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How To Find Out How Much My Laptop Is Worth

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How To Check What Processor You Have

How to find out how much your blog is worth with Flippa’s Valuation Tool

If youre wondering what kind of processor you have, you can easily find out that information on a Windows 10 computer in two clicks.

To find out what CPU you have, simply do the following:

1. Right-click on the Windows start menu icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. 2. Click on System in the menu that pops up. 3. Next to Processor it will list what kind of CPU you have in your computer.

Easy, right?

What Do Refurbished Laptop Grades Mean

Grades shown on refurbished laptops determine what condition the laptop is in, and what types of damage or wear and tear you can expect.

Refurbished computers typically fall into one of three categories most companies list them as A, B and C. The popular retailer Laptops Direct uses A1, A2 and A3, but these are functionally the same as A, B and C.

Grade A laptopsGrade A is normally reserved for open-box devices that have been barely used, typically because they were unwanted and returned to a retailer straight after purchase. The laptop is in visibly flawless condition, with no scuffs, scratches or marks on the outer casing. It will come in its original box and with all of its original accessories.

This is as close as you can get to buying brand new, and the cost will reflect that sometimes discounts from new prices can be less than £50.

Grade B laptopsGrade B laptops are visibly used, but any damage is purely cosmetic. This might equate to minor scratches, but nothing thats noticeable during normal everyday use. A laptop might not come with its original box or charger, but it should still come with a compatible charger. These can be 20% cheaper than a new model.

Is Your Laptop Worth Repairing

The thought of upgrading your laptop may seem daunting if you arent familiar with the process. You dont have to know much about laptop machines to fix issues that may cause you to want to get rid of your current laptop.

If your laptop is barely functional due to age, then its probably time to upgrade to a new one. If your laptop is relatively new, and you think the issue is storage capacity or something that can be repaired, then invest some money and fix those issues.

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Calculating How Much Your Hp Laptop Is Worth

The model of your laptop gives you the starting price. Age of model and condition will decrease the value accordingly. You also have to take into account competitive pricing and the time youre willing to invest in selling it.

Since you now know the model and condition of your laptop, you can calculate how much your laptop is worth much easier now. You can do this in two ways, by getting a free quote from a reputable website or doing the math yourself.

How Long Does It Take For An Old Computer To Sell

How much is my PC worth? We will tell you how to find out!

Laptops have only been around for years, but computers existed way before that and people were making huge profits back then so it takes a lot longer to sell old products than newer items.

How Much My Laptop Is Worth Calculator?

I dont know how many hours you spent using your laptop each day because I have no idea what you do with it. The faster an item moves from the seller to seller, the more profit people make on average and the less time they take to sell their product. It doesnt matter if your laptop is one year old or five years old or even 10+ years old, computing anything else in this equation will give us the same answer

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Buying From Private Sellers

If youre buying from a private seller, such as on eBay, the goods must be as described. However, theres no obligation for the seller to proactively inform you of faults. On some sites, such as eBay, potential buyers are encouraged to ask questions to get more information from sellers who haven’t provided a detailed listing.

If you find a fault that wasnt disclosed but you also didnt check for it before buying, you may be able to negotiate a solution with the seller, but they might not be under any obligation to help you or refund you

How To Check How Much Memory You Have

Checking how much RAM you have in your computer is another very easy task. In fact, you can find how much memory you have on the same screen that lists what CPU you have.

1. Right-click the Windows start menu icon. 2. Select System 3. Scroll down and it should list how much memory you have.

You can also find out how much RAM you have by looking in System Information on Windows 10 as outlined in the section above on how to find out what type of motherboard you have.

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Where Can I Sell My Old Computer

You can sell your old computer virtually anywhere as long as its in running condition and doesnt have any missing parts like a broken motherboard or dead hard drive. The average online profit people make on average with similar items is 65% 70% while the same item goes for 50% if you sell it locally. Some places might pay you more than $0.05 online, but that only happens if theyre desperate to get rid of some old product . If Best Buy wont take your old computer for an exchange, then you can always put it up for sale on Craigslist or eBay.

Decide If You Want A 2


Many PC laptops fall into the category of 2-in-1 laptops, hybrid devices that can switch between traditional clamshell mode, tablet mode and other positions in between such as tent or stand modes. 2-in-1s generally come in two different styles: detachables with screens that come off the keyboard entirely and flexible laptops with hinges that bend back 360 degrees to change modes.

