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How To Make Money With Just A Laptop

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Write For Blogs Or Websites

7 ways to earn money with a laptop with no skills or products

Writing for Nigerian blogs and international blogs is one of the easiest ways you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria. All you need is the zeal to learn Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO.

And this learning can be achieved within 1 3 months depending on how fast you are able to understand the techniques and guides when it comes to article writing with SEO.

There are different local and international blogs online that can teach you Search Engine Optimization . Some of these blogs are just a click away.

There are also YouTube videos you can watch that can teach you Search Engine Optimization and how you can apply it to your writing. However, you can watch Neil Patels videos as a beginner guide on this.

His videos are the best because the people that I have directed to watch his videos to learn SEO always gave me good feedback at the end after watching.

After learning how to use SEO in article writing you can now start using your laptop to make money by applying to some popular blogs in Nigeria as a content writer.

After doing this, they will test you by telling you to write an article for them on a particular topic if you are able to do this well by placing the keywords in the right places in the article you will officially become a content writer for them.

When you have gathered some experience in this and you have started making money with your laptop locally, you can now proceed to apply for content writing for international blogs.

How To Make $2 Million With Just A Laptop And Phone

Josh Harris uses a proven system to take complete novices from zero to six figures a year.


Plenty of gurus promise proven systems for raking in cash. The problem is that most gurus dont actually produce real results.

In 2014, The Oracles;member;Josh Harris;found himself shivering under blankets and scraping the bottom of his bank account during one of Michigans coldest winters on record. He could barely afford to turn the heat on because he was desperately tryingand failingto scale his small digital marketing agency.

No matter what he did, it never seemed to scale the business and he was only collecting small fees from demanding clients.

Eventually, I realized I was settling for good enough instead of pushing myself for more and I knew that I needed to commit fully to my success, Harris says.

Back against the wall, he dumped his old playbook, which consisted of cold calling prospects and working on a per-project basis with local clients. He started using different online channels to find, qualify, and sell to high-ticket clients across the country. And his results were stunning.

Within a few months, he scaled to a $40,000 predictable monthly revenue. Today, Harris earns more than $2 million per year.

Its never too late to reinvent yourself.

Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

Much is possible with a smartphone and a fast internet connection.


Looking for ways you can make money right now? If things are tight and your back is up against the wall, there’s a path forward. In fact, there are many. Especially when it comes to generating that income online. The best part? We’re so interconnected that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ways you can make money, almost immediately, from the comfort of your home.

What do you need? You might not even need a laptop for the most part. A tablet or a smartphone might just suffice. And, of course, you do need an internet connection. A sound mind might help you as well. Along with the ability to stay focused and be persistent no matter what happens.

So if you’re determined to generating some much-needed cash and you can’t wait weeks or months, then here’s what you need to do. First off, don’t expect to snap your fingers and get rich. That isn’t what this article is about. Now, in general, making money on the internet can be boiled down into the following categories:

Selling products: You can sell all types of products on the internet. You don’t need a laptop. But, a smartphone is crucial. You can source these products from places like Alibaba’s aliexpress.com and re-sell them on eBay, or build your own Shopify store or ecommerce funnel.

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How To Earn Passive Income On Your Computer

.This blog is a little different than my usual, but its worth sharing because it can help you earn a bit of extra money while doing absolutely nothing. This is passive income thats 100% passive, and no, you dont have to sell anything to your friends or buy anything to actually earn money.

You dont need any capital, background knowledge, or even close attention to turn your computer into a passive income machine. All you need is any kind of computer, an internet connection, PayPal, and a few programs that you can leave on while youre sleeping or even just when youre using your PC like normal. Everything is automated and effortless.

These programs are like idle games, but with real money. Isnt that cool?

This guide will share safe programs that lets you earn steady passive income and how to make the most of them.

How To Make Money Placing Orders On Jumia

How To Make Money From Your Laptop
  • Meet an agent to add you to Jumia jforce,
  • Show people nice and cheap products on Jumia,
  • Convince them to place orders through you.
  • Tell them that you will be able to slash the shipping fee for them as a Jumia Agent .
  • The orders will be delivered to their address and they can even pay on delivery.
  • You will get a commission for every order you place.
  • Jumia will even pay you when you order items for yourself.

