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How To Increase Ssd Storage On Laptop

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The Future Of Hard Drives

How to Upgrade HP ZBook Studio G5 SSD – Increase Internal Storage – Laptop PC Tutorial

So, there it is the world of laptop hard drives as it stands today. Will it continue to evolve? You better believe it! Over the coming years, we can expect SSD technology to continue to improve, giving us ever faster speeds and larger capacities. At the same time, the cloud continues to evolve as does the quality of our internet connections. Who knows? In another 10 years, your next laptop may not need an internal storage drive at all!

Replace Your Current Hdd With An Ssd

If you are thinking about getting more storage we recommend upgrading your storage space by getting an SSD.

The biggest benefit of getting an SSD that it has no moving parts, which mean if you accidentally drop your laptop, it won’t get damaged.

Most importantly, this type of hard drive is much faster than conventional HDDs. According to PCMag, an SSD can be 5 to 20 times faster than a simple hard drive.

The disadvantage of this alternative is that you might have to throw out your present HDD or repurpose it and it’s neither cheap, nor a simple task to swap out . But if You have a slow, low-capacity HDD, it’s a double good option.

Despite those disadvantages, it makes laptops very fast. With a new SSD, your operating system can easily boot only in a few second, rather than 10-20 seconds.

Don’t forget to check the Top Rated SSDs:

Keep in mind that when it comes to hard drives, external drives and SSDs, you should always consider buying a new part rather than a second-hand replacement which has already been used by someone, because its lifetime differs a lot.

So you should buy a new part because it will run for a longer amount of time.

Ball Grid Array Form Factors

In the early 2000s, a few companies introduced SSDs in Ball Grid Array form factors, such as M-Systems’ DiskOnChip and Silicon Storage Technology‘s NANDrive , and Memoright‘s M1000 for use in embedded systems. The main benefits of BGA SSDs are their low power consumption, small chip package size to fit into compact subsystems, and that they can be soldered directly onto a system motherboard to reduce adverse effects from vibration and shock.

Such embedded drives often adhere to the eMMC and eUFS standards.

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Will An Sdd Improve My Laptops Performance

There are many ways to improve the performance of your laptop. One of those ways is to replace the hard disk drive with a solid state drive .

The HDD was the standard storage component in laptop computers for decades, and many models still carry them. But developments in solid state drive SSD technology have made a faster, more reliable alternative available at an accessible price.

While you might choose to upgrade your laptops RAM to improve its ability to run multiple programs simultaneously or carry out intensive processing functions, the shift from an HDD to an SSD is a fundamental one which will benefit your laptops performance in lots of ways.

Low Profile Usb Drives

How to Upgrade SSD on Laptop

If your MacBook has USB Type-A connectors , then you can use a low-profile USB drive to add storage. These small devices fit into a spare USB slot and protrude slightly from the side of your MacBook. Theyre also one of the cheapest ways to increase your machines total storage.

The SanDisk Ultra Fit is our pick. It has a speedy USB 3.1 interface that attains read speeds up to 130 MB per second. This isnt high-speed storage, like the SSD in your MacBook, but its nifty enough to store documents & media. It comes in sizes up to 256 GB for around $70.

USB Type-C MacBook owners are, unfortunately, out of luck. USB Type-A is a larger port, and manufacturers have been able to take advantage of the size to squeeze in flash memory. This results in a drive that looks more like a wireless dongle, and you can leave it attached to your MacBook at all times. Nothing quite like it exists in USB Type-C formnot yet, anyway.

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Case 1 Go For More Ram When It Is Inadequate

As mentioned before, RAM is a very important component that cannot be directly replaced by an SSD. Each application requires certain RAM space to run properly, and the program may be extremely slow and even cannot run at all without RAM.

So, if your RAM is inadequate or you need to run many demanding applications like large-scale video games, adding RAM to laptop is undoubtedly the best choice to accelerate computer speed.

Just follow the steps below to check your installed RAM:


Step 1: Press Windows + S, input control panel in the search bar, and click the best match result to open it.

Step 2: Navigate to System and Security> System.

Step 3: Under the System section in the right pane, you can see the total and usable size of your Installed memory .

For most users, 4 to 8GB of RAM can provide excellent performance for the device. But for game lovers and enthusiasts, 16 to 32GB of RAM is preferred. If your RAM is insufficient, you can go to add more RAM to your computer according to this guide: How to Get More RAM on LaptopFree up RAM or Upgrade RAM.

To choose a suitable RAM for your computer, you can check these useful articles:

What’s Eating Up Ssd Space

There’s nothing worse than running out of space. The following steps can help you figure out what’s taking up space on your SSD in Windows 10.

Step 1. Go to “Start > Settings > Storage”.

Step 2. In the Storage window, youll get a view of the space usage situations on all your drives and partitions as shown in the image below:

Step 3. Select the SSD, often it includes C drive. Click on it to see whats taking up the most space on the partition.

