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How To Make Your Acer Laptop Faster

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Disable Your Keyboard’s Backlight

How To Make Your Acer Laptop Faster And Speed Up in Windows 10

In some premium laptops, we also get the feature of backlight on the keyboard. While it can help you type in the dark, it can also cause issues like laptop battery draining fast. To fix this, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to adjust the brightness.

Besides that, you can also go to your system’s Control Center > Mouse and Keyboard and disable this feature under the “Keyboard Backlight” section.

Suggestion : Disable Some Performance Features

Some virtual effects and performance options may clog your system. So you can disable some of them to see if that would help to make your Acer Aspire laptop run faster. To do this, you need repeat the Step 1 and Step 2 described in Suggestion 5, and then you can continue:

In the Performance Options panel, under the tab of Virtual Effects, remove checkmarks next to options as desired and then click the OK button to confirm.

How To Make A Slow Acer Laptop Run Faster

All new computers will slow down over time, your Acer laptop is no exception.

Whether youre using an Aspire netbook or a high-end laptop, it doesnt matter.

With the passage of time, your Acer hard drive will have more files, more installed programs, more Internet browsing history, and likely more Windows registry issues.

Eventually, it will run slower than it used to. However, if your laptop slows down to a point that affects your work productivity for example, it keeps freezing, runs super slow to start up, youd better watch out because it might end up with a more serious issue.

There are many reasons why an Acer laptop can be running slow.

In this article, we are going to explore possible causes and show you how to fix it in order to make your PC faster again.

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Close Background Apps For Increased Laptop Fps

We’re assuming you’re running Windows 10 or 11 for many of these tips. If not, there is a manual change you can make to your laptop before you launch a game. Ensure all other apps are closed before you launch a game.

Once you’ve done that, look at the System Tray. This part of the Windows taskbar lists apps that are running in the background. Right-click each icon and close it, unless it is relevant to your game experience. For example, keep your graphics card management app open.

What Can Tenorshare Windows Care Genius Do For You

Tips to make your Acer laptop Work Faster
  • Inspect your registry and remove all invalid Windows registry entries.
  • Clean up useless files like invalid shortcuts, traces, cache, cookies, passwords and Windows components.
  • Clear any traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.
  • Speed up hard drive and application performance by accessing the disk defragmentation tool.
  • Automatically manage registry to significantly improve system performance.
  • Disable unneeded programs that consume your precious system resources and improve PC startup and shutdown speed.

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What Affects Your Pc Gaming Performance

Nowadays, many people like to play games on their phones or computers. Some people prefer mobile games because of convenience and some people prefer PC games because computers can give them a better game experience.

However, some players may find that some games cant run smoothly on their computers. Have you ever encountered such a problem? If so, please keep on reading.

Generally speaking, your game experience is controlled by the following five conditions: graphics card, CPU, memory, hard disk, and network. So, how to make games run faster? Actually, you can improve PC gaming performance through adjusting the conditions above.

The following methods are all aiming to improve the performance of these hardware. They are divided into 4 categories. They will tell you how to make games run faster on PC step by step. Please read on to get the detailed methods.

Troubleshooting A Slow Acer Laptop

Acer Laptop slow to startup Too many startup programs Manage the auto-run services and disable the non-essential startup programs.
Slow internet
Power saving mode enabled while Plugged in Turn OFF the power saver option in the settings when Plugged in
Laptop slow when not charging Power saving mode enabled while On Battery Turn OFF the power saver option while On Battery
Slow to turn ON Disable the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery device and save the settings

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Windows 10 Registry Issues

If you heavily use your Acer laptop for testing different programs, chances are there are some registry issues.

The Windows Registry is a huge database that includes configuration settings for third-party applications running on your Acer.

Each time you download and install a program, its values and keys are embedded in the registry.

When the registry isnt maintained correctly, registry errors can occur, causing system and application problems in Windows 10.

When that happens, youll notice your Acer laptop to be more sluggish.

How to fix it? Its not easy to do that manually , but there is a freeware called CCleaner that can fix those registry issues.

Outdated Or Failing Hardware Is Killing It

How To Make Your Laptop Run Faster

Hardware performance tax more quickly if you use an old Acer Aspire. Not to mention that the volume/capacity could be the bottleneck. For example, Windows 8 requires minimum 4GB in RAM to run smoothly . Also, a failing or fragmented hard drive can seriously slow down your Acer as well.

How to fix it: Repair or upgrade hardware components. If your Acer often freezes on third-party programs, consider adding more RAM . If your hard drive has a small volume or becomes faulty, replace it with a solid-state drive .

