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How To Increase Memory On Laptop

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The Untold Secret To INCREASE RAM IN WINDOWS 10 (in 3 Minutes)

I use a Dell 15-5577 laptop with 8GB of memory for music production and graphic design. The problem is that its 256GB SSD is not enough to store all my projects. An external drive is not an option because I want everything in the same drawer and its a pain to carry it everywhere with me. I need help with how to swap out my existing SSD with a larger capacity one, say 512GB. While Im at it, should I also upgrade memory?

The Dell Inspiron 15-5577 was sold as an affordable 15.6in gaming laptop with an Intel Core i5 or i7 Kaby Lake processor and an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics chip. It costs from £799 to £1,299 depending on the processor, graphics, storage and type of screen installed. It also has an Ethernet port, three USB 3.0 ports and a full-size SD card slot.

Reviews suggested the base-level screen was somewhat lacking and one said the 256GB SSD was slow. However, if your machines screen meets your needs then it is a good specification for your purposes.

Now you can get extra benefits from its ability to handle upgrades. You should certainly be able to do these yourself, with the help of the service manual and couple of YouTube videos.

Theres only one screw to hold the back on your laptop, so physically installing an M2 SSD and an 8GB memory module is a two-minute job. With some upgradeable laptops, it can take longer to get the back off.

So About Memory Specs: Is High Frequency Better Than Low Latency

This is where we start to get into the geeky stuff. Lets start with the short answer: While a higher data rate usually has a greater impact on measured performance, optimally timed memory kits such as DDR4-3200 CAS 14 can often outperform poorly timed kits such as DDR4-3600 CAS 20despite the optimized kits lower data rate.

At the most basic level, frequency is the number of times anything happens over a certain period, while latency is the time it takes to catch up. Increasing the frequency of a data transfer will always increase the bandwidth of a continuous transfer, but because memory data is transferred in small packets, the delay between packets pushes bandwidth in the opposite direction. Latency is measured in nanoseconds but specified in clock cycles. Called primary timings, the four most significant of these are often indicated on a sticker on the memory module, or in its specifications list.

Memory timings: Sometimes, they’re right on the sticker.

Memory cells are organized in rows and columns in a similar fashion to spreadsheets:

  • CAS Latency refers to the number of cycles required to access the cell in the correct column, when the correct row is already open.

  • RAS to CAS Delay refers to the amount of time it takes to open the correct row.

  • Row Precharge refers to the amount of time it takes to close the incorrect row.

  • Row Active Time refers to the combined time required to close the incorrect row and open the correct row.

What Is The Benefit Of Upgrading The Memory

Upgrading the system memory or RAM helps improve the overall performance of the computer. Improve application performance while multi-tasking. Improve gaming performance, and so on.

To improve the performance of a computer, sometimes a RAM or system memory upgrade is recommended. An upgrade means adding memory modules along with the existing ones or replacing the old ones with a set of new modules with higher capacity.



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There Is No Way To Download Ram

Though before we continue we want to make this very clear that there is no way to download RAM, or increase RAM for free. No method will actually increase your RAM from 8GB to 16GB while having the same blistering read and write speeds unless you actually purchase more.;

So be sure to not fall for any of those gimmick articles and applications that claim you can do such things. Most of the time they will install malicious software on your PC or try and steal your sensitive data.;

We cant tell you how many questions we see every day about people asking where they can download RAM. Our guide will only give you ways on how to clear up RAM or give your RAM a little boost so that leaves more usable RAM for your applications and workload.

Why Upgrade The Vram

How to Increase Laptop Memory: 14 Steps (with Pictures ...

If VRAM fills up, then the system becomes dependent on the standard RAM.

In such a case, you will witness the following issue:

  • Text pop-ins
  • Games slowing down

Well, this doesnt mean that VRAM is the only factor responsible for improving system performance.

If you have a less powerful CPU, then video rendering will take much time; also, low system RAM will not allow you to run multiple programs at a time.

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Defrag Your Hard Disk

Old mechanical hard drives can often suffer from fragmentation. This happens when the various bits that make up a complete file are scattered across the physical surface of the drive platter. Because the drive head has to travel further across the surface of the disk to read all the separate portions, this slows the machine down. Defragmentation – or defragging – restructures the disk so that all of the bits that make up various files are grouped in the same physical area, which hopefully increases the speed of hard drive access at the same time. Note, however, that because solid-state drives do not use spinning-platter disks, they are immune to fragmentation.

Its easy to check whether a physical disk needs defragging; simply head to the storage tab in Windows 10s system settings menu, and click the option labelled Optimise drives. This will open the optimisation wizard, which allows you to analyse all of your machines drives individually and presents you with a percentage showing how fragmented each one is. From there, you can defrag the drive, which should result in more stability and faster performance.

