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How To Get A Laptop With Financial Aid

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How Every College Student In America Can Get A Laptop And A Hotspot

Scholarships & Financial Aid : How to Get a Free Scholarship to Study Computer Engineering in Europe
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Abigail Seldin

Each week, additional colleges are notifying their students that classes will move online for the Fall 2020 term. In moving to virtual instruction, the college experience will be radically changed certainly, students will lose out on late-night dorm conversations and in-person access to professors. Beyond that, for the 10 percent of college students without a computer, the virtual classes themselves could be inaccessible.

Fortunately, all colleges and universities can enact an straightforward fix to get every student a hotspot and a laptop. Colleges can adjust student financial aid packages to enable students to accept donated technology, and to use federal student aid to cover the costs of computers and internet access. Specifically, a school can adjust its cost of attendance to include laptops and internet access as required alongside textbooks and other standard supplies, thereby enabling students to receive the critical technology. Individual college financial aid offices can make this change immediately and independently without involving the Department of Education.

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Equipment Repair Or Replacement

The coverage provided by the manufacturers guarantee takes precedence over any authorization for the repair or replacement issued by Aide financière aux études . Consequently, before filling out this application, you must be sure that the equipment repair or replacement is not covered by the manufacturers guarantee or that the guarantee is expired.

Expenses incurred to repair a device or to replace one may be reimbursed only if that equipment was acquired under the Allowance for Special Needs Program.

In that case, you must fill out the Application for the Authorization of Equipment Repair or Replacement form, duly completed. For the repair to be authorized, the estimate must be less than 60% of the value of the device at the time of purchase. If it is more costly to repair the device, you can request it be replaced. The same applies if the repairs cost more than the current replacement cost or if the device cannot be repaired.

Please note that prior authorization must be obtained from Aide financière aux études before any device repair or replacement work is performed. Expenses incurred to obtain an estimate of the cost of repairs will not be reimbursed.

For a computer, the cost estimate for repairs must be made by the dealer that sold it, pursuant to the related guarantee, or by any other dealer if the guarantee is not applicable. The repairs must be carried out by the dealer that provided the estimate.

Where Can I See My Financial Aid Offer

You can check your Financial Aid Status on MyUW. You will be able to see what types of aid are offered as well as items that require your attention You can also accept/reject your aid in this section of your MyUW account. Be sure to go through the entire process of accepting or rejecting the individual different types of aid to ensure that your offer has been officially accepted or rejected and does not remain in the original offer status.

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Which Software Requires Windows

  • CEE Majors – Basic AutoCad has a version native to Macs but students complain it is buggy and slow.

  • You’ll use AutoCad Civil 3D in your upper division courses but it requires a PC.

  • Solidworks works on Windows only. Mechanical E & BME students use this software.

  • Solidworks is not requiered for AE but your job prospects are better if you learn it.

  • Electrical Engineering software to design and test electronic circuit boards tends to run on Windows.

  • For Computer Science majors, programming tools are both Windows and Linux based. You should be okay with a PC or a Mac.

  • Matlab works mostly fine on both Windows and Macs.

  • But we cannot guarantee all Toolboxes will work with Macs

  • There’s a lot of other software that only runs on Windows.

  • How Do I Use My Financial Aid Money For Books

    Financial Aid I International Students I The Savvy ...

    Colleges and universities that participate in federal student aid programs must make arrangements for you to obtain your books and supplies by the seventh day of the semester if you are eligible for disbursement 10 days before the semester begins and if you will have a credit balance after your financial aid has been disbursed and applied to tuition.

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    I Have No Time Or Patience For This Kind Of Shopping Point Me To A Location Where I Can Just Go

    The UCI Bookstore has PC laptops available for sale and understand Engineering students computing needs.

    The Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza has a wide variety of laptops and provides onside warranty repairs:

    Don’t forget aboutCostco. The website has more options than what is available in the store. They sometimes include two years of warranty when most vendors offer one. Their pricing is very competitive for the specifications they offer.

    HP and Dell have workstation class laptops. Take a look at those and get an extended warranty.

    Attend A College That Offers Free Laptops

    Many colleges support their students through free laptop programs. Some schools allow students to keep their laptop after graduating, while others require students to return their device.

    Be mindful that some colleges offer a free laptop bundled into the cost of the cost of tuition. It may be a line item such as technology fee listed in your tuition and fees summary. In situations like this, youre technically still paying for the device.

    Below weve listed some of the nations top colleges that offer complimentary laptops. Note that eligibility requirements vary. If your school isnt included here, they may still offer free laptops or tablets. Check with your college to make sure.

