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How To Make A Photo Slideshow On Laptop

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Tips For Creating A Compelling Slideshow

How to Make a Slideshow on Windows 10
  • According to Memories Renewed, when it comes to slideshows ten to 12 images are typically displayed within a minute. This means that a 100-image slideshow will likely last ten to 12 minutes. Take this into account when creating your slideshows.
  • For an elegant slideshow, dont use distracting transitions. Stick with a simple fade between images.
  • Choose music and images that are appropriate for the event. You dont want to play raucous music or have disrespectful photos at a funeral, for example.
  • Know how the slideshow will be used. If its going to play in the background it can go on forever. However, if youre going to draw everyones attention to it as a special presentation, keep it short and simple three to five minutes. People typically dont have long attention spans.
  • Add statements from loved ones, when appropriate, to make it extra special.
  • Make sure you run through the slideshow beforehand to make sure everything works properly. Fix any problems. This includes the transitions, graphics and music.

How To Create Music Slideshow Using This Free Software:

  • First, add local JPG images to the software. You can even add photos from Instagram. For that, you just have to enter Instagram username and click on button. It will show all photos from the added account and you can choose the photos that you want to include in the slideshow. Remember that it only lets you import photos from an Instagram account which is not private.
  • You can now add a background music by importing a local audio file in formats like MP4, FLAC, WAV, OGG, etc.
  • If you want, you can rotate any of the added photos.
  • After that, you can setup slideshow configurations like photo duration, transition duration, apply Kens Burn effect, use face detection technology, etc.

You can preview the musical slideshow before actually exporting it. To export it, you can select the desired video format, aspect ratio, and quality. You can set video format to Windows Standard, Mac OS X Standard, iPhone 5, YouTube Video, Facebook Video, 4K Ultra HD, etc.

All in all, it is one of the best free photo slideshow maker with music.

The Easiest Way To Create A Picture Slideshow In Windows 10

Are there any good reasons why Filmora Video Editor is touted to be the best software for creating a picture slideshow for Windows 10? Yes, there are many and you must consider that whenever making your choices. One of the reasons is versatility of features. You will get to enjoy a limitless number of features that include background music, text effects, DVD menus, transition effects and red-eye removal. It will offer you all the opportunities you need to personalize your slideshow.

Do you know that its possible to share your picture slideshow? That is yet another good reason for you to use Filmora Video Editor. Some of the platforms to use for sharing your slideshow include TV, online and with mobile devices like iPhone and iPod. You will be split for choices. The steps involved are very easy so you will not have any problems following that. Also, Filmora Video Editor works at very high speeds with high quality guarantee for your slideshow.

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Best 12 Free Photo Slideshow Makers 2021

Shanoon Cox

A good slideshow maker software assists users to develop impressive presentations or videos with various customizable tools like templates, effects, text options and shapes, etc.

The generated files are saved in various popular file formats like .MPEG, mov, .AVI or .MP4 etc. so that they can be easily accessed on other platforms like Android, iOS, or computers.

You can easily find so many slideshow making applications as well as online slideshow makers to transform all video clips and images into eye-catching slideshow videos. These slideshows can help you to make your special occasions like birthdays and weddings more memorable as they give you the best way to express your thoughts among others.

Making A Slideshow In Google Photos

Photo Slideshow Creator Deluxe

Now that you have an album ready and waiting to be shown off, its pretty easy to get it working as a slideshow. At the moment of this writing, this option is only available on a desktop computer. So, if youd like to make a slideshow on your phone, youll have to look for a different app.

The process is very simple. Heres how to start up your slideshow:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Enter in the address bar, or click on the link.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Google photos will then make your browser window full screen, and will start to cycle through the photographs in the album. If you want to go back to a previous picture you can click on the left side of the screen, or press the Left arrow on your keyboard. If you want to advance to the next picture, click to the right of the window, or press the Right arrow on your keyboard. If you want to pause, you can click on the Pause button down at the bottom left of the slideshow. To exit, just hit the Escape key.

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    Play An Image Slideshow In Windows 10

    To easily start a slideshow of all images in a folder, open the folder that contains the images you want, and then select the first picture from the folder. A new yellow section called Picture Tools will appear in the Ribbon above the Manage tab click on it.

    There you will see some new options and in the View section. Click on the Slide show to begin a slideshow of all of the pictures in the folder. Note that if you dont select any of the pictures in the folder, you will not start a slideshow.

    You can also start a slideshow with only the specific images in a folder you want to use. To select the images in the folder you want, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key on your keyboard to select the pictures you want to use. That will give you the same Picture Tools option in the Manage tab with the option to start a slideshow.

