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How To Get A Free Laptop

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Free Laptop For College Students From Government

How to get a Free Laptop | (Not Clickbait)

Laptops are essential for college students. Be it presentations, assignments, online lectures, etc. a laptop is a necessity. But sadly not all students can afford laptops.

Luckily those can always rely on the Free government internet and laptop indirectly. Various organizations and government schemes can help needy students for free laptops. Here are some of the organizations you can try.

  • Technology for the Future

Technology for the Future is a North California-based Nonprofit organization that provides technology solutions in The US and Canada. The objective of this organization is to provide free laptops to needy families and students.

  • The Open Education Database

The Open Education Database is an organization that offers free laptops for college students. However, it is not completely free. The cost is added to your college fees.

  • NoteBook For College students

This is a great initiative by Students and professors of Los Angeles. This organization works to help needy students who find obstacles in completing their classwork due to issues like no availability of laptops or desktops. This organization works by computer labs and refurbishing centers to provide laptop assistance for college students.

As mentioned earlier, if you cannot qualify for the application you can always try with the NGOs and other charities. Now, this is how you can get free government laptops for low-income families.

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How To Get Free Government Laptops For Low

Unlike most of the government free giving programs, to get free laptops for low-income families, filling the application forms is really easy. But finding the places that will offer you free laptops is super hard. Well, now that is where comes in!

This post will provide you with the information you will need to know about getting free government laptops for low-income families. If you are a resident of the United States of America then you get free laptops and the internet without putting in a lot of effort. Eligibility is all you need to have in general.

Contact The On It Foundation

This is another organization that may be able to assist you.

If you need a free laptop computer for your child, then its definitely worth contacting the On It Foundation.

You may be eligible for a laptop if theres a student in your family who is:

  • Enrolled in grades K-12.
  • Receives a free or reduced school lunch,
  • Attends a public school and resides in the United States.

So if youve been wondering how to get a free laptop for school, then contact the On It Foundation.

  • Get assistance here:

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Scour Craigslist For A Complimentary Laptop

Craigslist can actually be a good place to find laptops that dont cost anything, or are super low-cost.

Some people just want to get rid of their old stuff, so theyre willing to simply give it away at no cost. If you get a laptop at no cost that requires repairs, sometimes that can still work out much cheaper than buying one new.

Of course, research what the repairs would cost, before buying to determine whether the laptop is worth getting. After all, you dont want a complimentary laptop that ends up costing you tons to repair.

Discounted Laptop Way #: Pcmagcom


This website is a great resource for the best laptops at a discount. They have created this site to make it easier for everyone to get a laptop at a discount. They have so many deals they even feature a Deal of the Day. also has multiple blogs on choosing the best laptops for your needs. Most expensive doesnt always mean the best or needed. Sometimes the slightly cheaper laptops are the better decision.

No matter what your goals are with a laptop, will have the perfect fit for you.

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Free Laptop Way: #2 Computers With Causes

Computes for Causes is a fantastic organization that provides services to those in need. They are a non-profit with the mission to provide laptops to many people but specifically veterans and head of foster homes.

To qualify you will need to fill out a questionnaire, background check, and reference call. They want to help those that are most in need. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has nowhere else to turn and to get back on track.

Look For Giveaways On Social Media

Sometimes brands and stores have sweepstakes and giveaways, where you can win prizes, like laptops.

Of course, only enter giveaways from legitimate companies.

Follow stores that sell tech items, and tech brands to ensure you dont miss out on any giveaways or sweepstakes. A quick search for #laptop giveaway can also generate results.

Check out for a list of companies you should follow on Twitter to get free stuff and exclusive discounts.

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Tech News That Matters To You Daily

Privacy, security, the latest trends and the info you need to live your best digital life.

The best way to take advantage of these programs is to call around to your local libraries and find out what, if anything, they offer. Theyll give you all of the information on any programs and requirements in place to qualify.

Its also important to note that some libraries will let you check out laptops or other devices, too. If youre in a pinch, check to see if your local library offers this service. It could help you get through while you look into other options.

