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How To Fix My Audio On My Laptop

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Check The Idt High Definition Audio Codec

How to Fix the Sound on a Laptop

The IDT high definition audio CODEC is a vital component in Windows that is responsible for the coding-decoding of its sound. If the HD audio codec has been corrupted or is outdated, then it can cause the computer audio not working issue. You can fix this by visiting the Device Manager option on Windows and selecting the Audio components. In the Sound window, go to the Playback tab and select the IDT High Definition Audio Codec. You can make it as default and further visit its properties to check or update it.

Fix : Troubleshoot The Sound Issue

To fix no sound on computer, you can try the troubleshooter in Windows to troubleshoot the sound issue and automatically fix it. To do so, follow the steps below:

1) Open ControlPanel in your computer, and view it in small icons or large icons.

2) Click Troubleshooting.

3) In the HardwareandSound section, click Troubleshoot audio recording.

4) Make sure to check the box next to Apply repairs automatically, and click Next to start troubleshooting.

5) Follow the on-screen wizard to continue and fix the no sound issue in your computer.

6) Restart your computer and try if the sound is working now.

How Do I Fix No Sound On My Computer After Update

Method 1: roll back the audio driver.

  • Right click on Start button and choose Device Manager.
  • Expand Sound, video and game controllers.
  • Right click on the sound card and choose Properties.
  • Select the Driver tab and click on the Roll Back Driver;button.
  • Method 2: restore PC from a system restore point.

    System Restore feature is embedded in Windows, allowing users to cancel the changes that have been made to the system. If it is the Windows Update that causes the sound issue, you can fix it directly by restoring to a previous point when the error didnt occur.

    Please read the How to Restore Windows 10 from an Earlier Restore Point section of this post.

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    Bonus Tip: Recover Lost/deleted Audio Files From Computer With Recoverit

    While fixing the audio not working in Windows 10 issue, a lot of people end up losing their important files. In this case, you can take the assistance of Recoverit Data Recovery to get back your lost or deleted audio files back. It is a highly recommended data recovery tool that supports all the leading media files, including major audio formats. You can just launch the application, select a location to scan and preview the results. Yes ââ¬â even before saving your data, you can preview your photos, videos, audios, and documents on its interface. The application has a high data recovery rate and will certainly help you in different data loss scenarios.

    I’m sure that after reading this guide on how to fix laptop audio not working issue, you would be able to meet your requirements. As you can see, I have listed different ways to fix the Windows audio not working problem that you can implement as per your preferences. Also, if you have lost some of your important audio files, then you can try Recoverit to get them back. Go ahead and try these suggestions and feel free to share this guide with others to help them fix the audio not working issues in Windows 10.

    Fix Laptop Audio Not Working In Windows 10

    How to Fix No Sound Issue on Windows 10?

    Whatever the case may be, were going to show you some tried and tested solutions to use when you find audio not working on your Windows or Mac laptop. Feel free to check out our video on YouTube that goes over some of the bigger ticket fixes quickly.

    Check Volume

    Its possible that you may have accidentally muted the volume on your laptop either by striking the mute button or clicking the speaker icon on the Windows taskbar.;

    To check your volume, tap the mute button or the Add Volume button on your laptops keyboard, or click the speaker icon in the lower right side of the taskbar and unmute or turn up the volume.

    If you plugged in external speakers, turn on and turn up the volume. If you hear a ding sound but you still dont get the audio you want, check the app youre trying to use and unmute it or turn up the volume.

    Try Using Headphones

    If your laptops built-in speakers arent working, try plugging in your headphones or use external speakers. If you get audio through external audio devices, the problem may be with your laptops speakers.;

    Alternatively, if you have a USB headset or headphones, try to plug it in and check if you get any audio as these bypass the default audio driver, and can pinpoint where the problem could be.

    Change Audio Devices

    If youve plugged in a USB audio device or youre connecting to an external HDMI monitor that has no speakers, Windows may direct the audio to the wrong output device, making you think the audio isnt working on your laptop.

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    Verify That All Windows Updates Are Installed

    To check for updates

  • Select Start;>Settings;>Update & Security;>Windows Update ; >Check for updates.

  • Do one of the following:

  • If the status says “You’re up to date, go to the next tip.

  • If the status says “Updates are available,” select Install now.

  • Select the updates you want to install, then select Install.

  • Restart your PC and see if your sound is working properly.

  • If that didn’t solve your problem, continue to the next tip.

    Check The Default Input And Output For Audio

    Ideally, Windows 10 lets us select different options for the audio input and output. Therefore, chances are that you could have opted for any other default option that might not be working presently. If the audio is not working in Windows 10, then go to its Settings > Sound and click on the dropdown menu to choose the default output device. Make sure that the default device is connected and is working properly on your computer.

