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How To Get A Free Laptop For College Students

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University Of Rochester Free Laptops

Giving Away A Free Laptop to College Students

Rochester College provides a free Apple MacBook or iPad to all fulltime undergraduate students. Students moving to Rochester with 29 credits or less may also receive a free MacBook or iPad. Rochester was recently voted 59th from the Midwest regional universities by US News & World Report. Graduates earn a net return on investment of 20 years, averaging $ 59,800.

Free Laptop Way #: St Vincent De Paul

This is a non-profit company that helps people anywhere from furniture, food, and you guessed it


To snag a laptop visit their website and go to the assistance page. From there you just will need to contact them about free laptops. Not all stores will have them available but you never know. This could be one route to saving a lot of money on a new laptop.

They have locations all over the country so finding one nearby shouldnt be an issue.

Search For The Resources

It will be completely wrong to say that the government does not commit to helping needy students and low-income families. They have created many trusts and charitable organizations to provide free laptops and financial assistance to the needy ones. Here is a list of them

The above-mentioned are six best resources for finding free grants for free laptops in your area. Go through a comprehensive search, collect all details, and move to the application procedure. If you have any doubt or confusion, talk to any experts or experienced person.

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Can You Keep The Laptop

Depending on the school or program, students may or may not get to keep their laptops upon graduation. For example, a student might lease a machine two years at a time, refreshing their laptop model midway through matriculation. Most programs that provide free laptops for college students allow them to keep their computers throughout their enrollment, including during summer and winter breaks.

The majority of online colleges that offer laptops through tuition allow students to keep their machines in the end. Tuition programs are similar to financing programs in that students pay for the computer over time. Such plans work out that by graduation, laptop ownership is ready to completely transfer to the student. As for leasing and rent-to-own programs, students usually have the option to buy the computer outright at a discount.

Note that all programs are contingent on the students good standing. If the student drops out or transfers to a different school, the equipment agreement with the school ends and the student must return the computer.

Scholarships From Apple To Get A Free Computer For Students

School Student Working On Laptop Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty

Apple is one of the best technology companies that sell various electronic gadgets like laptops, phones, iPads, and lots more. The purpose of the company is to help those students who are low-income and less fortunate. It helps those students by offering them free laptops. With this, the company wants to provide the technological appliances to the students that they need for their work or study. Thus, the students will help in developing and contributing to the nation.

Everyone, who wants to get free laptops from Apple, will have to apply for their program. If you want to get more information about this, then you can visit their website or you can call them or you can also visit their office. Apple provides not only free laptops but as well as, it also provides free computers for those students who belong to low-income families. Therefore, if anyone else, is needy and wants to get a free computer or laptop, then he can apply for this program.

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Online College Or University

Are you planning to further your education? There are many online colleges and universities that offer free laptops and other devices to their students.

Note that the cost of these devices is usually covered by your student fees, so its not really free. But if you were planning to attend an online college or university anyway, its a nice bonus.

Also, note that some programs require you to return the device once you graduate or are no longer enrolled.

Here are some online universities that offer free laptops to their students:

Free Laptops For Students: Overblown Myth Or A Real Deal

It’s a pretty powerful marketing message: free laptops for students who enroll in a particular school or college. Considering that mobile computers come with price tags of anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, any opportunity to get one for free is nothing to sniff at. But is it really free?

The short answer is no . When schools claim to provide free laptops, they don’t usually mean that the computers are totally free of charge. They might mean the machines are free of additional charges, in the sense that the cost of the devices has been bundled into your basic tuition. But since it isn’t an extra expense that you need to budget for, you might still consider that a good deal.

However, some schools that provide laptops charge a hefty usage or technology fee that ends up costing students far more than they would have spent if they had just purchased a computer outright. If you receive a free laptop for college but then have to pay $400 each semester for the privilege of using it, that “free” machine will end up costing you more than $3,000 by the end of a four-year program. Technology fees often include perks like extended warranties or damage insurance, but you should always do the math and figure out if the cost is worth it.

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Eligible Process For Free Government Laptop Deal

Food stamps, welfare, and Medicaid are just a few of the programs that are eligible for free government deals. Let us also assume that the department of telecommunications has recently been actively providing government phone and internet services at a heavily subsidized and near-zero fee.

The federal governments benefits program assists low-income earners in meeting basic living expenses such as food and healthcare.

