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How To Hook Up A Second Monitor To A Laptop

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How to hook up a second monitor to a laptop!

Sometimes the external monitors cannot be correctly detected by your laptop. This can be caused by improper connection, defective monitor or cables. Ensure all the cables connect correctly, and do some tests with an alternative monitor and another cable.

If it still does not work, it seems like your graphics card driver cannot properly support multiple monitors display. A driver update is necessary.

There are two ways to update drivers: manually and automatically.

Manually You can manually update the printer driver by searching the correct driver that is matched with your Windows OS on the manufacturers website and install it in your computer. This requires time and computer skills.

Automatically If you dont have time or patience to manually update drivers, you can do that automatically with Driver Easy. Its free version can detect and download the outdated drivers on your Windows with only a few clicks.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks :

  • and install Driver Easy.
  • Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.
  • Click the Update button next to a flagged device to automatically download the correct drivers , and install it on your computer.Or click Update All to automatically download all the correct drivers that are missing or out of date on your Windows .
  • The Pro version of Driver Easy.

    Enhancing And Personalizing Your Monitors

    After attaching an additional monitor, enhance and personalize your monitor.

    • Taskbar: Right-click on the taskbar, and then select Taskbar settings. Click the drop-down menus to set your taskbar preferences.

    • Start screen: On an extended desktop, the Start screen displays only on your primary monitor.

    • Background image: Right-click anywhere on the desktop, and then click Personalize. Select images, colors, and themes.

    The following images show examples of different images on each screen and one image spanning both screens.

    Connecting A Macbook To A Monitor

  • 1Find your MacBook’s video output. You’ll need to make sure you have a port on your Mac that is compatible with an input on your monitor. But if your monitor and your laptop don’t have the same ports, don’t worryin most cases, you can get an adapter that can bridge two video types, such as Thunderbolt to HDMI, which makes it possible to use nearly any type of monitor with your MacBook. These are the connections your MacBook may have:
  • Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, and Thunderbolt USB 4: An oval port with a lightning bolt, found on all MacBook Pros beginning in 2016, and MacBook Airs beginning in 2018.XResearch source
  • USB-C: An oval port without a lightning bolt icon. 12″ MacBook Pros from 2015, 2016, and 2017 have these.XResearch source
  • HDMI: A six-sided tapered port found on 2021 MacBook Pros, as well as MacBook Pros from 2012 to 2015.XResearch source
  • Thunderbolt 1, Thunderbolt 2, or Mini DisplayPort: The original Thunderbolt ports both have 6 sides and are not oval-shaped. You’ll see a lightning bolt icon near this port on MacBook Air models from 2011-2017, and MacBook Pros from 2011-2015. On MacBook Pro and Air models made between 2008 and 2010, you’ll see a square with two vertical lines instead.
  • If you’re not sure which port you can use for a monitor, go to , select your model, and find the ports under “Charging and Expansion.”
  • Many non-Apple monitors also support Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, USB 4, USB-C, and HDMI.
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    What Is A Dual Monitor Setup

    Chances are youve seen a dual monitor setup before. Either in a friends home or perhaps in your own workplace. Perhaps youve even experienced the wonder of a multi-monitor setup with three, or even four screens in arrangement.

    A dual monitor is simply two computer screens operating from a single computer. With a dual monitor setup, you get to spread out your workflows across two screens instead of one. Lenovo has an array of computer monitors to choose for gaming, home, office and more.

    In fact, some people choose to extend their computer work across even more screens. With the right components it is possible to achieve a multiple monitor setup. For most of us, however, two monitors should suffice.

    Its not just a matter of showing off. Oh-no. Quite the contrary. Spreading workflows over multiple screens is better for productivity, efficiency, and overall workflow.

    How To Rearrange Displays On Windows 11

    CNET How to: Add a second monitor to your computer

    Since it’s easy to connect the monitors in the wrong order on the graphics card as you try to configure a dual-monitor or triple-monitor setup, Windows 11 includes an option to rearrange them correctly.

    To rearrange multiple displays on Windows 11, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click the Display page on the right side.
  • Click the Identify button to determine which monitor you are actually rearranging.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange each display according to their physical layout on the desktop.Quick tip: Confirm all monitors align at the top perfectly. Otherwise, you may have problems moving the mouse between displays from the corners.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Once you complete the steps, the new layout configuration will apply, allowing you to work across each display and run apps without issues.

