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How To Get Wifi Anywhere On Laptop

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What About Password Protected Public Networks

How To Get Wifi Anywhere For Free – Tutorial/Guide

Unfortunately password-protected networks arent much safer.

Its scarily easy for someone to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi signals. There are even special kits and devices to help the bad guys listen in. You may not even know about it until something bad happens like unauthorized charges on your credit card.

Ask A Friend To Share An Internet

If you need access to the network from your phone, but you do not have unlimited data, you can ask your friends to share the unlimited WiFi Internet from their phones so that you can use it. It can be easily done, no matter if they have Android or iOS. Usually, they just click Turn on hotspot and you can connect to Wi-Fi.

How I Will Check If My Laptop Is Connected With 4g Or 3g

The details may vary from system to system, but in broad strokes, the process will look like this:

  • Check which connection is offered by your data plan
  • Check whether the SIM card supports 4G
  • Check whether your device supports the desired mode
  • Alternatively, you can choose from a plethora of software solutions that give detailed information about the connection, although their reliability varies depending on the setup you are using.

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    How To Get Free Wifi By Making A Coffee/snack Break

    Every city has at least a couple of cafes, patisseries, or snack bars where people love to stop by and take a break. Whatever our itinerary is, we need to refuel every once in a while. Its best to take a 30-minute break and sit down for a drink or snack. That way, we can ask the barista/server for the WiFi password and enjoy the free internet while we rest. In our modern world, everyone is looking for ways to stay connected while they are away from home, or just outside, and every businessman realizes the importance of offering free WiFi. Thus, the majority of these places ought to have free WiFi networks.

    Also, we can come back a few days later and still use the free WiFi without having to pay for a snack or drink again. We can just find a nearby place where we can sit and relax, and still catch the signal.

    Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wi

    How to Get Any WiFi Password And Free Internet Anywhere ...

    Most smartphones can be turned into an internet access point that your other devices, such as tablets or other phones, can connect to. These are called Wi-Fi hotspots, and they can be indispensable when you need to access the internet with other devices.

    The process to set up a personal hotspot depends on the type of phone you have:

    • On iOS devices, go to Settings, then toggle Personal Hotspot on. Once you do, youll be given a Wi-Fi password. Other devices will be able to connect to your phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth under the name of the phone, and theyll need this password to access the hotspot.

    • On Android devices, the process can differ a little depending on your phones model. Go to Settings, then look for a menu for networks or connections. On Samsung devices, for example, youll need to navigate to Connections, then Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. On Google Pixels, you must go to Network & Internet, then Hotspot & Tethering. After turning the hotspot on, youll be given a Wi-Fi password. Other devices will be able to connect to the hotspot by selecting your device name and entering this password.

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    The Dangers Of Free Public Wi

    Public Wi-Fi networks are definitely convenient. But theres an ugly side to them too.

    The traffic that flows through an open Wi-Fi network is often unsecured and unencrypted.

    This means that its VERY easy for cybercriminals to snoop on your online activity and get your sensitive info.

    If youre lost overseas, it may seem like a relief to connect to a cafes free Wi-Fi for a few minutes. You log in to your Facebook account, check your email, and purchase your next bus tickets.

    Unfortunately, youve actually just sent your passwords and credit card number over an unsecured network. Youve become an easy target.

    How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere You Go

    Today, we share the best ways to get free Wi-Fi on any phone or laptop. The trick is knowing where and how to look, whilst keeping safe. That last part is important – youll see why!

    Ever been on-the-go and realise you desperately need free Wi-Fi? Yeah, us too.

    Maybe you were travelling overseas, or just out of the house without mobile data. Not having internet access when we need it, frankly, sucks.

    Today, were showing you how to finally solve this #firstworldproblem with some easy, legal hacks to connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere. Be warned though public networks are Disneylands for hackers! So, well also share some security tips to pair with your new Wi-Fi-finding superpowers.

    What this article will cover:

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    Use A Free Internet Provided By Your Internet Provider

    Perhaps you do not know, but your provider may provide you with access to many wi-fi networks throughout the city only because you are its client. It is worth calling support or looking for information on how and where to use free access to the network on the providers website.

    Try the free trial version of the internet service. Most likely there are providers in your city that provide free access to the Internet for a trial period. Besides, some Internet service providers sometimes provide free time on the Internet, so stay tuned for such promotions. As a rule, this kind of information is indicated on the providers website.

    During the registration for a particular service, you will most likely be asked to provide your billing information. Do not forget to cancel the subscription before the promotion expires, otherwise, you will have to pay the cost of the service.