You can indicate your interest in the comment box.

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Internet Businesses You Can Run From A Laptop

Maybe youre a young kid who wants to start a business.

Maybe youre a college grad who wants to create a job .

Or maybe youre a corporate mouse whos fed up with the rat race.

In any case, the internet has opened up a world of opportunities for the entrepreneur-at-heart.

Were about to look at;21 businesses that you can start today and efficiently run with just;a laptop and an internet connection.


Build An Online Course

Build a member-based course and sell it online. You can use existing platforms like Udemy or Teachable or Kajabi to do this. Or, you can build your own through software like ClickFunnels and even other cloud-based membership platforms. What can you sell in a course format that would help you deliver real value to others and in turn make a serious amount of money?

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Film Videos Of Yourself Shopping

As long as showing your face in videos doesnt bother you, you could make some money by signing up for Product Tube, which works similarly to survey websites except they extract consumer opinions from the videos instead. The films you have to record could include reviews in your home or the shopping experience in a supermarket. The app claims that you can earn $50-80 worth of gift cards per hour of effort, which is a lot more than survey websites.

Complete Data Entry/transcriptions Jobs On Your Laptop

Make money really Fast Just by keeping your computer Turned on

AccuTran Global Offers transcription jobs that are home-based to residents of the United States. You will be doing transcription for interviews and financially related conference calls.

Allegis Based in the United States, the company offers transcription services, among others, to home-based workers. The main clients of Allegis are insurance companies, which means the transcribing you do will involve conversations that have more than one person speaking.

Appenscribe; General transcription jobs from Appenscribe are open to everyone looking for a work from home position. The company does not need previous experience before hiring transcribers, making it ideal for newbies.

Dion Data Solutions This is a data management bureau that hires home-based workers to do data entry work. To apply, you must be able to type fast, at least 60wpm, and be able to handle a variety of computer-related tasks.

Speechpad; If you are hired as a transcriber on Speechpad, you will be involved in converting speech to text for several insurance companies.

Transcribe Me; Transcription jobs offered by these company involves converting audio files recorded at business meetings, church sermons, and other speaking platforms. You can get jobs that take hours to complete and others that can be completed quickly.

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Make Money Editing Photos

You can make money from your laptop in Nigeria by editing photos. So many photographers in Nigeria today need photo editors that can help them edit their photographs to perfection and there are also amateurs photographers people like you and me who need the services of a photo editor.

This is why the photo editing business in Nigeria is considered a lucrative business. With your photo editing skills, you can make as much as #70,000 to #500,000 depending on;professional skills.

To start making money with your laptop by editing photos you need to first learn how to edit photos and there are many ways you can learn how to edit photos for free.

You just need to search this online and;watch YouTube videos related on this. Some of the photo editing apps you will be thought with are Snapseed, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and more.

Ways To Make Money With Phone Or Laptop In 2021

How do I make Money with my Phone this 2021? What should I do with my Laptop to Make Money legally in the year 2021? Making Money with your Smart Phone or Laptop is what Im about to teach you today.

Gone are those days when you need to work in the office, sell at the market or go out every morning before you can make money. These days, you can make big money at the comfort of your room. The good thing about making money from home is that you only need a Phone, Laptop and Data.

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  • 17.Where Do I Start From?
  • You can make money online even when you dont have a laptop. Your phone should be an asset to you and not a liability. Dont spend all your time and energy playing free games with your Laptop. Your laptop can put food on your table Without Fraud. Remember, it is what you have in your head that takes you ahead.

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    Nonessential Item Can Be Sold

    Utilizing an online market, you can sell your gently utilized products for dollars.

    Go through your home and take images of unused items, then compose clear, truthful descriptions for them and publish them online. Read more here.

    A number of online sales websites are readily available for specific niche markets, and more comprehensive listings and auctions websites may be much better fit for your general requirements, specifically for furniture, bikes, home appliances, and electronic devices. Make Money Online With Your Computer

    Flip Items From Flea Markets

    Pin on Making Money Online

    If you enjoy bargain-hunting, you could make money from finding undersold items in flea markets that could be sold for a larger amount elsewhere to make a profit. Youll need an information advantage to make money, so its best to focus on a particular asset class youre knowledgeable about. Bear in mind that attending flea markets can take a lot of time and theres no guarantee of making a profit, but if its something you enjoy you could make money this way.

