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How To Find Hp Laptop Serial Number

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How To Find My Hp Laptop Model Using Command Prompt

Find your HP computer product & serial number | @HPSupport #shorts

To find the model of your HP Laptop using Command Prompt, follow the steps below:

  • Search for Command Prompt and click on the first result
  • Type the following command below, then hit enter
  • wmic csproduct get name
  • The model of your HP laptop will appear next on the screen.

TIP: Press the Windows Logo + Break buttons to open the Windows System Information window quickly. Or Press the Windows Logo + Fn + Break

Find Laptops Model & Serial Number

To find the laptops model number:

C:\>  wmic csproduct get Name---NameHP ProBook 440 G6

To find the laptops serial number:

C:\>  wmic csproduct get IdentifyingNumber---IdentifyingNumber6DE8263Q7P

To get the complete information about the laptop, including the vendor, model, serial number and UUID:

C:\>  wmic csproduct---Caption  Description  IdentifyingNumber  Name               SKUNumber  UUID  Vendor  VersionComp...  Computer...  6DE8263Q7P         HP ProBook 440 G6             9...  HP

Cool Tip: How to check Windows version from CMD & PowerShell! Read more

Is Hp A Linux Computer

Hewlett-Packard is a multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It is the worlds largest information technology company with revenue totaling $127.2 billion in 2013. HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computer hardware, software, and services. The companys product lineup includes personal computers, enterprise servers, storage devices, networking products, software, and a variety of printers and other imaging products.

After extensive research, I have decided to return to using Linux. I have a 64-bit Celeron processor, 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and I believe it will work well on my system. Ive found some interesting distros that Id like to try out in live mode . It was recommended to me that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS be installed as my preferred operating system. In addition, I make sure to use the proper hardware, such as sound, wireless, and so on. As an added layer of security, I will check for updates on a regular basis to ensure that I am running the most recent version of Windows.

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How To Find An Hp Laptop Model Number Using A Serial Number

Looking up an HP laptop model number based on a serial number is easy to do using an online tool provided by HP. If you have access only to a list of serial numbers for your company’s laptops and you want to update an asset tracking database, you’ll need additional information about each computer. For instance, the model number is one important detail that you will want to enter into your records. Obtaining this information is as easy as typing a serial number into a Web form and writing down the model number provided by the HP website.

Step 1

Launch a Web browser and navigate to the HP PartSurfer website .

Step 2

Select your geographical region in the drop-down list, and then click “Close” on the pop-up window that opens to confirm your selection has been saved.

Step 3

Enter the serial number for the computer you wish to look up and click the “Arrow” icon next to the input field. The information for the serial number you entered is displayed, including the product number and full description of the computer.


How Do I Find The Product Number Of My Hp Laptop Using Cmd

Hp serial number lookup drivers

If you cant find the label with your serial number, it may have been damaged or removed. As long as your laptop is still in working condition, you can also get the serial number by using the Command Prompt.

  • Open the command prompt by typing cmd into the task bar beside the Start menu. On some versions of Windows you may need to open the Run dialog box and enter cmd.

  • In the Command Prompt, type wmic bios get serialnumber and press Enter.

  • Your serial number should appear after the command.

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    Find The Hp Laptop Serial Number In Bios

    In the second method, you can find the serial number in the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings panel. When you place an order, the BIOS will get the serial number, so if you dont have the WMIC button, you wont be able to get the serial number with this strategy. Nevertheless, if you are still unable to register to run WMIC commands on Windows, testing the BIOS may help.

    Go to the BIOS or UEFI firmware setup screen and search for Serial Number somewhere in the System Information panel. Its in a different location on various PCs, but usually somewhere on the Main or System screen.

    How to Get BIOS in HP:

    • To find the serial number, turn on or restart your computer.
    • While the display is blank, tap the F10 key to enter the BIOS settings menu.

    How To Find Serial Number Of An Hp Laptop

    You can find the serial number of an HP laptop by following all the common steps. Other than that, if you are running Ubuntu on your HP laptop, then you can find the serial number by opening the Linux terminal console using Ctrl+Alt+T. Then enter sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-numberto see your HP laptops serial number.

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    Check Serial Number Under The Battery

    Some laptops have stickers on their back with serial numbers, model numbers, and product numbers printed on them. Flip the laptop and place it on a safe surface. There will be a sticker with the information on it.

    If you cant find it on the sticker, then it will be on the battery. Most laptops nowadays come with a removable battery. If the battery is not removable then you can simply remove the screws of the battery and detach it to see the serial number that is written over it.

    Locating Your Toshiba Notebook Part Number

    Find Your HP Laptop Name, Product Number, or Serial Number | HP Notebooks | @HPSupport

    On Laptops the Model and Serial number can be found on the bottom case of the Laptop as either a printed sticker or laser etched into the cover as shown below.

