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How To Make A Video On Hp Laptop

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Faqs Of Screenshot On Hp Laptop

Training Video – How to Record a Video Using HP Laptop

How do I activate the Print Screen button?

Go to Settings on Windows 10, and click Ease of Access. On the left pane, find and click Keyboard. Then scroll down to the Print Screen shortcut section to turn on the slider and enable PrtScn option.

Why is Print Screen not working?

The problem may be caused by an old keyboard driver or an outdated operating system. You can update the keyboard drive and operating system. Besides, you can also check if the Print Screen key is enabled on your HP computer.

Where is the Print Screen key on HP laptop?

The Print Screen key is on the top of the keypad between Pause and Delete, under the Insert key on HP laptop. Just press and hold the Function key and the Print Screen key to take a screenshot.

How Do I Compress A Video

12-18-201107:10 AM

Normally we don’t/can’t compress video files, we convert from one format to other format to get smaller size. Some formats can come out very close the source some can not handle this and causing lower quality. There are many free and commercial software around such as this one:

KUDOS‘Accept as Solution’

To compress video, we need to use a video compressor. Here is a powerful video compressor and a step by step guide on how to reduce the file size of various video with almost no loss of video quali…. It is quite helpful for me.

Sorry to bother you man, but you seem to know much about video compression and conversion is that right? i have a problem about video conversion output size and need to know if you can offer me a solution? Yesterday, i found this article about video conversion when i was searching on the internet looking for some free video converter , it asked me to download their HD video converter to convert MP4 . In this article, as you can see from it mentions that the file size can be reduced after conversion . But after downloading the program and converted my MP4 video file to AVI video format, the video size got much bigger, around 35 percent larger than the original mp4 video while the output quality still sucked. I did not change resolution nor frame rate and bit rate. Do you have any idea about how i can solve it?

Troubleshooting Tips For Linux

  • Make sure that all other programs that utilize the camera are not using the camera or are closed. This may include pre-installed camera applications, other video conferencing software, or websites utilizing your camera.;;
  • Restart your computer.
  • If it does not work after restarting, uninstall the Zoom client and reinstall the latest version from our .;
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    Verifying The Webcam Hardware In Device Manager

  • In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.
  • In Device Manager, double-click Imaging devices.
  • Verify that your webcam or video device is listed under Imaging devices. If the webcam is listed, skip to Updating the webcam driver. If not, continue with the next step.Figure : Device Manager
  • If there is no webcam or video device listed, select Imaging devices and select Scan for hardware changes to scan for the webcam or video device.

    note:If no hardware is found after running the scan, there might be an issue with the webcam hardware. Contact HP for assistance using the Contact HP tab at the top of this page.

  • If a webcam or video device is found, right-click on the device and select Enable.
  • Open YouCam to see if the application opens with the selected webcam. If this did not resolve the issue, continue to Step 2.
  • Install A Software Video Accelerator

    How to Create a User on HP Laptop?

    If you arent very familiar with laptops, you may be thinking that this is redundant, given the disabling the hardware acceleration in the last tip, but they arent the same thing. A software video accelerator like Speedbit Video Accelerator is a free application that tweaks Windows Internet settings and enables streaming with improved performance.

    After you download the accelerator, you close your web browser before you go about installing it. You will more than likely need to restart your computer before it is fully integrated. You will then have improved streaming performance by enabling the use of more download threads in your browser using this software. This is especially helpful for streaming from twitch with a laptop.

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    Method 2 Increasing Vram With System Settings Via Control Panel

    You can increase VRAM of your integrated Intel graphics card by increasing the Paging size of the C Drive of your Hard Disk.

    Follow the steps below to use this method for increasing VRAM of your Windows 10 computer.

    Step 1 Go to Control Panel. You can find Control Panel by typing Control Panel in the search box next to the Windows Start Icon.

    Step 2 Inside Control Panel, you will see a lot of settings. Click on System.

    Step 3 Click on Advanced System Settings.

    Step 4 A new System properties window will open. Under Advanced tab, click on the Settings button in the Performance section.

    Step 5 A new Performance Options window will open. First, select the Advanced option on top and then click on the Change button inside the Virtual memory section.

    Step 6 A new Virtual Memory window will open. Inside that, you have to uncheck Automatically manage Paging file size for all drives option by clicking on the checkbox.

    Step 7 Select drive as C Drive and then type in the following values in Custom Size field.

    Initial size 24576 and Maximum Size 32768. After this, click on the Set button.

    Step 8 Now, make sure the new Paging File size appears on top as 24576-32768. Next, click on OK button.

