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How To Make My Laptop Faster For Free

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Use Task Manager Better

5 Ways to make your PC Faster for FREE!

Making the best use of Task Manager is key to mastering control over Windows 10. First up, access it faster by right-clicking the Home button and selecting it no need to Ctrl-Alt-Del here.

Youre also going to want to get rid of the simplied view by hitting More details to expand to the full Task Manager experience. Here, you can monitor component usage, view the full suite of active and background processes, and a whole lot more that you wont need to ddle with.

What is useful here is the ability to check exactly how much pressure each program is putting on your CPU, GPU, memory, and drives. If one background app is chewing up CPU power, or you want to compare the RAM impact of two different browsers, this is the place to do it.

You can end any task manually by right-clicking it, but be carefulthere are lots of background processes that are vital to your systems operation, so dont shut off anything you dont recognize.

How To Make My Laptop Faster

How to make laptop faster?

In this post I have shown 10 simple steps on how to make laptop faster, which in fact helped me to speed up my own machine significantly.

Computer/laptop users, struggling hard with their slower machines, are often seen to search over the internet today is how to make my laptop faster? This is mainly because computers/laptops start to slow down as they get older and clogged up with files, unused software and other digital debris. You need not, therefore, unnecessarily worry about slow running of your machine over time even with the fastest processors. Slowing down of your PC doesnt necessarily mean you need to replace the machine with a new one or hire a computer geek to speed up your device.

Thankfully, making laptop faster is a lot easier than you think if you can apply the following maintenance steps on how to make laptop run faster.

Tip 1: Install Directx And Make Your Pc Faster

Installing DirectX can significantly boost your laptop performance. These are key drivers required for game optimization. By making sure your laptop or PC has the latest version of Direct X you can make your PC or laptop faster for gaming.

Use the command: dxdiag

DirectX is free software and is available from the windows website.

Here is the link to .

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Adjust Appearance & Visual Settings

Adjusting your computers visualizations likely wont dramatically improve performance, but it could help in some cases.

All you have to do is type adjust the appearance and performance of Windows in the search box and click on the setting that appears this will open the Performance Options dialog box.

You can either uncheck specific appearance settings or just choose the setting Adjust for best performance. This causes you to lose all of your systems visual effects which may help with speed a little bit.

Why Is Windows 11 Slowing Down

How to make your Computer FASTER for FREE!

There can be numerous reasons for a slowed-down Windows 11 PC or laptop despite the major Windows 11 upgrade. Whether its an old PC/laptop or issues with the hard disk, there are some things you can do to improve Windows performance on your computer. So, lets take a look at how to speed up Windows 11.

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Tip : Clean Your Laptop & Pc To Boost Air Flow

Cleaning your system can significantly increase your PC performance. The reason why this works is that with a clean system we get better airflow and cooling. The system can perform without any restrictions and get proper cooling from fans.

This makes your gaming experience smooth and cool. There are many ways you can clean a system. Many professional gamers recommend servicing your gaming system once every six months.

Adjust Your Power Options

Windows comes with several preset power plans to suit your needs. The default is set to Balanced, which takes into account performance and energy consumption. But the latter is only really a concern if youre running off battery or trying to keep the electricity bills down. As such, you may want to change your plan.

As its name suggests, the High performance plan is a better option is your PC is running slow. Although this option uses more energy, it favors performance so should help speed up your machine.

Aside from the standard options, you could choose to create your own custom plan. Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options> Create a power plan. Choose which existing plan you would like to start with, enter a name for your new plan, and select Next.

Basic options include how long the display stays on for when youre inactive and how long before the computer goes into sleep mode. These wont really affect your computers speed, but if you go into Change advanced power settings, you can make more adjustments that will have an impact.

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Delete Old Files & Downloads

The Disk Cleanup utility is perfect for deleting files you never even knew were taking up space, but chances are you have even more old files that can be deleted in order to free up room.

The biggest culprits to look at are photos, videos, and files in your Downloads folder. Over the course of several years, your Downloads folder accumulates photos, documents, and email attachments that you might no longer need and they take up a ton of room on your computers hard drive.

Consider moving some files to a cloud storage platform, like OneDrive, or backing up files onto a separate drive to free up space on your main computers storage. This can significantly improve your computer speed.

Backing up files also protects you in case your hard drive fails, you lose your computer, or if other damages occur.

You can use OneDrive to keep anything you dont need to access often. Its already built into the Windows operating system, its easy to use, and its free.

To manage your OneDrive, open the File Explorer, right-click OneDrive, and click on Settings.