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    Financial Aid Money Uses

    Federal Pell Grants and federal student loans are paid directly to your school to cover tuition costs. If there is money left over, then your school will issue you a refund check. With those funds, you are free to use them as you see fit, including purchasing a laptop.

    Most financial aid helps you with the cost of college and expenses that directly affect your education such as housing, supplies, and textbooks. Youll want to check with your financial aid office if you plan to use the funds for something other than those things.

    Choose A School That Will Lend You A Laptop

    How to Activate Your New PC Money Account Card | PC Financial

    A large number of schools, both online-only and traditional, will issue you a laptop to use while you’re pursuing your degree. You won’t get to keep the computer when you graduate, but you’ll have the assurance of consistent online access while you’re in school.

    For example, Northwest Missouri State University issues all degree-program students a laptop at the beginning of their studies. The computers must be returned upon completion of a degree, or if the student drops below a certain enrollment status. Students are able to keep the laptops during summer breaks for a fee of $75.A very nice bonus to arrangements like this: Tech support is often part of the deal. Score!

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    President’s International Scholarship Of Excellence

    20 international awards valued at $180,000

    The President’s International Scholarship of Excellence will be awarded to international high school applicants who demonstrate academic excellence, commitment to volunteer work and extracurricular activities, and leadership skills. Recipients will represent a variety of regions around the world and will be referred to as ‘President’s International Scholars’.

    Can I Use Fafsa Money For Rent

    If a students financial aid package amounts to more than tuition, fees and any other billable expenses, he or she typically receives a refund for the remaining amount. That money, typically disbursed at the beginning of the semester, can go toward rent, bills, food and other off-campus necessities.

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    Use Grant Or Scholarship Money

    Some forms of financial assistance may have limitations on how you can spend the money but not all do. Be sure to look at the details of all the forms of financial aid you’re receiving. Federal Pell Grants may be used to purchase laptops, however, you may get the funds in a roundabout way. Pell Grants are paid directly to your school for tuition and fees. If there is money left over, you may be issued a refund check, which you can then use to purchase educational supplies, including a computer. However, remember that refund checks from student loans do need to be paid back, just like the rest of the loan. You may still be able to use those dollars for school expenses, just remember they will be tacked onto your student loan balance.

    I Want A Laptop That Will Last Me All 4 Years

    How Every College Student in America Can Get a Laptop and ...

    As a student you’re using it a lot. It will get bumped around.

    • Here’s tips if you really want your laptop to last all 4 years.

    • Look into a workstation class laptop such as Dell Precision or HP ZBook and get a 4 year warranty.

    • Manufacturers use better quality materials and do more testing on their business and workstation lines of computers

  • Do regular maintenance such as running CCleaner.

  • Reinstall the OS on an annual basis.

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    How To Obtain A Device

    You may purchase a laptop from any retail store or from the SUNY Erie bookstore. When choosing a laptop, evaluate the specs, quality, and warranty. Online reviews are helpful to understand the pros and cons of each model. SUNY Erie uses Lenovo ThinkPad laptops based on their durability and support. Lenovo and the bookstore provide a discount on several of their models to SUNY Erie students and employees.Lenovo Laptop Purchase:

    What Is A Preliminary Award

    Your award notice will inform you if your award is preliminary or final. If you see the indication preliminary award, then this means we need more information from you to confirm your eligibility for aid. You can also view the Document Tracking status on your Financial Aid Status in MyUW. Once we receive and process the necessary documentation, we will send you a final award notice that may vary from the original preliminary award. Please take into account that a preliminary award is subject to change and is an estimate of your eligibility. We cannot release aid to you until we have finalized your award.

    Although there is not a designated due date for the requested information, we can run out of funding in the school year. Please provide the necessary documents to us as soon as you can so we are able to finalize the best possible award package.

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    Financial Aid Fall 2021 Disbursement Dates And General Refund Info

    For the fall 2021 semester, Financial Aid will pay into student college accounts during the week of September 13, 2021. Financial aid is only disbursed for classes you are actively attending. If you have late-starting classes your full disbursement may be delayed until after the late-starting classes begin.

    The Cashiers Office will issue refunds via direct deposit or check the week of September 20, 2021. Please click the Financial Aid Disbursement General info link for detailed information regarding disbursements for late starting classes and instructions on setting up direct deposit.

    Get A Scholarship Specifically For A Laptop

    How To Enroll For E-Statements | PC Financial

    The Dell Scholars program awards laptops, financial assistance, and textbook credits to promising low-income students every year. See more from Dell.

    It’s always a good idea to apply for scholarships, whether you want to use the money for laptops, tuition, or other school expenses. We recommend the Scholly app as a great resource for finding scholarships you might qualify for.