Increase Disk Space Via Disk Management

Disk Management is a Windows built-in utility that allows you to perform various operations associated with hard drive including adding disk space. Nevertheless, this utility has some limitations on disk space increase.


Even so, many users still want to have a try. How to increase disk space Windows 10 via Disk Management? Well, you can refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Run window by holding Windows + R keys, and then type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open Disk Management.

Step 2: Right click the C drive and choose Shrink Volume option from the elevated menu. Now, you can notice that the Extend Volume option is greyed out because theres no free space or unallocated space near this drive.

Step 3: In the next window, configure the space that you would like to shrink and then click Shrink to save and execute the operation.

Step 4: Then right click the C drive and select Extend Volume option

Step 5: Click Next to continue.

Step 6: You can determine the size you would like to add for the target drive in this window. Then click Next and Finish button one after another to complete the operation.

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Install The New Memory Module

Next, insert the new modules into your open slots at a 45-degree angle, with the gold edges facing down. Use even pressure with your fingers at the top of the modules to push them into place. When you hear a click and feel a DIMM;snap into place, firmly push the module back until it is installed flat and level, with the clips holding it securely.

That’s it! Power up your laptop and head back to the System Information window or Task Manager to verify your new memory has been added. Enjoy your upgraded memory!

Signs You Might Need More Ram For Your Computer

How To Increase RAM in PC / Laptop

When you first notice that your computer is running slowly, stalling, or crashing: Do I need to add computer memory? should be the first question to ask. However, its only when it becomes a recurring problem that people investigate if they have a deeper computer issue with their hardware. Usually its just about finding a quick fix or restarting the computer so you can finish sending an email or surf the web. Then the problem is forgotten until the next time you use the computer.

If youre constantly seeing spinning hourglass icons or a frozen screen, its likely time to add computer memory.

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Pc Booster #: Run Windows Readyboost

If youre using Windows Vista or later, you can speed up your laptop with a built-in function called ReadyBoost, which uses an external flash drive to give your computer a little extra memory. This service is usually not operable because most new PCs have hardware and performance benefits that exceed the softwares usefulness.

ReadyBoost is something of a last resort, however. Upgrading your RAM or using an SSD will make more of a difference.

Essentially, ReadyBoost attempts to act as a turbocharger for your systems RAM. The feature will use a section of the USB flash drives memory for caching, increasing the hard drives random read access speed, and helping regularly-used applications open more swiftly. Microsoft recommends using as much USB space as you have RAM.

Regardless, theres still debate as to the effectiveness of this method. Bear in mind that its generally only considered useful if you have less than 2GB RAM and if your main system drive is a mechanical HDD rather than an SSD. Solid-state drives are much faster than even the quickest USB 3.0 flash drives.

What About Ram Cleaners

You’ve likely seen RAM cleaning utilities that promise to help you boost your RAM in various ways. While these sound great in theory, we recommend avoiding them.

Have a look at our coverage of CleanMem, one such app, for the reasons why. In summary, RAM boosters are placebos at best, as they “free up” RAM by taking it from programs that probably need it.

Memory management is a complex computing issue. The developers of Windows, who are experts in their field, have a much better grasp on how to do this than some random developer who publishes a RAM cleaner. Your computer using most of its available RAM isn’t necessarily a problemâit’s making the most of the resources it has available.

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How To Increase Virtual Memory On A Windows 10 Pc


  • How to Manually Set Paging File Size inControl Panel
  • If its taking you a long time to open, run, andeven close programs, your computer might be low on memory. You can add more memory to help solve this issue. But, if you dont want to make hardwarechanges, there are some temporary fixes that can help speed up your computer. Hereshow to increase the virtual memory on your Windows 10 computer.

    Does Your Ageing Laptop Need A Boost We Look At The Software Tweaks And Hardware Upgrades That Will Give Your Computer A New Lease Of Life

    How to Increase Laptop Memory: 14 Steps (with Pictures ...


    Time heals all wounds’, apparently. However, while the author of this saying wasnt necessarily wrong, they failed to consider that it might not apply to everything for example, hardware.

    While the average lifespan of a desktop PC is around five to eight years, a laptop-owner can expect even shorter than that: between three to five years, on average. Unfortunately, with tech, nothing lasts forever. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as this often fuels new product innovation which can make our life even easier. For instance, theres no use lamenting the demise of 3G when we are now starting to benefit from the faster and more reliable 5G.

