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How To Fix Laptop Hard Drive

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Protect Your Important Data

How to fix your computer harddrive in under 5 min.

The following are some tips that you need to remember if you donât want to lose your precious data.

  • Install a good anti-virus program on your computer and regularly update it.
  • Always create backups of your data in a separate location.
  • Never shut down your computer system while any program is running.
  • Don’t write and add new data after the loss of hard disk data.
  • To retrieve data safely, resort to Recoverit Data Recovery.

Test Your Hard Drive With Dedicated Analysis Software

Sometimes simple system tests arent enough to fully test your hard drive. Then the next step might be testing it with dedicated hard drive analysis software. Software like WD Data Lifeguard or SeaTools are some tools you can use.

Hard drive analysis software often offers two test options: Quick and Extended. With quick tests, data on the drive is verified and and a SMART test is performed. This tests for any potential soft errors and failures. Extended tests are more thorough, with stress tests that diagnose bad sectors. They usually take longer, up to an hour or more.

With this method, youll have to do a little more prep than just launching an application. This involves taking out the faulty hard drive from your laptop or desktop computer, and connecting it to a different desktop computer via a SATA enclosure box. Testing the drive on a desktop computer keeps it isolated from other factors that may affect its performance. The SATA enclosure being powered by a different power source also helps for this thorough check.

While the above options can test and repair rising problems, bad sectors are unavoidable and can still cause the eventual failure of the drive. So if you may want to choose a long term solution over a short fix that may only buy you another year on the drive. This brings us to hard drive replacements.

What To Do If Your Laptop Or Hard Drive Is Making Noise

The hard drive is one of the most important components in your laptop or your desktop computer. Its designed to run silently, the level of which may depend on the brand and model, but none should be making abnormal noises.

Or else it can indeed be cause for concern. If it is indeed your hard drive thats failing, these noises might be the warning signs.

In this respect, were going to talk about the types of noises that you might hear and what they could mean. Were going to suggest several solutions if you find yourself in such a situation.

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Physical Hard Drive Crash

There are three main causes of physical hard disk failure:

  • Extremely high temperatures. If there is insufficient cooling, thermal damage to the internal hard disk may occur. Therefore, make sure that the air filters are clean and have good airflow.
  • Water entering the components of the hard disk, as they are very sensitive to moisture.
  • Collison. This can happen, for example, when a laptop is dropped or used carelessly.

In addition, the following symptoms will help you to recognize physical damage:

  • The computer’s operating system cannot recognize the hard disk.
  • A continuous noise emanates from inside your computer. However, you need to be able to distinguish between the noise of a damaged disk and fan noise. In the event of a physical breakdown of the disk, you will hear something like a buzzing, crashing sound. The fan emits more a monotonous quiet or not-so-quiet sound.

If these symptoms are present in your hard drive and it is not detected by your computer anymore, then you are dealing with physical damage to the hard drive and you have no choice but to take it to a recovery center.

Check If You Have An Ssd Or Hdd Windows 10 With Disk Defragmenter

#BEST TRICK #How to fix a broken hard drive Beeping noise ...

If you are wondering do I have a HHD or SSD, you can also use Disk Defragmenter to find out what hard drive do I have in Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1. You can press Windows + R, type dfrgui, and press Enter to open Disk Defragmenter tool.

Step 2. In Media type column, you can find out if your hard drive is solid state drive or hard disk drive.

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Disk Error 3 Can’t Boot The System

Since the internal hard drive also stores the firmware and the operating system, its failure can also result in the booting of your system. There are all kinds of prompts that users get in this case when the system can’t boot. It happens when there is a change in the BIOS settings or the essential system files have been lost. The partition where the operating system has been installed can also get corrupt, resulting in this computer problem.

Solution 1: Restore default BIOS settings

If there is an issue with your system’s BIOS settings, then this will fix it. Turn on your computer and keep pressing the BIOS key, which can be F10, F12, F2, DELETE, etc. Once you enter the BIOS window, press F9 to restore the default settings. Exit it and restart your system now.

Solution 2: Perform an advanced startup

You can also take the assistance of a bootable media or a Windows installer to startup your system. Firstly, go to Windows Settings > Recovery > Advanced Setup and click on the “Restart Now” button. Also, connect a Windows CD/DVD or a bootable media to your system. This will let you reinstall Windows on the system or boot it from another media.

Check Drive For File System Errors

Hopefully, there is a systematic channel for error checking when you try to repair the corrupted internal or external hard drive, even storage media.

1. Navigate to My PC/Computer.

2. Open it and right click on the name of the targeted hard drive and choose Properties.

3. Find the Tools section and click on the Check button as shown in the picture.

In addition, due to lack of hard drive monitor in Windows system, we have to try CMD Line to check the condition of the hard drive.