Most of these systems are much better at serving one purpose than the other, with bend-backs being laptops first and detachables offering a superior tablet experience. However, if you don’t see the need to use your notebook as a slate, you’ll usually get more performance for your money with a traditional clamshell laptop.

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Trading In Has Never Been Easier

See how much your device is worth and save on a new one.

Well give you a quote for what your current device is worth online or in a store. Choose a new one that’s right for you, and apply your credit toward that device.

Easily transfer your data.

When you get your new device, just follow a few simple steps to safely transfer over your data and wipe the information from your current one.2 And with iOS 15, youll have temporary access to all the iCloud storage you need to back up and transfer all your apps and data to your new device.Heres how to prep your:

Just mail it out, or bring it in.

Return it to us using the prepaid trade-in kit we send you. Or trade in at an Apple Store.

Macbook Pro Private Party Value

If you dont want to trade in your MacBook Pro and are instead thinking of selling the computer directly to a private party, the process for finding out how much your computer is worth is a little different.

You can usually sell your computer for more money than with Apples buyback program but keep in mind, you will need to take care of the entire process yourself including maybe shipping or meeting the potential buyer in person to make the sale.

First things first, you will need to know what model MacBook Pro you have and some other key features of the computer.

Again, youll need to locate the serial number for the computer first. You can then run a search through Apple with that serial number and it will give you the exact year and model of the MacBook Pro.

This is how you can describe the computer to potential buyers.

You next will want to figure out the key features of your computer including the information pertaining to the model, which processor it has, how much memory is on the machine, the graphics card, what operating system it is running, and how much storage it has.

This information will allow buyers to search for the computer you have and let them know exactly what is for sale.

For the exact price, that is up to you.

You could start high and negotiate down or run a search of similar used MacBook Pros and see what they are selling for used on sites like eBay or Craigslist in your area.

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Dont Skimp On Battery Life

If you’re buying a large, bulky notebook or a gaming rig that you’ll use only on a desk near an outlet, you don’t have to worry about battery life. However, if you plan to use the laptop on your lap, even if it’s at home and or work, you’ll want at least 7 hours of endurance, with 8+ hours being ideal. To determine a notebook’s expected battery life, don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it. Instead, read third-party results from objective sources, such as our reviews.

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Apple Certified Refurbished Macbooks

How to find out how much RAM my computer can take

If youre buying a refurbished laptop directly from Apple, youre likely to get one thats in grade A condition. Apple doesn’t specify the level of damage, but the company says all of its refurbished models go through a rigorous testing process that is of the same standard as used for brand-new models.

Take a look at Apple’s Certified Refurbished website to see what’s on offer.

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How To Buy A Second

Deals on new laptops are common all year round, but these discounts can pale in comparison to how much you can save by shopping in the used and refurbished laptop marketplace.

We take a look at your options, and the potential pitfalls, to help you decide if its really worth the extra to buy brand new rather than a pre-owned laptop.

Want to narrow down your laptop selection first? Browse our pick of thebest laptops.

Common Quick Fixes For Used Laptops

Upgrading your laptop can be as simple as increasing memory space. Some laptops just need a simple device that you can insert directly into your computers USB port.

You may also be able to install malware or pop-up blockers to speed up the processing speed of your laptop. This is essential for most laptops to protect against viruses and software that will make your computer take a long time to function.

If your laptop fails to hold a charge or even turn on, then your problem could be with your battery or charger. You can easily find a replacement battery or charger on the HP website.

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How To Find Out How Much Your Computer Is Worth

The easiest way to find out what your computer is worth is to check Ebay. Just looking at Ebay listings isnt a good way to find out how much your computer is worth because you dont know how long those listings have been active. But theres a way to get a quick estimate based on actual sales.

To get the best price, you really need to know the make and model, how much memory it has, the size of the hard drive or SSD, and the type of processor for best results. Otherwise people will assume you have the base model and pay accordingly. But first, get an estimate so you can figure out if its worth your time to research it further.