The federal government creates and provides funds to states in order for them to run major assistance programs that people can benefit from. SNAP- a supplemental nutritional assistance program for primarily food stamps- is one example of a government free program.

Medicaid for healthcare, subsidized housing or housing welfare, and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program . Among the many programs in place to ensure that US citizens receive free deals from the government are these.

Lets take a look at some of the eligibility rules available to see if you qualify for the program. All programs have income limits for some, you must be a US citizen, while for others, family size and resources may be considered.

Understanding how these government freebies can save you money and ensure a comfortable lifestyle is essential. However, in this article, we will look at how one can benefit from technology without paying a dime or having to pay a small fee.

Ways To Get A Free Laptop For Online College

FACT CHECK: Has Government Announced Free Laptops for Students for Easy Online Classes?

Getting your degree online is a smart option, especially if traditional, on-campus learning doesn’t fit well with your already busy schedule. Of course, in order to earn your bachelors degree online, you need to have regular, reliable access to a computer one thats powerful enough to handle the technology needed to access your online classes. Thats why many online colleges have programs that allow students access to “free” laptops. Sometimes the cost of the equipment is built into your tuition. Sometimes the equipment is issued to you on a “borrowing” basis, meaning you’re expected to return it when you’re finished with school.

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How To Assess A Deal

No one wants to enter into a bad deal. It’s crucial to do your research and delve into the fine print so that you can get a true picture of what’s involved. Find answers to questions like:

  • What are the eligibility requirements? For example, does the offer apply to all students or only those who enroll in certain programs or attend classes in person?
  • Does it include all the software you need?
  • Are there any one-time or ongoing technology fees?
  • Do you get to keep the computer when you finish your program? In some cases, the school retains ownership and the device must be returned once you are no longer a student. You might also be liable for additional fees if you end up not completing your program.
  • Is a warranty or any insurance included? What happens if the laptop stops working or gets stolen? Many schools provide loaner laptops that students can use if their machine is in for repair, but again, this option may not be available to online students.

Free Laptop Way #: Rochester University

Located in Michigan this college offers free laptops to all students, even freshman, and transfers. This is pretty rare and an opportunity worth taking advantage of! You also get to keep the laptop if you complete 6 semesters.

TO qualify all it takes is being enrolled and staying for at least 6 semesters. Its really that easy. Students will receive a Macbook or Ipad if you prefer tablets.

They recently became a university in 2021.

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Full Sail University Free Laptops

Full Sail University has partnered with Apple to supply students with the hottest MacBook Pro laptop and the software they want to attain their desired level. The only programs which use an HP laptop rather than a MacBook Pro are game development, software development, and visualization and simulation.

Choose A School That Will Lend You A Laptop

Best HP Laptop for University Students

A large number of schools, both online-only and traditional, will issue you a laptop to use while you’re pursuing your degree. You won’t get to keep the computer when you graduate, but you’ll have the assurance of consistent online access while you’re in school.

For example, Northwest Missouri State University issues all degree-program students a laptop at the beginning of their studies. The computers must be returned upon completion of a degree, or if the student drops below a certain enrollment status. Students are able to keep the laptops during summer breaks for a fee of $75.A very nice bonus to arrangements like this: Tech support is often part of the deal. Score!

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Free Laptop Way #: Jim Mullen Foundation

Jim Mullen was a Chicago Police officer, in 1996 he was shot and wounded. This incident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Mullen was in need of a computer and he actually got his from GiveTech.

Since then Mullen has created his own foundation to help those with disabilities get free laptops.

They dont mention what type of laptops or how long it will take to receive.

This would be a great foundation to go with because you get a free laptop and you help out with the motivational foundation.

Are The Laptops Really Free

Most schools also apply a technology fee for online courses. This fee, collected per term, covers the cost of maintaining an online learning environment. In the cases of free laptops or tablets, the fee also helps a school recoup some of the cost of providing such equipment. Students can also opt to purchase discounted laptops, which schools like Villanova University offer to all students.

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A Free Laptop From The Government For Students From A Low

You do have the option of applying for a free laptop from the government. However, they are pretty strict with their eligibility criteria. This is because they want to help the low-income families that need a computer the most.

Eligibility criteria:

  • A valid proof of ID
  • Proof of address
  • You will need to prove that you have a low-income status using a Tax Return document or your salary slip.