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    What Is The Difference Between The Subsidized And The Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

    The federal government pays the interest for the Subsidized Stafford Loan while you are in school. With the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, the interest accrues while you are in school you are responsible for paying the amount that accrues either while you are in school or when you enter repayment. See the Student Loan chart for more details. Subsidized Stafford loans are only available for undergraduates.

    I Want A New Mac With M1 Processor Will This Be Okay


  • Linx plug in for LabView does not work on M1.

  • You will not be able to work on BME60A projects.

  • CEE majors will have issues using AutoCad on a VM.

  • For upper division courses, AutoCad Civil Engineering is used and there is no Mac version.

  • Other majors will have less issues with using Windows in a VM, but there are no guarantees.

  • There are NO GUARANTEES an M1 will work. Use at your own risk.

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    Can Scholarships Be Used For Books

    The purchase of books is one of the most prevalent ways in which students spend their scholarship funds. Books are incredibly costly and may quickly accumulate in price. The average cost of books for a full-time undergraduate student is about $1,300 per year, according to the College Board. Fortunately, students who get scholarships are frequently able to utilize the funds to purchase books and materials.

    Should I Skip Questions About Parents Assets On Fafsa

    Financial Aid Information

    Can I Skip FAFSA Questions about Assets? You can only skip FAFSA questions about assets if you meet the qualifications to do so based on your answers to other questions on the application. However, thats only because your asset information at that point doesnt affect your eligibility for federal student aid.

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    Ways To Get A Free Laptop For Online College

    Getting your degree online is a smart option, especially if traditional, on-campus learning doesn’t fit well with your already busy schedule. Of course, in order to earn your bachelors degree online, you need to have regular, reliable access to a computer one thats powerful enough to handle the technology needed to access your online classes. Thats why many online colleges have programs that allow students access to “free” laptops. Sometimes the cost of the equipment is built into your tuition. Sometimes the equipment is issued to you on a “borrowing” basis, meaning you’re expected to return it when you’re finished with school.

    Do Form Have To Be Submitted Online

    No, paper submissions are accepted and are equally as valid as the electronic submissions. If youve already started the DocuSign form, click the Print icon and print it. The printed form will show all the answers youve already completed. If you havent started the DocuSign form, paper forms are available on our website Send the completed form, along with any required attachments, to our office via postal mail, fax or in person.

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    Assistance In Obtaining Institutional Or Financial Aid Information

    HEA Sec. 485- -). Not changed by HEOA. 34 CFR 668.43, 34 CFR 668.44. October 28, 2009 FR notice

    Each institution must make available to prospective and enrolled students information regarding how and where to contact individuals designated to assist enrolled or prospective students in obtaining the institutional or financial aid information required to be disclosed under HEA Sec. 485 . This information is posted on Purchase Colleges website via the links set forth below. Paper copies are available upon request from the individuals and offices listed in the relevant sections below.

    • Director of Student Financial Services: Corey York, 251-7000 opt. 2
    • Provost: Barry Pearson, 251-6020
    • Associate Director of Admissions: Anna Valinoti, 251-6300
    • Registrar: Sheryl Secor, 251-6361

    Why Hasn’t My Financial Aid Disbursed/paid

    How to Use Your PC Money Account Card in Store | PC Financial

    Here are the most common reasons for aid not disbursing:

    • You are not full time.
    • You received private aid that was not reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid.
    • You did not meet Satisfactory Academic progress
    • Loans: If your loans have not disbursed it may be the above reasons or you may not have completed the required forms or entrance counseling for the

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    Don’t Lose Your Spring Schedule Tuition Payment Deadline Is January 5 Classes Begin January 6

    You can:

    In an effort to reduce costs and conserve our natural resources, financial aid offers are not mailed to students. Students will receive an email when financial aid offers are finalized with instructions to review the information included on this page. Please review each document and contact your Financial Aid Specialist if you have questions. You are responsible for being knowledgeable about Financial Aid policies and procedures.

    We are currently processing documents received on the dates listed below:

    Document Type
    Received Documents Scanned to Records 12/17/2021
    Verification Documents Reviewed by Specialists


    Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal 12/02/2021

    Important Information About YOUR Financial Aid

    How Do I Get Financial Aid To Pay For My Laptop

    Financial aid counselors will be advising students and processing the budget adjustments for students who qualify. Students may email, call or stop by their office for additional information on the budget increases and their eligibility. In general, you need to wait until after July 1st to buy a laptop if you will be reimbursed.

    Contact information:

    Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

    102 Aldrich Hall


    Based on the student’s alpha last name, they are assigned to a specific financial aid counselor who will process the budget adjustment for them.

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