You can manage all the settings there, including when and where to backup old and unused files. If you want to delete something off of your computer but save it to OneDrive, make sure its synced to the OneDrive cloud before you delete it off of your computer.

Ditch The Visual Effects

How to make your laptop run Faster! – How to make a computer FASTER – Free & Easy Disk Cleanup

Windows 10 has various animations used throughout. While these visual effects afford a sense of style they can significantly slow down older devices. Thankfully they are easy to turn off.

Open the Windows Start Menu and type advanced system settings and select the top result. In the window that appears there is a section marked Performance, with a button for Settings.

Click this and a list of the various visual effects will appear. You can either untick the ones you think might be problematic, or simply select the Adjust for best performance option at the top. Remember to click ‘OK’ to save the changes.

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Clear Your Cache And Cookies

Every time you visit a webpage, your web browser stores or caches it as a small file in your Temporary Internet Files folder. Similarly, it stockpiles small files called ‘cookies’, which contain information about your browsing history and personal details. Over time, the volume of these files can build up. Periodically clearing out your browsers cache will help it to work faster when loading pages and reduce the amount of valuable disk space that these cached files take up.

In most browsers, these settings can be found within the Settings menu, labelled something along the lines of Clear browsing data or Clear cache & cookies.

How To Make Your Computer 10x Faster Get Manual Tricks With Actual Screenshots

~ February 20th, 2019 ~How to

If you are looking for manual tips and tricks to make your computer 10 times faster, then you have landed at the right page. In this blog post, we are going to describe free as well as the professional technique for increasing computer speed . After reading this complete write-up anyone can easily boost computer speed Windows 10. For completing the task, you will need to remove temporary files in Windows 10 files, cleanmgr system files, delete system prefetch files, etc. from your machine. A lot of users are searching these types of queries in the search engines for increasing laptop speed or desktop speed.

  • How to make your computer 10x faster?
  • How to make your computer 10 times faster?
  • How to make your Windows 10 computer faster?
  • How can I increase my computer speed?

Just for information BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard is a helpful utility which is capable recover accidentally deleted files and folders from internal and external hard drives. It comes with different recovery mode options so that users recover every bit of data.

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It Pays To Use An App

Free apps like MyCleanPC exist to give you the perfect solution to your slow laptop. Not only can free apps leverage the power of your PC’s built-in resources to declutter, they go above and beyond with even more deep cleaning potential! Check out some of the powerful capabilities of PC cleaning software:

Free Up Your Disk Space

How to Speed up your Computer/PC/Laptop Windows 10 Tips &  Tweaks ...

Over time, your laptop accumulates files and programs, leaving you insufficient disk space to perform regular tasks. Eventually, this will slow down your laptop.

To see if thats the core issue, try running Disk Cleanup on your laptop to free up your disk space. Follow the instructions below to see how to do it:

What is Disk Cleanup?

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type disk cleanup.

2) Check all the boxes to select the file types to get rid of. Then, click OK.

You can delete all temporary files and unnecessary system files by running Disk Cleanup on a monthly basis.

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How To Speed Up A Laptop Or Computer

There aren’t many more frustrating things than a slow computer. Spending minutes at a time waiting for your laptop or all-in-one to load up a simple web page or Microsoft Office program can make even a sane person want to throw their PC in the bin.

But don’t… there are simple steps you can take to make your computer fast again. Malware removal and a couple of tweaks to your settings are a good place to start. Here are some must-do activities to keep your PC in tip-top condition.

Tired of waiting and just want a speedy new laptop? Browse all the best laptops from our tests.

Check For Low Disk Space And Free Up Space

You may improve performance if you free some disk space on your PC.

To check for low disk space

  • Select the Start button, then select Settings > System > Storage.

  • Your drives will be listed in the Storage area. Note the amount of free space and total size for each drive.

  • Note: If your PC is not low on space, try the next tip.

    You can use Storage Sense to delete unnecessary or temporary files from your device, which can also free up space.

    If you turn on Storage Sense, Windows will automatically free up space by getting rid of unnecessary filesincluding files in your recycle binwhen you’re low on disk space or at intervals you specify. The instructions below show you how to delete temporary files and how to turn on and configure Storage Sense.

    If you can’t find Storage Sense on your device using the following steps, see the “Free up space with Disk cleanup” section below instead.

    Note: You may not want to delete temporary files to improve performance. While these files may not be used at the moment, they help your apps load and run faster.

