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How To Get Gaming Laptop For Free

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Adjust Power Mode To Improve Laptops Speed

How To Get A Gaming PC For Free! Actually Works! 2020

Did you know that your laptop has a hidden power? Yes, and it is the power to control and balance your battery power and processing power. It is initially set to the balanced mode but you can increase your gaming performance by also increasing its power consumption.

To control your laptops Power Mode, follow the steps below:

  • Open the additional options from the Windows system tray that is seen from the bottom-right of the screen. It is denoted by the ^ symbol.
  • From here, you can adjust the Power Mode to give your laptop a speed boost.
  • Just take note that doing this will make your laptops battery drain faster so it is not recommended if your laptop is not directly plugged in into an AC power source.

    You can also turn on the additional High-Performance mode of your laptop on the Control Panel. You can enable it by following the steps below:

  • Find and open your Windows Settings.
  • Open the Power & Sleep from the sidebar.
  • Scroll down to the Related settings and click Additional power settings.
  • The Power Options window will open. On the sidebar, choose Create a power plan.
  • Select High Performance, then click Next.
  • Choose your desired Turn off the display and Put the computer to sleep settings. You may opt to leave it out to the default settings.
  • How To Improve Gaming Performance On Laptop

    Are you bothered by the stuttering graphics that your laptop is experiencing while playing games? If yes, then your laptop might need a little boost in its performance. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that you can do to maximize your laptops potential and make it faster.

    In order to improve your gaming performance, go to the Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings. Select Adjust for best performance, then click OK. After that, enjoy your faster gaming experience.

    But as they say, nothing is free in this world. You may improve your laptops gaming performance but at the cost of a lower quality appearance. If you dont want to sacrifice your laptops appearance but still want to boost your laptop, you might want to check our other tricks that could be more applicable to you.

    Uninstall Any Windows Store Apps You No Longer Need

    Similar to Programs and Desktop Apps, Store apps also take up drive space. So if you no longer need the Windows Store app, then uninstall it.

    • Go to Settings, then click on PC Settings.
    • Select Search and Apps, then click on App Size to see how much space each app takes on your disk drive.
    • Once you locate the app you want to uninstall, choose the app, then click Uninstall.

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    Get A Huge Discount From The Jump On It Program

    The Jump On It! Program is part of the On It Foundation, which we mentioned above. So if you arent eligible to receive a complimentary laptop from the On It Foundation, then you may be able to get one from the Jump On It! program.

    With this program, you can get a laptop for as low as $99 and you can get one through a layaway plan starting at just $15.

    Learn more about this program here.

    Tip : Switch To Ssd For Games

    How To Get FREE Steam Games 2018! (June 2018) DOWNLOAD ...

    Change your main windows drive with an SSD. This will ensure your system boots faster and gets the performance boost you need for gaming. This is especially useful for laptops.

    When you install games on an SSD Drive they run much faster since the read and write times are very high for SSD.

    Nowadays SSDs have become very cheap so you can always get a good deal on amazon and other related sites.

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    Hz 240 Hz And Even 300 Hz Panels Offer Superior Responsiveness

    With high refresh rate displays , gamers can enjoy snappier reaction times and smoother perceived motion in supported games. While not all games will support running at these higher refresh rates , eSports titles, in particular, will usually support higher or even uncapped refresh rates. If you consider yourself a competitive gamer, or you mostly play multiplayer games, then look for a high refresh rate panel on your laptop.

    How Do I Claim My Free Month Of Microsoft Game Pass

    Hello, I recently bought a Lenovo Legion laptop and I saw a button somewhere that said “included with this device”.

    After clicking on it, it told me I had a free month of Microsoft Game Pass. I didn’t click it at the time and now I can’t find where I have to redeem this. I looked all over the Lenovo Vantage program but can’t find it. Can anyone help me?


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    Best Ways To Get A Free Laptop

    by Saeed – Last Updated May 18, 2021

    Are you looking for ways to get a free laptop or computer?

    Laptops, computer and tablets certainly dont come cheap.

    A quality model from a big brand like Dell or HP can set you back around $400 or even more than $1,000 in some cases.

    Thankfully, there are many ways you can If you dont have that cash to spend, then follow the tips below.

    Below, we give you tons of places and methods you can use to get a complimentary laptop, or a heavily discounted one . There are even government programs and private organizations that give free laptop to low income families.

    Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsPanda ResearchDaily Goodie BoxPinecone ResearchOpinion OutPostSwagbucks

    What Is The Best Gaming Pc

    How to Get a Free Gaming PC???

