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How To Make Your Laptop Run Games Faster

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Adjust 3d Graphics Settings

How to make your computer/games run faster

Most notebooks allow users to manage and tweak 3D settings via a separate graphics control panel.

You can access 3D settings on your AMD or Nvidia-powered notebook by right-clicking on your Windows desktop and choosing Graphic Properties.

  • Intels Graphics and Media control panel, on my Acer laptop, lets me adjust 3D settings by moving a slider between “Performance” and “Quality.”
  • Moving the selector toward “Quality” improves 3D graphics, but may lead to slower frame rates and choppy performance moving it towards “Performance” will enhance gaming performance.

I always choose “Performance” over “Quality” to ensure a stutter-free gaming experience.

This Intel HD Graphics and Media Control Panel has custom settings as well as preset options. Below, I show my laptops 3D settings to explain each custom setting. You may apply these settings to your own graphics panel for a smoother gaming experience.

Tweaking Intel HD Graphics Setting

Custom settings are commonly found in all graphics panels, including Intel HD or NvIdia/AMD. Common options include texture quality, vertical sync, and anisotropic filtering. You can tweak these settings or leave them as they are. Here are some tips:

2. Anisotropic Filtering: Adjusting this graphics setting will improve the sharpness and clarity of textured objects in a game. But I always keep it under Application settings and prefer not to change it. Keep it as it is.

Tweak The Nvidia Control Panel

All Nvidia drivers come with their own control panels that give you more power over your graphics settings and performance to optimize your PC for gaming. Go through the list of options and tweak them to increase FPS and find the right balance between performance and visual quality for your PC.To get to the Nvidia Control Panel, right-click on your desktop, select Nvidia Control Panel, and choose the Manage 3D Settings category on the left. These are some of the lesser-known but still important settings to tweak:

  • Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: This controls the number of frames that the processor prepares before transferring them to the graphics card. Increasing this value results in smoother gameplay, but you may notice lag when using the mouse and keyboard. To eliminate lag, try the 1 setting.

  • Threaded Optimization: This option should always be On, because it allows the support of multi-threaded optimization for modern multi-core processors.

  • VSync: This synchronizes the frames that your graphics card renders with the refresh rate of your monitor. If you disable it, you might find that games run more smoothly, but some parts of the screen may not render correctly. Disable VSync only if your monitor has a higher frame rate than your gameplay.

Free Up Your Disk Space

Over time, your laptop accumulates files and programs, leaving you insufficient disk space to perform regular tasks. Eventually, this will slow down your laptop.

To see if thats the core issue, try running Disk Cleanup on your laptop to free up your disk space. Follow the instructions below to see how to do it:

What is Disk Cleanup?

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type disk cleanup.

2) Check all the boxes to select the file types to get rid of. Then, click OK.

You can delete all temporary files and unnecessary system files by running Disk Cleanup on a monthly basis.

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Use Antivirus Software To Clean Your System

A slow system can be caused by malware that is currently on your computer. Malware mostly comes from downloading files from unsolicited websites as well as illegal downloading from pirate websites.

There are also some cases where malware is sent through email spam.

To prevent your system from being infected from malware, always check whether the website you visit is trusted or not. Also, never open some links from suspicious emails. And lastly, always use a genuine copy of your software.

But despite being cautious, some malware can still find its way into our computer. To avoid this from happening, always install an antivirus program.

Simply installing this software will not protect you forever as it will need to be updated to the newest version regularly.

If you are using Windows 10, I would highly recommend using the Windows Security program. This program is Microsofts built-in antivirus program that comes pre-installed in Windows 10.

I find this very effective in blocking potential threats, and it will not slow down your computer as it only uses a minimal amount of resources. And the good thing about Windows Security is that it has built-in ransomware protection that is being updated regularly through Windows Update.

Here is a good article on the top 10 free antivirus software currently.

Way 13 Upgrade Hard Drive To Ssd

How to make your computer/games run faster

As is well known, SSD has better performance than HDD. So in order to make Fortnite run better on PC, you can choose to upgrade your hard drive to SSD if you have enough budget.

To replace hard drive with a new SSD, you can choose to clone all files including the bootable files on the original hard drive to SSD. To do that, you can take advantage of a piece of professional clone tool, thus MiniTool ShadowMaker is recommended. It allows you to clone OS from HDD to SSD without data loss.

Now, we will show you how to clone hard drive to SSD with this tool.

1. Download MiniTool ShadowMaker from the following button, install it and launch it to enter its main interface.

3. After entering its main interface, please go to the Tools page.

4. Then click Clone Disk to continue.

5. Click the module to select a source disk. Here you need to choose the original system disk. Then click Finish.

6. Then click the Destination module to choose a target disk. Here, you need to choose the SSD and click Finish.

7. Then you will receive a warning message which tells you that all data on the target disk will be destroyed. If you have important files on it, please back up them first.