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    How To Make Money At Home With Your Computer

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 34 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 216,996 times.Learn more…

    No commute, no annoying colleagues, no boss looking over your shoulder, a flexible schedule these are just a few of the benefits of working from home. And if working from home is your goal, all you need is a computer, internet access, and a plan.

    Ways To Turn Your Laptop Into A Money Making Machine

    What if the answer to your lack of income each month could come from something you already own? What if I told you your laptop could bring you in hundreds to thousands of dollars each month?

    I hope you would believe me because it is true. I have been using my laptop for years now to make anywhere from $50 a month to as much as full-time income in one month.

    How have I earned this much? And how can you do the same?

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    Craft Ebooks That People Will Buy

    People say that writing is a dying breed, but those people surely havent met or heard of Mark Dawson.

    Dawson is an e-book writer and entrepreneur who has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his series of books centered around an assassin named John Milton. Asa result of this hugely successful series of e-books, Dawson says he pockets six figures per year and hopes to make much more going forward.

    And before you think he was some sort of brilliant writer and thats why he is succeeding, thats not the case.

    This is a guy who used to work as a D.J, a factory hand and even a door to door ice cream salesman. This is proof that if you have a good idea for a book and a drive to make it happen, you too can become rich.

    There are a number of sites and tools that can publish your book for you such as:

    • Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing
    • Smashwords
    • Booktango

    Online Fundraising & Grant Writing

    How To Make Money In College With Just Your Laptop or Smartphone

    The single biggest factor for a business to consider is where their money is coming from, and lots of them rely on funding; not only social enterprises and charities but also companies with pioneering technology. Online fundraising is about working with clients for them to find prospective donors, promote the business, and get more funding. This is a more social role that you may not always be able to do digitally. Grant writing involves writing applications for big funding opportunities, so it can easily be carried out online.

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    How To Make Money Online In : 21 Easy Ideas

      Looking for tips on how to make money online? Youve come to the right place. Summer 2021 has been called the summer of quitting. In the most recent employment report, the Department of Labor said that four million Americans quit their jobs in April 2021 alonethe biggest spike in history.;Sure, the economy is booming and there are more job opportunities, but theres another motivation sparked by the pandemic: making money online. After all, who wants to go back to the office after more than a year of working remotely? Turns out that these days, you dont need to go into an office when its possible to earn money online, so that means you can travel the world or live anywhere you like.

      In both 2020 and 2019, I reported on creative ways to earn money online and live the dream. Here are some fresh ideas for easy ways to make money and work from homeor anywhere. Or maybe you dont even work at all and just want to perform simple online tasks that will let the money roll in. Now were talking. Check out these 12 concepts and 21 resources for smart ways to make money online

      Want to make money online? We’ve got some easy ways to earn money and live your dream life.


      Teach a Foreign Language

      Fill Out a Survey

      These days, there are so many ways to earn money online, from surveys to affiliate marketing.


      Do What You Always Do

      Tutor Someone

      Use Affiliate Marketing



      Start Your Own Business

      Make Stuff


      Sell New Stuff

      Sell the Stuff You Have

      Buy Stuff

      Watch Videos And Play Games

      This sounds like an easy way to make money online; and it is; but youre not going to make a lot of money. I still wanted to list it because its such an easy option in 2021.

      If youre interested, I recommend Swagbucks. This is a 100% legitimate site that pays points when you watch videos, play games, and answer surveys through their platform. Swagbucks pays in points that you convert to cash.

      As I said, its not a ton of money here ; Swagbucks pays 1-2 points for watching videos, which translates to $0.01-$0.02. Think of it as an alternative to Netflix or games on your phone, because Swagbucks pays you for your time.

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      Make Money With Your Phone And Laptop

      There are many ways to make money with your Phone or Laptop in Nigeria. However, the following are sure 15 ways you can make money using your phone or Laptop this year 2021.

      You dont reallyneed Cash to start making money with your gadgets. Im not just giving a motivational speech, they are what I have tested and trusted. I used myself as an example in most of the cases.

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