You have figured out what’s taking up space on your SSD, follow the tried-and-true solutions to free up SSD space.

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Case 2 Upgrade To Ssd When The Ram Is Adequate

If the installed RAM is adequate, you wont get a noticeable improvement in PC performance by adding RAM to laptop. At this time, upgrading your relatively slow HDD to a faster SSD instead could greatly boost the performance.

Here are also some purchase guides that can help you choose a right SSD:

Before you replace the original disk with your prepared SSD, you might need to transfer the needed data to the new SSD first. To achieve that, you can make use of a professional third-party disk manager.

Here, I recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard for you. It allows you to upgrade disk without reinstalling OS. But note that this feature is only available in paid editions.

Step 1: Connect the prepared SSD to your computer and launch the program to get the main interface.

Step 2: Choose Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard from the left action panel, and choose a migrating method as your needs. Click Next to continue.

Step 3: Choose the SSD as the destination disk to store the source content and click Next.

Step 4: Select copy options and configure the new disk according to your needs. To improve the performance for the SSD, you are recommended to choose the Align partitions to 1 MB option. Then, click Next.

Step 5: Read the given note and hit Finish button to get back to the main interface. Now, click Apply button to execute all the pending operations.

Buy A Sata To Usb Data Transfer Cable

How to Upgrade SSD and Expand Starage on Your Laptop Without Losing Data

The data transfer cable is what you will use to clone your existing hard drive onto your new SSD using your laptops USB port. All the cables are pretty much the same, and you can pick one up for under $10 on Amazon. The Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA gets solid reviews on Amazon and will do what you need it to do.

This is also a good time to check to make sure that you have a screwdriver that will fit the screws on your laptop . If not, pick up a basic computer screwdriver set, too. This screwdriver set has tons of heads and a tool to help you open your laptop case, if needed.

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Back Up Rarely Used Files To Other Places And Delete The Original One

The occurrence of removable devices such as USB flash drive, U disk, TF card and thumb drive, and external hard drive improve your storage size greatly. Besides, other services like Cloud also boost storage capacity.

These devices and services are very convenient and easy to operate. You can transfer files from your computer to flash drive and then delete the original data on your computer. By doing so, you can get more disk space on the laptop.

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To Briefly Put Things Into Context

Hardware Evolution: Solid State Drives are now the default option on nearly all new computers!

Were at an wonderful point in computer history where the computer industry has upgraded storage solution for computers by now using Solid State Drives instead of mechanical hard disk drives on nearly all new computers.

On the left, an older 2.5 Solid State Drive, with its 10 memory chips visible at the bottom. On the right, a mechanical hard drive, with its rotating platter visible at the top.

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Register An Account With Synccom

Registering an account with is straight forward. Just go to and make a free one that comes with 5 GB which should give you plenty of room for getting the feels of the service. If it doesnt work as expected you can drop out and just forget about it.

The registration requires an e-mail and a password. Make sure to tick the option to Enable e-mail based forgotten password reset to avoid any issues with forgotten passwords in the future.

What You Need To Have On Hand:

How To Increase Storage On Laptop With Ease Using
  • The product manual for your laptop. Go to the laptop manufacturers website and download it. It will provide you with specific instructions on how to remove your laptop hard drive.
  • An ESD wrist strap. If you do not have an ESD wrist strap, be sure you ground yourself by touching something metal before touching and working with the hard drive. Static electricity can permanently damage your hard drive, so please use caution.
  • An external USB drive enclosure, a USB cable, and data transfer software. Alternatively, you can buy a data transfer kit that includes all of these items . If you already have an external USB drive enclosure and cables, you can download the free DiscWizard software application.
  • A small screwdriver.

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Things You Should Do To Speed Up Ssd In Windows 10

Its easy to find your SSD becomes slow when running on a Windows 10 computer. Users want to speed it up in every possible way but they dont know how. In this section, 20 methods are provided to help people optimize SSD for faster speed on Windows. Please try them one by one until the SSD speed is improved.

Accordingly, the methods can be divided into two categories by the two types of situations SSD gets slow. In either case, the disk space on SSD is a decisive factor for the speed.

How to speed up my SSD Windows 10 when the space is running out?

Method 1: delete unnecessary files and folders from SSD.

Method 2: disable Hibernation .

  • Open Windows Search.
  • Right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.
  • Type powercfg -h off and hit Enter.
  • If this is not the reason slowing down your SSD, please move on to the next part.

    What Happens When You Add More Ram To A Laptop

    Whether your old laptop is running slow or your new system is starting to freeze due to too many open tabs, adding more RAM can solve the problem. When your computer runs out of physical memory, it starts exchanging data on your hard drive or SSD, which is infinitely slower than even the slowest RAM chip.