8. Then the disk clone process will begin. Please do not interrupt the cloning process until it is finished. Otherwise, the cloned hard drive would be unbootable.

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Make Sure You Have The Latest Updates For Windows And Device Drivers

One of the best ways to get the most out of your PC is to make sure you have the latest version of Windows 11 installed. When you check for updates, your PC will also search for the latest device drivers, which can also help improve your PCs performance.

To check for updates

  • Do one of the following:

  • If the status says “You’re up to date,” continue and check for optional updates.

  • If the status says “Updates are available,” select Install now.

  • Select the updates you want to install, then select Install.

  • Restart your PC and see if it seems to run better.

  • Sometimes an optional update, like a new non-critical driver, will be available that may help.

    To check for optional updates

  • Select the Start button, then select Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options> Optional updates.

  • If additional updates are available, select them and then select .

  • Restart your PC and see if it seems to run better.

  • For more info about updates, including how you can have them installed automatically, see the Windows Update FAQ.

    For Windows Update troubleshooting info, see Update Windows and Troubleshoot problems updating Windows.

    If your PC still runs slowly, continue to the next tip.

    Keep Your Laptop Cool

    The hotter your laptop gets, the worse its performance becomes: a hot laptop will try to self-regulate its temperatures by slowing things down. Heres how to keep your laptop cool for more consistent high performance and less stress on sensitive internal components:

    • Clean your laptops fans and vents. As dust builds up, your laptop cant vent hot air as efficiently. Physically clean your laptop regularly, and tidy the vents so it can keep itself cool. If youre feeling brave , you can open up your laptop and clean its fans directly.

    • Dont put it on your lap. The word laptop is misleading. Place your laptop on a smooth, flat surface so that air can circulate underneath it. If its on your lap, or on a carpet or blanket, youll smother it.

    • Plug it in. When your laptop runs on battery power, things can get hot especially if youve optimized its power settings for performance. Whenever you can, keep your laptop plugged into an external power supply.

    • Use a cooling platform: An external cooling stand blows cool air against the underside of your laptop to improve airflow. You can pick one up for a relatively low price, and itll plug right into your laptop via USB.

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    Your Internet Speed Is Too Slow For Online Gaming

    If you notice your laptop only lags when playing games online on platforms such as Steam, Google Stadia, Uplay, and Xcloud, the problem could be your internet speed. Online gaming requires a fast and stable internet connection.

    When gaming online, data has to be continuously transferred between your laptop and the server. With a poor internet connection, you will experience a delay between when you press a key on your computer to when the server responds .

    Therefore, consider checking your Wifi or Ethernet internet speed to eliminate it as a problem. To test your internet speed, you can go to SpeedTest.

    Way 3 Disable Background Programs

    How To BOOST FPS In ALL GAMES 2021 | Make Your PC Run Faster

    As for how to run Fortnite faster on PC, you also need to need to end some unnecessary programs since they consume the CPU resources. So, in this situation, you need to disable background programs.

    Now, here is the tutorial.

  • In the Task Manager window, take a look at whats hogging all the processing power or memory, select the unnecessary program and right-click it to choose End task.
  • After that, restart the Fortnite game and check whether its performance has been boosted.

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    Update Drivers And Apps

    Out of date drivers, programs and Windows itself can cause the computer to run slowly. For example, faulty drivers stop Windows shutting down or cause it to start more slowly. Video card drivers are often updated to fix bugs and boost performance, and it is always a good idea to check that you have the latest version.

    Even if Windows updates are automatic, go to Windows Update in the Control Panel and manually check for updates. Only essential ones are installed automatically and there may be useful optional ones available.

    Drivers are programs that enable Windows to access hardware components like the video, sound, printer, scanner, webcam, and so on. Updating them is a pain and you have to identify the hardware, the drivers and version numbers, the hardware manufacturer’s website and the download page.

    The free versions of tools such as SlimWare’s Slimware’s DriverUpdate or IObit’s Driver Booster should do the job for you, as they are like Windows Update for drivers.They identify the current drivers, check if there are updates, and then download and install them for you.

    They solve a lot of problems. There are also paid-for options, such as the up-to-date Driver Talent utility.

    How Do I Clean Up My Computer To Make It Run Faster

    Here are some tips to help you optimize Windows 7 for faster performance.

    • Try the Performance troubleshooter.
    • Delete programs you never use.
    • Limit how many programs run at startup.
    • Clean up your hard disk.
    • Run fewer programs at the same time.
    • Turn off visual effects.
    • Change the size of virtual memory.