Pcs For People Free Laptop Assistance

How I got a FREE Laptop from Amazon!

PCs for People or PCP is yet another Non-Profit Organization that helps the needy to get free Laptop Assistance. Just as any other NGO, this one too has quite strict norms to be eligible to get free laptop assistance.

One has to be below the 200% poverty level. Or one must have a family member with a disability or work with social welfare organizations or themself be a social worker. If you fit into these criteria, you can fill the form.

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Free Laptop Way #: Southern Nazarene University

This University offers two different options. The first way to go is to get a free Dell laptop, no strings attached. Or you can upgrade to the Mac starting at $700, compared to the tuition $700 might not be too bad!

But is it worth it?

Ultimately thats up to you. But the Dell laptop is said to be high-performing. It might be worth it to save some cash! It just depends on your needs and goals.

Southern Nazarene University is located in Oklahoma and is a Liberal Arts college.

Contact Your Local Salvation Army Chapter

You may know Salvation Army is your local thrift store. Its a non-profit organization that could help you to get a laptop at little to no cost is the Salvation Army.

One of the ways that the Salvation Army helps people is by donating items. You may be able to get a voucher from the Salvation Army or at least some assistance in finding a low cost or no cost laptop near you.

Just contact your local Salvation Army chapter to find out if they could assist you in getting a laptop.

  • Get assistance here:

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Beaumont Foundation Of America

The Beaumont Foundation of America turns its attention to spouses and children of fallen heroes. The Children of Spouses and Children program focuses on helping families who have lost a military member.

The foundation will make contact through the Casualty Assistance Office of military branches and reach out to affected family members.

The program has given out thousands of computers to spouses and dependent children of military personnel.

There are a few requirements to receive a free laptop through this program:

  • Had an active duty military family member die in Iraq or Afghanistan
  • Children must be 18 years old or younger
  • The family member must live in the fallen heros household
  • People from multiple households may receive a laptop in some cases
  • Can include former spouses and stepchildren

The foundation also makes grant money available to eligible students for further assistance.

Free Laptop Way #: Full Sail University


Full Sail University goes far beyond a free laptop, they also offer equipment specialized for each program. For example, the digital Cinematography class gets a camera, lighting equipment, microphones, and even various software.

This is a great opportunity to not only get a laptop but also excel in your career. This University is becoming known as the center for technology learning.

To qualify you will need to be enrolled in their program. They dont specify exactly what laptop you can get.

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How To Get A Free Laptop For College

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College comes with a lot of expenses, including laptops. The good news is that you may be able to avoid paying for a laptop if youre going to college. There are laptop scholarships for college students, and some schools even provide students with free laptops. Depending on your financial aid situation, you may also be able to use existing funds to purchase a device. Read on to learn more.

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Whether youre applying for a job, trying to do your taxes, or even attempting to contact local assistance programs a computer is practically necessary.

While most of us are lucky enough to have laptop or computer at home, there are many of us who do not.

And its usually the people who need one the most that cant afford to buy a computer.

Fortunately, there are a few programs available that provide free computers for low income families.

If you dont qualify for a free computer, there are even more programs that allow you to purchase a computer at a very low cost.

Its hard enough worrying about making ends meet.

The additional barrier of being unable to access applications and services due to lacking a computer makes things nearly impossible.

Perhaps you have experienced this.

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Which Broadband Providers Are Participating In The Emergency Broadband Benefit

Various broadband providers provide a landline or wireless broadband service. These providers can participate EBB program free laptops as part of community help. So you may visit to get to know broadband benefit providers. Additionally, you may check out the list of the participating broadband providers and services, plans for eligible households.

Also Look Into The On It Foundation

How to Get A Free Laptop Computer: Free Laptop Offers – Dell XPS m1530

Do you have a student in your home whos enrolled in public K-12 education in the U.S.? Do they get free or reduced lunch ? If so, you can get a free computer from the On It Foundation.

The awesome thing about this foundation is that they also serve people who dont qualify via the Jump On It! Program. The one caveat is that youll have to pay a discounted amount for the computer you get. Still, this foundation could be a good option for resolving your computer issues even at a heavily discounted price.