    Once you start the slideshow, you can right-click on any displayed images and control playback, change the speed, or exit from the slideshow.

    Remember that this will only display the static images in File Explorer. If you want more sophisticated tools, check out the built-in or the upcoming Windows 10 feature, Story Remix, which will let you edit and combine pictures and video files, too. Or, you can always use a third-party app like IrfanView, which also offers more customizable slideshow options.

    How To View A Slideshow On Windows 10

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    You downloaded pictures from your camera, phone, or USB drive. Now you want to share these galleries with friends and family in a nice presentation. This guide shows you how to view a slideshow on Windows 10 using native tools.

    This guide explains two built-in methods: using the Photos app and using File Explorer. The benefit of the Photos app is that you have immediate access to other albums and folders without digging through File Explorer. Meanwhile, the File Explorer version provides built-in slideshow controls not present in the Photos app.

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    My Favorite Free Photo Slideshow Maker With Music For Windows:

    All of these are pretty good music slideshow maker, but my favorite is 4K Slideshow Maker as it lets you create 4K UHD slideshow video. It also has a unique feature which lets you import pictures from Instagram to add to a slideshow. Another favorite of mine is Moleskinsoft SlideShow Maker as it is simple yet effective photo slideshow maker with music.

    You may also like some best free Flash Slideshow Makers, Slideshow Makers, and Tutorial Video Makers for Windows.

    Creating A Slide Show

    how to make a slideshow on your acer laptop

    The best way to do most things will always depend somewhat on a person’s personal preferences. But for most, the best way is the easiest way. Your computer is already set up to make slide shows and using that feature is the simplest and best way to put together a slide show quickly. In order to take the best advantage of this, all you need to do beforehand is to organize your digital pictures.

    A simple and easy way to keep up with all your photos is to borrow the notion of a photo album but update it with technology. Keep your pictures organized in file folders. Keep a folder for each vacation or even family member. You can create as many folders as you like, separating out the pictures by events, places or people . This way, when you want to see those pictures in a slide show, they are already organized or grouped together. While you can set aside a part of your computer’s hard drive for these folder “albums,” you can make your “photo album” portable by keeping your pictures on a USB flash drive instead. Moreover, when it comes time to update and replace your computer, you won’t have to transfer all your photos. And you can still organize your images into separate folders on your flash drive.


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    Is Imovie Good For Slideshows

    iMovie works seamlessly with iPhoto. You are suggested to drag and drop photos from iPhoto to iMovie project. After photos and videos are imported to iMovie slideshow project, you can preview the raw slideshow simply by pressing Space bar on your keyboard. And then make adjustments to clips and transitions.

    How To Create Photo Slideshow With Music:

    • Firstly, import the pictures with which you want to create a photo slideshow, using Pictures option.
    • Secondly, add the background music by clicking on the Audio button.
    • Now, set some output settings like frame size, frame rate, transitions delay, enable random effects, etc.
    • Next, click on Output button and select the output folder.
    • After that, hit the Start button and it will create a photo slideshow with music within a few seconds. You can even watch the preview of output slideshow while the process goes on.

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    How To Make A Slideshow From Photos In File Explorer

    If you already have a folder prepared, you can create an easy slideshow in Windows 10 via File Explorer. This doesnt provide many options, but it gets the job done.

  • Select one or more pictures and press the Slide show button

    Youll find the Slide show button in the Manage tab of your File Explorer ribbon.

  • Adjust your photos slideshow settings

    The slideshow will now start automatically playing images. You can right-click on the Microsoft slideshow window to change settings, including whether to pause, go to the next image, shuffle, and loop. You can also use this menu to adjust timings or exit it altogether.

  • Bring Your Photos Into Life With Slideshow Software

    how to make a slideshow on your acer laptop

    The simplest solution to create professional looking slideshows with your favorite photos, music and artistic effects is using the best photo slideshow software.

    So, now that you know how to make a slideshow of photos, download any of these aforementioned photo slideshow tools today and make your beautiful memories last forever.

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    Microsoft Photo Story 3

    is almost 10 years old now, but its still a nice piece of software that runs on everything from Windows XP up to Windows 8.1. Once you install it, choose to Begin a new story on the wizard.

    On the next screen, click on Import Pictures and choose all the pictures you want in your slideshow. Once loaded, youll be able to click on a picture in the grid at the bottom and then click on the small buttons to correct color levels, remove red eye, rotate or edit.

    When you click on Edit, you can rotate and crop the photo, auto fix it or add effects. You can also apply one effect to all the pictures if you like.

    Next, you can add titles to each photo and adjust the justification and font using the buttons directly above the text box. You can also pick an effect for each picture from this screen too.

