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How To Install A Canon Printer To A Laptop

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Install Canon Printer Without Cd Using A Usb Cable On Mac Computer:

Canon PIXMA MX490 – Cableless Setup with a Windows® Computer

Below mentioned steps will fully guide you to install Canon printer without CD on Mac.

  • Firstly connect your Canon printer with a USB to your Mac system.
  • Now turn on your printer
  • Thereafter click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Now from there click on Printers and Scanners option.

Connecting Device To Printer


  • Before connecting a computer to the printer and start printing with the method below, complete setup for wireless LAN using the Setup CD-ROM or from our website .

  • Turn on wireless communication on your computer or smartphone.

    For Android or iOS, enable “Wi-Fi” on your device’s “Setting” menu.For more on the procedure, refer to device’s instruction manual.

    For iOS:

  • Select “XXXXXX-iP110series” from SSID list displayed on device.

  • Enter password.

    The printer serial number is specified as a default password.It is printed on the sticker attached on the printer rear and consists of 9 alphanumeric characters .


  • How Do I Connect My Canon Printer To My Laptop

    To access Devices and Printers, choose Hardware and Sound in the menu. Choosing the Local Printer option will now take you to the Add a Printer area. The port you want to connect to is listed as a port in the list of port connections. From your available choices, select the Canon printer from which you wish to obtain your printer.

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    Why Wont My Laptop Connect To My Canon Printer

    The Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi issues can occur due to several reasons. To fix the problem, try to update the printer driver. If the issue persists, check for network issues, or as a last resort, try to uninstall and reinstall the printer and drivers.

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    Install Canon Printer Without Cd:

    How to Connect Canon Wireless Printer to Laptop?
    • You can install canon printer by using a USB cable on computer or by using wi-fi. Make sure the printer is close to your computer.
    • You need to connect USB-to-printer cables that allow you to connect your printer to your PC for direct communication between the printer and your computer. To attach this cable, your printer and computer must be close to each other.
    • Plug the printer USB cable into your computer. The USB cable need to the connect to the computer from printers. You may also have to plug the non-USB end of the cable into the printer.
    • If your printer doesn’t have a USB cable, you may have to buy one for your printer before continuing. Look up the printer model number followed by USB cable. If there isn’t a USB cable available for your printer, you’ll need to install the software manually instead.
    • Once you connect the cable from computer to the printers.
    • Now you need to install the software from the canon website.
    • Open the Internet browser on the computer and open the website Select support from the left side of the website, then click the current location and select the Drivers & Software scroll-bar, select the operating system running on the computer, then select the Download link. The driver downloads directly to the computer.

    Double-click the downloaded file, then follow the installation prompts to setup the driver on the system. Once completed, the Canon printer is ready for use on your computer.

    Canon Related Quarry :

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    Is My Canon Printer Compatible With Windows 10

    Canon. According to the Canon website, the vast majority of their models are compatible with Windows 10. Visit the Canon USA website and click on printer category, model name and then drivers and software to determine whether your model is compatible with Windows 10.

    How Do I Add A Canon Printer To My Hp Laptop

  • The printer must be connected to your computer using the USB cable.
  • From the Start menu, select Settings.
  • You can find devices by clicking on them.
  • You can add a printer or scanner by clicking on it.
  • You can complete the installation of your printer by clicking on the name of the printer and following the instructions on screen.
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    Add Canon Printer On Window 11

    How to install or add canon printer on windows 11 with latest software. First check the windows 11 processor and specification. Now download the bundle of software from the official website of printer , in case if you do not have and CD. If your have a CD then insert the CD into the computer or Laptop. Go to the PCs drive and open the cd-drive and install the software. Further. follow to add a canon printer on windows 11. Find out other canon printer model on Connect canon mg3600 printer to WiFi, Connect canon ts3122 printer to WiFi, and connect canon mg2922 printer to wifi

    Another Method To Install A Canon Printer Without The Installation Disk

    How to Install Canon Laser Printer Drivers in PC & Laptop

    In this procedure, we need internet excess to download supporting software for printer installation. For the software download you need to visit the official website Here are the steps-

    • Firstly, visit the official website of Canon printers
    • Then in the search bar enter the printer model number and name
    • When the model display, check the printer software link and download it, but before downloading check the compatible configuration of the windows and download accordingly.
    • Now click on the download link and wait till the downloading
    • After the downloading complete, unzip the folder and extract the setup files.
    • Now click on the setup for the installation and wait for a little time.
    • Now on your screen, the instruction will display, so follow it as it mentioned.
    • After the downloading completes, Connect your printer through software and now it ready to use.

