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How To Get Extra Storage On Laptop

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Low Profile Usb Drives


If your MacBook has USB Type-A connectors , then you can use a low profile USB drive to add storage. These small devices fit into a spare USB slot and protrude slightly from the side of your MacBook. Theyre also one of the cheapest ways to increase your machines total storage.

The SanDisk Ultra Fit is our pick. It has a speedy USB 3.1 interface that attains read speeds up to 130 MB per second. According to one , its write speed is 30 to 80 MB per second. This isnt high-speed storage, like the SSD in your MacBook, but its nifty enough to store documents and media. It comes in sizes up to 256 GB for around $70.

USB Type-C MacBook owners are, unfortunately, out of luck. USB Type-A is a larger port, and manufacturers have been able to take advantage of the size to squeeze in flash memory. This results in a drive that looks more like a wireless dongle, and you can leave it attached to your MacBook at all times. Nothing quite like it exists in USB Type-C formnot yet, anyway.

Turn On Storage Sense

You can automate some of this cleanup by heading back to the Storage page in Settings and toggling on Storage Sense. You can set it so Windows automatically deletes unused temporary files, as well as files that have been in the Recycle Bin and Downloads folder for more than a day or up to 60 days. You can also choose to move local files off your PC and to the cloud via OneDrive if they haven’t been opened for a specified period of time. I’m pretty good about emptying the Recycle Bin on something approaching a regular schedule, but I’m also very happy to have Windows track down and eradicate needless temp files and old downloads.

Store Data On External Storage Or In The Cloud

All previous methods in this list describe how to delete or remove files from your computer which you may not need. However, what of the files which you wish to keep, such as precious photos, video and music? These media types can accumulate to some serious storage space, but if you no longer have space for them on your PC hard drive, you still have options!

A common method for keeping data safe is to transfer it to external storage. There are 2 platforms for storing your data elsewhere from your main computer: physical storage and cloud storage.

Physical storage comes in many different shapes and sizes, but can most commonly be seen as USB Drives or external hard drives. Transferring data from your PC hard drive to an external hard drive allows you to delete the original files on your PC, while still keeping them safe in storage. Needless to say, this can clear a huge chunk of storage space on your PC.

Cloud Storage allows you to store your files on remote servers, and access them via the internet. There are many different cloud service providers: Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive are only two examples. Most providers offer a certain amount of storage space free, and then give the option to pay monthly for more storage space if you should need it.

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Mount The Sd Card To The Folder That We Created In C:

Press the Window Key and search for Disk Management.

Click on the Create and format hard disk partitions. This will open the Disk Management window.

Search for the Drive of your SD Card. This is listed as Removable.

Right Click on the Drive of your SD Card then click Change Drive Letter and Paths

Click Add.

Click on Browse.

Then search for the folder that you have made . Select the folder then press OK.

You will now see that the folder that you created will be on the Mount Path. Press OK.

You may now close the Disk Management window.

How Do I Get Extra Storage Space For Hp Stream 14

How to Quickly and Cheaply Upgrade a Laptop or Tablets ...

08-20-201711:10 AM – edited 08-20-201711:11 AM


I have a HP Stream 14 that I use mostly for uni work. However I recently downloaded Origin to play previously bought Sims games.

Of course, there is little to no storage left on the laptop . So my question is: how can I increase my storage to download more games through Origin?

Sorry if there is a painfully obvious answer, but I wasn’t sure if a memory stick/flash drive would work for this sort of thing.

Welcome to the HP Forums!

Thank you for posting your query in this forum, it’s a great place to find answers.

I reviewed your post and I understand that you want to know how to increase the storage on your computer.

Dont worry, I assure you I will try my best to get this sorted J

I would like to inform you that you need to use an external hard drive or a flash drive to increase the storage. There are no options to increase the storage capacity internally.

Hope that answers your question and you have a great day!

To simply say thanks, please click the “Thumbs Up” button to give me a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help. If this helps, please mark this as Accepted Solution as it will help several others with the same issue to get it resolved without hassles.

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The Basics: Laptop Ssd Upgrades

First, flip over your laptop and check for a hatch on the underside secured by a small screw or two. If the hatch happens to say “HDD” or something similar, so much the better. Some laptops, such as late-model Apple MacBooks and many super-thin ultraportables, are fully sealed and won’t give you access to the innards without the help of a service technician . But if it’s possible to do the upgrade yourself, here’s what you need to know.

Extend Your Hard Drive Partition

Before spending your money on new hardware and hard drives, its worth visiting the hard drive and partition you want to expand to see if you can create some more space for it.

First, lets go to Windows disk management. Simply type disk management into the Start menu search and click Create and format hard-disk partitions.

In the new window, check the File System for the hard drive partition you want to extend.