    The right gaming PC can make all the difference when youre trying to level up, take out the enemy or hatch the perfect plan to take over the world. Gaming Desktops give you that extra bit of power that can make lag a thing of the past, while gaming laptops make it easier for you to combine with your mates for a solid session of play anywhere theres a strong internet connection. Weve got gaming PCs from Acer, Lenovo, MSI, Predator and other huge brands, so you can find one that suits your setup to a T.

    Already have an ace computer and just want to boost its power a little bit? No problem. Graphics cards such as the MSI Nvidia range will juice up your machine and get it fighting fit for your next vital campaign.

    But your gaming fun doesnt have to stop at your keyboard. Virtual reality is the next landscape in which gamers are set to spend hours and hours of free time. Try on a VR headset such as the HTC Vive to unlock greater gaming power in amazing augmented reality.

    Whether youre after a new gaming PC, MSI Nvidia graphics cards to evolve your experience or a new VR headset to unlock your playing potential, turn to Harvey Norman to find the hottest tech toys today.

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    Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor

    This deliberately lo-fi game takes place in an open-world-style spaceport, with shades of Blade Runner and Luc Besson. Yes, much of the game is literally picking up trash , but there are countless people to talk to and mysteries to explore. There’s also an existential feeling that you’re at the mercy of an essentially random universe.

    Get it on Steam.

    Tip : Manual Tuning For Each Game To Get Max Performance

    Finally, if youre playing games, then manually fine-tune the game settings to get the max performance from your PC without compromising graphics. Features such as anti-aliasing and texture filtering take a lot of resources, disable them to get maximum performance.

    Take some time and test out all the various graphics settings. You will know which you need and which settings you do not require. Check out our Game Optimization Guides

    I hope you guys liked this article. Thanks for reading! Remember to share the articles with fellow gamers and people with slow systems so that they can use these settings for max performance.

    See you in-game

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    Free Laptop For College Students

    A laptop or tablet is almost a necessity at this point for any college student. But College is expensive as it is. Just the tuition fees and textbooks will make you think twice about going to college.So a lot of students have a hard time affording one.

    Fortunately, there are colleges that offer tablets like iPad or free laptops for college students

    Here are some of the best ones:

    28. Dakota State University

    Needless to say, you must be attending the college to qualify for the free device. But besides that, almost all of these schools have specific requirements that you must meet to qualify. You can find out about all the specifics by contacting the school or visiting their website.

    Factors Besides Ram That Affect Gaming Performance

    How to Get Free Gaming PC For Lifetime ð? 16 GB Ram!

    Of course, RAM is not the only factor that determines whether your PC can support the games you like to play. Two different system components you can probably guess what they are — will typically have a greater impact on game performance:

    • Processor: When it comes to judging if your PC is up to playing your favorite games, the top determinant is the processor. You can hold lots of game data in memory, but the speed of the CPU will still determine how rapidly that data can generate visible on-screen action and responses.
    • Graphics: Systems with integrated graphics must by their nature — use general system memory in generating game visuals, whereas a discrete graphics card has its own dedicated VRAM to support many graphics tasks. So a PC with a discrete GPU can produce smoother game visuals with less RAM than a similar system with integrated graphics.

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    Tip 1: Online Gaming Needs Fast Internet

    When you are playing online games you need to make sure you have very fast internet with a low ping. This will ensure that you do not lag while playing online games. Afterall lag is the number 1 enemy of gamers.

    Make sure you have fast internet. Lan is always better than wifi. Fiber is currently the best for high-speed internet connections.

    Must read: How to make your internet faster

    What Are The Components You Can Customize

    When you’re ready to build your gaming laptop, there are numerous parts you can customize for your unique style of gameplay. Custom components allow you to decide just how much power you want to get from your system, while also helping you plan your budget. The basics you need are a laptop case, motherboard, RAM, processor, power supply, GPU, HDD/SDD and optical drive.

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    How To Buy A Cheap Gaming Laptop: 7 Essential Tips

    ByRami Tabari31 July 2018

    You don’t have to put a hole in your savings account to play games like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy XV on a laptop. In fact, you could dive deep into the world of VR with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift on a gaming laptop that’s under $1,000.

    However, to get powerful specs at a low price, you do have to make some sacrifices on other key components. To avoid any buyer’s remorse when getting a budget system, check out the tips and general advice below.

