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How To Increase Wifi Speed In Laptop Windows 10

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Way 3 Get The Best Vpn To Speed Up Internet On Windows 10

How to Increase Your Internet Speed on Windows 10 (Best Settings)

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Step 2. Click All Servers in the left navigator. Youll see a long list of all available servers in multiple countries, like USA, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

Step 3. To speed up internet on Windows 10, select a server and click Connect. Then you can enjoy faster speeds with the USA server in no time.


Theres no doubt that iTop VPN has proven to be the best free VPN for Windows 10 to get faster and securer internet with one-click. No hesitation and the wonderful VPN to enjoy lighting internet speed now!

Change Dns To Google Dns

Step 1: Press windows key + R on yoru keyboard and type in ncpa.cpl and click on ok or hit enter.

Step 2: Network connections windows will appear on your windows 10 computer.

Step 3: Select the wifi or internet or ethernet you have connected to and right click on it and select properties.

Step 4: Now, select Internet protocol version 4 -> Click on Properties.

Step 5: Select Use this dns option and enter google dns -> In preferred dns enter

Step 6: In Alternative DNS -> Type in -> click on ok and close open windows

Once you change dns settings then go ahead and restart your computer and your issue of weak sigal will be resolved and you will see increase in your wifi signal on your Laptop.

For Windows 10 Home Edition Users

Windows Home users dont have access to Group Policy Editor. But the same can be downloaded and set up with ease.

Once you have downloaded the file, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

The installation will begin in the Command prompt and may take a while. Once it is all done, press any key to finish.

From here on, you can follow the same steps given for Windows 10 Pro users to get the additional 20% bandwidth from inside Group Policy Editor.

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Turn Things Off And On Again

First, lets power cycle everything to see if your Wi-Fi speed improves.

Unplug your modem or wireless gateway, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. This process allows the modem to clear its virtual head.

Your modem translates internet signals between your home network and your internet provider. If your internet is acting up, a power cycle is a good place to start troubleshootingit may even fix your connection issues. But sometimes you need a customer support agent to reset your modem remotely and make sure its properly calibrated to translate your internet connections signals.

Next, repeat the process if you have a standalone router. Like with the modem, a power cycle clears your routers memory and gives it a fresh start on tasks that were bogging it down before.

Finally, turn off the Wi-Fi on all your wireless devices. Wait a few seconds and then toggle Wi-Fi back on. Allow these devices to reconnect and see if your connection improves.

A power cycle might seem simplistic, but turning your home networking equipment off and on again can really give your network a boost. We recommend rebooting your equipment regularlyat least once every few months. But keep in mind that doing this will leave you without internet for a few minutes, so plan to restart your equipment at a time when no one needs an internet connection.

Use A Proper C: Drive Cleaner

How to Speed up your Computer/PC/Laptop Windows 10 Tips &  Tweaks ...

Potentially increase the speed of your internet by using a tried and true C: drive cleaner. This app will clean up the bulk of your disk space by removing trash, temporary files, and browser history from your hard drive. Essentially all of the unwanted or unnecessary files that your PC decides to save just in case.

There are quite a few out there to choose from, some of which you may want to avoid as scams. Theyll promise lightning speeds and malware blocking only to flood your PC with viruses and are damn difficult to delete from your PC.

We suggest using Piriform CCleaner, Bleachbit, or Glarysoft Glary Utilities.

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Change Your Wifi Password

It may be that someone knows your WiFi password and is or stream content. This consumes your Internet bandwidth. As a result, you will experience slower upload and download speeds.

One way to kick others off your network is to change your WiFi password. Then dont share the password with anyone.

  • Open the settings page for your router. On most routers, you can access that page by typing in your web browser.
  • Log-in to your router as an admin. Most routers use admin as both username and password.
  • On the settings screen, click Wireless Settings at the top.
  • Select Wireless Security from the left sidebar. Your router may not have this exact option but it should be something similar.
  • On the right-hand side pane, enter a new password for your WiFi network in the Security Key field.
  • Click OK at the bottom to save your changes. Make sure to read our other tips on properly securing your WiFi.
  • Outside Factors That Affect Connection Speeds

    Unfortunately, there are events and conditions that are outside your control. Even with a fast connection, external factors, such as busy websites or spreading computer viruses, can slow the entire web. Popular websites can become overwhelmed with users. For example, when a television commercial mentions a website, many people might try to visit the site at the same time. If the website isn’t prepared to handle the traffic, you might encounter delays.

    During times of heavy computer virus outbreaks, the Internet can slow down. Many viruses spread by causing computers to send out hundreds or thousands of copies of the virus. This can slow the Internet by sheer volume. You can see what major outbreaks are currently happening by visiting your antivirus vendor’s website, or the Security at Home website.

    Local Internet congestion can also result in slower-than-normal connection speeds. These slowdowns occur when many people try to connect to the Internet at the same time, and they occur most often at peak activity times, such as after school hours when students get home and connect to the web.