Warning: when installing new hardware components, its highly recommended that you ask a geeky friend to help to avoid hassles. In addition, watch the following video tutorial before you start.

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Tweak Texture Settings To Optimize Your Laptop Graphics Card

If you have tried everything so far and still want to know how to make your laptop faster for gaming, it’s worth looking at your graphics card driver settings. This is particularly true if you need to run a certain game.

In the graphics card driver settings, you’ll find master controls for texture and shader details, which will determine how your games look.

The memory available to your laptop’s GPU limits what options are available, so select a configuration that offers performance over looks. In short, high-resolution textures will consume RAM, impacting frame rate. You can also give individual games their own texture and shader preferences here.

Wondering how to increase gaming performance on older or low spec laptops? It’s easy: just lower textures and frame rates.

It can take a while to find the optimum video settings for games. Once you’ve established that performance-quality trade-off, however, you’ll see that it was worth the effort.

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How Do You Clean Up Your Computer To Make It Run Faster

10 Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

  • Prevent programs from automatically running when you start up your computer.
  • Delete/uninstall programs you dont use.
  • Clean up hard disk space.
  • Save old pictures or videos to the cloud or external drive.
  • Run a disk cleanup or repair.
  • Changing the power plan of your desktop computer to High Performance.
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    Find Programs That Eat Up Resources

    If you find that your computer is suddenly running significantly slower, chances are there is a particular program to blame. One way to identify the culprit is to go into your task manager and find out whats eating up your resources.

    Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. Click More details to find out information about the programs that are currently running on your computer. It should show you the Processes tab by default.

    You can click each header to sort the list according to which applications are using the most of that particular resource. If you need to close something, try closing the actual application first. If it wont close, come back to the Task Manager screen, right-click the application, and hit End task.

    Windows 7: Instead of accessing Task Manager, youll need to search for System Configuration.

    How To Optimize Your Laptop For Gaming With Updated Drivers

    How to make your HP laptop run faster

    Want to really kno how to make games run better on a laptop? Its all about the drivers.

    Computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems are almost all based around the same hardware, with the same architecture. This means that whatever the operating system, keeping device drivers up to date is vital.

    Fortunately, this is usually a straightforward a process. In most cases, it occurs automatically during standard OS updates.

    However, when it comes to graphic drivers, you might need a more hands-on approach. While Intel graphics—largely unsuitable for hardcore gaming—will enjoy updated drivers via a Windows update, your third-party graphics provider doesn’t offer that option.

    Instead, ensure the GPU management software is set to automatically update. Be sure to keep your controller and audio drivers up to date, too.

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    Additional Tips To Improve Gaming Performance

    • Update graphic drivers regularly. For AMD and Nvidia-powered notebooks, new drivers are available at the official websites. If your laptop is powered by Intel, you can search for new driver versions via Device Manager > Display Adapters > Intel HD Graphics > Update.
    • Use programs like CCleaner to get rid of unwanted registry items and disable unnecessary startup items. With this program you can also get rid of memory dumps. Using such programs optimizes PC performance, which ultimately leads to smoother gaming, but make sure you are aware of the implications of disabling key startup items. Do a Google search to find out which items can be safely disabled.


    Use anti-virus programs that have a built-in gaming mode. While playing, most users turn of antivirus programs to ensure smoother performance, because these programs hog resources, especially on older systems. However, programs like Avast Antivirus and ESET Nod/Smart Security do not take up resources on your laptop, are lightweight, and have a nifty gaming/silent mode that lets you play your game while the program silently runs in the background.

    These are some tweaking tips to improve gaming performance. Do you know any other trick to make games run faster on a laptop? Share your tips and suggestions via the comment box.

    What Is Fast Startup On Windows 10

    The best way to understand how the feature works is to step back and briefly explain hibernation. When using hibernation, Windows 10 saves the data in memory to the “hiberfil.sys” file onto the hard drive, allowing you to resume the previous session even after power loss. Fast startup works similarly, but with one difference. Instead of saving the entire session onto the hard drive, the user gets logged off before the state is saved into the hibernation file, requiring less storage space and allowing quicker resume. You can speed up the boot process with a great solid-state drive, or by trying fast startup.

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    Does Your Ageing Laptop Need A Boost We Look At The Software Tweaks And Hardware Upgrades That Will Give Your Computer A New Lease Of Life


    The saying ‘time heals all wounds’ can be applied to most things, such as physical injuries or troubled relationships, but it’s somewhat redundant for hardware.

    For desktop PC time is rather unkind their average lifespan is around five to eight years, and it’s even shorter for laptop-owners . Unfortunately technology doesn’t last forever but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can lead to new, innovative products that make our lives that little bit easier.