1. Tap Win + R and type cmd into the order box to open CMD window.

2. Type wmic and tap on entering to move on.

3. Type disk drive gets status and Enter again.

However, this channel has a limitation that it will not show any name of your hard drive, so it’s hard to make sure the condition of every hard drive.

For contain details, you can download CrystalDiskInfo to check the comprehensive information, but this requires you to download extra software, so make sure that you get the software from an official and safe source.

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Make Sure Usb Ports Are Available

Poor contact will cause HDD corrupted. If you fail to read hard drive, for an external hard drive, try to plug hard drive into another USB port and open your hard drive again.

As for the power check of the internal hard disk, there may be challenges. But if the PC can detect the internal drive, repairing the damaged internal hard drive is independent of the power supply.

Disk Error 6 Data Loss From A Corrupt Hard Drive

How To Fix / Replace Hard Drive Laptop Computer – Install HDD / SSD

The hard drive is capable of storing a large amount of data which can be accessed at any time. However, sometimes you risk losing the important data contained in them because of failure or corruption of the hard disk. If an entire drive or a partition/sector has been corrupted, then it will automatically delete your saved files.

There can be numerous reasons for causing data loss on your system. Corrupt storage, a faulty program, bad sector, malware attack, or any other disk-related issue can trigger it. You can also accidentally format or delete your data as well. While there are hardly any native solutions for this, you can try a dedicated third-party data recovery tool.

Solution: Use Recoverit Data Recovery

It doesn’t matter what kind of data loss scenario you are facing, you would be able to move past it using Recoverit Data Recovery. It is one of the most advanced data recovery tools available for both Windows and Mac. The application is easy to use and has the highest recovery rates in the industry. You can recover your lost data not only from Windows/Mac’s internal hard disk but also from external sources like USB drive, SD card, etc. All you need to do is follow these steps after downloading Recoverit on your system.

Step 1: Select where to scan

Firstly, launch the Recoverit Data Recovery application on your system and select a location to scan. This can be your entire drive or a partition/folder in it.

Step 2: Scan the hard drive

Step 3: Restore your data

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Case 2 The External Hard Drive Works But Makes A Scratching Noise

If there is a sound that has never been heard from your disk, make a backup copy of it from the disk. Do not use this drive as storage anymore. Any incomprehensible sound emanating from the hard drive indicates that it will soon break down, as its moving parts will become unusable.

If you need to retrieve some lost documents, photos, videos, etc. from a dying external storage device, Partition Recovery will be your indispensable helper. The software can help you even after a file system failure and recover data from each partition separately.

File systems that are supported by this program for retrieving data from a dead external hard drive include FAT12, ReFS, HFS, NTFS, ReiserFS, Ext2/3/4, XFS, etc. The recovery wizard built into the program can work in several modes: uneraser, reader or recovery. When restoring files, remember not to rush, so the program can calmly and gradually do its job. With the help of the preview function, you can verify the unsurpassed quality of the work done. In addition, you can do all this absolutely for free.

A licensed version is required only if you wish to keep the information you found. Everyone wants their valuable information to be only with them and be protected from prying eyes, so the confidentiality of data retrieved with this program is guaranteed.

How To Partition A Hard Drive In Windows

Don’t worry if this process sounds a bit more complicated than you thought because it’s not. Partitioning a hard drive in Windows isn’t at all hard and usually only takes a few minutes to do.

Here’s how to do it:

These instructions apply to Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

  • Open Disk Management, the tool included in all versions of Windows that lets you partition drives, among a number of other things.

    In Windows 11/10/8/8.1, the Power User Menu is the easiest way to start Disk Management. You can also open Disk Management via command prompt in any version of Windows, but the Computer Management method is probably best for most people. Check which version of Windows is installed on your computer if you’re not sure.

  • When Disk Management opens, you should see an Initialize Disk window with the message “You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it.”

    In Windows XP, you’ll see an Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard screen instead. Follow that wizard, making sure to not select the option to “convert” the disk, unless you’re sure you need to. Skip to Step 4 when done.

    Don’t worry if this window doesn’t appear. There are legitimate reasons you may not see itwe’ll know soon if there’s a problem or not. Skip down to Step 4 if you don’t see this.

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    Repair The System Built

    • Press F8 or another button to enter the safe mode during the boot process select restart or shut down the computer and power on it later to enter the normal mode .
    • If the problem persists, please enter safe mode again to choose System Restore in order to restore your system to an earlier point when theres no such problem.
    • If the problem persists, please use the system disk to repair open the command prompt, enter SFC / scannow, press Enter and insert the original system disk to repair the system
    • If the problem persists, please set the CD-ROM as the first boot device in the BIOS then, insert the system installation disc and press R key to select repair installation.
    • If the problem still persists, I advise you to reinstall your OS.

