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How To Make Slideshow With Music On Laptop

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Choosing A Slideshow App

Computer Training : How to Make a Slide Show With Music

Now it’s time to get a slideshow maker. Some are specific to certain operating systems others can work across different devices.

PC and Macs

PCs running Windows 10 come with Microsoft Photos, which lets you create stunning slideshows and incorporates features from the vintage Microsoft video-editing program Windows Movie Maker that was discontinued several years ago. What Photos lacks in advanced features, such as professional-looking transitions, picture-in-picture and fancy fonts, it makes up in simplicity. It’s if you don’t already have it on your machine.

Some Windows users create slideshows on PowerPoint, which comes with Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365, but they won’t have many robust options. Still, you can add photos, transition effects and music.

A super-slick slideshow tool called iMovie is bundled with Apple computers like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac. It’s easy to pick up yet full of advanced features, which you will notice once you start playing around with it. If you feel a little intimidated, there are loads of tutorials on YouTube to help you along.

Slideshow Video Maker from software company Movavi is another highly rated offering, available for both Windows and Mac users. It offers a wizard option to automatically create a slideshow for you in two steps. You can try it free for seven days and purchase for $49.99 if you like what you see.

Phones and tablets

Sharing Slideshows on Social

Marc Saltzman

S To Make A Photo Slideshow

Step 1. Lunch MiniTool MovieMaker, import your pictures, videos and music files via the Import Media Files button, and drag and drop these files to the storyboard.

Step 2. Now, you can use your imagination to create an outstanding photo slideshow.

  • Adding transitions to connect one picture to another.
  • Adding filters to change the color of pictures.
  • Adding text to complete your photo slideshow.

Step 3. Export this photo slideshow and share it with your lovers.

The best free photo slideshow maker gives you an amazing opportunity to create an impressive slideshow just in 3 simple steps. You even can use this tool to create a .


  • It is a free, easy-to-use and simple video editing software.
  • It offers a lot of choices of transitions.
  • It allows you to easily change the brightness, contrast, and saturation of pictures and videos.
  • It provides movie templates to help you easily create a cool movie.
  • It can split and trim video without damaging the raw material.
  • It lets you export a movie in different file formats like MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.
  • It can help you create your own story without watermark.


Our verdict

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free and simple video editing software for new users. Almost everyone can make a cool video without watermark as long as they use this free tool. Besides, this free video editor without watermark can change video resolution, change video format easily, etc.

Add Transitions Between Photos

Next, you want to add a transition between each photo, this will help your photo video flow better. Open the transitions library and choose your video transition. Once you find the transition you want, drag and drop it between two clips on the timeline. If you wish to add the same transition between all clips, if you want to apply the same transition between all clips in the track, right-click the transition thumbnail in the library, and choose to Apply current effect to the video track. If you want all transitions to be unique, you can drag individual transitions or select the transition titled random. This will add a different transition between each clip.

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Tips For Creating A Compelling Slideshow

  • According to Memories Renewed, when it comes to slideshows ten to 12 images are typically displayed within a minute. This means that a 100-image slideshow will likely last ten to 12 minutes. Take this into account when creating your slideshows.
  • For an elegant slideshow, dont use distracting transitions. Stick with a simple fade between images.
  • Choose music and images that are appropriate for the event. You dont want to play raucous music or have disrespectful photos at a funeral, for example.
  • Know how the slideshow will be used. If its going to play in the background it can go on forever. However, if youre going to draw everyones attention to it as a special presentation, keep it short and simple three to five minutes. People typically dont have long attention spans.
  • Add statements from loved ones, when appropriate, to make it extra special.
  • Make sure you run through the slideshow beforehand to make sure everything works properly. Fix any problems. This includes the transitions, graphics and music.

How To Make A Slideshow With Windows Movie Maker

15 Best Slideshow Maker Software for Windows and Mac ...

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You can make a slideshow with Windows’ free movie editor, Movie Maker. While the old Windows Movie Maker from earlier operating systems is no longer supported, Easy Movie Maker has the same functionality.

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How To Create Photo Slideshow With Music In Picasa:

The first step to create an image slideshow is to select desired photos from your library. Next, go to Create menu > Movie option and select one of options from From Selection, From Faces in Selection, and From People Albums. Now, in the new Movie Maker window, it lets you create an image slideshow movie. You can load an audio track to add as a background music. After adding music, you can select the desired audio setting option: Truncate audio, Fit photos in audio, or Load photos to match audio. Also, you can add text slides, insert captions to your images, and customize transition style, slide duration, overlap percentage, and frame dimensions.