If you are worried that you may not qualify for this option, dont worry! There are plenty more options that we have included below which may be better suited to your needs.

Contact The On It Foundation

LA College Promise Students To Get Free Laptops

This is another organization that may be able to assist you.

If you need a free laptop computer for your child, then its definitely worth contacting the On It Foundation.

You may be eligible for a laptop if theres a student in your family who is:

  • Enrolled in grades K-12.
  • Receives a free or reduced school lunch,
  • Attends a public school and resides in the United States.

So if youve been wondering how to get a free laptop for school, then contact the On It Foundation.

  • Get assistance here:

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Discounted Laptop Way #: Tigerdirect

TigerDirect offers the biggest variety of laptops. They have low end, high end, and top of the line computers. They also include a Deal of the Day . they have laptops starting at $158 and thats not even including the discounts you can get!

If you want a cheap but reliable laptop, definitely check them out! The process is simple to find and choose your laptop. Although you dont get 2-day shipping like Amazon, youll save a lot more money.

Apply For A Free Laptop

Now, that you know the three basic steps, check for an application form. Many non-profit organization accepts online or offline application form submission. There they may ask you to provide some personal details. Complete the form with your name, address, the reason for application, and other details. Every detail is thoroughly cross-checked by a concerned staff member of the group. Sometimes the trusts and charitable organization send a representative for personal verification. If any information does not match, the application gets rejected automatically. Read all the details. Get your laptop for free.

These are four easy steps to get a free laptop from a charitable trust or non-profitable organization. Apply for them after complete information in hand. Do some homework before about technology grants, as it will help to manage the unforeseen situation. If you want to help someone in need, ask them to collect as much information as possible. Look for financial assistance for students and low-income families that may come handy in managing other expenses. Read articles on related topics to find relevant sources. Helping others is always a good deed, never step back from helping yourself and others.

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The National Cristina Foundation

This is an awesome foundation that works to promote technology reuse by educating businesses and the public that technology resources coming out of their first place of use can be given a second productive life for developing human potential.

Basically, businesses donate their old and used tech devices to the foundation and the foundation then gives them away for free to people in need.

  • Where to apply:

Laptop Scholarships And Grants

[August] Get Free Laptops for College Students from the Government

In addition to discounted and free laptops for college students, some schools also designate scholarships and grants that students can use toward a tech purchase. While some schools like Widener University and Indiana University specify that students use such gift aid for acquiring tech, other schools leave it up to the student to decide. Students can also apply to scholarship programs from manufacturers like Apple and Dell. Many tech sites, blogs, and organizations hold annual competitions where the reward helps budgeting students buy laptops, tablets, and other tech devices for school.

Laptop Scholarship for College Students

Description: Teradatariver chooses one essay winner per school year. In their essays, students must make a case for the laptop they wish to purchase with the scholarship money and discuss why its the best computer for them and their college needs. Any student taking higher-education classes may apply.

Amount: $1,000

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Collaboration At A Glance

  • Messages syncs your conversations across iPhone, Mac, and iPad. And when you need to figure out a problem together, Messages on Mac makes it easy to share your screen.

  • AirDrop lets you share your photos or project files wirelessly with anyone in the room.

  • Group FaceTime is perfect for brainstorms with up to 32 people.

  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Notes are built for collaboration. Share a link, and your classmates are in.

  • Privacy and security are built into every Apple device. Control what you share and who you share it with. Mac models with the Apple M1 chip or the Apple T2 Security Chip encrypt your data on the fly.

Craigslist Or Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist has a free section where people list items they dont need anymore but dont want to deal with selling.

People frequently offer free used computers just to get rid of them.

A quick search in Louisville and surrounding cities turned up the following from Facebook and Craigslist:

  • HP printer J610 series
  • Toshiba Touch Screen
  • Panasonic CF-T5 Laptops
  • Acer Chrome Book 11

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Free Laptop Way #: Interconnection

Located in Seattle, this company connects people in need of laptops, with laptops. They offer their services nationally. Their online store offers many low-priced laptops. These are highly discounted and sometimes free depending on needs.

They currently offer brands like Lenovo, Dell, and even Apple! Depending on your needs will reflect the price and brand. If you need a higher quality it will cost more but still well-below market value. They also have desktops available if thats an interest.

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