    If you’re on a corporate network, general network and proxy server use can affect your Internet performance. Most network administrators monitor Internet use, and will try to keep people from doing things like downloading large files during peak hours. If you find that your Internet access is slow at times, you might discuss it with your network administrator.

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    Update Your Routers Firmware

    Your router is a small computer dedicated to network management and traffic routing. Like any computing device, it requires an operating systemin this case, firmware. Since no software is entirely perfect, developers release updates that optimize the code, stomp out pesky bugs, and fill security gaps.

    Keeping the firmware current is a major priority for performance and security. Many newer routers have automatic firmware updates, but checking the firmware version can give you better peace of mind. Log in to your router and verify that automatic updates are toggled on. If not, update your routers firmware immediately and then switch on automatic updates.

    How To Increase Wifi Signal Strength: Why You Need A True Wifi Repeater / Booster / Extender App

    Make Your Laptop’s WiFi Signal Faster On Windows 11/10/8/7

    Along with the multitude of networking equipment for extending a WiFi network’s range, there are also software apps for boosting the WiFi signal.

    While some of these WiFi extender applications are even free to use, they also increase the WiFi signal strength without bridging. This means that clients that join the WiFi hotspot you create using the software dont get real IP addresses from the shared network. They can get on the Internet through the hotspot, but theyre not really on the network to do any peer-to-peer networking.

    So, game consoles will report NAT type problems, Chromecast apps wont find your Chromecast, your Apple TV wont show up for your Mac to stream to and the list goes on.

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    Uninstall The Onenote Application

    Step 1: Uninstall your Onenote app, in case you are not using it. By doing that, you will save the internet speed that is engaged in syncing all the files and folders in the background resulting in the lagging of your computer system.

    Step 2:To uninstall the Onenote application, you have to Go to the search bar of your windows 10 > enter the name of the app > right-click on it to uninstall it.

    We hope the above article helped you to Increase Wifi Speed in laptop Windows 10 and enjoy your internet.

    Restore Previous Working State

    Sometimes your computer will begin to slow down after installing a new system update, device driver, or application. If you cannot determine why the device is slow, you can undo any changes by restoring the previous working state using a System Restore point.

    To apply a restore point to fix performance issues on Windows 10, use these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Search for Create a restore point and click the top result to open the System Properties app.
  • Click the System Protection tab.
  • Click the System Restore button.

  • Click the Next button.
  • Click the Finish button.
  • Once you complete the steps, the computer will roll back to a previous state bringing back when performance was not an issue.

    When applying a restore point, your files will be preserved, but the process will remove system changes, updates, drivers, and applications installed after the restore point was created.

    System Restore is not enabled by default. This means you must set it up before you can revert system changes.

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    Is 1 Gb Of Internet Fast

    1 GB internet speed means, 1,000 megabits per second , if you are not a heavy internet user then this speed is actually very fast.

    Fix Slow Internet in Windows 10

    This is how you can increase Internet speed in Windows 10. Follow the above steps to optimize your computer and stop background apps to fix the slow Internet speed in your computer. If you have any queries related to the guide then feel free to ask by using the below comment box.

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    Change The Bandwidth Limit To Zero

    Windows 10: How To Increase Your Internet Speed

    In general, bandwidth term is used for the range covered for data transmission between an upper range and lower range, which is controlled by ISP provider. However, Windows provide certain configuration to limit reservable bandwidth limit.

    Windows by default keeps some amount of bandwidth for its application and operation requirements. You can limit the reservable bandwidth from Group Policy editor. Herere I will show how to open up the settings for reservable bandwidth in Windows 10.

  • Press Windows + R shortcut key to open Group Policy Editor from Run Command line
  • Type in Gpedit.msc , then press OK
  • Now you should see Local Group Policy Editor window.
  • Navigate the following path:
  • Computer Configuration > > Administrative Templates > > Network > > QoS Packet Scheduler > > Limit reservable bandwidth

  • When you click on Limit reservable bandwidth, it should open a new window, where it must be in Not Configured mode
  • Change the mode to Enabled and reduce the Bandwidth limit to Zero
  • Method 2

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    Change Bandwidth Limit For Windows Update

    Windows 10 gives you the option to set a limit for the amount of bandwidth to be used for Updates. This limit is applicable for both, updating applications and Windows operating systems. Your internet connection may malfunction when the said limit is reached. Thus, check the current bandwidth limit, if any, and modify it, if needed, as follows:

    1. Press Windows + Ikeys together to open Settings and select Update & Security.

    2. Click on Delivery Optimization and select Advanced options as shown.

    3. In Advanced options window, choose to

    • set Absolute bandwidth or Percentage of measured bandwidth under .
    • set Monthly upload limit& bandwidth usage limit under Upload settings section.