    Still, letting go is not easy, especially if you’ve invested a lot into a laptop or desktop. But if your hardware starts to get increasingly slow, and starts to impact your productivity, you’re going to have to find ways to fix it. Luckily, there are some helpful hacks to extend the lifespan of most laptops and desktop computers.

    Nothing is guaranteed, and you will have to upgrade, eventually, but we’ve compiled the best advice to help buy you some more time to find a suitable replacement.

    Delete Unnecessary System Resources

    how to make an acer aspire one faster


    A simple but effective way of making things run a little smoother is to delete any unused resources. You can do this fairly easily using a file scanner tool, which will tell you whether there are any older folders or files you havent accessed or used in some time. This might come in the form of older documents, or maybe even data stored on your laptop, including temporary files and cookies that could be affecting your PCs performance.

    A number of tools exist to help you with this. One of the most widely used is CCleaner, developed by Avast, which will clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. In 2019, the app made the news after hackers managed to breach the company and used the software to spread malware to its customers. Avast claims to have fully recovered from this incident, and today CCleaner remains an incredibly useful tool, one that we would recommend using if you’re new to PC maintenance.

    You can also use the Tools tab to explore various other features offered by CCleaner, including disk analysis and application removal. You may also want to head into CCleaners settings menu and disable the update notifications, as these may become irritating if youre only planning on using the application every couple of months.

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    Disable Performance And Appearance Options

    Adjusting the Windows 7 performance and appearance options is bound to increase the responsiveness of your netbook.

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Type system in the search box.
  • Run the System application from the search results.
  • Click on the Advanced system settings link.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • In the Performance section, click on the Settings button.
  • It’s up to you which options you’d like to keep around. On my netbook, I uncheck all except:Show window contents while draggingSmooth edges of screen fontsUse visual styles on windows and buttons
  • Click OK.
  • Switch Off Unnecessary Animations

    Ever since Windows Vista , Microsofts operating system has become cluttered with fancy graphics and animated flourishes that do little to improve productivity. By default, Windows will automatically disable some of these based on how powerful your system is, but if youre willing to sacrifice a bit more aesthetic appeal for the sake of speed, its easy to switch all of the graphics off and run on the bare essentials.

    To do this, open that Start Menu and start typing in ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows’. Click on this option and from the scroll menu untick everything you don’t wish to see on the desktop . Click OK and this will change the desktop to something more basic looking.

    On systems other than Windows 10, switching everything off gives the desktop a Windows 95-style look and feel. Its surprising to note how much of the so-called ‘flat look’ of Windows 10 relies on graphical flourishes once everything is switched off.

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    Adjust The Power Settings On Your Laptop

    Any recent change in the Power settings of your system can also be a reason for HP or Acer laptop battery problems. Ideally, it could happen with laptops of any brand and can easily be rectified. Just go to its Settings > System > Power & Sleep and adjust the settings for sleep and screen time when the system is turned on or hibernated.

    If you want, you can also go to the “Additional Power Settings” from here to run an optimized or balanced plan on the system. From here, you can even choose to create your power plan as well.

    Adjust Your Computer’s Power Settings

    How To Take A Screenshot On Acer Chromebook 15

    Few devices can enjoy improved operation without effective power management. When it comes to laptops—devices intended for use away from a permanent power source—power management is important.

    Windows gives you some detailed power management options, but for strong gaming experience, connect your laptop to a power outlet.

    Once this is done, look at your computer’s power settings. In Windows:

  • Click Start > Settings
  • Go to System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings
  • Select High performance
  • Click Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings
  • Confirm the power settings are set to the optimum levels
  • Note that with some gaming laptops battery settings are automatically managed. Whatever your system, avoid less-than-optimum power settings when squeezing gaming performance from your laptop.

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    Defrag And Clean Up The Hard Drive

    When files are stored on a disk, they are saved dispersedly, not continuously, which will make the computer look back and forth while reading files, degrading computer performance and affecting game experience. Fortunately, you can defrag your hard drive to avoid this problem.

    Besides, as time goes on, computers generate a lot of trash, which will also slow down the computer and game’s running speeds.

    Here is the tutorial.

    Step 1: Open File Explorer.

    Step 2: Expand This PC.

    Step 3: Choose a drive and click Manage under Drive Tools.

    Step 4: Pay attention to two tools under Manage: Optimize and Cleanup.


    Step 5: Click these tools one by one to run them.

    In the Optimize tool, you should choose a drive and click the Optimize button to execute the operation.

    In the Cleanup tool, you should check files that should be deleted and click the OK button to execute the operation.

    If you are using Windows 7, you can click How to Defrag Windows 7 to get detailed steps.

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