    Step 9 You will receive a system notification The changes you have made require you to restart your computer before they can take effect. Just click on the OK button.

    How Much Dedicated Vram Do You Need

    A computer with more dedicated VRAM will perform a lot better compared to lower VRAM ones.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with 8GB DDR6 VRAM is better than NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with 6GB DDR6 VRAM.

    Also, a Graphics card with equal VRAM but a higher DDR version will perform better than lower DDR ones.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super with 6GB DDR6 VRAM will perform better compared to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti with 6GB DDR5 VRAM.

    If youre a heavy gamer and make your living from Streaming games, then you should go for at least 6 GB VRAM.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 should do the job for you. You will need enough system RAM too for streaming and gaming.

    If youre a designer and use resource-intensive softwares like Unity 3D, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max Blender, then you need around 8 GB VRAM.

    A good fit for you would be NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super.

    If you are more into video editing and a medium gamer, then 4 GB VRAM should be more than enough.

    A perfect graphics card for you would be NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super.

    For light gamers and casual users, 2GB VRAM is enough.

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    Adjust Your Laptop Camera Video Settings

    Have you ever been on a video chat with someone and the focus zooms in and out or the exposure gets terrible? While this might not be catastrophic if you are having a casual video chat, you dont want this to happen in the midst of a professional video chat or recording.

    .. if you are having a casual video chat, you dont want this to happen in the midst of a professional video chat or recording

    Almost all webcams let you adjust the contrast, brightness, and other aspects within the app settings. For instance, if you love using Skype, you can access the settings by clicking on Tools>Options>Video settings.

    For the best results, drag the Setting window and place it sits next to Skype window. Now you can get a real-time video preview. Adjust the exposure, brightness, white balance, color, and any other settings until you are satisfied with how the video looks.

    Remember to turn off automatic white balance and focus to prevent it from adjusting when filming.

    If you choose to leave the auto white balance on, you have to optimize to what your laptop camera can capture. This feature works by using the brightest spot on the video frame as a benchmark to optimize the image quality.

    Therefore, the top you are wearing will affect the image. We recommend that you wear a white top to balance the colors.

    How To Edit Videos On Your Computer A Step

    how to set a background on hp or pc laptop

    On laptops run by Windows, there are two options to choose from when it comes to video editing. The simpler one is the Photos App. One can also edit videos by means of Windows Movie Maker. This may come on the list of your standard programs, or you can upload it free from the Microsoft official website easily. Lets find out a bit more about how to edit videos on ;laptop using Windows Photos App.

    Step 1. Transfer a video to your laptop. If youve shot it on your phone, GoPro, or any other camera, just connect the gadget with a PC via USB cable. One can also do this by plugging the SD card of the camera into the laptop.

    Step 2. Go to the folder where your video is saved and right-click on it. In the appeared drop-down menu, select Open with Photos. The video will start playing then. Your next task is to click on the Edit and Create in the top right of the video-playing window.

    Step 3. The newly-opened toolbar will show you the available editing options. They are as follows:

    • Trim. Highlight the part of the video youd like to keep by dragging the two handles on the playback and click on Save the copy after watching a preview.
    • Add slo-mo. Use this tab to slow down the video playback so that to insert it later in your video clip.
    • Save photos. This tab should be used to save video frames as images.
    • Draw. This is a standard feature with the same set of tools as in PowerPoint. It allows drawing on the video.

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    How To Improve Laptop Camera Quality

    If you spend some time in front of your laptop camera capturing images or for normal video chats, you might have noticed that the image quality can be crappy sometimes. This makes you wonder how to improve laptop camera quality.

    Laptop camera quality is determined by three things: your camera, environment and imaging software you are using. Before you give up on the quest to better camera quality, there are a couple of things you can do to improve the situation.

    Of course, it wouldnt be realistic to expect an image quality that is similar to what you see in image software commercials, but you can make your chats and videos look better. The tips mentioned here will bring you closer to a better experience.

    Free Online Way To Screen Record On Hp Laptop

    When you are looking for a screen recording tool, free ones can always be your first choice. Considering that, here at the first part, we like to recommend the Free Online Screen Recorder for you. Whether your HP laptop is running Windows 10 or Windows 7/8, you can rely on it to capture your laptop screen.

    Step 1 Open your browser and navigate to the official site of this Free Online Screen Recorder.

    Step 2 Click the Start Recording button to install a small-size launcher for your HP laptop screen recording.

    Step 3 Now you can custom the screen recording area based on your need. Then click on the REC button to start capturing the screen content of your HP laptop.

