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How To Mail A Laptop

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Wrap The Laptop With Plastic

How to safely mail a 14″ laptop with USPS for Less than $15

Wrapping the laptop in plastic will better-ensure its protected if any liquid or moisture makes its way into the box. Using a high-quality plastic wrap, wrap multiple layers around the laptop in all directions. Be sure even the corners are wrapped, and then tape the plastic so its secure and will not unravel.

Check Out The On It Foundation

You can get a complimentary computer from the On It Foundation, if you have a student in your family whos:

  • Enrolled in grades K-12.
  • Gets a free or reduced school lunch,
  • Attends a public school and resides in the United States.

If you dont qualify for a computer, then you can also find heavily discounted computers from the foundations Jump On It! Program, but more on that below.

Visit the FAQ page to learn how to apply for a free laptop.

  • Where to apply:

What If Your Friend Does Not Have An Iphone

When you add your friends phone number to the To: field, it may get a red box if they have a different type of phone.

This means their phone isnt set up to receive iMessages. If you try to send a text message, youll get an error message that says, Your message could not be received.

However, this does not preclude you from texting them. All you have to do now is set up your Mac to send messages to your iPhone.

  • Make sure your Mac and iPhone are both signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
  • Go to System Preferences > iCloud on your Mac and sign in with your Apple credentials.
  • Check that the Apple ID account youre using on your iPhone is the same. To access iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud.
  • On your Mac, open Messages.
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and tap Text Messages Forwarding.
  • Your Mac will be identified here with an on/off slider next to them. Set the slider to green to enable your Mac to send and receive text messages.
  • Youll see a message instructing you to enter the code shown on your Mac in order to send and receive iPhone text messages on your Mac.
  • Wait for the system to be checked after entering the number.
  • When you add a non-iPhone phone number, a green box will appear to signify that you are sending a text message.

    Your friend will receive a regular text message, which will be counted against your text message limit under your cell phone contract since it was routed through your iPhone.

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    How To Create An E

    E-mail is a great way to send and receive information over the Internet. However, as there are many different e-mail and webmail clients, the steps used to start an account differ. To learn how to create a new e-mail account in various programs, choose from the list below and follow the instructions.

  • Go to the Gmail website.
  • At the bottom of the sign in screen, click the link.
  • On the account creation screen, fill out all the fields and then click Next .
  • On the next screen, fill out your birth date and gender and any other information you are comfortable with, then click Next .
  • Read Google’s Privacy and Terms, then click the button.
  • button until you’ve moved through the features menu.
  • Free Laptops For People With Disabilities

    Receiving email in inbox concept, popup mail notification ...

    If youre disabled or know someone how is, you probably know that there arent many work opportunities for the disabled, which in turn means in most cases people with disabilities fall in the low-income category.

    And where you live on a tight budget, affording a laptop or computer isnt as easy as it is with people with better job opportunities.

    Thankfully, there are a few programs where the differently abled people can get a laptop or computer for free.

    Check with these organizations to see if you qualify:

    This is another great organization that helps the disabled community by offering all kinds of services including free gifts that could include tech devices such as a computer or laptop.

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    Sharing Files Between Pc And Laptop With Windows Built

    Pros: Free

    Cons: Complex for new or inexperienced computer users


    Microsoft added file sharing feature in all Windows systems. As a result, any Windows user can transfer files on their PCs via Network shared drive, network shared link, home group, and nearby sharing.

    Let’s check the detailed steps for sharing files between PCs and laptops with Windows built-in sharing tools.

    To Make Capital Letters On A Computer Keyboard:

    Use the shift key just as you did on a typewriter. If you need to type consecutive letters in caps, tap the caps lock key.

    Hint: In the computerized world where social media seems to determine what is and isnt acceptable in personal communication, the use of all caps to write sentences is seen as yelling at your reader. Dont use all caps unless they are necessary.

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    Computer Crating And Shipping Preparations

    One of the first tasks to take care of while trying to ship a computer is creating it properly. The cost of collecting crating materials varies widely. Whatever the cost, you need to ensure that the computer doesnt become vulnerable to accidental drops. A good way to protect your machine from such an accident is to create it in a way that it can withstand a 4-foot drop on hard surfaces.

    There comes the packaging. The cost of packaging light and low-end computer is typically lower than that of a heavy, high-end unit. Similarly, the cost of laptop packaging is always lower than that of a desktop machine.

    Assuming that your device can be anything among these categories, you may need to spend $10-$100 for the packaging alone. Remember choosing the computer shipping supplies correctly because they may cost higher than you expected but would pay off better in the end.