    You can also download and run the TOSHIBA Product Information utility to retrieve your model and serial number from you product by then selecting save as and running the utility.

    You can also view a short VIDEO showing you how to find your model and serial number by

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    Hp Utility Printer Software On The Mac

    Mac users can know the HP serial number lookup by the use of HP Utility Printer Software on the MAC devices easily.

    Step 1

    Firstly, open the Finger tab and then click on the Go option in the given menu bar on the upward side.

    Step 2

    Now, go to the Applications option. After that click on the HP folder there.

    Step 3

    Then, double-click on the HP Utility.

    Step 4

    Do the selection of the printer model from the list of DEVICES.

    Step 5

    After that, double-click on the Device Information. The information of the HP Utility Device of the window will open there and will display the information of the printer model which will include the serial number in it.

    How Do I Find Hp Product Specs By Serial Number

    If you need to find the specifications for your HP product, you can do so by finding the serial number.

    The serial number is usually located on the back or bottom of your HP product. Once you have located the serial number, you can then use it to look up the specifications on the HP website.

    To do this, simply go to the HP support page and enter the serial number into the search bar. This will bring up a list of all the available specifications for your HP product.

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    Where Is My Serial Number Located

    The first place to search for your serial number is on the bottom of your laptop, which is where it should be. Typically, it is printed on a label with the product number, model number, and the period of the warranty. If you cant find the label, its possible that its hidden within the battery compartment.

    What Is My Laptop Hp Model

    3 Ways to Find HP Laptop Serial Number in Windows 10 in 2021 (Easy)

    You can also find the model of your HP laptop by using the System Information screen. By pressing FN-Esc, you can access the HP System Information window. The Product Number heading appears to be the most comprehensive list of information that can be found within this window however, many other information can be found here as well.

    How To Find Your Hp Laptops Model And Serial Numbe

    If you need more information about your HP laptop, including its model, please refer to the steps below: *br *. To start the program, navigate to Start > Settings > System > About. Under the General Information section, youll find a list of the model and serial numbers of your HP laptop. If you want to learn more about your HP laptops hardware, open Start > Device Manager and look for the Laptops or PCs tab. The HP Envy x360 now has a redesigned keyboard and mouse. The HP Envy x360 13 is the new model in HPs 13-inch laptop line. The computer has a 1080p display, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. Furthermore, the device has a backlit keyboard, as well as a fingerprint reader. You can get a powerful laptop for a great price with the HP Envy x360 13 . For students and businesses looking for a laptop with a diverse set of capabilities, this is a fantastic option.

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    How Does The Hp Warranty Work

    A pick-up & return warranty service might be part of your HP Limited Warranty. In accordance with the rules of the pick-up and return service, HP will collect the damaged HP Hardware Product from your location, fix it, and then deliver it back to you. All repair, shipping, and insurance expenses for this service will be paid for by HP.

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    Serial Number Of Hp Laptop

    Need to find out the Serial Number of HP Laptop? you have landed in the absolute right place.

    The Serial Number of HP Laptop is located on the underside of the laptop, youll locate your serial number. If you cant locate it physically, you can open HP System Information by pressing Fn + Esc. The serial number can be seen at the bottom of that screen.

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    Locating Your Macbook Pro Model Number

    Identify your MacBook Pro by model identifier, model number, or configuration

    When you have one of these numbers, match your numbers to the tables below to identify your MacBook Pro model.

    Model identifier

    Find your model identifier in the System Report:

  • Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • The model identifier is listed in the Hardware Overview.

    Model number or configuration details

    If you still have the box or receipt from your MacBook Pro, you can find the marketing model number or configuration details.

    For the model number, the two characters before the slash vary by country, but the part number will be the same worldwide. In the table below, “xx” represents these two variable characters. The configuration is listed as screen size/processor speed/RAM size/hard drive size/optical drive type .

    How To Find My Hp Laptop Model Using Powershell

    How to Find the Serial Number or Product Number on Your HP Monitor | @HPSupport

    To find the model of your HP Laptop using PowerShell, follow the steps below:

    • Search for PowerShell and click on the first result
    • Type the following command below, then hit enter
    • Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem
    • The model of your HP laptop will appear next on the screen, under the Model Tab.
    • To find the model and serial number for your HP Laptop, run the command below, then hit ENTER
    • Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_bios

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    What Is A Serial Number

    This string of numbers and letters identifies your individual HP device and is found on the back of the device itself. Product numbers and model numbers for a series of laptops, such as the HP Envy, will be shared by all of the other laptops created at the same time, but a serial number is unique to each individual laptop.

    How To Find My Hp Laptop Model Using A Computer’s Bios

    BIOS stands for “basic input/output system. You can access BIOS to find information about your HP Laptop and its hardware.