    Step 4 When the recording is over, you can click on Stop icon to finish the process. After that, you are allowed to view the captured video. The screen recording file will be saved in MP4 format by default.

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    Sharing And Exporting Videos In Windows 10

    So, there is quite a lot here, and you may not get your project finished in one sitting. If you don’t, that’s no big deal. Windows saves everything automatically as you work and you can safely quit the Photos app whenever you run out of time. To go back to your project later, simply launch the Photos app and click the Video Editor button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Here you will find all the video projects you have been working on. Click one to jump into the editor and pick up where you left off.

    When you are ready to share your video with others, click the Finish Video button to see a list of your options. You can choose the file size you want to produce as well as whether you want to download it to your computer or share it via email or social media. The choice is yours.

    Adjust The Duration Of Photos

    HP AMD A10 Laptop unboxing and Windows 8 Setup

    One of the great things about the video editor in Windows 10 is the ability to add photos and videos to the same project. You can’t split or trim a photo, but you can adjust the duration that it appears on the screen. The default time is three seconds, but you can quickly make that longer or shorter as needed.

    To do adjust the duration of a photo in your project, select the photo by clicking on it, then click on the 3.0 number in the corner to choose a different length of time for this photo. You can also click the Duration button and do the same thing. You can choose a preset time, or enter a custom time in seconds.

    Adjust the duration of photos to match the story you are telling

    Jonathan Wylie

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    Faqs Of Screen Recording On Hp Laptop

    • Can you use Game Bar to record your screen on Windows 10?

      Yes. Game Bar is the default free screen recorder for Windows 10 users. You can record gameplay on Windows 10 for free. Press Windows and G keys at the same time. Confirm with Yes, this is a game. Set the audio input details based on your need. Click Record to record your screen on Windows 10.

    • How many hours can you record on HP laptop?

      Unlimited. There is no maximum recording time limit. You can screen record on HP laptop for hours freely. Just make sure there is enough storage space on your computer.

    • Any other good free screen recorder software for HP laptops?

      You can record PC screen with audio by using OBS Studio, Screencastify, Free Cam, ShareX, CamStudio, Ezvid, TinyTake and more.

    You can screen record on HP laptop with all methods mentioned above. If you want to record a screen video over 15 minutes, definitely 4Videosoft Screen Capture can be your first choice. You can record any on-screen activity without delay. And it also supports recording podcasts, capturing audio from Chrome, and more. The powerful on-screen drawing tools are also easy to use. Just free download it and have a try here.

    How To Make Video Call From Whatsapp Web In Laptop

    Everyone who has done a little research will see that you can use WhatsApp Web to make calls and send messages. At first glance, it appears as though the controls are the same, but you are more limited in options because you canât, seemingly, make video calls.

    What you need is an Emulator. This clever little piece of tech was first invented to do things like playing retro video games through a modern pc. The emulator connects the missing encryptions between the two technologies. In the case of a product called Bluestacks, it will allow you to run WhatsApp as if it were on your phone, but do it through your computer.

    All you need to do is follow these instructions, and you will be making video calls in WhatsApp web in a laptop in no time!

    In a few easy steps:

  • Download an emulator â Bluestacks is considered an industry favorite at the moment.
  • Select Save, then run the application. Give it time to install.
  • Set up your account with the app and log in to Google to sync.
  • Find WhatsApp in the Play or Apple store and download it.
  • Open it through the Bluestacks and set the WhatsApp with the same account on your phone.
  • Now you can see all your contacts on WhatsApp, and you can also add more people here.
  • Choose a friend to start a conversation, and then tap the video call button at the top right corner. The whole process is easy to complete like on the phone.
  • Your WhatsApp download will run from here, giving you the answer to how to make video calls in WhatsApp web â on laptops.

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    Editing Videos On Your Laptop Using Online Video Editors

    The inbuilt software for video editing is convenient to apply to organize your home video library. However, both these may be inferior in quality and the variety of the offered editing tools with many online video editors. Lets have a look at a couple of the most widely spoken video editing tools for you to know the difference.

    The latest product by Movavi is their new video editor called Fastreel. This program features templates for any occasion as well as twenty-two various video editing tools. They are simple to use even for novices. Just select the instrument youd like to use and add the video file from your laptop. Next is all to your vision of the final result. Change filters, make split-screen videos, resize your video, and do whatever you need to get a quality product.

    Another popular tool for editing videos is Movie Maker Online. It is a browser-based tool, so all the editing process takes place in the cloud. It offers a good selection of editing tools as well as royalty-free images and music. You can trim, rotate, change the speed of the video and apply various special effects when editing your video.

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