    Whats cool about Photo Story is that you can also add narration to each of your photos by directly recording your voice in the program! Its a pretty neat and unique feature and that is why I still recommend this program 10 years after it was released.

    If you click on the Customize Motion button, you can add any zoom/pan and transition effects here. I also like having the ability to choose the exact parts of an image that I want to zoom in on rather the program randomly deciding.

    Now you can add music to your slideshow by either selecting MP3 files or you even have the crazy option of creating your own music on the fly by combining various pre-set music tunes, changing the tempo, etc.

    How To Create A Slideshow For Your Lock Screen In Windows 10

    In general, when I leave my computer, I put it to sleep. The reason I use this option is because I leave for extended periods of time. If I were working in an office and had to get up for only ten minutes or so, I certainly wouldnt put the machine to sleep. Id likely lock it instead.

    If you arent aware, putting a Windows 10 computer asleep means that you are essentially sending it to a dormant state. Its heart is still beating, but it isnt breathing anymore. When you return to the computer and wake it up, and if you have a password set, youll need to jiggle the mouse or hit a key on the keyboard and then log in.

    When you lock a computer, all youre doing is stopping the ability for someone to use the computer under your username. The power supply fan still hums along and the computer is wide awake. When you return to the computer to continue your work, youll need to do the same things as above. One those are completed, you can resume whatever it is that you were doing.

    Remember, putting a computer to sleep means youll enjoy an energy savings. Locking it offers you no such savings.

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    Best Photo Slideshow Software For Windows :

    Whether you want to create a professional presentation for business, a photo collection of family events, or just a simple slideshow with music and cool artistic effects, you can count on these best professional slideshow software any day of the month.

    Now, lets jump right into the list:

    Slideshow Maker from Icecream Apps is a prominent slideshow software available for Windows. The beautiful design and easy to use, intuitive interface make this a great option for anyone looking to create video slideshows using photos.

    Notable Offerings

    • Create professional looking presentations for your business
    • Wide array of transition effects to choose from including mosaic, pixelate, & flip over
    • Displays preview of slideshow before creating
    • Make high-quality slideshows with 4K resolution
    • Slideshow burner option to let you burn slideshow to DVD

    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, & XP | CPU: Intel 1.66 GHz or AMD processors | RAM: 4 GB RAM for faster performance | Hard Disk: 5GB free hard disk space

    How To Make A Slideshow

    How to Make a Slideshow with Music on Windows 10 Quick Guide

    One good way of sharing your photos is to play them back as a slideshow. Why would you do this? To have others admire your work, of course, and its also a great way of showing off your photos at parties. Whats more, it can all be done in just a few simple clicks. Heres how.

    While popularly known as a great tool for editing images, Windows Live Photo Gallery also offers some classy ways of playing your photos back as a slideshow. Thats why Ive used it for this guide . However, youll find that other programs such as and follow a very similar process.

    Youll need:

    • a computer with Windows Live Photo Gallery installed
    • any photos youd like to play in your slideshow, saved in a folder on your computer or to an external storage device.

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a slideshow

    Step 1: Once youve opened Windows Live Photo Gallery, click Home at the top left of your screen. Now, among the buttons on the top youll see one on the right labelled Slide show.

    Step 2: There are now two ways to make a slideshow. You can simply click Slide show once and Windows Live Photo Gallery will prepare a slideshow of every photo in your folder. If you want to view only certain pictures in your slideshow, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and click on each picture youd like to include. Then click Slide show.

    Step 3: If youd like to experiment with different formats and effects, you should click and hold down Slide show at this stage.

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    Best Free Slideshow Maker Apps

    Besides using the free Apple iMovie to make photo slideshow on your iPhone, you can also try the following free slideshow making apps on iOS devices.


    Those who need a slide show developer with rich and intuitive features on their iPhone will find the Slide Lap application quite interesting. It is much easier to process, images, music and videos using this tool and slide shows of any length can be developed with ease.

    SlideLab is an advanced, beautiful and interesting tool for the development of impressive collages that can be utilized for professional as well as personal needs.


    • Enjoyable and simple to use application.
    • It is much easier to add interesting effects.



    This application allows users to combine photos in unique frame combinations, with customizable aspect ratios, sizes and frame colours etc. It is a step ahead with advanced filters and frames so that highly interactive slide shows can be developed with ease.

    PicPlayPost allows users to pick gifs, videos and photos, etc for the development of eye-catching slideshows.


    • It offers an easy video integration facility to slideshows.
    • Sequential as well as simultaneous playback can be created along with lots of unique features.
    • It allows users to think outside the box with arrangements of multiple video sets.


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    Below is a comparison table of these free slideshow makers for you to have a quick look.

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