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How To Find Laptop Model Dell

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Using The Dell Profiler

How to check your laptop model for Dell windows 8

This web tool in their users database when you bought it. This way, you can get access to the Dell technical support and find your serial number at the same time.

To Register in the Dell Profiler

  • Go to the Dell Support Website.
  • Once on the web, select the option Detect PC.
  • View the System Configuration and accept the terms of the service.
  • Youll be requested to download the Support Assist Exe file, to install it. Allow downloading.
  • Once you register, the Dell Profiler will offer you two options to get your info: one option will show you the original configuration of the device or the current configuration, in case youve made any change in your laptop since you bought it.
  • Select the second option. This option will show you valuable information about your device, including, Serial Number , Express Service Cod, and Product Model.
  • Dell Model Number Via Windows

    Windows System Information Utility shows precise details about laptops, including laptop model numbers.

    Step 1: Open System Information

    Type system information in the field with your Windows Start menu. Launch utility when it appears in search results.

    Step 2: View System Information

    Choose System Summary within the navigation pane. The System Model subject shows the laptop computer household title and Dell mannequin quantity.

    Locate The Laptop Identification Label

    Most Dell laptops have an identification label at the bottom. The model label includes several certification logos, the location where the computer was manufactured, electrical requirements for the computer, and the laptop family name such as Inspiron, Longitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro, or XPS models. Displays with the model. Search laptop family name. Your model number is direct to the right of the laptop family name.

  • Browse Dell Product Support Page
  • Do you have a service tag or express service code? I select the Find your service tag for me radio button. The section
  • Click the Continue button. When the next page opens and displays this prompt, click Yes, I agree. Can we routinely detect your service tag?
  • Wait several seconds for the service tag detection course to run. When prompted, click on Yes, I agree to obtain and set up the Dell System Detection software. Click Run to launch the software. Locating the Dell system will reveal your service tag and computer model number.
  • See Dell Product Support page. Enter your service tag number in the application box and click Submit. A brand new web page shows extra details about your desktop mannequin.
  • Here is another method to solve How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell?

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    Check Your Computer Or Laptop For A Label

    One of the easiest and quickest ways to find the product model is to physically find it on the outer case of your computer or laptop. A model number should follow the model type. The location of a label varies depending on whether you are looking for a product model on a computer or laptop. To locate the label on a computer, you should try looking at the back, top or side. The product model label might also be on the back of the computer stand. Or if youre trying to locate the label on a laptop you should take a look at the base of your Dell laptop or the keyboard or battery compartment. Some Dell computers and laptops contain the product model on the power button cover.

    If the sticker on your computer or laptop is missing or unreadable, do not worry, there are other ways to identify what your product model number is for example, this is easily done within Windows itself.

    How To Find Your Pc’s Model Number On Windows 10

    How to Find Your Dell Laptop Make and Model

    On Windows 10, knowing the model number of your computer can be useful in many scenarios. For instance, when you have to upgrade a component , the model number can simplify the search to obtain a compatible replacement. If you have to troubleshoot a problem, and you need to contact technical support. Or it can also come in handy to properly inventory the device.

    Although a lot of manufactures usually affix a sticker and provide tools to find this information on your laptop or desktop, Windows 10 includes at least three ways to find the model number as well as serial number of your computer using System Information, PowerShell, and Command Prompt.

    In this Windows 10 guide, we will walk you through the steps to find out the model number of your device, whether it’s from Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, or from another brand.

  • Confirm the device model number.
  • Type the following command to view the model and serial number and press Enter:

    wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber

  • Confirm the device model and serial number.
  • Once you complete the steps, the commands will display the model number and the serial number of your desktop, laptop, or tablet running Windows 10.

    We are focusing these instructions on Windows 10, but you can also use these steps on Windows 8.1. On Windows 7, only the System Information and Command Prompts steps will work.

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    How To Find Dell Laptop Model Number Using Cmd

    Another method for finding your dell laptop model number is by using the Cmd Command. Below is a step by step method of how to find the dell laptop model number using cmd.

    First, go to search in the bottom left corner of your windows

    Type cmd in the search and press Enter

    A Command prompt window will appear, type WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME, Press Enter. The model number will appear, as shown in the image below.

    Locating Your Sony Model Number

  • The file will show the model number.
  • Note: If this file is blank, look for a second file with the same name and open that file.