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    Use An Hdmi Or Displayport Splitter

  • 1Determine what type of splitter you need. If your laptop has an HDMI output, you need an HDMI splitter. If your laptop has a DisplayPort output, go with a DisplayPort splitter.
  • Double-check that you have enough cables to get everything connected! You will need two HDMI or DisplayPort cables.
  • 2Plug the power cables into your monitors. Be sure the power cables are securely connected before proceeding.
  • 3Plug the splitter into your laptop. The connector for the splitter should now be in the HDMI or DisplayPort output of your laptop, while the HDMI or DisplayPort outputs of the splitter itself are unoccupied.
  • 4Connect each monitor to the splitter. Run either an HDMI or DisplayPort cable into the âOutâ ports of the splitter, then connect the compatible ends into the âInâ ports on your monitors.
  • 5Turn on your laptop and monitors. Even if your monitors are not currently displaying your laptopâs screen, their screens should still light up as an indicator that they are turned on.
  • 6Adjust your display settings.Set up your displays so they work best for you. Your digital workspace is now ready!Advertisement
  • Linking A Tablet To Your Laptop

    If you read over the last section and thought, That sort of looks like a giant tablet sitting there, youre on to something. Its not particularly economical to go out and buy a tablet just to serve as a secondary monitor but if you already have a tablet like an iPad or larger Android tablet you wish to repurpose as a second monitor, there are a variety of ways you can do so.

    Several of the most popular applications on the market for both iOS and Android, such as Air Display and iDisplay, rely on the tablet and your laptop sharing the same Wi-Fi network. This is an irritating design choice for a variety of reasons. First, the setup is completely wrecked by routers with AP isolation turned on so the places youre most likely to use the feature are the places most likely to break the feature. Second, it introduces a lot of unnecessary lag. Third, it introduces a potential security risk why send all your screen data over the local Wi-Fi node? We get that its no-cables convenient but its prone to failure, slower, and has a built-in security risk.

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    Configure Custom Color Profile

    If one of the displays is not displaying colors accurately, it’s possible to use a custom color profile.

    You should only use those created by a trusted source or device manufacturer when changing the color profile settings. If you’re not sure, you can refer to this guide to .

    To configure a custom color profile on Windows 11, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click the Browse button and locate the new color profile.
  • Double-click the .icm file to install the new profile.
  • Click the Close button.
  • Once you complete the steps, repeat the instructions to set a different color profile for the other monitors.

    To Use An Ipad As A Second Monitor For Your Mac:

    How to Connect a Second Monitor to Your Laptop

    Thanks to the Apple® Sidecar⢠feature, you can connect wirelessly or use the USB charging cable it came with to turn your iPad® into a secondary display.

    • If you don’t see the Control Center icon click the AirPlay® icon in the top-right corner and select your iPad.

    To stop using Sidecar, go back to the display menu in the Control Center and select your iPad to disconnect it or go to the AirPlay menu and choose to disconnect.

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    What If Aio Pc Is Not Compatible With The Second Monitor

    At times, you will find the second monitor being incompatible with the AIO PC. The PC doesnt detect the presence of another display. It may be due to the following reasons:

    • Hardware incompatibility
    • Improper cable usage

    So, to combat this, you can first try changing the type of cable you are using. Sometimes the adapters dont work properly and lead to such issues. Change the adapter and you can easily resolve it.

    Try changing the ports and see whether the display is being detected. There might be a problem with the port and it might not be able to sense the presence of a connected display. Therefore, switch the ports.

    Try updating your display drivers. Most of the time the drivers require an update to support a multi-display setup.

    How To Extend The Display

    Extending monitors means the computer interprets that the monitor the user is attaching is a separate device. One can see different things on each monitor, but the monitors together behave as one big screen.

    • For that either press the Windows + P key together or right-click on display and select Display settings.
    • Navigate to Display Settings
    • Open the drop-down menu and select Extend these displays
    • Now, go back to Display settings
    • Under customize your display, the user can see the local arrangement of monitors by 1 and 2
    • Select Identify to check how Windows detects monitors
    • Drag the display boxes to match the monitors physical order
    • Select Apply and keep the changes

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    How To Use An External Monitor As A Primary


    Using dual monitors increases business productivity by simultaneously displaying multiple documents or programs. Although desktop users more commonly use this setup, most laptops support dual monitors by connecting an external monitor to a VGA or an HDMI port. When extending your desktop across two screens, one monitor acts as a primary where pop-ups and desktop shortcuts initially appear. Setting the external monitor as the main display overrides the integrated screen, which is initially set as the primary.

    Connecting Another Monitor With A Wireless Connection

    How To Hook Up A Second Monitor To Your Laptop

    Miracast is a wireless technology that projects the image from your computer screen onto another monitor, TV screen, projector, or streaming media player that also supports Miracast. You can use this to share what you are doing on your computer, present a slide show, or even play your favorite game on a larger screen.

    If you have problems connecting a TV to the computer, consider the following.

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    Double Your Screen Space With Relative Ease

    • New York College
    • Emerson College
    • Western Governors University
    • Connect your monitor and PC using an HDMI cable .
    • Windows 10: Go to Settings > System > Display > Detect > Identity to enable and configure the monitor.
    • Under Display > Multiple Displays, choose how you want the second monitor to display.

    This article explains how to add a second monitor to your Windows laptop or desktop computer. Instructions cover Windows 10, 8, and 7.

    How To Setup Two Monitors In Windows

    Dhruv Parmar Smart Things Invicti Web Application Security Scanner

    In the modern era where all the work gets done on laptop and desktop, the need for another desktop arises after a while.