If its NTFS, and if you have a partition of Unallocated space, then you can extend your hard drive partition. You can even use unallocated space from multiple hard drives on your PC toward your hard drive of choice.

If you have unallocated space, right-click the partition you want to extend and click Extend Volume.

In the next window, pick the volumes you want to extend, add them to your selected partition, then click next and follow the instructions.

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Reduce The Size Of The Winsxs Folder

Warning: Deleting files from the WinSxS folder or deleting the entire WinSxS folder might severely damage your system and make it impossible to restart or update your PC.

The WinSxS folder is located in the Windows folder on your PC . It stores the Windows Component Store files, which are used to support functions needed to customize and update Windows. You can use the Task Scheduler to reduce the size of this folder.

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.

  • Enter Control Panel in the search box, and then select Control Panel.

  • Select System and Security, and then select Schedule tasks under Administrative Tools.

  • Select the arrow next to Task Scheduler Library, select Microsoft, select Windows, and then select Servicing.

  • Select StartComponentCleanup, and then select Run under Selected item.

  • Upgrading The Internal Drive

    How to add 2 hard drives in your laptop and expand storage (USE SSD AND HDD TOGETHER IN A LAPTOP)

    RELATED:What You Need to Know About Upgrading Your Laptop’s Hardware

    This option isnt as easy or cheap, but we have to mention it anyway. If you can open up your laptop, you can replace its internal drive with a larger drive or insert a second internal drive, in the off chance that your laptop has a second drive bay. Upgrading your laptop is often possible, but its definitely more work than quickly plugging in an external storage device!

    This is an especially good idea if your laptop has a slow mechanical drive not to get more space, but to upgrade it to a much faster solid-state drive. An internal solid-state drive will be much faster than a Micro SD card or USB flash drive. Its the ideal upgrade if you need additional storage space thats as fast as possible.

    The next time you get a laptop or tablet with a small amount of storage space and need more, just pick up a Micro SD card or low-profile flash drive. If you know someone whos complaining about not having enough space on their current laptop, one of these devices could make a great and cheap gift.

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    Ways To Create More Disk Space In Windows 10

    Speed up your computer, make upgrades easier

    When your computer runs low on physical storage, its speed, performance and ability to maintain system integrity will be affected. A poorly managed hard drive can leave you with little space to install significant updates and will generally degrade the user experience over time.

    In this article, we will discuss several ways to create more disk space in Windows 10.

  • Delete Unwanted Apps and Programs
  • Enable Storage Sense
  • Delete Temporary Files
  • How To Make More Room On A Laptop

    Because laptop computers have hard drives that are physically smaller than those on desktop computers, you may find that your laptop’s hard drive begins running out of storage space sooner than you expect. However, finding the largest files can be a difficult task on a hard drive with hundreds of folders. Automated tools can help you find the largest files on your laptop. Delete unnecessary files or move them to an external storage device for archival.


    Install a program that generates a visual representation of your laptop’s contents, such as WinDirStat or SpaceSniffer. These programs display a colored map of the files on your computer. Larger blocks correspond with larger files this allows you to quickly locate the files taking up the most space and determine whether they are safe to delete.


    Use an automatic hard drive-cleaning tool such as Windows Disk Cleanup or CCleaner. To run Disk Cleanup, open the Start menu, type “Cleanup” in the search field and click the “Disk Cleanup” icon when it appears on the results list. Both of these utilities create free hard disk space by searching for and deleting files that most users do not need, including software installation logs, temporary files and Recycle Bin contents. Both programs can be configured to display a summary of all files marked for deletion before deleting them.




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    External Solid State Drives

    Solid-state drives are superior to hard disk drives in both speed and reliability. They have no moving parts and, thus, arent susceptible to mechanical breakdown. Their superior read and write speeds are limited only by the speed of the connection to your computer.

    There are two drawbacks to an external SSD: capacity and price. SSD storage is still relatively expensive compared to traditional HDDs. Youll likely pay double the price of an HDD, and the higher-capacity drives are much more expensive.

    Play Video

    But SSDs are smaller, faster, and much more reliable. Solutions like the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD fit in a pocket and are rugged enough to swing from your bag. The Corsair Flash Voyager GTX offers the benefits of SSD storage in a more traditional flash drive form.

    Checking If The Sd Card Is Mounted Properly

    How to get extra 100 GB storage on Lenovo E41

    Go to the C: Folder and you will see that the icon for the SD Card folder is no longer the Folder Icon but it looks like an icon that says SD.

    When you go inside the SD Card folder you will see that you are inside your SD Card but instead of it having a path different to C:, it is now mounted as a C:\SD Card.

    You may now set a path for software installation to C:\SD Card or point a Dropbox folder to sync to the same path.

