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How To Locate My Stolen Laptop

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How To Track A Lost Or Stolen Laptop

Find Stolen Laptop
  • 4 weeks ago

The joy that humanity felt when it was able to carry its computer everywhere was soon accompanied by another, less pleasant feeling: the fear of losing it. What you take from home can be misplaced, which is exactly why different ways to track your laptop have appeared. We explain everything here.

Tracking With Find My Device On Windows 10

Laptops with Windows 10 have a built in feature that can locate your laptop. However, this can only function if it is enabled. That is, you turn it on.

So, when your laptop goes missing, you can trace it from another Windows device. The following are subsequent steps to take:

Step 1: Launch Settings

The first thing to do is go to the Settings on your Start menu. That is, the windows icon on the bottom left of your display screen.

Step 2: Go to Update & Security

Once the settings menu opens, look for the Update & Security tab. Select it.

Step 3: Choose Find My Device

You will see a list of options on the menu for Update & Settings, but go to Find My Device and ensure that it is on.

Step 4: Trace it with Microsoft Account

After enabling the feature, you can trace your laptop anywhere anytime. Just:

A. Go to the Microsoft Account Page

B. Sign in with details for your laptop

C. You will see the list of devices using the account details

D. Beside it, you have the option to Find My Device

E. After selection, a map of the last seen location of your PC will pop up.

Track Your Stolen Windows Laptop Ip Address With Dropbox

Step 1: Log in to Dropbox web account.

Step 2: Select Account on the top right corner next to the Search Icon.

Step 3: Go to Settings and choose Security.

Step 4: Find your device on most recent activities and hover over the information icon next to it.

Step 5: Take note of the IP Address and report it to law enforcement.

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Enable Find My Device In Windows 10

To enable the device-tracking, open the Start menu or Start screen and select Settings.

If youve already lost your PC or tablet, theres usually no way to enable this remotely. If youve previously installed a remote-desktop solution like Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, or another remote-access program, you could try to remotely access your PC and enable the device-tracking feature.

Navigate to Update & security > Find My Device in the Settings app to find this feature.

Youll need to be using a Microsoft account to enable this. Youll log into that Microsoft account from a web browser to track the device if you ever lose it.

Youll see a message saying Find my device is off if you havent enabled it yet. Click the Change button to enable this feature.

Activate the the Save my devices location periodically option when prompted and your Windows 10 PC will regularly and automatically send its location to Microsoft. This will allow you to locate your PC even if it isnt powered-up and online when you go to track it, as you can view the last known location.

How Do I Activate Localization In Windows

Pin on Computer repair

To find and lock your PC remotely in the event of loss or theft, you must first activate the tracking device on it.

  • Access Windows Settings by pressing Win + I on the keyboard. In the window that appears, click Update & Security.
  • On the new page, click Find my device in the left pane. In the Locate my device section in the right part, click on the Change button, then, in the mini window that appears, toggle the switch to ON. If the Change button remains grayed out and therefore inactive, it is because the function is not available because you are using a local account. The location feature is only available with a Microsoft account.
  • Your PC now regularly sends location information to Microsoft. You can close the Settings window.

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How To Find A Stolen Laptop

Your laptop is missing, now what?

I know it is frightening to consider the risk, all of your personal information: pictures, videos, facebook, instagram, twitter, email, banking information, tax information, health and medical information. Likely all of your business and company data including confidential or classified customer data is on the machine too. Dont panic it is important that you stay calm and follow a plan.

If the laptop is a or connects to company resource you need to notify your manager and the IT department so they can follow company policies for securing appropriate account and data access as well as initiate any remote security actions. Keep in mind that while the physical laptop is valuable its value is minor compared to the value of the data on the device. In most cases the thief will simply sell the hardware or pawn the laptop but if the data on the laptop is easy to get to the thief will take the opportunity to exploit as many opportunities as possible.

If you did not have DriveStrike installed we are sorry to hear that your PC was stolen. Below are several things to consider as you move forward to protect your data.

1. Do you have user names and passwords saved in your internet browser on the PC?

If you answered yes, immediately go and change the passwords for all of your accounts and implement two factor authentication wherever possible.

You should file a police report as soon as possible.

How To Track A Stolen Laptop Without Tracking Software In 2021

Losing your laptop at the hands of a thief is one of the most miserable feelings in the world. Been there, experienced that, and I know how helpless you can feel at one point. Suppose you didnt have tracking software in your stolen laptop, and youre out here to find a clue.

Fortunately, some ways can lead you to your stolen device, and none of these methods involve tracking software. Additionally, you can also lock your device because you obviously wouldnt want your data to be accessed by the thief.