    Faqs About Shipping Laptops By Post Or By Courier

    How to Text People on Your Laptop Using Email!
    Can you mail a laptop overseas by post or by courier?
    How to ship a laptop safely?
    How to ship a laptop without the original box?
    • Put the device in a laptop bag or a protective case.
    • Fill the box with cushioning materials such as crumpled paper or packing peanuts. Alternatively, you can use a thick layer of Styrofoam padding.
    • Put the laptop bag inside the padded cardboard box.
    • Close and seal the box. You can choose to add a warning label saying Fragile.
    Can I receive compensation for my laptop if anything goes wrong during transportation?

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    Where Can Computers Be Sent For Recycling

    Youll most likely need to drive to a drop-off location or mail it somewhere to be recycled. You could ask your waste management authority and local electronics stores about drop-off options, or use an online locator tool to find locations near you. Many computer manufacturers also now have mail-in recycling programs for devices that dont meet trade-in standards.

    How To Get A Cheap Laptop

    Above, weve outlined ways for you to get a laptop without paying a cent for it.

    However, there are plenty of other things that you can do to get a laptop at a low cost.

    Now, the below methods wont get you a laptop for free, but they will get you a laptop at a huge discount.

    So rather than having to spend $400 plus for a laptop, you can spend as little as $90!

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    How To Send A Message From Windows 10 Using Your Phone App:

    If you havent already set up messages, learn how to send a new message from your PC:

  • On your PC, in the Your Phone app, select Messages.
  • To start a new conversation, select New message.
  • Enter the name or phone number of a contact.
  • Select the person you want to send a message to. A new message thread opens for you to begin with.
  • How To Ship A Laptop Safe & Secure

    laptop with mail symbol on screen on white background ...

    For many students and professionals, laptops have become an essential, everyday tool. Not having your laptop or a damaged laptop can put your work on pause, and in todays world, that wont cut it. That means laptop buyers, sellers, and owners need fast and reliable delivery services in the event that a laptop must be shipped. So how can you make sure a laptop is delivered on time and without damage?

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    Can I Send A Cellphone Through The Mail

    Ship a Cell Phone With USPS USPS First Class Mail will be the cheapest option, provided youre able to keep the package weight under 13 ounces. If you print a label online, you will get free tracking with USPS First Class Mail. If you buy postage at your local post office, however, it will cost extra.

    Transfer Outlook Data To Your New Or Existing Outlook Profile On Another Computer

    After moving the PST file exported via Outlook Import Export wizard or converted using Stellar Converter for OST on a new computer, you can import this PST into Outlook.

    First, ensure that MS Outlook is installed on the machine. Now, follow the given steps to import PST into Outlook.

    In MS Outlook 2013, 2016, or 2019

    • Click File > Open & Export > Import/Export to open the Import/Export wizard.
    • Select Import from another program or file and click Next.
    • Select Outlook Data File and click Next.
    • Click Browse to select the .pst file that you transferred and choose desired options. Then click Next.
    • Enter the password, if prompted, and then click OK.
    • Select the mailbox folder where you want to import the mail items and then click Finish.
    • Outlook will import the mail items into your .pst file.

    In MS Outlook 2010

    • Click on the File > Open > Import.
    • In the Import & Export wizard that appears, select Import from another program or file and click Next.
    • Click on Outlook Data File and then click Next.
    • Click on Browse to navigate to the PST file location.
    • Under the Options section, select Do not import duplicates. You can select the appropriate option if you want Outlook to replace or replicate already existing items in Outlook.
    • Click Next.
    • Select folders that you need to import or select at the top of the hierarchy to select all the folders in the PST file.
    • Click on Finish to complete the import procedure.

    In MS Outlook 2007

    Transfer Outlook Data to Outlook for Mac

    • Click File > Import

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    Cost Of Shipping A Desktop Computer

    Among all the different types of computers that people use at homes or offices, desktop versions are considered to be the most challenging ones to chip owing to the weight and size they come in.

    However, to give you an idea about the cost close to the actual rate, we assume that your machine weighs around 15-20 pounds. Also, assume that the shipment is going from Florida to California. Lets see how much these companies could possibly charge.

    FedEx would keep the charges under $35 with a full tracking feature and a guaranteed delivery within four days. The cost would be around $40 when you choose UPS or the postal service as your service company. Navis Pack & Ship wouldnt charge more than $37 for the package.

    Similarly, FedEx would charge you around $20 whereas UPS and U.S. Postal Service would charge you around $25 and $30 respectively if the shipment has to be made from Florida to New Jersey. For Navis Pack & Ship, the cost could be around $23.