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    How To Install A Second Hard Drive In Laptop Or Desktop

    After you buy a proper hard drive, you can refer to the following tutorials to install it in a laptop or a desktop. For those who want to know how to install a new hard drive or how to install SSD in PC, these tutorials are also worth reference.


    Why Mount Sd Card As Permanent Storage For Window

    Why should you learn how to make SD card default storage? Well, there are many reasons. You may have files and apps that you don’t use and want a special place to store them, or you may want extra space for your files on your computer.

    Whatever your reasons are, windows understand your concern. All you have to do is go after the simple steps to format and mount. After that, you will have the drive running normally on your PC or laptop. You also get many more advantages of having two types of storage in your device.

    The hard drive’s primary storage is not large enough to store all of your files and is volatile. Also, you can lose your information quickly. Mounting an SD card gives you the advantage of having ample storage that is permanent for all your files and other data. Here are the benefits of having an SD card for laptop storage.

    1Small memory space

    It’s unfortunate! But it is what you get with a regular, affordable laptop. They come with small local drive storage that leaves you in search of more space after a while. Why the small space? Firstly, laptops come with “eMMC” or SSD for storage space, which is not the same as 32GB or 64GB storage space in PC. Secondly, people don’t know that laptops come 2-4GB less, making it have less storage than what you may need.

    2Windows installation size

    3Window Recovery Partition

    4Installing apps

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    Using External Drives And Other Storage Devices

    Rather than going through the process of replacing the internal drive, many people opt for the easier external storage option. You have a few options to choose from if you prefer this route.

  • When you buy an external drive, you’ll find the storage capacities are impressive, and at times exceed those of internal drives. The only drawback to these is you’ll need to plug it into a USB port, which reduces the number of USB ports available for other devices. When you plug in the external drive, your operating system will automatically detect it and add it to Windows Explorer as another drive letter.


  • Another very convenient option people use for increased storage is thumb drives . These tiny sticks work just like the external drive when plugged in however, they usually offer small storage sizes.

  • Another convenient option is extending your laptop storage using a Micro-SD card if your laptop features a Micro-SD card slot. These are tiny cards, not much wider than two fingers. Once slid into the Micro-SD slot, they’re virtually undetectable and show up in Windows Explorer as another drive letter.


  • View Storage Usage On Windows 10

    Get additional storage on your PC for free (Windows 7/8/10)

    While you are probably aware that your device is running low on space, Storage Sense can also help you understand which contents are using the most space to know the files you want to clean up.

    To view the storage usage on Windows 10, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Under the “Local Disk C:” section, click the Show more categories option.

  • See how the storage is being utilized.

  • Select each category to see even more details and actions you can take to free up space on Windows 10.
  • Once you complete the steps, you will better understand the storage usage and the areas of focus to free up space.

    For instance, by clicking the System & reserved category, you will see how much space the installation is using, and how much space virtual memory, hibernation files, system restore, and the amount of space the system is reserving for updates.

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    Step : Turn Off System Restore

    Open System Properties by right-click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select Properties. Now go to System Restore tab and select Turn Off System Restore on all drives option and apply it. Dont use this trick if you use System Restore. If you disable it, Windows will not create system restore point in future and itll not waste any valuable disk space.

    Secondary Hard Drive/solid State Drive

    Typical Storage Space: 1 4TB , 128 512GB

    If you have the spare space on your motherboard, you can forgo having to transfer data and simply get a second drive to store things. A second HDD can act as a mule drive, storing huge files such as movies and recordings. Getting an SSD to work in tandem with an HDD works well, too: simply put all the software you want to load quickly onto the SSD and enjoy faster loading times.

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    Replace Your Current Hdd With An Ssd

    If you are thinking about getting more storage we recommend upgrading your storage space by getting an SSD.

    The biggest benefit of getting an SSD that it has no moving parts, which mean if you accidentally drop your laptop, it won’t get damaged.

    Most importantly, this type of hard drive is much faster than conventional HDDs. According to PCMag, an SSD can be 5 to 20 times faster than a simple hard drive.

    The disadvantage of this alternative is that you might have to throw out your present HDD or repurpose it and it’s neither cheap, nor a simple task to swap out . But if You have a slow, low-capacity HDD, it’s a double good option.

    Despite those disadvantages, it makes laptops very fast. With a new SSD, your operating system can easily boot only in a few second, rather than 10-20 seconds.

    Don’t forget to check the Top Rated SSDs:

    Keep in mind that when it comes to hard drives, external drives and SSDs, you should always consider buying a new part rather than a second-hand replacement which has already been used by someone, because its lifetime differs a lot.

    So you should buy a new part because it will run for a longer amount of time.

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