    These are very easy methods to connect your printer without installation of CD. All methods are pre-perfomed and checked by us.

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    How Do I Connect My Hp Printer To My Computer

    You can choose from a variety of devices such as printers, scanners, Bluetooth devices, and others. You can add a printer or scanner, or you can add Bluetooth or another device based on your preference. You can select the printerâs name from the Add window. The printer will be connected to the computer when you click Connect.

    S For Install A Canon Printer Without The Installation Disk

    Method 1 Via USB Cable on Windows

    Here in this section, we will discuss the method of installation of a canon printer with a USB cable. So it is important that your cable should be compatible with your computer and printer. Here are the steps-

    • Plug the canon printer into a power switch and turn on the printer device
    • Now connect the printer to your PC by using a USB cable
    • Tab on settings
    • Then type printers and scanners and click on the icon
    • Now add your printer device by clicking on the name
    • On your computer screen installation process appears the follow it and install your printer via USB.

    Method 2 Via USB Cable on Mac

    • First of all ensure that your printer is compatible with Mac. Before stepping into the process, look the printers model name and number to check if it is compatible with your Mac.
    • Ensure that the printer is close to your computer when you are initiating the process.
    • You must have a USB adapter if required.
    • Now plug the printers USB cable into your computer.
    • Then turn on the printer by pressing on the power button.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the process is complete you will be able to use your printer.

    The installation process is almost similar to every printer. Supporting files may differ in every printer. Our easy methods ensures that your issue of How to Install a Canon Printer Without the Installation Disk will solved easily.

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    Connecting The Printer To The Computer

    Connect the printer to the computer either using a USB cable, parallel port cable, or SCSI cable, and then connect the power plug to a power outlet. Today, most home computer printers are using a USB cable similar to the example picture.

    If this is a network printer, connect the printer to a wireless network or the RJ-45 connection.

    A laptop computer works the same way as a desktop and can use any of the above connections if they are available.

    Smartphone and tablet users must have a printer that connects to devices wirelessly or over the Internet to print.

    Add A Wireless Printer

    How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi? in 2020

    The steps to install a wireless printer may vary by manufacturer. In general, however, modern printers today will detect your network and automate the installation.

    1. Use the printer’s LCD or touchscreen panel to enter the wireless setup. On my Epson printer this is under Setup > Wireless LAN Settings.

    2. Select your Wi-Fi network. You’ll need to know your home network’s SSID, which you can find by hovering your mouse over the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar.

    3. Enter your network password.

    In some cases, you might need to temporarily connect your printer to your computer via USB to install software. But otherwise, that’s it. You should find your printer automatically added in the Printers & scanners section under Settings > Devices.

    If you run into trouble, make sure your printer is relatively close to your computer and not too far from your wireless router. If your printer has an Ethernet jack, you could also connect it directly to your router and manage it with a browser interface.

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    Why Can I Not Import Photos From My Camera To My Computer

    If youre having photo importing problems on your PC, the issue might be your camera settings. If youre trying to import pictures from your camera, be sure to check your camera settings. According to users, if your USB connection settings are set to Auto on your camera, you wont be able to transfer your photos.

    Canon Printer Driver Software Installation On Windows

    In the second phase of Canon Printer Setup on Windows, you should install Canon Printer Driver software on your computer/Laptop. You can download software with the help of the installation CD that you received along with the Printer accessory. If you do not have a software installation CD, you can download it from Canon Official website as per your Printer model.

    Nowadays, many wireless printer models are available where you need not download and install drivers, especially for a wireless Canon Printer.

    There are two processes to Install Canon Printer Driver on Window systems:-

  • Canon Printer Driver installation thru CD-ROM.
  • Canon Printer Driver installation thru Canon official website.
  • Apart from these processes, we have also provided additional information on How to Open the Printer Driver Setup Window?

    Canon Printer driver installation thru CD-ROM.

    • Place Printer Driver CD-ROM in CD-ROM drive.
    • Open My Computer.
    • Click on the CD-ROM drive icon.
    • Double click at PCL or UFRII folder.
    • To initiate the installation process Double-click the Setup.exe icon.
    • A new window will open with the name of PCL/ UFR II Printer Driver Setup Wizard.
    • Press Next.
    • Click Yes to give consent for License agreement .
    • Choose Manually Set Portto Install and Press Next.
    • A prompt will appear on the screen.

    If Canon Driver Information Assist Service is installed on your system and your system is equipped with Windows Firewall, Choose one option from Yes or No.

    There are two options.