Weve got both Windows and Mac users covered in this guide so lets get into it!

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How To Find Your Laptop With Windows Os

Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature called Find My Device. This feature when properly used before losing your laptop will help you locate it when missing or stolen. To set it:

Step 1: Go to settings > > Update and Security

You can locate the system settings from the start menu or type settings in the search box from the Start menu.

Step 2: Click Find My Device tab

From the options listed on the left-hand side of the screen, click on find my device tab and make sure Find my device is set ON. If OFF click the change button to put it ON. Your laptop is set

To find your Laptop in the future, Go to with your Microsoft account.

Find Your Stolen Laptop With Windows 10

How to find your stolen laptop

There is a feature in Windows 10 called Find my device that Microsoft added back in 2015. This feature will help you to approximate where your laptop is. You need to turn the feature on before your laptop being stolen or lost. It is not enabled as a default feature.

To enable the find my device feature, you need to open the settings window. From there, select System and then click on About. Now you will need to scroll down until you find Windows specifications. You are checking here that your operating system build is either 1909 or 2004.

At this point, you need to go back to the main settings window and go to the Update and Security section. Locate Find my device and click on this. If the feature is turned off, you need to click the button called Change and turn it on. There will be a message saying, Save my devices location periodically, which is what you want.

To track your laptop, you need to log in to the Microsoft website with your account details. You should see a list of your devices, so find your laptop and then click on Find my device. You will then be presented with a map showing the approximate location of your laptop.

Another great feature with Find my device is that you can lock your laptop remotely. Just click on the lock button to do this. You can hand this information over to the local police, which will help them to try and get your laptop back.

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What Should I Do If My Laptop Is Stolen

While some of the ideas below could help you find a missing device, wed strongly recommend that you involve the police rather than heading off to confront the thief yourself.

Locations provided by tracking services will be approximate, so youre unlikely to know which exact door to pound upon. Plus, theres the fact that the thieves have already proven theyre not exactly adherents to the law, so you cant be sure of what theyll do if challenged.

Report The Theft To The Authorities

Once youve taken steps to track your laptop, its time to let the authorities know what happened.

File a police report

It probably goes without saying that you should report the theft to the police. You can do this by calling or visiting your local police departments office, but youll also probably be able to file a theft report via their website.

Once the police approves your report, ask for a copy. Take note of the case number, the officer assigned to your report, and the police stations phone number. Youll need to provide this information to the other authorities, such as your insurance company and the laptop manufacturer.

Tell your bank

If you ever shop online, your credit card information might be saved on your laptop. Contact your bank immediately to freeze your cards and stop people from accessing your online accounts.

You should do this even if you encrypted your hard drive. Theres a good chance that doing so prevented the thieves from stealing your data, but its still better to be safe.

Once you notify your bank, theyll help monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. You should also keep a close eye on your bank statements for the next few months, just in case.

File a claim with your insurance company

If you have homeowners or renters insurance, you can file an insurance claim for your stolen laptop. Be prepared to provide that copy of your police reportyour insurance company will probably ask to see it.

Contact your computer manufacturer

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Track Your Lost Device

When you want to track your lost device, open a web browser and go to

Sign in with the same Microsoft account you used on that Windows 10 PC you want to track.

Youll see a list of devices registered to your Microsoft account. Scroll through the list and look for the device you want to track. Youll see Last seen at in to the right of the device.

Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 for phones and Windows 10 for PCs closer together. The desktop version of Windows 10 is now getting features that were previously only on Windows phone. The Find My Device feature is just one example of this. If you have a Windows 10 phone, you can enable Find My Device in almost exactly the same way and track a lost Windows phone from the same Microsoft website.

#iii Enable The Devices Default Tracking Features

Your Laptop has Stolen or Lost? Ways to Recover ~ The Warriors

Be it a Windows laptop or Mac, there is an inbuilt feature named Find my device.

Although disabled by default, this feature as its name suggests keeps a full record of your device. It enables you to remotely access it, track it, and have a much better and secured overall experience.

In Mac devices, its called Find my Mac. Whereas, Microsoft also introduced this Find my device feature in Windows laptops, that somewhere in 2015.

Here, keeping the focus majorly on Windows devices, I am gonna teach you how to enable this feature in a Windows 10 laptop.