    To delete temporary files with Storage Sense

  • Open Settings, then select System > Storage.Open Storage settings

  • Select Temporary files in the storage breakdown. Note: If you don’t see Temporary files listed, select Show more categories.

  • Windows will take a few moments to determine what files and apps are taking up the most space on your PC.

  • Select the items you want to delete, and then select Remove files.

  • To run Disk Cleanup

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    Adjust The Amount Of Virtual Memory Windows Uses

    Another quick fix for a PC thats slowing down is allowing Windows to use more Virtual Memory.

  • From the Settings Menu, type ‘performance’ in the search bar and choose ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows’
  • Under ‘Virtual memory’, click ‘Change…’
  • Check to see the paging file size settings. If the recommended value is less than what’s currently allocated, untick the ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ box at the top of the window
  • Select ‘Custom size’, then enter the recommended figure in the ‘Initial size’ box and currently allocated figure in the ‘Maximum size’ box
  • Hit ‘Set’ to confirm, then ‘OK’ to complete
  • Fix Windows System Errors

    10 Tips to Make Your Computer Faster (For Free)

    Installing and uninstalling software and Windows updates, rebooting your computer during an update, forcing your computer to shut down immediately, and other things can cause errors within the Windows system files.

    These errors can cause things to lock up, halt program installs and updates, and just generally prevent the experience of a smooth computer. Run a program like SFC /Scannow to repair your system files.

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    Clear Your Internet Cache

    Much like those pesky files clogging your hard drive, there are even more hidden items taking up space through your internet cache. Clearing them out regularly can free up a couple of gig’s worth of storage, noticeably speeding up your laptop.

    How to clear internet cache on most browsers

    The easiest way to clear temporary files from your internet cache is to go through your individual browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, and access the Settings tab.

    Regardless of the browser, finding Clear History, Clear Data and Clear Cache will take moments. Follow the directions presented, which is usually a click or two of a button commanding the deletion of all the data. Once that is done, you’ll have freed more space through your cache, increasing your laptop’s performance.

    How to delete internet cache on Safari for Mac

    It’s slightly different for Safari users. With Apple’s browser, all you need to do is click on Preferences and then click the Privacy tab. Keep in mind that Apple deletes all cookie caches after you visit a website.

    However, once you are on the Privacy tab, you have three options to help you maintain a clear cache:

    Option 1

    How To Make Laptop Faster Proven Steps To Follow

    Find below 10 proven steps to speed up your laptop as suggested by the computer experts after in-depth study of how to make your laptop faster. In fact, I got significant results in speeding up my machine by applying these maintenance steps for making a laptop faster.

    1. Check free space on hard disk

    The first thing in the suggested list of how to make laptop faster is to check the available free space on your machine hard disk.

    As you use your laptop/computer and load programs, files, music, photos etc. the available space on the hard disk continually reduces. You should keep tabs on how much free space you have on the hard disk because Windows uses some of that space to keep information that it uses to run. If the available disk space drops below a certain point Windows will slow down considerably. Going by rules, for making laptop faster, at least 15% of the hard disk space needs to be kept free. When your hard disk free space drops below this level you need to consider either removing some of the files that are using up valuable space or buying a second hard disk.

    To check this, go to Computer > Right-click on Local Drive > Go to Properties. If the Pie-chart in the window that opens up shows mostly full, you should remove any unnecessary programs and files from the hard disk to make laptop faster

    2. Remove temporary files

    3. Keep big files off the home screen

    4. De-fragment the hard drive

    Defrag drive for making laptop faster

    5. Check for disk errors

    For Windows 7:

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    Is A Higher Performance Setting Safe

    Theres no need to worry about the safety of trying these preset performance settings on your laptop. While running a CPU or GPU at higher speeds on a desktopa process known as overclockingcan indeed have its risks, the settings youll find in a vendors utility have been tested and wont push your laptop too far. Some laptops do allow you to tinker further, but that you would do at your own risk.

    Keep in mind that if you choose a higher performance setting, the laptops behavior will likely change. It may kick on its fans more often or more loudly. You may notice the laptop feels a little more hot to the touch. The ambient conditions will also affect it: Running a laptop on its Turbo or High Performance setting in a cool, wintertime room will probably yield better results than doing so in the middle of summer, when your room might be hotter.

    Laptops can feel slow for a lot of reasons, most of which take a little time to fix. Its worth exploring your laptops performance settings because they could give you an instant boost with minimal effort. If that doesnt work, its time to look at other solutions.


    Some Asus laptops default to Performance with Turbo as an optional settting.

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