The live preview of slideshow can be seen on the interface. After previewing the slideshow with music, you can use Create Movie button to export it as a WMV movie. It also creates an MXF video file. If you want, you can directly upload created musical slideshow on YouTube.

How To Make A Slideshow With Music On Windows 10

  • What is the best Slideshow Maker?
  • How to Create a Slideshow with Music on Windows 10 Media Center

    • Launch Media Center Click on the button marked Start and then All Programs before following it up with Windows Media Center.
    • Create Slideshow When the screen pops up, scroll down to Pictures + Videos followed by Pictures Library.

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    Does Windows 10 Have A Slideshow

    Play an Image Slideshow in Windows 10. To easily start a slideshow of all images in a folder, open the folder that contains the images you want, and then select the first picture from the folder. That will give you the same Picture Tools option in the Manage tab with the option to start a slideshow.

    Slide Show Project Ideas

    How to Make a Slideshow with Music on Windows 10 Quick Guide

    Now that you know how simple it is to put slides and sound together, why not create a few more slide shows for family and friends? Here are some ideas to get you started.

    • Make a loving birthday tribute
    • Show a pal What I did today
    • Highlight your kids sports team achievements for an end-of-season party
    • Compile farewell images for a retiring coworker

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    Slideshow Maker With Music Online

    The Adobe Spark Video slideshow maker provides you with abundant customization options so you can create something unique and powerful. Compose a one-of-a-kind presentation by adding different backgrounds, photos, videos, and audio content. Dont be afraid to experiment and play around with the various options until youve found the right combination of text, music, and video.

    Beginner Try It & Evaluate

    If you are already used to more advanced video editing tools, this app will be far from satisfying. In comparison to advanced tools, this app is not flexible enough, adjustments are often manual and time-consuming, and features are limited. In short, achieving a completely professional-looking slideshow with a perfect match of music, effects and transitions will be difficult. That being said, it will do the job without much of a learning curve, for free, and without the hassle of looking for other apps. If you want to have a look at what makes a difference between slideshow created with a more powerful video editing tool, you can take a glance at the slideshow I created with iMovie for Mac in my previous blog post.

    I hope this tutorial will help to those of you who were curious about how to create a simple photo and video slideshow in Windows. Stay tuned to learn about further video editing tools and tips to create nice slideshows on various devices your computers, laptops, phones, tablets and alike!

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    How To Play A Photo Slideshow In Windows 10 From File Explorer

    While its not the same as previous versions, in Windows 10 you can still play an image slideshow from within File Explorer. Heres how.

    In previous versions of Windows, starting with Millenium Edition or Windows ME, for those of you too young to remember that debacle, you could play a slideshow of your pictures in the My Pictures folder. With Windows 10, things have changed a bit, but you can still play an image slideshow from within File Explorer. Heres a look at choosing the images you want and starting the slideshow via the updated Ribbon interface.

    Best 12 Free Photo Slideshow Makers 2021

    SmartSHOW is powerful slideshow movie maker: create ...
    Shanoon Cox

    A good slideshow maker software assists users to develop impressive presentations or videos with various customizable tools like templates, effects, text options and shapes, etc.

    The generated files are saved in various popular file formats like .MPEG, mov, .AVI or .MP4 etc. so that they can be easily accessed on other platforms like Android, iOS, or computers.

    You can easily find so many slideshow making applications as well as online slideshow makers to transform all video clips and images into eye-catching slideshow videos. These slideshows can help you to make your special occasions like birthdays and weddings more memorable as they give you the best way to express your thoughts among others.

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    Solution 1 How To Make A Slideshow With Music Via Slideshow Creator

    In this way, you will be able to add photos/videos and music to create a slideshow with a free slideshow maker, Aiseesoft SlideShow Creator, which is the free software to make a photo or video slideshow with music.

    • Create a photo/picture slideshow with music.
    • Make a video slideshow with music,
    • Free to make slideshow on Windows 10/8/7 computer.

    Step 1 Click “Add photo and video here” to import pictures and video files into this program.

    Run Slideshow Creator

    Step 2 Edit photos/videos/background music

    Navigate the photo or video that you want o edit, click Edit button to start the editing interface.

    You can add or remove the background music, and get the background music loop playback easily.

    Add Music to Slideshow

    Step 3 Select the theme

    After editing the file, click “Themes” to select the ready-made themes from this software, or you can customize the materials to create your own theme.

    Select the Theme for Slideshow

    Step 4 Export slideshow

    After you get all editing features done, you can click “Export” to select the output format and resolution.

    Export a Slideshow with Music

    Here’s the video about making slideshows for you. Click it to check.