    Once the limits are changed, test your internet speed and look for changes.

    Why Is The Connection Speed Only 54 Mbps Or Lower When Connecting An 80211n Adapter

    4.1. Most 802.11n devices will experience an 80% reduction in bandwidth when using legacy WEP or WPA/TKIP security methods. The 802.11n standard specifies that high performance cannot be achieved using one of the above methods. The only exception is for devices that are not 802.11n certified.If you don’t want speed degradation, use the AES WPA2 wireless network security method or an even more secure one.

    4.2. In some cases, when using an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter and an 802.11n wireless access point, only the 802.11g standard is connected. This situation may be because the default access point has WPA2 technology with the TKIP protocol preinstalled in the wireless network security settings. Again, the recommendation is that in WPA2 settings, use the AES algorithm instead of TKIP and then connect to the access point using the 802.11n standard.

    Another possible reason to connect only on 802.11g is that Autodetect mode is selected in the access point settings. If you want to establish a connection on the 802.11n standard, do not use the 802.11b/g/n autodetect mode, but manually set the connection to use only 802.11n. But remember, in that case, 802.11b/g clients will not connect to a wireless network, only clients that support 802.11n.

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    The Type Of Connection You Have Makes A Difference

    The type of Internet connection you use is the most important factor in determining your connection speed. The three most common ways to connect to the Internet from home are dial-up, DSL, and cable. If you have a choice, cable is usually the fastest, but both DSL and cable are faster than dial-up.

    Many Internet providers also offer Fiber Optic Service , which connects to the Internet using light over an optical network. In your home, you still connect your computer through copper wiring. The advantage of FiOS is that it can provide higher speeds than traditional copper wire connections such as DSL or cable. Some Internet providers offer multiple options, depending on the area you’re in. More populated areas are more likely to have FiOS available. Check with your phone company or Internet provider for more information.

    If you use a dial-up connection, there are a couple of good ways to optimize your Internet speed. First, use the fastest modem you can. The fastest modem you can use will send and receive information at a rate of 56 kilobits per second . You won’t get a full 56 Kbps speed most of the time, but with a good phone line, you should approach at least 45-50 Kbps.

    Fix : Repair System Files

    How to Increase Internet Speed on your Windows 10 PC?

    Missing, corrupt or damaged system files may reduce your internet connection speeds. To eliminate this issue as a possible cause, you can try the 2 ways below to repair possible system file issues.

  • Run SFC scan
  • Repair & replace corrupt system files with Reimage

    The slow internet in your Windows 10 computer could be caused by corrupt system files. Reimage is a tool that auto-detects slow internet and specializes in Windows repairing.

    WithReimage, the preliminary will scan your computers operating system for virus, malware, missing, damaged, or corrupt files, then it removes all problematic files found and replace them new healthy files. Its like a clean reinstall of your operating system, except that you wont lose any user data and all programs, settings are exactly as they are before the repair.

    Heres how to use Reimage to repair system files on your PC:

    1) and install Reimage.

    2) Open Reimage and click Yes.

    3) Wait for Reimage to run a scan on your PC. The process might take a couple of minutes.4) Once the scan finishes, you will get a summary of the issues found on your computer. If you need to proceed with the repair function, youll be required to purchase the full version.

    5) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    6) Check your computer to see if the internet speed has returned to normal.

    Run SFC scan

    1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type cmd. Then right click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

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    Enable The Limit Reservable Bandwidth And Set % To 0

    Below are the steps to do it:

    • Press Windows button + R to open Run, and type in gpedit.msc which will open Group Policy editor.

    However, Gpedit.msc comes with only some Windows package, and many dont have it such as Windows 10 home doesnt have it. So, if gpedit.msc run command doesnt work for you, to know how to enable it. Once gpedit.msc is accessible, then move to the next step.

    • Navigate to Computer Configuration> > Administrative Templates> > Network> > QoS Packet Scheduler. And, then double-click on Limit reservable bandwidth
    • It will open a pop-up window for limiting the reservable bandwidth. Select Enabled. Set the bandwidth limit to 0, and click OK.

    Thats it. Now, the reservable bandwidth is free for general use. It boosts the internet speed to a good extent.

    How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection On Windows 10 Pc

    Doesnt it seem like we dont go a day without struggling with slow internet speed we all know those moments when we have critical work to do from home. In these situation fast internet is even more important. Heres few tips to improve internet speed on Windows 10 PC.

    But first thing you should do is to note down the current download and upload speed, so that you can verify latter. To do that, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open your browser and type in net
  • It will automatically identify your internet service provider, now press GO to start the speed test
  • Wait until it finishes its thing and finally note down the download and upload speed of yours
  • Heres mine

    Note that you wont likely to get the same speed all the time, but your connection speed at least should be the minimum of the plan youre paying for.

    After you successfully note down your upload and download speed, its time to make tweaks in your system configuration

    Method 1

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