    However, those who have ever invested in the laptop of their dreams may believe otherwise, and its hard to let go of something which has worked so well for so many years. Costs, too, are a significant issue: many cant afford to splurge on a brand-new laptop, especially if they had only just finished paying off the previous one.

    Nevertheless, its hard to ignore when your laptop starts getting increasingly slower. This may significantly affect productivity, as well as cause plenty of stress and frustration. That is why weve compiled a list of 16 ways to speed up your device if youre looking to extend its lifespan. Although you might need to purchase a new laptop eventually, these easy tips are likely to buy you some more time before you find a suitable replacement.

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    Pc Booster #: Upgrade Your Ram

    If you want a little more multitasking performance but dont want to shell out money for an SSD, then a cheaper option is to start looking at RAM upgrades.

    If youre running on a system with under 2GB of RAM, sticking an extra few gigabytes in the laptop wont cost you too much and can make all the difference. Microsoft originally stated that 2GB would work for Windows 10, but times have changed, and so has the number of processes running on any PC. Combine a RAM upgrade with an SSD, and its safe to say that your old PC or laptop wont feel quite so old anymore.

    How To Upgrade Your Memory

    Adding computer memory is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to increase system performance. Its an upgrade that delivers instant results that last because it cures the root problem of the symptoms listed above. Use the Crucial System Scanner tool below to find out how much RAM your system currently has installed, how much it can hold, and to view a list of compatible memory upgrades for your specific computer.

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    How To Manually Set Paging File Size Incontrol Panel

  • Open the Windows search bar. You can find this by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  • Then type Performance.
  • Next, select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.
  • Select the Advanced tab. You will see this at the top of the window.
  • Then click the Change button in the Virtual Memory panel.
  • Un-select the checkbox for Automatically managing paging file size for all drives. You will see this at the very top of the window.
  • Then click the radio button for Custom size. Type in the values beside the boxes for Initial size and Maximum size .;

    Note: Microsoft recommends that you set virtual memory to not less than 1.5 times the size of your RAM and not more than three times the size of your RAM. So, if you have 2GB of RAM, you could type 6,000MB into Initial size and Maximum size boxes.

  • Finally, click Set and then OK.
  • If you want to learn more about memory and find out how much RAM you have, check out our guide here.

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    How To Increase Ram In Windows 10

    Increasing Computer Performance by Modifying Virtual Memory Settings in Windows | HP Computers | HP

    Follow these easy steps-

    STEP 1 Know your installed RAM

    1. Press the Windows key+I keys together.

    2. Then, click on the System.

    3. After that,;click on the About on the left-hand side.

    4. Check out the amount of Installed RAM on your computer.

    STEP 2 Increase the virtual RAM

    1. Press Windows key+R to open the Run window on your computer.

    2. In the Run window, type sysdm.cpl and then hit Enter to open System Properties.

    3. In the System Properties window, go to the Advanced tab.

    4. Under the Performance tab, click on Settings.

    5. In the Performance Options window, go to the Advanced tab.

    6. Now, click on the radio button beside the option;Programs.

    7. Now, under the Virtual memory section, click on Change to change paged file size change.

    8. In the Virtual Memory window, uncheck the option Automatically manage paging file size for all drives so you can take control.

    Now, you have to decide the storage option ; to utilize as paged file resources.

    11. Follow the next steps to configure the page settings more efficiently-

    12. Select C: drive.

    13. Then, click on Custom;size.

    14. Then, set the Initial size and the Maximum size accordingly.


    There is a rough formula to calculate both values for any device.

    Initial Size = 1.5*1024*

    Maximum Size =3*1024*

    Example- In this computer, the Installed RAM is = 8 GB.

    So. the Inital size = 1.5*1024*8 = 12288

    Maximum size will be = 3*1024*8= 24576

    16. To finalize the limit, click;on Set.

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    Update Your Software And Operating System

    Update your software and OS. If there’s a new version of your operating system or a program you frequently use, it’s probably better optimized for your computer. Having the latest versions of software can prevent memory leaks and other bugs that affect performance. Be sure to keep Windows up-to-date and update your Mac regularly.

    Basic Guideline For Choosing The Amount Of Vram:

    Well, there is no perfect solution in this regard, but some basic guidelines are discussed below:

    1-2GB VRAM:

    • Such cards, although they offer better performance than the integrated graphics solution, can handle modern games.
    • They arent recommended for the 3D work.

    3-6GB VRAM

    • They are used mostly for moderate gaming.
    • With such cards, you can play the game with 1080p, but you will have to face some issues in doing so.

    8GB VRAM

    Such cards for serious gamers who intend to enjoy the latest game without any 4K resolution issue.

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