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    How To Fix The No Audio Output Device Is Installed Issue In Windows 10

    You notice that your computer is not playing any sound. You might see the Speaker icon in your taskbar with a red x on it. So, you think that you probably turned down the volume too low or set it to mute. However, when you place your mouse over the Speaker icon, you see a message that says, No audio output device is installed. What a bothersome sight.

    You wont enjoy your PC very much when it does not play sounds, and neither can you use your microphone for voice input. Now, there are two primary reasons why this problem might occur. Either the operating system has disabled your audio output device, or you have outdated/corrupt/missing driver software. It is also possible that the audio card itself is faulty and you have to replace it.

    Whatever the reason may be, you will find out soon enough. There are sure-fire fixes that will help you get your speakers working again. Take a look:

  • Run the built-in audio troubleshooter
  • Re-enable your audio device
  • Update the Intel Smart Sound Technology Audio Control driver
  • Check for hardware faults
  • Contact PC support
  • You might not need to attempt all the above solutions. Take them from the top until sound returns to your computer.

    Disable Windows Audio Enhancements

    What to Do When Your Computer (Laptop) Suddenly Has No Sound Fast Fix

    Next up are Windows 10’s audio enhancements. Audio enhancements are built-in Microsoft and third-party packages designed to make your system audio sound betterâor at least differentâin a variety of ways. However, these “enhancements” could be the cause of your Windows 10 audio issue. Luckily, they’re simple to turn off.

    To access audio enhancements, right-click on the speaker icon in the System Tray and select Sounds to open the Control Panel’s Sound window. Here, switch to the Playback tab and double-click on the audio device you’re using.

    In the next window, click the Enhancements tab. There, check the box labeled Disable all enhancements if it isn’t already, then hit Apply. If you’re having audio issues with multiple devices, repeat this process for each one in the Playback list.

    While you’re here, it’s also a good idea to make sure the device you want to use is set as the default. Right-click one and choose Set as Default Device to do this.

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    Try External Speakers Or Headphones

    If this problem keeps appearing on your laptop, its possible that theres an issue with your speakers. Sometimes this problem can occur if your speakers are disabled or if theres an audio issue on your PC. To determine if the cause of the problem, its advised that you connect external speakers or headphones to your laptop and check if they work.

    If the issue appears while using speakers or headphones, the problem is most likely related to your audio settings or drivers.

    In case your laptop speakers arent working, the issue is most likely related to your drivers or settings, so be sure to update them and check if that helps. If the issue is still there, feel free to try any other solution from this article.

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  • Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.
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    Check The Default Audio Device

  • Right-click the audio icon in the bottom right corner. Select Sounds from the menu.
  • The Sound window will now appear. Go to the Playback Right-click the empty space and make sure that Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices options are checked.
  • Now right-click your Speakers and choose Set as default device from the menu. Click Apply and OK to save changes.
  • If your laptop speakers are not working properly, its advised that you check your default audio device. Sometimes your speakers might not be set as the default audio device, and that can lead to various problems. In the steps above, you can see how to check your default audio device.

    After making these changes, check if the problem is still there.

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    Reinstall The Sound Drivers

    If even after updating the drivers, if your laptop continues to produce crackling or weird sound, try reinstalling the drivers.

    Steps to uninstall the drivers:

    • In the search box, type device manager. Select Device Manager.
    • Expand Sound, video and game controllers options.
    • Right-click on your sound card or audio device and click Uninstall device.
    • Select the Delete the driver software for this device check box.Select Uninstall.
    • Restart your PC or laptop. Restart will automatically reinstall your audio drivers on computer.

    Consider A System Restore

    What to Do When Your Laptop Suddenly Has No Sound A Quick ...

    Microsoft will automatically create restore points to resolve any issues that arise. If your audio device was previously working, try a system restore. Keep in mind that any apps or drivers that were installed after the restore point will be removed and personal files will remain. Performing a system restore is easy:

  • From the Start menu, search for Control Panel
  • Select System and Security
  • Select Open System Restore
  • Click Next
  • Select a System Restore point and then Scan for affected programs. If youre comfortable with the list of changes, select Next and
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    Make Sure You’re Using The Right Audio Output

    If you have more than one audio output connected to your computer, it’s possible that Windows is playing sound through the wrong device.

    To change the device being used for playback, click the Volume icon again. Above the volume slider, you’ll see the name of the current device, if you have more than one enabled. Click this, then select the option that you want to use from the list.