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    Securing Your Wireless Network

    How to get Free WiFi access anywhere, anytime

    Security is always important with a wireless network, it’s even more important because your network’s signal could be broadcast outside your home. If you don’t help secure your network, people with PCs nearby could access info stored on your network PCs and use your Internet connection.

    To help make your network more secure:

    Change the default user name and password. This helps protect your router. Most router manufacturers have a default user name and password on the router and a default network name . Someone could use this info to access your router without you knowing it. To help avoid that, change the default user name and password for your router. See the documentation for your device for instructions.

    Set up a security key for your network. Wireless networks have a network security key to help protect them from unauthorized access. We recommend using Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 security if your router and PC support it. See the documentation for your router for more detailed info, including what type of security is supported and how to set it up.

    Some routers support Wi-Fi Protected Setup . If your router supports WPS and its connected to the network, follow these steps to set up a network security key:

  • Do one of the following, depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC:

  • In Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, select Start, start typing Network and Sharing Center, and then choose it in the list.

  • Select Set up a new connection or network.

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    Cable Tethering To A Mobile Device

    If you only need to connect one device to the internet, why use WiFi at all? Instead of creating a WiFi hotspot, consider using a USB cable to tether your phone or tablet directly to your computer.

    This has a few advantages over the WiFi hotspot method. No one can hack into your network, the computer charges the device, and you may even get faster speeds over the USB connection than WiFi. All the other stuff about data prices and tethering policies still apply though.

    Most People Underestimate The Risk

    Many people have no idea that public Wi-Fi isnt safe.

    One study by Norton found that 92% of Americans put their personal info at risk while using public Wi-Fi:

    • 62% logged into a personal email account
    • 56% logged into a social media account
    • 32% logged into their bank account / other financial info
    • 29% logged into their work email

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    Finding Free Wireless Hotspots

  • 1Visit a chain restaurant, retailer, or hotel that offers free Wi-Fi. The internet’s role in daily life is hard to ignore, which is why many businesses and public buildings offer free Wi-Fi.XResearch source While there may be a caveat for the Wi-Fiyou may have to buy a drink or a snack or create a membership with the businessthe “cost” for the Wi-Fi is usually minor enough that it’s worth paying. Some examples of free Wi-Fi locations include the following:
  • Coffee shops
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Truck stops
  • Malls
  • 2Use WiFi Map to find free hotspots. WiFi Map is a free crowdsourced website and mobile app that can lists free wireless internet access all over the world. Although you’ll need internet access to use WiFi Map initially, you can write down the suggested locations and keep them available for when you’re on-the-go. Check out in your web browser, or download the official app to your Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  • On an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store and search for WiFi Map: Find Internet & VPN. Tap the GET button on the app to install it.
  • On an Android, open the Play Store and search for Free WiFi Passwords & Internet Hotspot – WiFi Map. Tap the INSTALL button to download the app, and then tap its icon to open it.
  • 3Use “Find Wi-Fi” on the Facebook mobile app. If you have the Facebook app installed on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can use it to find free wireless internet nearby.XResearch source Here’s how:
  • How To Get Wifi Without An Internet Provider

    How To Get Wifi Anywhere For Free

    Without leeching off of your neighbors

    Youve moved into a new place and someone accidentally dug up your fiber connection or you just dont have the budget for a broadband home internet connection right now, so how do you get connected to the Internet? There are many reasons you might not have WiFi internet access when you need it.

    Is there a way to get WiFi without an internet provider? Actually, weve got six things you can try.

    If you prefer to quickly watch a video instead of reading through the article below, make sure to check out our YouTube video where we go through the different ways you can get WiFi Internet without an ISP.

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    Why Choose A Portable Wifi Hotspot Software Instead Of Hardware Devices

    If you search the Internet for “best portable WiFi hotspot” or other similar keywords, you’ll get a list of recommended hardware devices. The first thing that comes into mind when you want to use or share Internet with all your devices are those small devices . You get those usually from your network carrier and carry around while connected to their cellular network.

    While they are perfectly functional devices, portable WiFi hotspot hardware devices require constant recharging and are not flexible for sharing different types of Internet connections. Plus, they only work with cellular connections if there’s no coverage, there’s no Internet.

    On the other hand, if you’re using a portable WiFi hotspot software or operating system functionality, you will get the same functionality right on your laptop. Moreover, if using a true virtual router software like Connectify Hotspot, you will be able to:

    • turn your laptop into a WiFi repeater / extender / booster
    • solve network compatibility issues.

    How To Get Wifi Anywhere You Go In : Always Online

    As more services require internet access, it becomes more important to get WiFi anywhere you go. Instead of struggling to find hotspots or get WiFi passwords on your own, read on to find the best ways to get WiFi anywhere.