You can visit the FAQ page to learn how to apply for a free laptop at .

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Government Programs That Provide Free Laptops For Low

Not only can you get a laptop from the government but you can also apply for free computers for low-income families in these government programs. Almost all of us know that there are programs that are administered and backed by the government financially that offer free laptops for low-income families. However, for those who are unaware of the fact that you can actually get brand new and technologically advanced free laptops from the government this segment is for you!!!

There are several government grants that offer financial aid to its applicants so that they can buy themselves a new PC, a new computer, or a new laptop. You can get these resources by searching for appropriate grants that are listed on the site administered by the federal government. However, it is noteworthy that only a few of you might get the benefits of these free laptops for low-income families programs and grants as it is run by the federal government and hence, the resources might fall short often. But there is nothing to worry about, they would refer you to other sister organizations so that no applicant is left helpless.

  • The Open Education Database:
  • Note Book For College Students:

Note Book is not a piece of stationary but is actually an organization that provides free laptops for low-income families and less fortunate individuals. It is a group of students and professors that makes sure that every needy student gets appropriate resources to learn and prosper.

  • Technology For Future:

Can You Really Get A Free Laptop From The Government

Well, the answer is yes and no.

No in that you cant just contact the government and ask for a free laptop.

The government doesnt just give out laptops to anyone that asks.

And it doesnt have a program thats dedicated to giving out laptops.

Yes, however, in that there are government programs and non-profit programs that do help people to get a free laptop, or at least one at a discount.

Its important to note though that youll need to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for a free or cheap laptop from these programs.

Most of the time youll need to be on a low income as many of these programs give free laptops to low income families.

Now, what constitutes a low income varies depending on the state where you live.

Other programs will have different requirements.

So, the eligibility requirements really depend on where youre getting your laptop from.

Just make sure to check the eligibility requirements for the particular place that you are contacting.

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How To Get A Free Laptop And Computer From Craigslist

For those wondering, Craigslist is an online buying and selling platform where you can also find a lot of free stuff. Many people resell various items on this site that can be bought by others at lower prices.

Similarly, there are many good people who just donate their items which are available for free. You can certainly find a laptop or desktop here.

Registered Free Govt Computer Center :

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The Computer/electronic Accommodations Program

The Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program is a program intended specifically for people with disabilities. The program provides assistive technology so they can succeed in any environment regardless of their disabilities. The CAP can help individuals gain access to audio output devices, large screen monitors, screen magnifiers, educational software, assistive listening devices, headsets and microphones, alternative pointing devices, just to name a few.

Moreover, while the program cant assist with all technology, it could help you find a specific computer or laptop based on the severity of the disability and financial eligibility. To apply for help from CAP, you need to complete the request here.

Apply For A Free Laptop

Now, that you know the three basic steps, check for an application form. Many non-profit organization accepts online or offline application form submission. There they may ask you to provide some personal details. Complete the form with your name, address, the reason for application, and other details. Every detail is thoroughly cross-checked by a concerned staff member of the group. Sometimes the trusts and charitable organization send a representative for personal verification. If any information does not match, the application gets rejected automatically. Read all the details. Get your laptop for free.

These are four easy steps to get a free laptop from a charitable trust or non-profitable organization. Apply for them after complete information in hand. Do some homework before about technology grants, as it will help to manage the unforeseen situation. If you want to help someone in need, ask them to collect as much information as possible. Look for financial assistance for students and low-income families that may come handy in managing other expenses. Read articles on related topics to find relevant sources. Helping others is always a good deed, never step back from helping yourself and others.

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Stack Social: The Microsoft Surface Book Giveaway

Stack Social The Microsoft Surface Book Away allows a lucky winner to get a great laptop without spending a dime on it. The current giveaway has ended, but its helpful to bookmark this page and check for the new giveaways to get a chance and win a laptop.

You can also take a look at other giveaways on Stack Social here. Visit the page regularly to find new giveaways where they offer a laptop made by other brands too.

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