    • Turn on the computer and press the Esc key repeatedly until the Startup Menu opens.
    • Press the F10 button to open the BIOS Setup Utility.
    • You can find your HP Laptop model under the System Information tab.

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    How To Find The Serial Number Of A Laptop/ Pc

    There are different methods with which you can find the serial number of your Windows PC or laptop.

    Find the Serial Number in Settings

    The best way to find the serial number of your Windows PC or Laptop is by checking the Settings page. All you have to do is:

  • Click System and then select Above.
  • Under Windows specifications, you can see the serial number.
  • Is Hp Laptop Compatible With Linux

    Find Hp Serial Number

    Some HP laptops are compatible with Linux, while others are not. In general, HP laptops that are compatible with Linux are those that are less than five years old. To check if your HP laptop is compatible with Linux, you can visit the HP website and enter your laptops model number into the search bar.

    The Ubuntu operating system has a large community of users who support it. It is simple to use and configure, and it includes a plethora of features. If youre looking for an easy-to-use, feature-rich operating system, Ubuntu is a good choice.

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    How To Find Serial Number On Hp Laptop

    If you are an HP laptop user, then you may need to know where to find your serial number. This number is important for a variety of reasons, including warranty purposes and technical support.

    Below, we will show you where to find your serial number on an HP laptop and three methods to help you achieve this.

    Heres how:

    Procedure For Reading My Hp Serial Number

    • To access a System Information window, enter the following key combination: Laptops: Enter Fn + Esc on the built-in keyboard.
    • In the new window that appears, look for the serial number.
    • Look for and enter Command Prompt in Windows.
    • Type wmic bios acquire serial number into the command prompt window, then click Enter.

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    Locating Your Hp Model Number

    Locate the Model Number on the Service Tag placed on the bottom of your Notebook PC. The Service Tag will resemble the picture below.

  • Product Name: The Product Name, which will also typically be on the front of your notebook, is not the correct information for either the Series or the Model, it is usually a brand name for an entire set of series and models. This information should NOT be used to find the correct parts for your laptop.
  • Model: This is the correct identifier for your laptop model. Please disregard the #ABA at the end of the model name.
  • Series: This is the correct identifier for your laptop series. Select the series first, then select from the list of valid models.
  • Find Hp Laptop Serial Number Using Command Prompt

    How to find your HP printer serial number | @HPSupport #shorts

    This is by far the easiest method to find out the serial number of your HP laptop or any other laptop. All you need to do is type a command at the command prompt . This is how you do it:

    Step 1. open aSymbol of the systemwindow to start. in windows10 or 8,the right button of the mousetheBeginningbutton and select I sendImmediate or just writeCommandin the search bar next to the Start Menu button.

    Step 2. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press Enter:

    wmic bios get serialnumber

    Step 3.You will see the serial number of the computer below the text Serial number. This command uses the Windows Management Instrumentation Command Line Tool to extract the system serial number from your BIOS.

    Find HP Laptop Serial Number Using Command Prompt

    If you don’t see your PC’s serial number, blame your PC manufacturer. The number will only appear here if the PC manufacturer saved it in your computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware. PC manufacturers don’t always fill in the number correctly. In that case, you will see something like “0” or “To be completed by OEM” instead of an actual serial number.

    Method 2. Find HP Laptop Serial Number in BIOS

    Access the screen ofBIOS or UEFIfirmware settings and look somewhere in the system information panel for a Serial Number. On various PCs, it will be in a different place, but you can usually find it somewhere on the Major” either “System.

    How to get BIOS in HP:

    Step 1.turn on orrestartthe computer.

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    Why You Might Need Your Laptop Serial Number

    As mentioned previously, a laptop serial number is useful for warranty claims and insurance issues. It also helps technical support identify when your laptop was manufactured and explain what specific hardware it’s running.

    , so it’s useful in many situationsfor example, when:

    • You must prove your laptop’s authenticity to a buyer.
    • The manufacturer’s technical or customer support person must identify its specific model, specifications, and/or warranty details.
    • The laptop has been stolen and an insurance claim submitted.
    • A technician must specify compatible parts for upgrades or repairs.

    Find The Hp Laptop Serial Number Using Hp Support Assistant

    The easiest way to get information about your laptop from HP is with HP Support Assistant. This handy software provides information such as product name, serial number, product number, warranty check, battery status, automatic support, updates, fixes, and more useful information about your HP laptop.

    Heres how to check HP laptop serial number using HP Support Assistant:

    • First, you need to download and install HP Support Assistant.
    • After it is installed, simply start the app.
    • Now, select the My devices tab. Here you can check and find the Product name, Serial number, Product number of your HP laptop

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