    For laptops released between Fall 2000 and Spring 2009:

    The model number is located on a small label located on the frame around the computer screen.

    For laptop computers released before Summer 2000:

    The computer information and compliance label, located on the bottom of the laptop case, indicates the actual model number.

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    What Is Model Number Of Laptop

    Model number of any laptop computer usually consists of numbers and letters, and may include a series name.Typically a label with the model number information will be found on the bottom of the laptop computer. In some cases the model number label can be found under the battery or under RAM or HDD access door.

    How To Find The Product Model Of Your Dell

    How To Find Your Laptop Model Number – Dell Inspiron N5110

    There are many reasons you might want to find the product model of your Dellcomputer or laptop. You could require your product model for warranty repairs, to look up the specs for your PC or laptop for upgrades, support with your Dell product, or you want to buy other accessories for your device.

    The product model number helps to identify your product within a series. This simple guide describes three methods you can use to find the product model of your Dell computer or laptop.

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    What Model Is My Laptop Lenovo

    You can access the PSref website at lenovo. Specifications for products can be found at The product name should be entered. You can search for a machine number or product number . Select Lenovo Products from the left-hand menu, then select the model you want. There will be a listing of the specification table.

    How To Check The Model Of Dell Laptop

    Back in 1984 in Texas, Dell computers was founded by Michael Dell and it later grew to be a multinational company through developing, repairing and selling computers. With its unique business model of building computers for their clients, they were offering something personal and unique, and this made them stand out.

    The company launched its first laptop in 1989 and hasnt slowed down since. Should you happen to own one of these gadgets, there are a few reasons that would warrant you to know what model you have in your possession. It could be that you need to find out its features or, you could need help from the companys support team over the phone or, you could just want to accessorize it.

    There are a few ways to check on the model type of your Dell laptop.

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    Checking the laptop

    The first way is to check the model type on the computer itself. There is usually a marker located on the bottom side of the laptop. And if its not on the bottom, you can find it on the battery slot, the screen or even on the keyboard.

    Still, on this sticker, you will find the model number information. Note that this is not to be mistaken for the serial number.

    Checking through Dell Support App

    Windows 8 users:

    Windows 7 users:

    Checking through your Laptops BIOS

    Accessing the BIOS:

    Once you are successful and get to the BIOS setup, youll see the laptop model displayed under the title System Name.

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    How To Find A Dell Serial Number And Warranty Information

    HOW TO FIND A DELL MODEL, SERIAL NUMBER, AND WARRANTY INFORMATION If your Dell computer is not working, look for a label that has the serial number. On Dell computers, the Dell Service Tag is the serial number. On a desktop, the label is probably located on the back of the computer case, but can also be located on the top or side of the system. On laptops, it is usually on the bottom, but look at the rest of the outside of the computer if you cannot find it. It can also be under a flip tab. It will contain information like this:

    If your Dell computer will not turn on you can go to the link below on another computer and fill in your service tag to find out about your warranty.


    If your Dell computer is working, follow these steps. Go to and click on Detect PC.

    Now you will see this. You may click on View Warranty Details if you want more information.

    To complete a Cherwell laptop support form, you may select as follows on this laptop:Make: Dell LatitudeSerial Number: the entry beside Service Tag Another way to find a computer serial number is to search for Command Prompt from your Windows search and then start the Command Prompt.Type in wmic bios get serialnumber and press enter. Your serial number should be displayed.

    Check The Bottom Of Your Laptop

    How to find Dell laptop model

    You might feel a little silly reading this, but theres a good chance your laptops model number is sitting in your lap alreadyliterally, written on the bottom of your laptop. Go ahead, flip it over and check. Well wait.

    Sometimes this is etched directly on the chassis itself, while other times it may be on a sticker of some sort. Given that stickers wear out and peel off, its a good idea to snap a picture or write it down, then search for parts with that model number. Ideally, itll be a longer model number than the laptop is colloquially known by, i.e. Lenovo Yoga 920-13IKB rather than just Lenovo Yoga. That 920-13IKB denotes which specific model from which specific year you have, and is important for determining part compatibility.

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    Locate The Model Number On A Dell Laptop Quickly

    • University of Pune
    • Western Governors University
    • Easiest: Find the Dell Laptop Model Number on the identification label on the laptop.
    • Next Easiest: Right-click on Start > System > Settings Screen > Device specifications.
    • Alternatives: Use the Dell SupportAssist Application, the Windows System Information Window, or go into BIOS settings.