Search on the model. For example, I could search on HP Elitebook 8440P. Dont pay attention to the price on the first one that comes up. It may or may not be realistic. Just click on a listing that matches yours in terms of memory, hard drive/SSD size, and processor type. Underneath the photo in the listing, theres a link labeled Have one to sell? Sell now. Click Sell now. Dont worry, theres no obligation at this point. Scroll down about 2/3 of the way down to the section labeled Pricing. Ebay will give you a recommended starting bid, an estimate of what it will sell for, and the chances of it selling.

Whether you ultimately choose to sell on Ebay or not, Ebays estimates give you a good idea what someone would be willing to pay for your computer.

How Much Is My Computer Worth: A General Rule


How much is my computer worth? Ebay will give you a no-obligation estimate if you do a little bit of legwork. My old Dell Inspiron laptop isnt worth much, but its worth more than I figured it would be.

Computers depreciate faster than cars, which is why I go out of my way to buy off-lease business PCs for my own use. But like cars, their value starts to creep back up once they get old enough to attract collector interest. That age generally is around 15-20 years for PCs.

The key is software. Once there are games that dont run correctly on modern PCs and operating systems, and there are adults who are old enough to be willing to spend money to play those games again on vintage hardware, that hardware increases in value.

Your run of the mill used not-yet-vintage PC is probably worth $50-$200. Your old Pentium 4 that couldnt run Windows 7 is nearly worthless but its value is likely to start creeping back up. Get into Pentium III range and older, and now youre talking vintage. The older and nicer the PC is, the more its probably worth, especially if it has the ability to swap the video card. The bigger the name brand, the more its likely to be worth.

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How To Sell Your Laptop Online To Greenbuyback

To find out how much your laptop is worth:

  • Select the make and model you would like to sell
  • Choose your laptops condition, size and style.
  • Approve your trade in quote.
  • Pack up your laptop into a box and ship it to us for FREE.
  • Once the device is approved, collect your CASH!
  • If you do not see your laptop below let us know! Click “I don’t see my device” and we will provide you an offer for your laptop within 24 hours. Thank you for selling your laptop to GreenBuyback!

    Sellyourmac Makes Cashing In Your Device Easy As 1

    1. Get a free quote

    We make selling your Apple device easy. Simply enter your product details and get an instant offer directly from our site.

    2. Ship us your device

    We provide the pre-paid shipping label once the details have been confirmed. Just pack up your device and ship.

    3. Get paid fast!

    As soon as your device arrives at our secure facility, we begin processing the order so you can get paid quickly.

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    Is It Worth It To Get Repairs

    Possibly. Youll need to weigh out a few different considerations. Even if your computer is under Applecare, it can still be pricey sometimes to get repairs direct from Apple. Before you decide to undertake a repair or not, check the value of your computer. If you only have something minor wrong or can replace something cheaply, it may be worth it if you can get a few extra hundred dollars for your computer. But if its expensive or a hassle, skip it.

    Dealing With Vintage Computers

    How much is your Steam account worth? Here is how to find out

    Vintage computers have become collectible, driven by nostalgic Gen Xers like me who remember using them when we were younger. But like anything, not every old computer is super rare or valuable. Its worth more if it still works, but even if an old computer works, it may need some serious maintenance to stay in working order for long. Someone probably is interested in your old Apple, Atari, Commodore, or TI computer if you have one. Someone is absolutely interested if you have an old Kaypro or Osborne. But old computers that are worth four or five figures are the exception, not the rule. Old computers that are worth $100 are more common than old computers worth $1,000.

    Accessories, peripherals, software, and paperwork have some value too. Sometimes the value isnt high, but including it will increase the chances of it selling.

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    How Does The Model Of Your Hp Laptop Affect Its Price

    How much your model sells will play a large part in how much its worth now, but it will most likely not be close to the retail value. As HP releases new laptops like HP Pavilion x360 15 Touch Screen Intel Core i7, the older models become more obsolete, which decreases the value by $100 of dollars.

    Just like your models release date may affect its worth, the models hardware specifications may add value to your laptop as well. Some models of hp laptop offer tons of memory , amazing screen resolution, and fast processors. If your laptop has valuable hardware built into it, then its worth more than a model that offers the bare minimum.

    If at any point, you want to learn more about your laptops specifications, enter the model name into Google or the HP website. Track anything that seems relevant, so you can better calculate at the end what your laptop is worth.

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