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How To Find Serial Number On Dell Laptop

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Finding Dell Service Tag Or Serial Number On Linux

How To Find Laptop or PC Serial Number on Windows 10

Most users run Linux on their Dell laptop. It isnt again a difficult task to find the service tag number for Dell and other laptops on Linux, as well. You might need superuser or administrator privileges for this command though.

Open Terminal, and type sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number, and hit the enter key. You might be asked to type your password. Once you are done, the Dell service tag number will be shown to you.

After the Dell service tag number lookup, you can give it to the customer care executive or see the system specs, along with your warranty.

Hope the Dell service tag lookup tool or method, was helpful for you. Faced any issues? Let me know about it in the comment section down below.

Locating The Sticker On Any Dell Product

  • 1Find the sticker on a laptop. The tag is usually on the bottom of the laptop near the battery cover, and is either white or black with contrasting characters.XResearch source Look for the 7-digit alphanumeric code next to or below the words “Service Tag” or “Serial Number.”
  • Some laptops have a metal flap on the bottom that obscures the sticker. If you don’t see the sticker, lift the flap to expose it.
  • 2Find the sticker on a desktop PC. You’ll usually find a white sticker on the back of the tower/case near the top. You may also find a black sticker with white lettering on the top of the unit. Either of these locations should display a 7-digit alphanumeric code beside or below the words “Service Tag” or “Serial Number” .
  • If you’re using an All-in-One PC, look for a white sticker with black letters on the back of the monitor, near the bottom.
  • 3Find the sticker on a printer. Lifting the scanner lid on most All-in-One models will reveal a black sticker with white text with the words “Service Tag.” If you have an older model, look for a large white sticker with a bar code on the backside of the unit or in the toner/ink cartridge bay. The Service Tag is 7-digits and contains both letters and numbers.
  • 4Find the sticker on a monitor. Look on the back of the monitor for a black-and-white sticker that says “Service Tag” to find your 7-digit alphanumeric code.
  • How To Find A Serial Number Of A Laptop Without A Laptop

    If you dont have the laptop but still want to find the serial number of any brands laptop. You can visit the manufacturers store. Else, you can go to any online laptop selling store like Amazon. You will have plenty of laptops there, and you can find any required information regarding any laptop easily.

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    Microsoft Modern Usb Headset

    To find the serial number on the Microsoft Modern USB Headset, you’ll need to remove the right ear pad from the device.

    To remove the ear pad:

  • Hold the base of the headset in one hand.

  • With your other hand, gently pull the cushioned ear pad out and away from the ear cup to remove the ear pad.

  • The 14-alphanumeric serial number will be on the headset base. Take note of the serial number before reattaching the ear pad.

  • To reattach the ear pad:

  • Hold the base of the headset in one hand.

  • With your other hand, take the ear pad you removed and fit it into the ear cup.

  • Find The Serial Number On Your Device

    Serial number laptop dell, ALEBIAFRICANCUISINE.COM

    Look for your Surface model to locate its serial number.

    If you have this Surface

    Find it here

    Place your Surface Laptop Studio screen down, and look at the bottom of the base.

    Surface Duo

    Insert the SIM ejector tool into the small hole on the right side and gently press in to eject the SIM card tray. Gently pull the SIM tray out to find the serial number on the inside of it.

    Note: If the bumper is attached, the SIM card tray may not come all the way out. If this occurs, slightly insert the SIM ejector tool back into the hole for the SIM card tray, and then gently angle the tool and pull the tray all the way out. You might be able to grab the longer end of the SIM tray with your fingernails to remove it.

    Surface Duo 2

    With your Surface Duo 2 closed and the triple lens rear-facing camera facing up, insert the SIM ejector tool into the small hole on the bottom of the left screen, and then gently press in to eject the SIM card tray. Gently pull the SIM tray out to find the serial number on the inside of it.

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    How To Find Dell Laptop Model Number Using Cmd

    Another method for finding your dell laptop model number is by using the Cmd Command. Below is a step by step method of how to find the dell laptop model number using cmd.

    First, go to search in the bottom left corner of your windows

    Type cmd in the search and press Enter

    A Command prompt window will appear, type WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME, Press Enter. The model number will appear, as shown in the image below.

    How To Find The Serial Number Of The Dell Laptop

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    The serial number on the laptops, also known as the service tags or denoted as S/N is a piece of useful information and must be kept tracked as it helps in getting the registration of the laptop and acquiring the warranty service in case of any problem or when the device broke down.

    So, how to find the serial number of the Dell laptop to keep track? The serial number isnt usually displayed on the display system or any interface and can be found through various methods.

