this PC” section, click “Get started.”

    5. On the “Choose an option” page, click “Remove everything.” Then follow the instructions to complete the process, and Windows will reset the computer back to its original configuration with a fresh install of Windows.

    Options When Resetting Windows 10

    How To Factory Reset an Acer Computer – Restore to Factory Settings

    Next, you’ll see an Additional settings menu that has a Current settings section, containing a summary of what you’ve chosen to do so far. There’s also a Change settings link you can click for more options.

    If you chose Keep my files earlier, the only option under Change settings is a redundant toggle for cloud or local reinstall. There are more choices when you pick Remove everything.

    Enabling Clean data? will obliterate everything on the drive to reduce the chance of someone recovering it later. Though this process takes some time, you should use it if you’re getting rid of your computer. It’s not necessary if you’re keeping your machine.

    Turn on Delete files from all drives? to erase everything on all drives you have connected to your computer. This includes external hard drives and recovery drives. Because you probably have backups and other important files on those drives, you shouldn’t use this unless you want to permanently erase everything associated with your computer.

    If you purchased your PC off-the-shelf, you’ll also see a Restore preinstalled apps? slider here. Disable this, and Windows won’t include manufacturer bloatware and other preinstalled apps when it reinstalls. This option won’t appear if you initially installed Windows yourself.

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    Reset Your Computer Once A Year For A Happier Life

    Resetting your laptop is one of the most powerful munitions you’ve got in your troubleshooting armory. It puts your Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS computer back to the state it was in when you first got it home from the store, and that means you’ve got none of the clutter, or bugs, that may have built up in the time since.

    Thankfully, the process is much easier than it used to be. Microsoft, Apple, and Google have put tools for the job right inside their operating systems, while applications have come to rely more and more on the cloud, so your important data is most likely already backed up somewhere online ready to be redownloaded.

    Resetting gadgets has become something of a cliché when it comes to getting them working again, but that’s because it’s actually an effective tactic. As time goes on, software can get bloated, settings files can become corrupt, and your computer’s drive can fill up with superfluous stuff you don’t really neednot unlike your house.

    Not only that, but a reset wipes out mostbut not necessarily allmalware and other unwanted programs that may have found their way onto your system. After you’ve put your computer back to square one, you’re essentially starting from scratch with the opportunity to load only the apps and files you really need.

    Using Windows Settings To Factory Reset Your Hp Laptop

    You can go to Windows Settings to factory reset your laptop. Of course, you will only be able to use this method when you can normally boot into your system. That said, here are the steps you must follow:

  • On your keyboard, press Windows Key+S.
  • Type reset this PC , then press Enter.
  • Go to the right pane, then select Get Started.
  • You can choose to keep your files or remove everything.
  • You can select Remove Everything when you prefer getting rid of all your personal files, apps, and customization settings.
  • You can opt to remove all the files from all your drives or just the drive where Windows is installed.
  • You have the option to just remove your files or to delete them while cleaning the drive.
  • Once you click Reset, the process will start. It may take a while for it to complete.
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    Factory Reset A Windows 7 Or 8 Computer

    Factory resetting a computer running an older version of Windows is a little trickier, because there’s no reset tool built into the operating system.

    Some computers come with recovery discs, which is a fairly easy way of performing a factory reset – you can just insert the disc and follow the instructions.

    Windows 8 computers will sometimes have a recovery application which is launched from within Windows, rather than from a disc, so check your app menu.

    If you didn’t get any discs in the box, and don’t have a preinstalled recovery app, then there’s a good chance your PC or laptop has a recovery partition instead.

    This is a hidden part of the hard drive which safely stores a complete copy of Windows, drivers and extra programs. You can use it return your computer to the exact state it was in the first day you had it – and it will perform just the same, too.

    Please bear in mind that the process will vary between different brands and even different models. The recovery software will be called various names for each brand of computer, usually along the lines of ‘recovery manager’. We’ve done our best to put together a ‘one size fits all’ guide.

    Back up any data which you wish to keep before performing a factory reset. You will probably want to copy everything from your user folders, including documents, photos, music and videos. The factory reset will delete all these along with any programs you’ve installed since you got your laptop.

    1. Start up or reboot your laptop.

    Make Sure Your Computer Is Protected

    How To Factory Reset Acer Laptop

    Protect the devices your family loves and relies on with one simple plan that covers all your favorite home tech. With Asurion Home+, we cover your computers, TVs, tablets, premium headphones, smart devices, and so much moreâplus, 24/7 assistance for your whole family with any tech care needâfor less than $1/day.Learn more about Asurion Home+ coverage and how you can get peace-of-mind device protection.

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    What Is Factory Reset

    You may have heard of a factory reset or performed a factory reset on your device. But do you know what does factory reset mean?

    A factory reset is also known as a hard reset or master reset it refers to the action of restoring all software of an electronic device to its original system state and manufacturer settings. During the process, all the user data and information stored on the device will be erased .

    This seems very terrible, but why there are so many people want to do a factory reset? For instance, an ASUS laptop factory reset. The main reasons why users want to reset ASUS laptop to factory settings and how to factory reset ASUS laptop will be discussed in the following sections.


    How To Refresh Reset Or Restore Your Pc

    Note: For information about this topic in Windows 10, see Recovery options in Windows 10.

    If you’re having problems with your PC, you can:

    • Refresh your PC to reinstall Windows and keep your personal files and settings. Refresh also keeps the apps that came with your PC and the apps you installed from the Microsoft Store.

    • Reset your PC to reinstall Windows but delete your files, settings, and appsexcept for the apps that came with your PC.

    • Restore your PC to undo recent system changes you’ve made.

    If you’re having trouble starting your PC, see Windows Startup Settings , and go to the Get to Windows Startup Settings in the Windows Recovery Environment section. You can refresh, reset, or restore your PC from the Windows Recovery Environment.

    If you want to back up and restore your personal files using File History, see Set up a drive for File History.

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    Factory Reset Alienware With A Recovery Drive

    Ideally, this is one of the best solutions to reset Alienware to factory settings without any trouble. For this, you need to have a recovery drive already maintained that you can use for troubleshooting. Here’s how you can learn how to perform an Alienware factory reset using a recovery drive.

    Step 1. Firstly, you need to create a recovery drive for your Alienware system. For this, attach a USB drive to it that has at least 8-16 GB of free space on it.

    Step 2. Now, go to the Start menu and look for the Recovery Drive option to open the wizard to create a new recovery drive. You can also go to its Settings > Recovery to create a recovery drive as well.

    Step 3. This will launch a dedicated wizard that you can follow to create a recovery drive. At first, you need to choose if you wish to back up user data or not.

    Step 4. Furthermore, select the connected USB drive and make sure that it has enough storage to accommodate the recovery data. Also, the existing data on the USB drive would be erased during the process.

    Step 5. Great! Once the recovery drive is created, you can go to your system’s Settings > Recovery and perform an Advanced boot. You can also restart your system and press the relevant function key to do an advanced boot.

    Step 6. Once the Advanced Boot window is loaded, you will get various options on the screen. Just go to the “Troubleshoot” option and make sure that the USB recovery drive is connected to the system.

    How Do You Fix A Locked Hp Laptop

    How To Fix Factory Reset My HP Laptop Computer To Factory Settings – Updated 2020
  • If your laptop is not frozen, make sure it is not.
  • If you feel your keyboard or individual keys are damaged, seek medical attention.
  • Clean and clear the keyboard of obstructions as much as possible.
  • Reboot as usual after shutting down.
  • You can reset your keyboard drivers by uninstalling them and reinstalling them.
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