  • Go to the Main/All Settings of your laptop, seek out the Update and Security settings and open it.
  • In the left sidebar there, look for Find my device and click on it.
  • Youll see its setting expanded on the right side of the screen. Notice whether the feature is On or Off.
  • If it is On, great. But if its Off, click to turn it On.
  • Get back to the main menu and open the Privacy settings now.
  • There, seek out the Location, click it, and turn these both i.e. GPS location and Allow devices to access your location, On.
  • The feature has been enabled now. To make sure everything is working fine, log into your Microsoft account, and check out if this device is listed under Your devices or not. If it shows up there, you are done.

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    Use Facebook To Track Your Stolen Laptop

    Facebook is also another method of tracking down your device if the methods mentioned above do not work. Again, we will be looking at your IP Address and its last connectivity/session you can do this by:

    Step 1: Log into Facebook and go to Settings and then Security.

    Step 2: Select Security & Login.

    Step 3: Under the Where Youre Logged In section, hover your mouse to the name of your city and take note of the location and IP Address.

    Step 4: Contact law enforcement

    This Facebook feature will display all the recent activities, times, location, and IP Addresses of your most recent login.

    These were the four methods for stolen windows laptop.

    Now, lets get into the second section of this article and know about how to track a stolen laptop without tracking software for mac users.

    #ii Install A Best Tracking Software

    Notwithstanding that its one massively voted way you must consider to make sure the ultimate security of your device. If you have, say Prey or Adiona for instance, for both of these, are widely recognized tracking programs used worldwide, you are never out of luck to get back your missing gadget, in case it misplaces.

    Just install them and register your device by providing some key information and details etc. And boom! Wherever it is, you have now full-fledged remote access to your laptop or whatever device it is all the time.

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    Locate And Lock Your Laptop

    You can only do this if you enabled the Find My Device feature, as described above.

    To locate your laptop after its stolen, visit the devices page for your account on Microsofts website. Click the tab that says Find My Device and select your laptop . Click Find.

    If everything goes according to plan, Microsoft will display a map showing your laptops location. Take a screenshotyoull want to provide it when you report the theft to the authorities, which you should do next.

    To protect your data, click your laptop on the map and click Lock > Next. This will prevent anyone from using your laptop until you unlock it. That includes you, so if your laptop gets returned to you youll need to sign back into your Microsoft account before you can log in.

    How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number

    How To Track A Stolen Laptop For Free

    June 3, 2021 By Jimmi Zo

    In case your laptop has been stolen or misplaced due to some reasons, there is not much you can do about it. But still, you dont have to lose your hope as there are few solutions and here we will discuss How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number.

    You can track a stolen laptop if you remember its serial number. While it is reasonable that a portion of the events in the present condition happen so quickly that they may not be controlled, but with the right help, you can follow procedures to get back your stolen gadget.

    This article centres around how to follow a stolen laptop or track it down using its serial number. There are few solutions to try.

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    Additional Tracking And Protection Apps

    The native functions of Windows and macOS are good if you want a quick way to track your laptop, but they dont offer a lot of additional security options. If you want additional protection, you will need to download additional software and set up a more comprehensive tracking program. This is especially useful in the event of theft. We can recommend a few options to get you started.

    Log Out Of Your Accounts And Deauthorize Your Laptop Remotely

    Typically, most people are always logged in to social media platforms and applications frequently used, such as Gmail, Facebook, iCloud, and Instagram. This means anyone with your laptop has automatic access to these accounts.

    Fortunately, all the major platforms allow you to log out of your accounts remotely. For example, you can log out of your Google account via another computer or your smartphone.

    Heres how to do this:

  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • Select sign out of all other web sessions.
  • Thats it!

    Now, do the same for your social media accounts. You can also turn off the auto-sync so the updates wouldnt reflect on the missing device. Next, deauthorize your laptop and remove it from your trusted device list for these platforms.

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    How Can I Track My Lost Laptop

    Login to your device through your Microsoft account to get your Find my device working.

    • Go to the start button and select accounts. Click on the account to select settings and move to update and security. Select the section tagged update and security. If your information appears on top of the screen, then youre on. If not, you have to log in.
    • When update and security pop up, look for the option Find my Device on the sidebar menu. Click on it.
    • You will see ON or OFF
    • If OFF, click on the same button to turn it on. To be sure, you need a windows 10 to gain access to a Microsoft account.
    • Log in to your Microsoft account provided that you have an existing account. When youre logged on, now what? Go to devices that you have signed in with your account, select the stolen or missing device, and select find my device. Note that your device may not be powered on for this feature to work. Nevertheless, to get its specific location, you need an internet connection to look at its location with GPS.
    • So, do laptops have GPS tracking? Yes, however, not all laptops come with the feature. However, devices like ThinkPads are known to adapt to the feature. Heres a guide to help you choose which works best for you.

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