    Especially when a person works on multiple windows at the same time that too on a single computer, one can slowly feel suffocated and frustrated. For people who multitask, setting up two monitors is a must. Any modern laptop or desktop can run dual displays. All one needs is a second monitor. This investment wont go to waste. It will only boost productivity and efficiency.

    Before we move towards the purchases of dual monitors, let us look through the process of setting up dual screens.

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    How To Add An Extra Monitor To Your Laptop

    Jason Fitzpatrick

    Jason Fitzpatrick is the Senior Smart Home Editor at How-To Geek. He has over a decade of experience in publishing and has authored thousands of articles at How-To Geek, Review Geek, LifeSavvy, and Lifehacker. Jason served as Lifehacker’s Weekend Editor before he joined How-To Geek. Read more…

    Multi-monitor setups on desktop machines are pretty straight forward: if you have the ports and the appropriate cables youre in business. Adding extra screen space to your laptop, however, can be quite a bit trickier. Read on as we show you how to enjoy extra screen real estate on your laptop no matter what your port situation and with a variety of secondary screen possibilities including repurposing old monitors, tablets, or even buying a portable USB-driven display.

    How To Setup Dual Monitors

    How to hook two Monitors up to one computer

    Dual monitor setups are all the rage these days. As more and more of us start working from home, were realizing just how important it is to have a sustainable working environment. Working your nine to five from a small laptop screen just isnt going to cut it. Even a single monitor can be restrictive when weve got multiple tabs on the go. Luckily, the solution is a simple one. Dual monitor setups are relatively inexpensive and easy to get up and running.

    And the benefits are many. From increased productivity to optimized workflows. We guarantee you wont regret investing in that second monitor.

    If youve been wondering how to connect two monitors or how to add a monitor to a laptop then you’ve come to the right place.

    In this article well be teaching you howto connect dual monitors and how to use two monitors for better workflows, outputs, and overall results.

    Lets dive in.

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    Easy Ways To Connect A Laptop To A Monitor

    Did you know that nine in 10 connected households in Australia either have a PC or a laptop computer? Or that over 40% of Australian households also have an Internet-connected TV?

    That’s right! Moreover, there are now about 40 million computers in Australia alone.

    As amazing as PCs and laptops are though, their single-screen display can be a little too limiting. Especially for those who multitask and need to open more programs and apps than the average user.

    The good news is, there are several easy ways to set up your laptop so that you can use another monitor with it. Meaning, you can have multiple display screens with a single laptop.

    Ready to get the most out of your laptop? Then keep reading as weve covered five of the best ways to connect your laptop to an external screen!

    Connect Two Monitors Using A Daisy Chain Setup

    If your laptop or PC has a DisplayPort, then you might be able to take advantage of what’s called multi-stream transport to daisy-chain two monitors off the single DisplayPort.


    • Your graphics card needs to have at least a DisplayPort 1.2 port.
    • You need a monitor that’s DisplayPort 1.2 MST-capable.
    • Update your graphics card drivers to the latest version.

    Daisy-chaining with a DisplayPort is very simple.

  • Connect your PC to the DisplayPort in the first DisplayPort-capable monitor.
  • If your monitor is MST-capable, you’ll see a DisplayPort Out port. Connect that output port to the input DisplayPort port on the second monitor.
  • Go into the Display Settings on your computer and Enable DisplayPort 1.2
  • In the menu settings on the last monitor, disable DisplayPort 1.2 mode.
  • Now, in the Display Settings screen, you should see both monitors detected. You can arrange them to either mirror or extend your desktop.

    There is also the option to split an HDMI signal to multiple monitors.

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    How To Use A Second Monitor Or Screen With Your Laptop

    If you have a wider workspace in your office, or even at home, you may want to consider having a dual screen set-up. However, most dual screen setups are done with desktop computers. But what if youre using a laptop? Heres how to use a second monitor with your laptop.

    You might somehow have difficulty in doing multiple works on a handy laptop , which often lags or hangs up due to multiple tabs and applications you use. As a result, it may cause you to delay and lessen your work productivity. However, a laptop is still efficient as a computer so, it is possible for you to expand your workspace with a handy laptop.

    There are numerous methods to expand your workplaces, such as just purchasing another computer or laptop, which is effective yet expensive. However, there is a much affordable way to expand your workspace, and it is to extend your screen with a second monitor or screen. If youre wondering how to use a second monitor or screen with your laptop, well go through that in this article.

    How To Connect To An External Display In Windows

    Two Monitors, One Computer, Different Display

    To connect the external display to a laptop, locate the correct port on the body of your laptop. Most laptops utilize on or more of the following connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or USB-C . Some older laptops use VGA. These various connections are shown in the images below.

    Once you plug the display into your laptop, you may be required to press one or more keys on the laptop’s keyboard to “activate” the external display. This shortcut key combination varies depending on the laptop, but is often one of the following: hold the F10.

    The activation function key usually has a picture of a monitor on or above it. Consult your laptop’s manual if you can’t find the key. If you are still having trouble, or you need to download a copy of the manual, visit the laptop manufacturer’s website.

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