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    How To Find The Serial Number On Hp Laptop Windows 10

    For finding a serial number of an HP laptop, you can try the following things.

    Press Fn+ Esc key from built-in HP keyboard

    Or press Ctrl+ Alt+ S to see the serial number of your HP laptop. However, if this doesnt work out, you can use the WIMIC command described in the above procedure. This will give you the serial number of your HP laptop.

    How Do I Find My Dell Serial Number

    How to find Laptop Serial Number / Download driver of Dell Laptop #SerialNumber #DellDriver

    You can run your serial number as an administrator by right-clicking Command Prompt and selecting Run as Administrator.. You can get the serial number of your wmic bios by typing it in the Command Prompt window. You can enter the game by pressing the Enter key. You will see the serial number of your Dell computer on the screen.

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    How Many Digits Is Dell Serial Number

    You can find a sticker with a bar code on the bottom of the laptop, and you can also find the words Service Tag or Express Service Code on the bottom. Serial numbers consist of five or seven letters and numbers. Continue Step 2 if your Dell laptops serial number has not been affixed to the bottom.

    How To Determine Pc Serial Number Using Command Prompt

    To check the device serial number using a Command Prompt command, use these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Confirm the computer serial number.
  • Type the following command to export the serial information to a text file and press Enter:

    wmic bios get SerialNumber > PATH\TO\EXPORT

    In the command, make sure to replace “PATH\TO\EXPORT” with the path to the text file you want to export the serial number information.

    For example, this command exports the output to the ComputerSerial.txt file in the C drive:

    wmic bios get SerialNumber > C:\ComputerSerial.txt

  • After you complete the steps, the command will return the serial number without needing to access the BIOS or going behind the device to look for the sticker.

    Although these commands will work on any computer, custom-build devices don’t have a serial number. This means that the command output may read “To Be Filled By O.E.M.”

    If you’re looking to retrieve the device model number, you can use these instructions.

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    How To Find The Serial Number On A Dell Latitude Laptop

    Traveling business owners and their employees often depend on laptops to work on the road, and, even when using the most high-performance laptops by manufacturers like Dell, will occasionally run into service issues. Like all Dell computers, the Latitude uses a unique service tag as the laptop’s serial number. This service tag uniquely identifies your computer and allows Dell technicians to quickly pull up your Latitude’s hardware configuration. The service tag is typically located on a sticker adhered to the laptop’s case, but it may also reside in the system setup utility.


    Shut down your Dell Latitude before searching for the serial number. This prevents damage to mechanical hard drives and optical drives that don’t like being jostled around during operation.


    Check the rear of the laptop where the docking station connector is located. Some Latitudes may conceal these connectors under a hinged, plastic cover. Look for a sticker with a “Service Tag” number.


    Turn the Latitude over and look for a “Service Tag” sticker on the underside of the laptop.


    Start the computer and repeatedly press “F2” as the system boots to enter the setup. Typically, you press “F2” when the Dell logo appears, but repeatedly pressing “F2” helps avoid mistiming this key-press. Look for “Service Tag” in the information list on the first setup screen.


    How Old Is My Dell Desktop

    Dell date codes

    The table below will help you estimate the age of your computer. Dell has the models not shown here and/or the exact original purchase date for those models. You can find its warranty status by entering its service tag at The most popular Dell computer models released each calendar year.

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    Where Is The Dell Service Tag Serial Number

  • Log in remotely to the system using your remote access credentials.
  • Go to your home page and click the start button.
  • You can find Windows Administrative Tools or Windows System by scrolling down.
  • Command Prompt should be clicked.
  • You can get the serial number of your mouse by typing wmic bios get serialnumber in the Command Prompt window.
  • Enter your email address.
  • How To Look Up Dell Monitor Serial Number

    Follow the instructions correctly

    1. Search for command prompt in windows search.

    2. Right-click on Command Prompt and then select Run as Administrator.

    3. Type or copy and paste the following inside command prompt and hit the Enter key:

    wmic bios get serialnumber

    4. The serial number for your Dell computer will be displayed on the screen. Sometimes it could display your Service tag.

    To check for your serial number manually, follow these instructions carefully.

    1. Turn Of Your Dell Monitor

    Start by switch your dell monitor, the reason for this is because we dont want anything to go wrong with your internal hardware when you flip your monitor over

    2. Flip Your Dell Monitor Over

    After you turned of your dell monitor, flip your monitor to the back because that is where your serial number and service tag is located.

    Tip how to fix audio issues on your dell laptop.

    3. Locate Your Serial Number

    Just like i mentioned earlier, you will see your serial number or service tag printed on a sticker behind your monitor.