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    Installing The Barracuda Ssd On Your Laptop:

    1. Unplug your laptop and remove the battery.

    2. Remove the existing hard drive. Consult the laptop product manual for any further instructions, if necessary.

    3. Remove the cradle from the drive and attach it to the new drive.

    4. Insert the new drive into the laptop then replace and tighten the screws.

    5. Replace the battery and plug the laptop back into the power source.

    Once you have completed these steps, you will be up and running with outstanding system performance.

    A For Sata Based Ssds

    How to add 2 hard drives in your laptop and expand storage (USE SSD AND HDD TOGETHER IN A LAPTOP)

    If the System Report of the MacBook shows Storage Medium Type is SSD & Protocol as SATA, the MacBook has a SATA based flash storage module. This type of storage is used in MacBook Pro models in most of 2012 to early 2013 that have Retina display. In the case of SATA, use the following upgrade method for your MacBook.

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    Increase Disk Space Via Disk Management

    Disk Management is a Windows built-in utility that allows you to perform various operations associated with hard drive including adding disk space. Nevertheless, this utility has some limitations on disk space increase.


    Even so, many users still want to have a try. How to increase disk space Windows 10 via Disk Management? Well, you can refer to the following steps.

    Step 1: Open the Run window by holding Windows + R keys, and then type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open Disk Management.

    Step 2: Right click the C drive and choose Shrink Volume option from the elevated menu. Now, you can notice that the Extend Volume option is greyed out because theres no free space or unallocated space near this drive.

    Step 3: In the next window, configure the space that you would like to shrink and then click Shrink to save and execute the operation.

    Step 4: Then right click the C drive and select Extend Volume option

    Step 5: Click Next to continue.

    Step 6: You can determine the size you would like to add for the target drive in this window. Then click Next and Finish button one after another to complete the operation.

    Through Thick Or Thin

    Almost all recent-model 2.5-inch SATA SSDs are 7mm thick, but in years past, 9.5mm-thick SSDs were more common. Those measurements were not arbitrary: Older 2.5-inch hard drives meant for laptops tended to be 9.5mm thick, so early SATA SSDs’ outer cases were made that thick to fill those bays. Now, hard drive bays in laptops vary in height, so thinner SSDs were necessary.

    A 2.5-inch drive bay inside the laptop will be engineered to accept only one of those thicknesses. If it’s a 9.5mm-high bay, most current SSDs will have a little bit of wiggle room in the bay. That’s not a bad thing, but not ideal you want the SSD to fit snugly, so that wobble inside the bay doesn’t bend the SATA connector . You should check whether the SSD vendor bundles a spacer to keep the drive seated firmly in the bay, if you need one. Fewer and fewer SSD makers do, nowadays. You could always improvise one out of scrap materials, but a pre-made one will fit better, and feel more professional.

    If the 2.5-inch bay is 7mm high, then it will fit most modern SSDs snugly.

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    How To Replace Your Hard Drive With An Ssd To Make Your Laptop Faster

    by Josh Kirschner on October 17, 2019in , , , , ::

    There are many ways to make a slow laptop faster, but few are as easy and cost-effective as replacing your existing hard drive with a solid state drive . Making the swap will, in most cases, dramatically reduce the time it takes to boot Windows, load programs, and perform any activity that involves significant amounts of disk access . When I swapped out my hard drive for an SSD, my Windows boot time dropped from a very-painful almost 10 minutes to well under a minute. And programs like Adobe Photoshop that could take a minute or more to open, now open in seconds. Your old computer wont just be as good as new it will be better than it ever was.

    With an SSD, youll also get the added advantage of greater ruggedness , better battery life and quieter operation.

    Despite the advantages of SSDs, in the past, upgrading wasnt an attractive option for many people because of the high cost. But with 1TB SSDs now available for around $100, its almost silly not to make the switch. And you dont need advanced technical skills to do it. As long as youre comfortable using a screwdriver and running a simple cloning program , this is a task anyone should be able to handle.

    Here are the simple steps to swap out your hard drive for an SSD.

    Upgrading The Internal Drive

    Boost your laptop performance 300% by installing an SSD ...

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    This option isnt as easy or cheap, but we have to mention it anyway. If you can open up your laptop, you can replace its internal drive with a larger drive or insert a second internal drive, in the off chance that your laptop has a second drive bay. Upgrading your laptop is often possible, but its definitely more work than quickly plugging in an external storage device!

    This is an especially good idea if your laptop has a slow mechanical drive not to get more space, but to upgrade it to a much faster solid-state drive. An internal solid-state drive will be much faster than a Micro SD card or USB flash drive. Its the ideal upgrade if you need additional storage space thats as fast as possible.

    The next time you get a laptop or tablet with a small amount of storage space and need more, just pick up a Micro SD card or low-profile flash drive. If you know someone whos complaining about not having enough space on their current laptop, one of these devices could make a great and cheap gift.

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