    Anyone who likes to travel knows the pain of trying to get online with a slow and weak connection. Even if you do get a decent signal, roaming charges mean that it wont be cheap. However, there are ways to get free WiFi anywhere or at least make it less expensive and in this article, well show you how.

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    Not So Free But Cheaper Wi

    There are some not so free, but cheaper, ways to get Wi-Fi and these include global Wi-Fi network services. These services combine a bunch of Wi-Fi hotspots into a single network and get its users to split the costs.

    The result is something like Fon. It offers its users to purchase a router and split the bandwidth the majority is for the user and whats left for nearby Fon users or even their Facebook friends.

    Skyroam is another service thats very similar to Fon. The company offers travel hotspot Solis, which works in over 100 countries. Users pay a fee and get access to unlimited data.

    Understand Your Situation Before Choosing An Option

    How to get Free WiFi access anywhere, anytime.

    The best way to get Wi-Fi without an internet connection depends on where you are and how you want to use the connection.

    People who do a lot of work on the go should consider a fully-fledged mobile hotspot. Occasional casual users might want to use tethering or buy an internet stick. In rural areas, you can get online through wireless internet.

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    Turn Your Phone Into A Wi

    If you are in the middle of nowhere with no cafes around but you really need to finish that work assignment, check whether your phone has a 3G or 4G connection. If so, perfect! Just turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. You may not be able to stream HD movies, but it’s more than sufficient to do some research or send emails.

    Android users:

    • 5 million hotspots in the US
    • 500,000 hotspot reviews

    If youre wondering how to get free Wi-Fi at home, some of these apps may provide you with hotspots in your vicinity. However, results will vary the signal might be weak or the owner might change the password at any time.

    How To Get Internet Anywhere

    Its been a long flight. You still need to catch a cab. You want to let your loved ones know you made it safely. A few options are available. You can pay international data fees for a text, email, or call. You can wait until you have a new SIM card or a local pay-as-you-go phone. Then, theres Sapphire.

    With Sapphires wireless internet hotspot device, you can simply switch it on, choose your plan, connect your device via WiFi, and then access the internet. Data fees are at the local rates, and you control how and when you access the internet.

    Get peace of mind. Get Sapphire.

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    How To Get Free Wifi By Exploring The Surroundings

    If we are planning a trip to a nearby city or a foreign country, and its important for us to stay connected, we should do some research in advance. When it comes to our city/region/country, we already know which hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops provide free WiFi.

    So if we are visiting a place similar to our hometown, we shouldnt have much trouble finding a place that will allow us to stay on the radar. However, if we are going to a foreign country, things might be a bit more complicated, especially if that country has little or nothing in common with what we are used to. Still, there are many things we can learn by using the internet. We can find out which stores, hotels, and cafes are the most popular ones in the city/country we plan on visiting. Such places are bound to have free WiFi.

    Free Wifi Hotspot Areas

    How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere, Anytime (September 2017 ...

    Although using your own device is always nice, if you want to get free WiFi, you should look for open hotspots. Many hotels, coffee shops and service stations will allow you to use their WiFi networks without paying for the data, but you may need to purchase something if you want the WiFi passwords.

    These places arent everywhere, but most cities have some. You can also use a portable router to improve the signal or hide your IP with a VPN while youre connected to this open wireless network.

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    Use Your Smartphone As A Mobile Hotspot

    Enjoying free WiFi at home is as simple as tethering to a mobile hotspot. Its easy to take your smartphones cellular data and turn it into a WiFi signal. If you want to know how to set up a mobile hotspot on any device, check out our previous article here.

    Take note, however, that this method will use up the mobile phones data. In other words, its not 100% free if you have to pay for data. But if your phone plan includes free data, then this method will not be as pricey as paying for WiFi.

    Securing Your Public Wi

    Connecting to free Wi-Fi is risky business. Anyone capable of intercepting an unprotected connection can steal your login credentials, banking details, emails, and other sensitive information. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop using public Wi-Fi altogether. What you should do is be vigilant and take extra precautionary steps to protect yourself.

    Turn off public network sharing

    You know that annoying pop-up you get when you connect to a new network? The one asking whether you should trust the network and share your information? Do not blindly accept it! Its like leaving your front door open at all times. Hackers will be able to easily intercept your connection and gain access to most of the information stored on your device.

    Enable your firewall

    Some people disable their firewalls due to their annoying pop-ups and notifications. However, enabling it before connecting to public Wi-Fi is essential. You’ll require consent before using some of the apps on your device, but in return you’ll get a robust gateway defense.

    Use a VPN

    A virtual private network, also known as VPN, is your best bet to ensure secure public Wi-Fi connectivity at all times. In fact, thats what it does best:

    Try NordVPN now with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

    Protect your data wherever you go.

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