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    Does A Printer Require Drivers

    Yes. For a printer to communicate and work with the computer and its operating system, it requires a driver to be installed. In some situations, you can use a generic printer driver included with the operating system, but these generic drivers don’t always work with all printers.

    Although a driver is required, the extra software for the printer is rarely required for the printer to work.

    How To Install Canon Printer To Hp Laptop

    Canon PIXMA MG3520 – Cableless Setup with a Windows® Computer

    Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable and turn it on after it has been connected. From the Start menu, select Settings. You can find devices by clicking on them. You can add a printer or scanner by clicking on it. You can complete the installation of your printer by clicking on the name of the printer and following the instructions on screen.

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    How To Connect The Wireless Printer To Your Wi

    Wireless printers work over a network connection. If you use the printer at home, this would be your wireless internet connection. If you work in an office, its your office network.

    The directions for connecting your wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network vary depending on the manufacturer. So, before you begin, read the printer manual and follow the manufacturer directions to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network.

    Some printer manufacturers supply a software wizard that automates the process of connecting the printer to a Wi-Fi network.

    Update Canon Printer Drivers Automatically

    We know manually updating drivers is a time-consuming process and might be risky as well. Therefore, we have also put together a simple solution for the problem. We recommend using Advanced Driver Updater to keep your device drivers up to date, including the Canon printer driver. Additionally, the driver Updater software creates a complete backup of the previous drivers before replacing them.

    Note: To update drivers, you can use either the free, or paid version. The difference between the FREE and registered versions is that the FREE version requires you to update each driver separately. The registered version, on the other hand, allows you to update all obsolete drivers at once. A 60-day money-back guarantee is also included with the product.

    Follow these steps to utilize Advanced Driver Updater:

    1. Get Advanced Driver Updater and install it.

    2. Open the application and click Scan Now to find out if the drivers are outdated.

    3. Wait for the scanning process to complete.

    4. When using the FREE version, click the Update driver next to the outdated driver you wish to update. If you have the registered version,, you can select Update All to update all outdated drivers at once.

    5. To implement the modifications, restart the computer.

    Must Read-

    Final Thoughts

    Thats all using these methods, you can ensure that your Windows PCs drivers are up to date. However, if you are short on time and are not sure about manually updating drivers, use Advanced Driver Updater.


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    How To Connect Canon Pixma Printer To Hp Laptop

    You can access the Devices and Printers option by clicking on the Hardware and Sound menu. Choose the Local Printer option after clicking on the Add a Printer button. From the list of ports, choose a printer port. Choose the Canon printer model you wish to use by clicking on it from the available options.

    Add Canon Printer To Mac Using Bonjour Services

    How To Connect Canon Printer To Laptop ? (Wired &  Wirelessly)

    Remember the printout of printer configuration settings? At the bottom, you could see three lines starting with Bonjour.

    What is Bonjour on Mac? Its a zero-configuration service developed by Apple for its computers and devices. If both a computer and a peripheral device support Bonjour service, then adding peripherals to the computer is easy.

    In our case, a Canon printer that supports Bonjour configuration service appears under the Default tab in Printers & Scanners Preferences. You just need to wait a bit for the printer to appear. In my experience, the wait time depends on the distance between the two devices.

    If both the MacBook and the printer are in the same room, then Bonjour service is almost instantaneous. If one device in the Basement and another on the second floor, one may need to wait a little longer, about 30 seconds or so for the first time.

    Here is how my Canon, which also serves as a scanner, appeared in my Mac .

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    How To Add A Canon Printer To Computer

    If you own a printer, you will be able to carry out different operations for both your personal and corporate purposes. You will get a lot of printers in the market, but when it comes to buying a professional and reliable printer, most people prefer Canon printers. Other than this, the Canon printer also comes in different models. No matter which model you are using, you will have to connect it to the device to use the printer. If you are not aware of how to connect the printer to the computer, keep reading this guide. We have listed all the steps that you need to follow to connect your printer to the computer.

    How Do I Connect My Canon Printer To My Phone

  • Step 1: Check your Android OS version. Check the environment on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 2: Install Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 3: Connect your SELPHY and Android smartphone.
  • Step 4: Use your SELPHY to print images on your Android smartphone.
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    How Do I Connect My Canon Printer To My Laptop Via Bluetooth

  • Using Bluetooth Devices, you can register the printer as a Bluetooth device.
  • The printer can be registered as a Bluetooth device using Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
  • To set up Bluetooth devices, click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.
  • The Bluetooth Setup Assistant is activated.
  • Then click Continue after selecting Printer.
  • How To Install Canon Wireless Printer

    Canon PIXMA MX492 – Cableless Setup with a Windows® Computer

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