    This is just a quick switcher, so it might not show all available devices. To see a full list of audio devices connected to your PC, right-click the Volume icon and choose Open Sound settings. This acts as a shortcut to the Settings > System > Sound menu.

    On this page, click Manage sound devices under the Choose your output device heading to see everything that’s connected to your computer. Use the Test button for any of the available devices to play a quick tone.

    Check the Disabled section to make sure you haven’t turned off the device you want to use. Click an option and hit Enabled to turn it back on, if needed.

    If you don’t see the audio output you expect, or it doesn’t work, continue on with the below steps. Your speakers, headphones, or other device need further troubleshooting.

    How Do I Turn On Sound On My Computer

    Several problems and settings can cause Windows to stop playing sound from Windows 7 and 8 sometimes get stuck in a state in which the system thinks;

    Check to make sure your computer has a sound card, or sound processor, If youre using Vista or Windows 7, go into your Uninstall a program control;

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    Restart The Windows Audio Services

    Windows has a dedicated audio services component that is responsible for playing all kinds of sounds on the system. Therefore, you can just restart the audio services on your system to troubleshoot the computer audio not working. Just go to the Start menu, launch the Run prompt, and enter the “msc” command.

    This will launch the Services window on the screen with a list of all the services running on Windows. Simply browse and select the Windows Audio Services feature, right-click it, and choose to restart it.

    Use Windows 10’s Audio Troubleshooter

    How To Fix/Solve HP Computer No Sound Problem [Easily]

    Windows 10 comes equipped with multiple troubleshooters that specialize in finding and resolving issues on your device. Luckily, the one used for getting rid of audio-related errors is readily available on your computer without the need to download a single file.

    Heres what you need to do to run the Windows 10 audio troubleshooter.

  • Right-click on the volume icon in your system tray, then click on Troubleshoot sound problems.
  • Wait for the troubleshooter to detect issues. If anything is identified, youll be able to fix it with the click of a button.
  • Test if your audio works now.
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    Fix Laptop Audio Not Working In Mac

    If youve checked the volume and ensured its not muted, and your audio devices are connected properly, but still have audio issues on your mac laptop, try the solutions below.

    Check Input/Output Audio Device Settings

    Your Mac may choose the wrong audio device owing to conflicts, driver incompatibility, incorrect configuration, and other reasons.

    To resolve this, go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Sound.

    Click the Input tab.

    Check the audio device settings. Check and select the correct input device for your audio, and do the same for your output audio device settings.

    Note: If a Bluetooth-enabled device is selected, turn it off, as the audio may be playing in that device instead of your Macs speakers. You can also try to unplug and reconnect the audio devices or switch from one output to another.

    Reset Core Audio


    Core Audio manages the audio needs of the apps on your Mac such as playback, editing, recording, compression and decompression, signal processing and more. In your Mac, its powered by coreaudiod , so in the event the audio isnt working, you can restart the coreaudiod process and fix the problem as it resets the sound on your laptop.

    To quit the coreaudiod process, you can open Activity Monitor, type coreaudiod in the search box and click Force Quit.;

    Note: If you cant restart, use a Terminal command: sudo launchctl start This will start the daemon and reinitialize the coreaudiod process.


    Corrupt Windows System Files

    It is possible for Windows system files to become corrupted for any number of reasons. If system files responsible for sound output become corrupted, the computer can stop producing sound of any kind.

    If the computer was producing sound recently but is not now, you can try restoring Windows to a previous point when sound was working. If corrupt Windows system files are causing the sound problem, restoring Windows to a point when the sound did work should resolve the issue. For more information, see: How to restore Windows to an earlier copy.

    Make sure to back up your important documents before activating a Windows restore point.

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    Fix : Disable Your 24 Ghz Band Wi

    Some users reflect that the Bluetooth devices may interfere with a 2.4 GHz band Wi-Fi. So, if you are using a 2.4 GHz band Wi-Fi, you can disable your Wi-Fi and then check whether the Bluetooth headphones stuttering Windows 10 issue disappears.

    If the issue persists, you can use the next solution to have a try.

    Are Some Specific Videos Showing Sound Issues On Your Pc

    How to Fix Sound On My Computer ? No Audio Output Device ...

    My new Dell PC sound is crackling even with headphones. But the problem is with only few videos. I checked my hardware connections and even updated the drivers, but the sound issue is still not fixed. Any suggestions?

    When the crackling or distorted sound problem is limited to some specific video files, it could be a case of file corruption.

    Video corruption can result in distorted, out-of-sync, or missing sound. Its a relief that such video corruption can be easily fixed with the help of DIY Stellar Repair for Video;software.

    Download the software on your computer and repair unlimited corrupt videos in 3 steps Add file, click Repair, and Preview & Save.

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