    Computer shipping costs based on the above approximations might make you feel that FedEx is the only company that takes care of cost-effectiveness from consumers end. But, sometimes, the other companies would offer attractive discounts if you can really avail them.

    Scour Craigslist For A Complimentary Laptop

    How to Ship Laptops

    Craigslist can actually be a good place to find laptops that dont cost anything, or are super low-cost.

    Some people just want to get rid of their old stuff, so theyre willing to simply give it away at no cost. If you get a laptop at no cost that requires repairs, sometimes that can still work out much cheaper than buying one new.

    Of course, research what the repairs would cost, before buying to determine whether the laptop is worth getting. After all, you dont want a complimentary laptop that ends up costing you tons to repair.

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    Seal And Label The Box

    To seal the shipping box, use two layers of packing tape across each seam of the box. Affix a neat, legible shipping label to the top of the box. Place clear packing tape on top of the label to protect it from damage or moisture.

    Using warning stickers like Fragile and This Way Up are helpful to alert carriers that the box contains fragile contents.

    Join Reward Sites & Use Your Earnings To Get A Complimentary Laptop

    Above, we mentioned how you can use the money you get from survey websites to get free cash to spend on a laptop.

    Well, you can also do the same thing with reward websites.

    Reward websites, which are also known as get paid to, or GPT websites, pay you to do a whole host of easy tasks, like:

    • Playing games

    Step 2: Complete tasks on all three websites and earn $200+ a month

    On each of the sites above, make sure that you complete tasks.

    As people have reported on Reddit, lets say that you make:

    • $50 a month on TreasureTrooper.
    • $115 a month from Swagbucks.
    • $35 a month from Perk.

    In total, youd make $200 a month, meaning that in just a few months, youd have enough to buy yourself a laptop. Again, just as with survey websites, with reward websites, you get free money to spend on a laptop.

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    Are Keyboards And Other Accessories Recyclable Too

    Aside from monitors and hardware, many accessories are accepted for recycling along with computers themselves. Drop-off sites and mail-in programs may accept keyboards, mice, cables, speakers, modems, and routers, among other items, but reach out first to confirm. And even if your computer is dead, you might want to evaluate accessories separately, since they could still be useful to you or someone else with no need for recycling.

    # 1 Share Files Between Pc To Laptop Via Network Link

    New Email Online Message Communication Laptop Computer ...

    Step 1. Map a network drive on the source computer:

    1. Right-click on This PC/Computer and select “Map network drive”.

    2. In the Drive box, click the drive letter you want to use.

    Note: The drive should be big enough for saving the files and folders that you want to share.

    3. In the Folder box, type \\server\share, where you can type the IP address of the drive to be mapped. Click “Finish” to cotinue.

    For example, if the IP address is, you can type \\

    Step 2. Save files and folders to the mapped drive.

    Step 3. One the target PC, open File Explorer and type the IP address of the mapped network drive, e.g:

    Step 4. Hit Enter and access the shared files. You can copy and save the files to your local PC.

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    To Find Textedit On A Mac Computer:

    MacOS search icon top right tool bar

    In the top right corner of your screen, look for a small icon that looks like a magnifying glass.

    • In that box type TextEdit. Youll very quickly be shown a link to open TextEdit. It may say

    Like NotePad for Windows, TextEdit is quite limited in the amount of formatting you can do and the ability to add other features to your letter.

    How To Ship A Computer

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 79,258 times.Learn more…

    A computer, like most any other object, can be safely and effectively shipped. You will first want to properly pack the computer in order to protect its valuable internal and external components. Ideally, the original manufacturer’s packaging should be reused and enclosed within a new exterior box suitable for shipping. Once properly packed, you will need to contact a parcel or postal service to order and schedule the appropriate method of shipping. Read the article below to learn how to ship a computer.

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    Send And Receive Texts On Macos/ios

  • Select Messages by clicking the blue speech bubble icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen, or type Messages in the search bar by pressing CMD + Space bar while typing a message.
  • The Apple ID associated with your iPhone is required to sign in.
  • You can add new messages by clicking the square icon next to the Search field.
  • Enter the phone number or email address of the contact you wish to contact in the To box and press enter.
  • You may also add people from your Contacts file by using + sign if your Mac is synced with your Contacts file.
  • A blue box will appear around the friends number if they have an iPhone. They will receive your text as an iMessage, which would be sent via Apples servers.
  • How Do I Ship A Phone For Shipping

    How To Send Email On Gmail Using Laptop Or Computer – 2020

    To start, choose a sturdy box or padded envelope to ship with. When shipping one or two cell phones, a padded envelope is a great option. If shipping more than a couple cell phones, a rigid box should be used. If you do not have access to a box, USPS provides Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes free or charge.

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