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    How To Locate The Serial Number Of My Dell Laptop

    While checking the warranty status or seeking support for your Dell laptop, you may encounter pages on the Dell support website that request the serial number of the computer. Depending on the computer, the Dell website may also refer to the serial number as the “service tag” or “express service code.” The unique serial number that identifies your Dell laptop is hard-coded in the main system board and printed on a label affixed to the bottom of the computer.

    Making Sense Of Serial Numbers

    How to Find Your Computer Model & Serial Number inside of Windows 10 – Laptop Tips & Tricks

    The part number youre looking for is always the 5 digits after the country prefix and the first zero. So it would be as follows:

    • CN = Country Prefix this part was made in China.
    • -0 = Ignore the first zero following the country prefix.
    • YW6W9 = This is the Dell Part number we would be looking for.
    • 65890-4CI-500J = This is the unique part of the serial number that would be different on every Dell Model.
    • -A00 = This is the revision of the part.

    The vast majority of Dell parts are made in China, so most of the serial numbers will start with CN-0.

    There are however also:

    • JP-0 = Japan
    • US-0 = United States

    Armed with this product number, you will easily be able to pinpoint the exact keyboard you need in accordance with the machine in question.

    In terms of the information we would require from a customer making a query, definitely the YW6W9 part of the above example, and possibly the revision A00 in this case if specifically in need of the same or newer revision of a part.

    On the ITC website, the part number is at the end of the product title.

    For more information on replacement laptop parts or to discuss an order, call the ITC Sales team today on 03333 222 200.

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    Serial Number On Windows:

    Finding a serial number on a Windows laptop or computer is modified by the Dell in such a way that the user can find it on its own without seeking professional help. This service can be utilized as long as the laptop is loading the Windows OS properly.

    The serial number of the Dell laptop can be found on Windows by clicking on the Start and type Command Prompt. Right-click on the Command Prompt and click the option of Run as Administrator. Type wmic bios get serial number in the Command Prompt and press the Enter key. This displays the serial number on the screen.

    Another way to find the serial number on the Windows can be searched in the BIOS or printed on the hardware as well.

    Finding Dell Service Tag Or Serial Number Using The Command Line

    Finding the service tag number in Dell laptops is the elementary task to get warranty or service. The same is applicable for other brands, as well. The service tag number in Dell, or the serial number, is the method for uniquely identifying a laptop, notebook, or any other device. You can always have Dell service tag lookup, or the serial number lookup, by visiting the OEMs website. But the method they show, involve downloading and installing of numerous programs. There isnt any doubt, the programs are lightweight, but why install a separate app, when you can get the serial number without them.

    You can have the Dell laptop serial number, without downloading any dell service tag checker. You just need to type a command and get the serial number right in front of you. Though the easier method is to have a look at the sticker just underneath your system. You can get the service tag number, express service code, or any such details there. But with an old laptop, it might be difficult to maintain the sticker at its place. So, now I will be showing you the easiest tutorial here to find Dell service tag or serial number on Windows and Linux.

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    Check Computer Age By Property Of Mercer Sticker

    Every Mercer-supported computer has a “Property of Mercer” sticker containing an identification number. In 2010, this number began including the year and the month the machine was deployed. The sticker is usually placed in the following locations:

    • Dell Desktops: On top of the computer, near the front.
    • Dell Laptops: On the back of the display.
    • Apple iMacs: On the back of the computer.
    • Apple MacBooks: On the back of the display.

    If the identification number is 7 digits long, the first 2 numbers represent the year the device was deployed, and the next 2 numbers represent the month. For example, if a computer has a sticker with 1201326, it was deployed in January 2012.

    If the identification number is not 7 digits long, the computer’s age must be verified by the serial number or service tag. See information below for instructions.

    What To Do If The Serial Number Doesnt Appear Using Wmic Command

    DELL Inspiron 5100 Laptop Drivers, Software Download For ...

    If you try this command and no serial number appears on the screen. It means the manufacturer of your laptop has not saved its serial number inside the BIOS. There will likely be a chance to call the manufacturer and ask him directly.

    Or else, you can look for the serial number at some other places. Therefore, here are the things that you will apply if you cannot get the serial number of your laptop through the above method.

    3 Ways To Screenshot On Mac Without Keyboard

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    How To Find The Product Number Of A Dell Laptop Keyboard

    Finding yourself in need of a new laptop keyboard can be a pretty big annoyance in its own right. Nevertheless, things are often compounded even further by the seemingly-daunting job of finding out the product number for the keyboard itself, in order to arrange the required replacement.

    So shy of ripping your machine to pieces and possibly making things worse than they already are, how can you go about finding a laptop keyboards model number?

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