    How To Fix Dell No Hard Drive Detected Error

    How to repair a broken hard drive in 3 simple steps.

    Do you want to fix Dell no hard drive detected error? It is frustrating that your Dell laptop can not detect the hard drive. No need to worry. You can check this article for 5 fixed to solve Dell no hard drive detected issue.

    “When I start up my computer and it’s loading the bios it says something like this: No Device Detected. I don’t know what happened to it randomly did this, and it’s been doing this for like a week its definitely plugged in and powered so I dont know what could be wrong or if its just broke. If I get a new hard drive would it work or is there another reason why it’s not being detected or working?”

    In general, hard drive not detected issue occurs on my laptops includes Dell, HP, Samsung, and more. This issue can often happen when you start the computer. You can check the 5 fixes to solve “Dell hard disk not detected”.

    Workable Solutions
    Shut down the computer and press the power button to restart it…Full steps
    2. Run Dell Diagnostic Tool Shut down Dell. Press the power button to restart it. Keep taping…Full steps
    3. Check Hard Drive Connection Before uninstalling the hard drive, you should backup all your data…Full steps
    4. Update Dell Drivers Identify the Dell product. Scan for the available updates…Full steps
    5. Run An Data Recovery Software Connect the hard drive to another PC via SATA cable and download…Full steps

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    Bonus Tip: How To Recover Files From External Hard Drive Not Detected

    Step 1: download, install, and launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, connect your external hard drive to PC.

    Step 2: shift to the Devices tab at the top and move your cursor to the target external hard drive.

    Step 3: click on the Scan button to scan the selected external hard drive.

    Step 4: browse the scan results during the scan. Alternatively, you can wait until the end of the scan and then select the files you want to restore.

    Step 5: press the Save button and choose another drive with enough free space to store the recovered files.

    Step 6: press the OK button to confirm the selection and start external hard drive file recovery.

    At last, you can check the recovered files to put an end to the recovery work.


    Please read this page if your external hard drive seems dead and you need to recover important data from it:

    External Hard Drive Check The Enclosure And Cables

    When your external hard drive fails, it can do so for all the same reasons an internal drive can fail. Sometimes, however, it’s not the drive that stops working, but a connection within the enclosure! And in that case, the drive is easy to revive.

    Before you open up any hardware, be sure to discharge your body’s static electricity, i.e. ground yourself. Remove the hard drive from its casing and use an IDE/SATA data cable and power connector to install the drive internally on your desktop computer. Alternatively, you can get an IDE/SATA to USB adapter or a new USB enclosure, so you can hook the drive up externally via USB.

    The image above shows a SATA connector and an IDE connector .

    Once you re-connected the external drive to your computer, given the enclosure was the culprit, Windows should recognize it and assign a drive letter. The drive should pop up under File Explorer > This PC. You can also check under Disk drives in the Device Manager .

    If the drive didn’t show up anywhere, you can try to manually find your drive to further narrow down the issue the process is described further down.

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    Question: How To Fix Hard Disk Problem In Laptop

    4 Fixes to Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem Error Use system file checker to fix hard disk error. Windows provides some basic tools to help repair errors, for example, the system file checker. Run CHKDSK to fix the hard disk problem. Use partition manager software to check and repair hard disk/drive errors.

    Check Hard Disk’s Health Regularly

    How to fix your computer hard disk drive in less than 5 minutes | Easy Fix | Quick Repair

    A lot of users don’t know this, but you can check the health of a hard disk on Windows pretty easily. All you need to do is launch Command Prompt and enter the “wmic” command. It stands for Windows Management Instrumentation Command and will check the working of the disk. If the health is critical, then you can take a backup of your data and perform different repairing steps.

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    Assign A Drive Letter For The Drive

    The drive letter of the SSD is missing or conflicting with another disk can result in SSD not showing up. You can fix this issue by manually assigning the SSD a new drive letter in Windows Disk Management.

    You can assign or configure it indeed with the help of the below steps:

    Step 1. Run Disk Management and right-click in the partition that lacks a drive letter. Now, from the context menu, select the Change Drive Letter and Paths option.

    Step 2. On the Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog box, tap on the Add button, and here, another dialog box will appear.

    Step 3. From the new pop-up dialog box, choose the Assign the following drive letter option and pick a letter from the drop-down list. Once you choose the letter, click on the OK button, and the drive letter will then be assigned to the partition.

    After you successfully complete assigning a drive letter, you can now restart your PC system and check if the problem is now resolved or not.

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