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    Update Your Graphics Drivers

    In general, you don’t need to go out of your way to update drivers for your hardware unless you’re experiencing issues. But your graphics card is an exception: manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD regularly issue driver updates that contain optimizations for the latest games. So installing the manufacturer’s drivers and keeping them up-to-date can give you a serious boost in performance, particularly on new titles.

    You may already see the Nvidia or AMD driver icon in your taskbar, but that doesn’t mean you have the latest version. Head to the download pages on the Nvidia, AMD, or Intel website, punch in your graphics card model, and download the latest driver packageif you don’t know what graphics card you have, here’s how to find out.

    Tip : Clean Your Laptop & Pc To Boost Air Flow

    How to Make PC Games Run Faster ( Game Booster)

    Cleaning your system can significantly increase your PC performance. The reason why this works is that with a clean system we get better airflow and cooling. The system can perform without any restrictions and get proper cooling from fans.

    This makes your gaming experience smooth and cool. There are many ways you can clean a system. Many professional gamers recommend servicing your gaming system once every six months.

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    Unnecessary Programs Are Running In The Background

    Another thing that is likely to cause lagging is if you have too many programs running in the background. Not only do these programs consume CPU and memory resources, they sometimes run random scans and updates which can slow down your PC and cause lagging.

    Keep in mind that you dont necessarily have to open a program directly for it to run in the background. Some of these programs automatically run at start-up .

    To view all the programs that run on start-up on Windows, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager. Under the Start-up tab, youll be able to see all the programs that are currently running as well as their CPU and memory usage.

    Right-clicking on the processes you want to close gives you the option to disable the program. Also, consider running an anti-malware software such as Malwarebytes to scan and remove malicious software that may be slowing down your Operating System .

    Create A Custom Power Plan

    All laptops have their custom plan and it is not high performance it is generally balanced and a power saver but you have to change this to high performance to get the maximum performance from your pc

    First right-click on your battery icon and then go to power options

    Then click on create a power plan, choose a high performance, click next, and then click on create.

    The go-to change plan setting of your created power plan and then go to Change advanced power settings and then change the settings as shown in the images.

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    Tip 1: Overclock Your System Performance

    Overclock CPU and graphics card if its possible. This will significantly improve performance. Note that overclocking has more risks if you do not know what you are doing. Also, not every system and graphic card is overclockable.

    Not to mention that overclocking can decrease product life as well. So do this as a last resort when you have nothing to lose.

    Remove Unused Programs And Bloatware

    How to make your old pc/laptop run faster to play hd games

    Does Windows get increasingly slower with each program you install on your PC or laptop directly impacting all your games? This is because a lot of programs run background activities even when theyre not being used, which waste your computers valuable memory.

    AVG TuneUp helps your computer get more FPS and prioritize its resources by removing bloatware, uninstalling programs that you dont use, and improving the efficiency of the programs you do need. Download a free trial today.

    Get it forMac,Android

    After installing AVG TuneUp, the Unnecessary programs screen will show you all the programs you havent used in a while. These may range from useless bloatware to apps you installed ages ago and forgot about. Click Move to Trash next to any program to get rid of it.Found a program you dont need? Click Move to Trash to dump it. AVG TuneUp will remove the bloatware along with its corresponding files and caches.

    But what about all those other programs you use on a regular basis that are still limiting your day-to-day performance? Our handy tool will also help you adjust your power settings. AVG TuneUp can safely put these to sleep, then wake them up when you need them. Heres how to put unused programs to sleep with AVG TuneUp.

  • Open AVG TuneUp and click Speed up to get started.

  • Click Background & startup programs.

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    Tip 1: Online Gaming Needs Fast Internet

    When you are playing online games you need to make sure you have very fast internet with a low ping. This will ensure that you do not lag while playing online games. Afterall lag is the number 1 enemy of gamers.

    Make sure you have fast internet. Lan is always better than wifi. Fiber is currently the best for high-speed internet connections.

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    Optimize Your Laptop For Gaming By Updating Directx

    A collection of software tools that facilitate the graphics in a video game, DirectX is vital to gaming on Windows. Various iterations of DirectX have been released over the years.

    Launched in 2020, DirectX 12 Ultimate is the latest version, which you’ll find pre-installed on your Windows laptop. It provides a common library for Windows and Xbox Series X|S systems.

    To check your current DirectX version:

  • Press WIN + R to open the Run dialog
  • Enter dxdiag
  • Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to load
  • On the System tab look for the DirectX Version at the bottom of the list
  • To update DirectX:

  • Go to Start > Settings
  • Click Update & Security > Windows Update
  • Click Check for updates
  • As well as having your graphic drivers up to date, it is worth ensuring that your audio drivers are fit for gaming. In DxDiag you can check your audio driver status in the Sound tab. Note also that Input device drivers are summarized here.

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