    This article shows you how to find Dells laptop model number using the identification label, device specifications, and the Dell Support Assistant.

    Use The Dell Supportassist Application For Windows

    SupportAssist is a Dell maintenance application that comes pre-installed on all Dell PCs. If its missing, download and install it from the Dell Support website. The app displays the model number on the home screen.

  • Open Windows Search from the Start menu. Type SupportAssist.

  • Select SupportAssist in the search results.

  • The SupportAssist home screen launches and displays the laptop model number, service tag, and other details.

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    How To Know My Dell Laptop Specifications

    • Type dxdiag in the search bar of the windows, Press Enter
    • A window will appear with having all your Dell Laptop System Specifications
    • Go through the information for the specific specification you need.

    Hopefully, after reading the article, your problem of finding the model number of your dell laptop will be solved. I will advise you to go to the dell official website for further technical assistance on your laptop.

    They will help you resolve your technical issues, but you have to follow the instruction carefully else you will be in trouble.

    How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell

    How to check laptop model | Laptop model number check

    Do you have a Dell laptop and you want to know? How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell? Whether you need help or have opportunities tailored to your computer, youll need to find your Dell model number to proceed. You can discover the mannequin variety of your Dell laptop computer on the laptop computer ID label on the backside of the pc.

    You may also examine it on the boot display screen, review the Windows System Information Utility, or go to the Dell Support website for an instrument that may assist.

    Table of Content

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    How To Find The Serial Number Of A Dell Laptop

    If you run into any problems with your laptop, technical support can request a serial number in order to identify the product and help you solve any issue you might have. One of the best practices to do before contacting technical support is having all the required information already at hand. Once you know how to find the serial number of a Dell laptop you can save technical support and yourself some time.

    How To Check Laptop Model Has Been One Of The Most Asked Questions Of The Tech Community So We Have Managed To Gather Some Information About He Same Read

    One can find a huge variety of laptops and different models according to their use. But some users do not have an idea about the model of their laptop and are thus asking questions like how to check laptop model. To help them out, we have managed to gather some information that could answer your question about how to check laptop model. Read more

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    Using The Printed Label

    Most Dell laptops have a printed label with useful information about their products ID. Most of the time, this label is underneath the laptop, usually near the battery slot or even inside this compartment. However, for a Dell Laptop, dont look for a Serial Number Dell refers to this ID as Service Tag.

    The Service Express Code

    How to find the model of my Dell XPS laptop

    You can find another related number, the Service Express Code, in your laptop printed label. While it has a similar combination of characters to the Service Tag, its not the same.

    The purpose of the Service Express Code is to use it as an input key at the moment you call technical service. You will introduce it on the keyboard of your phone to identify you at the moment when you request a technical service.

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    How To Find Out The Registered Name On A Dell Laptop

    Every Dell laptop comes with a sticker on the back of the device. This sticker reveals basic information about the machine and provides the user with a service tag code, which is used to speed up the response time when contacting customer support. This code can also be utilized to track basic information about the machine on the Dell website. One piece of information you can track through the service code is the name of the laptop’s registered owner.


    Find the service tag sticker on the back of your Dell laptop. This sticker is imprinted with an alphanumeric code consisting of five to seven characters.


    Visit the Dell website and locate the troubleshooting page in the Technical Support section of the website. This page has a field where you can enter your laptop’s service tag code.


    Enter your service tag code in the designated input field and click the “Submit” button.


    Review the resulting information, which includes details about the laptop and the name of its registered owner.


    How To Check Laptop Model

    The users have recently been trying to find more information about ways to find their laptop model. First they will need to open their laptop and open up the start screen. Then they will be required to type in RUN in the search box to open the RUN window on their laptops. Then they will need to type in “msinfo32” and press enter. This will open up a window that can give you details about information like model number on the laptop, system configuration and all the other additional details. Apart from this, there are also a number of other ways one can find the laptop model number. To help out our readers, we have managed to list all these ways to check the model number of laptops.

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    Which Is Best Dell Or Hp

    Dell is a great choice if you need a reliable, inexpensive laptop. They usually offer cheaper laptops, but the quality is still excellent. HP laptops, however, are a good choice if you need a good combination of power and price. You will find a beautiful design, excellent quality, and powerful hardware in them.

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