    Quick Tips

  • Know what you want to play. You don’t need a discrete graphics card to run games like Overwatch or Hollow Knight. An integrated GPU will be just fine for a surprising amount of PC games.
  • Get a 15-inch system. 15-inch laptops straddle the fence between portable and powerful plus, they’re more common at $1,000 and under.
  • Don’t settle for a low-res display. You can get that 1920 x 1080 screen even on a budget.
  • Whether you’re going cheap or all out, avoid touch screens. All they do is hike up the price.
  • You’ll need at least a GTX 1050 Ti for high-end VR. Thanks to the Oculus’ Asynchronous Spacewarp technology, you can theoretically play in VR with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. However, Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets work well with integrated and entry-level GPUs.
  • Get an SSD. Because you’re sacrificing some power for your budget, you should aim for speed over memory.
  • Get at least an Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor. With this CPU, you’ll get solid and affordable performance.
  • Graphics

    Scour Craigslist For A Complimentary Laptop

    *NEW* How To Get A Virtual Gaming PC For Free | No Money Required | Microsoft Azure | 2021

    Craigslist can actually be a good place to find laptops that dont cost anything, or are super low-cost.

    Some people just want to get rid of their old stuff, so theyre willing to simply give it away at no cost. If you get a laptop at no cost that requires repairs, sometimes that can still work out much cheaper than buying one new.

    Of course, research what the repairs would cost, before buying to determine whether the laptop is worth getting. After all, you dont want a complimentary laptop that ends up costing you tons to repair.

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    Maintain A Clean Laptop

    Our last tip, which is also the most important method to improve your gaming performance, is to keep your laptop clean. You might think of the days that you are enjoying pressing your fast and killer combos on your keyboard while peeking on your dusty screen. This truly adds a real-world experience to the battlefield.

    But a dusty laptop blocks your laptops air vents which in turn, traps the heat inside of it. Heat directly contributes to your laptop gaming performance because it messes with the electricity flow inside your laptop. And with billions of processes happening inside of it in every instant, even a small electricity gaffe could turn into a disaster.

    Besides, the materials on your hardware can only handle enough heat before deteriorating. So it is actually a must to clean your laptop from the dust and dirt that has accumulated in it.

    Trade In Your Old Stuff For A New Laptop On Amazon

    We all have items in our home that are just taking up space, like books we never read, or old DVDs that have been replaced with Netflix.

    Through the program, you can trade in your old video games, Kindle E-readers, books and other items for an gift card.

    You can use this gift card to get money off of a laptop on Amazon, and if you use your gift card to buy a refurbished laptop, youll save even more.

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    Update Laptop Drivers For Smoother Processing

    Your laptop drivers ensure that the functions of your laptop are seamless and can be used efficiently with each other. Having an old laptop driver might have compatibility issues with the latest patch of the game that you are playing which in turn would ruin your laptops gaming performance. So make sure to always update your drivers to get the best experience on using your laptop.

    Another tip is that, do not turn on your Windows Update automatically because if you do, it wont ask you and just will download files and latest drivers from the internet once they are available. If you are in the middle of playing a game and Windows Update suddenly kicked off, it might affect your network connectivity.

    Tech Companies That Give Away Laptops

    How To Get All Pc Games For Free 2020 (Also Movies And Series)

    Wondering how you can get a free Dell or Apple laptop?

    Believe it or not, there are actually ways you can get/win a free laptop or tablet directly from your favorite brands like Dell, Apple, Microsoft and others.


    Through official giveaways and contests!

    Im not talking about survey offers where you enter your email address and go through a few pages of Yes/No questions to enter a contest. I am talking about official context and giveaways that these major brands hold every once in a while.

    Here are a few free laptop giveaways by major brands:

    37. Dell Advantage Sweepstakes

    Note: As you might imagine, as with any other legit sweepstakes and contest, these giveaways last for a certain amount of time. So you have to enter before they end. That said if by the time you read this post the contests have ended, bookmark this post and check back regularly. Most of these companies run the same contest a few times a year. So checking back often ensures you dont miss them the next time around.

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    Whats The Right Amount Of Ram For Playing Pc Games

    RAM requirements differ for each game title and format . So, if youre buying a new gaming PC to play a specific title or genre, always start by checking the game makers published requirements for RAM, processor speed, graphics card, etc. Youll typically find both minimum and recommended system specs.

    Generally speaking, heres a breakdown of some popular RAM sizes and their ability to power todays expanding array of PC games:

    The National Cristina Foundation

    This is an awesome foundation that works to promote technology reuse by educating businesses and the public that technology resources coming out of their first place of use can be given a second productive life for developing human potential.

    Basically, businesses donate their old and used tech devices to the foundation and the foundation then gives them away for free to people in need.

    • Where to apply:

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