    Add A Soundtrack To Your Video

    It is now time to add music to your movie. On the Timeline toolbar, click the Auto Music button. Here you can search and explore a range of different track options by using the drop-down lists. Press Play to preview the selected music. You can also access the music library in the Library panel, under ScoreFitter music. Alternatively, you can import a soundtrack from your own content by importing into your library and then adding it to the timeline. ScoreFitter tracks are designed to automatically match the length of your video project. To enable this, be sure that Auto Trim is clicked on before you add the track to your media timeline – the song duration will automatically adjust to the length of your video.

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    Play An Instant Slideshow

    You can quickly play a slideshow of the photos in a day. You can select a theme and music for the slideshow, but you cant customize the slideshow further.

  • In the Photos app on your Mac, click Library in the sidebar, then click Days in the toolbar.

  • Select some photos in a day, then choose File > Play Slideshow.

  • A preview of the theme appears in the pane.

  • To turn off music, click the song again to deselect it.

  • To stop playing the slideshow, press the Escape key. You can also press the arrow keys to skip forward or back through the slides and press the Space bar to pause the slideshow.

    Best Free Online Slideshow Makers

    Computers Tips & Advice : How to Make Slideshows With Music

    For these who want to make a slideshow without downloading any software to a computer, we have figured out the following 3 FREE online slideshow makers.


    Slidely is a well-known social media stuff that allows easy sharing of content over the network and at the same time provides the ability to follow curated collections or favorite creators.

    Users can either import videos or images from their home computers or can access media directly from social media platforms as per need.


    • It has the capability to do many stunning things other than developing simple slideshows.
    • Possesses lots of community-based sharing features.
    • Users can easily import media files from different social media platforms.
    • Videos can be marked as private or public.
    • It offers various customizable options for photo transition speeds.



    Kizoa is a well known online video editor tool that allows easy access to impressive features even without registration. The advanced editor supports animations, transitions, effects and also offers loads of music options to develop interactive videos. Users can easily customize timing, duration, size or position etc detail as per need.


    • You can immediately get started even without doing registration.
    • Offers a much higher level of customizations.
    • Provides easy control over aspect ratio.
    • The free package also contains lots of impressive features.


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    How Video Slideshows Help You

    Preserve happy memories

    Want to make your loved ones feel special? Create a personalized video slideshow. Its the perfect gift to convey your emotions and preserve unique vacation and family holiday memories for a lifetime.

    Congratulate and motivate

    Congratulate the people youre most proud of as they cross their major milestones. Celebrate a friend’s birthday or wedding, or celebrate your childrens graduation. Use captions and voice-over to tell your unique story.

    Promote your brand

    Build a personal brand on social media and expand your influence. Tell customers more about your business and products and gain more profit and loyalty. Upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive right from the app.

    Turn Pictures And Photos To Slideshow Videos With Filmora

    When looking for a photo slideshow maker, you will always want this picture slideshow maker is easy enough to use which can save you much time, and this slideshow maker would be great if it has some fantastic music sound. And you may also hope this slideshow maker will allow you to add titles, words for better expression.

    In this case, try Wondershare Filmora. It is a video editor which also means it is a good choice for photo slideshow creation.

    Here are 12 best free slideshow maker to use when you want to make amazing slideshows on desktop, online and mobile.

    • Wondershare Filmora
    • PicPlayPost

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    Create A Slideshow Project

  • In the Photos app on your Mac, select the photos you want in your slideshow.

    You can add or remove photos later .

  • Choose File > Create > Slideshow > Photos.

  • Type a slideshow name in the Slideshow Name field, then click OK.

  • To reorder photos, drag photos into the order you want them in the bottom of the window.

  • To select a theme, click the Themes button , then click a theme.

    You can change the theme at any time. The theme you choose determines text position, fonts, and the transitions that appear between slides. The pan and zoom effect, also known as the Ken Burns effect, is available only for the Ken Burns theme.

  • To select music for the slideshow, click the Music button , click the down arrow next to Music Library, then select a song or songs.

    Choose Theme Songs from the pop-up menu to see music included with Photos, or choose Music to see music from your Music library. Drag the songs you selected to change the order they play in. To delete a song, select it and press Delete.

    Note: If you dont see music from your Music library listed, close Photos, then open Music and sign in if you havent already. With Music open, open Photos again, then select your slideshow. Click the Music button and choose Music from the pop-up menu to see your music list appear.

  • To change how long each slide appears, click the Duration button , then do any of the following :

  • Set the slideshow to match the length of the selected music: Select Fit to Music.

  • Do any of the following:

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